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Comparative evaluation of c-ELISA I-ELISA for detection Bluetongue virus antibodies Carbon rich charcoal-like substance created Bluetongue virus antibodies in sheep Ancylostoma sp Transmitted by insect vector belonging Factors affecting non-repayment Agricultural loan Purposive sampling was adopted Bank employees regarding Growth media on rooting Prevalence of pseudomonas aeruginosa Standard microbiological techniques Potassium and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria Characterization of potassium Phosphorus solubilising bacteria Employing qualitative plating techniques Gene action study in okra Inheritance of different traits Confirmatory bias Analysts forecast Individual analyst expectations Individual analyst Prior belief Feldstein-Horioka puzzle Feldstein-horioka puzzle in the Eurozone Re-evaluation of the Feldstein-horioka puzzle Capital immobility hypothesis US dollar ETF fund flows Fantasies about gold Risk management purposes Note on fano ratio Generalized mean-to-risk Statistical risk models Mean-to-risk Cluster number Pedagogical fashion – gener alized Factor loadings Coastal blue carbon methods Assessing carbon stocks Emissions factors in mangroves Tidal salt marshes Seagrass meadows Software for simulating Fitting grazing-incidenc Small-angle scattering Python scripting Lập trình hướng đối tượng ngôn ngữ Java Đề thi viết IELTS năm 2014 Change models Change forces Change agent Evolution of change Change within an organization Lewin change model Các đề thi viết IELTS năm 2014 Force generating resistance to change within Planned organisational change Câu hỏi IELTS An exploratory literature review Building vocabulary plays Traditional teaching methods Shifting patterns Future of the logistics industry Logistics industry Changing customer expectations New entrants to the industry Ung thư cơ biểu mô Lupus ban đỏ hệ thống Viêm cầu thận Bệnh cầu thận màng Nong hẹp thực quản Tắc nghẽn thức ăn Hội chứng hít Viêm ruột mạn Viêm đại tràng không xác định Nghiệm pháp dung nạp glucose Chỉ số khối cơ thể Rối loạn trên hô hấp Điều trị thoát vị bẹn – đùi Thoát vị bẹn Giả liệt parrot Development of overland tourism Developing managerial human resources Doctoral thesis on Law Overland tourism Laws on investment Managerial human resources East west economic corridor Vietnam rubber group Economic corridor Vietnam rubber Business administration dissertation summary Business administration dissertation Solutions for industrial zones development Industrial zones development Central key economic region Summary of Dotoral thesis

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Summary of Dotoral thesis Economic, Factors affecting the collaboration, Vietnam exported fruits, Vegetables supply chain, Parliamentary ombudsman, Parliamentary ombudsman in the world, Summary of dissertation for degree, Administrative preventive measures, Degree of Doctor in Jurisprudence, Basis of clarifying theoretical issues, People's procuracy in settling complaints, Settling complaints, Vietnam's criminal procedure, Values of human rights, Customary laws of Thai ethnic minority, Thai ethnic minority, Coincidence degree, Fredholm operator of index zero, Multipoint boundary value problem, Mawhin’s theory, Vi khuẩn Bacillus subtilus, Nước thải chế biến thủy sản, Điều kiện hiếu khí, Chế biến thủy sản nhiễm mặn, Phôi bào đa nhân, Phân chia bất thường, Phân chia ngược, Phân loại POSEIDON, Tiên lượng thấp, Tỷ lệ thai diễn tiến, Tinh trùng tươi từ tinh dịch, Giảm tiểu cầu vô căn, Tỷ số phổi đầu, Develop standards for assessing, Harmonious face, Kinh people aged 18-25, Assessing harmonious faces of the Kinh people, The summary of medical phylosophic thesis, Evaluation of bone graft effectiveness, Bone graft effectiveness, The summary of phylosophic thesis, Patients with cleft palate, Revascularization within 6 first hours, Medical doctorate thesis, Medium-term results, The medical Dotoral thesis, Transcatheter closure of perimembranous VSD, Polymorphism of TNF-α-308 GA, Symmetrical double-disc device, HBsAg positive, Hanoi Heart Hospital, Doctor dissertation, Patients after acute myocardial infarction, Gated-spect imaging, Summary thesis of Medical Doctor, Assessment of root canal treatment performed, Summary thesis of Doctor, Results of ear reconstruction surgery, Elderly patient’s premolar, Subclinical characteristics and hs-CRP, Nagata technique, Protaper next system, Interleukin 6 in severe viral pneumonia, Ear reconstruction surgery, Children under 5 years old, Khối huyết tụ sau rau, Khe hở thành bụng, Microclimateson 24-hour heart rate, Proposed intervention solutions, Improving credit quality, Financial management of public universities, CTC không thuận lợi, Bóng Cook cải tiến, Chuyển chuyển phôi, Hệ thống PGF2a/oxytocin, Tyrosine kinase inhibitor indicated, Pharmacokinetic exposure, Compound mutations, Molecular barcoding, Patient genotype, Tunica vaginalis, Rare malignancy, Scrotal diseases, Applying fair value, Presentation of financial statements, Listed security companies, Listed security companies of Vietnam, Summary of PhD thesis in Public Management, Reforms of administrative procedures, Investment in Thai Nguyen province, Vietnam bank of Agriculture and rural development, Law on administrative measure applying, Administrative measure applying, Minors in conflict, Conflict with the law, Affect of port characteristics, Vietnam container port performance, Container port performance, Container port operation, Management of bad debts, Thesis summary of Jurisprudence, Guaranteeing human rights, Accused in criminal investigation, Development of export credit, Export credit, Summary of Dessertation of Law dotor, Summary of Dessertation, Improvement of the legal framework, Controlling administrative decisionmaking, Abstract in economics, Methods of improving argricultural development efficiency, Improving argricultural development efficiency, Factors affecting environmental accounting, Credit development, Operational results, Credit development for poor households, Operational results of textile, Garment enterprises in Viet Nam, Jurisdiction of Vietnamese courts in business, Vietnamese courts in business, Commerce cases, Foreign elements in relation, Countries in the world, Summary information of Doctoral thesis, Defense function, Abstract summary of Discipline study, Phd thesis summary Business administration, Summary of Doctoral thesis in History, Financial stress in Vietnam, Nheritance law according, Research on financial stress, The economy of Cochinchina, Civil law 2015, Impact of stress of financial sector, History of Vietnam, Dai Viet‟s territorial extension, Root borne diseases, Coleus (Coleus forskohlii (Willd.) Briq.), Management of root borne diseases, Impact of fertility levels, Yield parameters of cluster bean, Fertilizer management practices, Economics of Basmati rice, Cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD), Western region in KSA, Radiographic features, Grass flora, Niger West Africa, Floristic composition of grass species, Parklands of the commune, Effect of recipes, Radopholus similis, Little millet germplasm against, Calophyllum inophyllum, Different levels of fertilizers, Defence related mechanism, Cultivars on standardization, Grain SMUT caused, Peed management practices, Brewery wastewater irrigation, Macalpinomyces sharmae, Standardization of Guava RTS, Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.), Yield of cluster bean, Cane yield of ratoon sugarcane, Resistance banana hybrids infected, Calophyllum inophyllum L progenies, Microbial population as influenced, Mature embryo of proso millet, Winter season crop, Rabi maize (Zea mays L.), Cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.), Millet germplasm, Ratoon sugarcane, Predominant distribution, Strained syrup solution, Rainfed area of Uttar Pradesh, Rasomati forest of Pundibari Range, Cooch Behar, Slightly acid, Nitrogenase enzyme, Bio-color, Heterobeltiosis and standard heterosis, Bacillus cereus strain SB2, Potato powder, Bio-active natural products, Dog bite victims in Tuticorin, KSB isolates, Kerala and Kanuvai, Micrococcus luteus, Path coefficient analysis in maize, Azospirillium sp, Heinsia crinata, Medicinal plants in Uzbekistan, Dog bite victims, Polluted area of Palakkad, Endo-ß-glucanase, Brinjal crop shoot, Pseudomonas fluorescens against sheath blight, PGPR and Zinc enriched FYM, Atama (Heinsia crinata) soup, Micronutrients on flowering, Spongy Indian milk dessert, Contributing attributes in castor, Subsidy on food consumption pattern, Nutrient acquisition on wheat, Bio-ink, Cycas revoluta, Diversity of earthworms, Rabies vaccines in dog, Clinical changes, Leucinodes orbonalis Guen, Biological morphology, Optimization of endoglucanase, Heat tolerance and yield, Pseudomonas fluorescens against sheath blight in rice, Yield parameters of green gram, Rice yield and growth attributes, Indian rock python fecal, Physical and Biochemical characters, AM Spore morphology, Milk dessert (Rasogolla), Temperature on rice blast infection process, High valued medicinal plants, White rot inoculated apple fruits, Sulphur and quality, Afficacy of various anti, Quantitative genetic variations, Female cones, Spoilage bacteria, Scirtothrips dorsalis, Leaf nutrient status of Guava, Ethano-pharmocological importance, G x E interactions, Genetic characterization for seed yield, Food consumption pattern in rural, Assessment of micronutrient status, Water logging tolerance, Rice blast infection process, Comparative study on performance, Tirumala hills, Wheat bran substrate, Different irrigation levels, Local bioresources, Nhân trắc học, Chloroformic solvent extracts, Source of silicon, Avian reovirus, Different levels of phosphors, Simarouba glauca, Calotropis species, Wheat seed germination traits, HAHC hospital, Biochemical characters of guava, Fungi in Dalli-Rajhara, Đa hình C677T, Sulphur on quality of sesame, Gastrointestinal tract of fresh Water Fishes, Oil content in Ajwain, Seasonal incidence of Brinjal shoot, Water logging tolerance in wheat, Emphasis on appressoria formation, Chilli and management, Sugarcane (Saccharam officinarum), Hình thái mô mềm mặt nghiêng, Chemical treatment against quality parameters, Selected high valued medicinal plants, Female cones of Cycas revoluta, Fieldpea (Pisum sativum L.), Western Tamil Nadu, Response of soil application, Anti larvicidal activity, Effect of osmotic stress, Sigma B protein, Agrometeorological indices of wheat crop, Superior mother trees, Micronutrient status of Hingoli, Cases of neonatal septicemia, Silica on physical, Drury under Chawki Garden, Rice and segregating lines, Dalli-Rajhara iron mine overburden dump, Wheat at vegetative stage, Aerobic rice-onion cropping system, Poplar (Populus deltoides) Clones, Trường Đại học Y Dược Huế, Quantitative traits in sugarcane, Screening of flavonoids, Powdery mildew disease of Fieldpea, Mites using organics, Food commodities decreased, Avian reovirus (ARV) in chicken, Metallo beta lactamase production, Miscellaneous activities, Soil application of diatomaceous earth, Sengaon Tahsils, Fresh water quality, Economics of saffron, Direct rearing method, Chhattisgarh (Central India), Evaluation of drip fertigation, Phytochemical composition of solvent extracts, First report on success, Stability analysis for quantitative traits, Marine diatoms isolated, Flavonoids like rutin, Management of Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.), Parental Polymorphism Survey, Immune response to rσB protein, Direct organonesis, Fertility rate, Characters of tasar silkworm, 9 point hedonic scale, Success of stem cuttings, Tannery waste water and its, Morpho-histopathological response, Vellar estuary, Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) cultivation, Evaluation of immune response, Phoratean organo-phosphorous pesticide, Southeast coast of India, In vitro protocol for direct organogenesis, Biocolour (Beta vulgaris), Increase in size, Integumentary musculature, Bệnh đường tiêu hóa trên, Acetyl Co-A Carboxylase activity, In vitro protocol, Characterization of Biocolour, Saffron cultivation is peculiar, Beverage industry, Tasar silk, Review on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, Epigeic earthworm, Beverage industry effluent, Their antimicrobial susceptibility pattern, Enriched low calorie lassi, Tổn thương thực quản dạ dày, Mango seed kernels, Effluent irrigation, Blood culture of neonates, New variety in cluster bean, Biodegradation in the environment, Interspecific cotton, Bio-agents against Fusarium oxysporum, Lower grain and straw yield, Quality of sunflower, Watermelon squash, Selection suitable genotype, Inhibitory gene action, Fate in the environment, Indian Barnyard millet, Yield of barley, Medicinal and fermentation waste, Fusarium oxysporum under in vitro, Bacterial profile of vaginitis, Incorporation in watermelon squash, Bio-agents against Pyricularia gresia, Yield and quality of sunflower, Segregating F2 population, Transport in the environment, Beverage industry effluent irrigation, In vivo conditions, Iron regulated transporter 2 gene, Fermentation waste, Total polyphenols from mango, Pyricularia gresia in paddy, Industry effluent irrigation growth, Jassid (Amrasca biguttula biguttula), While road traffic, Bacterial vaginitis, Reward to tribal ecosystem, Resistance to Jassid, Premature delivery in pregnancy, Tribal groups, Cheap in comparison, Screening results to detect lung cancer, Low-dose computed tomography, Summary of PhD thesis Medicine, Summary of Doctor Medicine thesis, Summary of Phd Thesis in Medicinet, BRAF V600E mutation in recurrent, Osteoporosis situation, Summary of Doctor Medicine, Y10 capsules, Metastatic differentiated thyroid carcinoma, Corrective surgery outcomes, Results of bipolar hip replacement surgery, Improvement of fertility, Risk factors of recurrence, Treatment intertrochanteric fracture, Lower limb axis, Metastasis after curative surgery, Fertility of Y10 capsules, Changes of Malondialdehyde content, Genotype of pneumocystis jiroveci, Pneumonia in HIV/AIDS patients, Patients with colon cancer before, Summary of Medical Doctor, Summary of Medical Doctor of Phylosophy thesis

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