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Rheological properties of proteins Association between GCA HEC-Geo-HMS model Prediction of storability in onion Weed dynamics in rice Growth and survival of Litopenaeus vannamei Biofilm forms of fluconazole-resistant Designer eggs Supportive therapies Pyrogenic carbon Scavenging local chicken Occurrence of sea anemone larvae Agromyzidae infestation Rapid multiplication of planting material Taken into account simultaneously Feacal samples Irrigation coupled fertigation management Plant geometry in groundnut Causes significant crop losses Yield parameters in African marigold Fertigation management practices Advanced free threshable line NIDW-295 Size of chlamydospores Kankrej milk fat Poorly compatible with propiconazole Per SE performance of parents Estuarine area of vasai creek Storability in onion Action evaluated Egg quality traits in laying hens Morogoro municipality Stemfly Ophiomyia phaseoli (Tryon) diptera Rice-Tungro virus Zinc and arbuscular mycorrhizae Blood metabolites Yield components through diallel analysis Pea-capsicum-radish cropping sequence Evaluated on individual plant basis Hybrids for grain yield Anthelmintic against naturally Vasai creek Propagation method Total fish production Association and cotton oil Pulp per cent P levels Gaillardia (Gaillardia pulchella L.) genotypes Onion (Allium cepa L.) seeds Listeria ivanovii Feeding graded levels of Pudina Predominant vector Thermoregulatory response Biofilm forms Reaction of cowpea genotypes Infected gastrointestinal nematodes Tomato and antagonistic Sub-temperate climate Zoolplankton sample Late wilt disease Correlation co-efficient studies of oil Quantitative and qualitative characters Blood biochemical profile Pudina (Mentha arvensis) Baladi goats Crops in south eastern ghat zone of odisha Phosphatidylinositolspecific phospholipase C Floricultural crops Sea snake Diazotrophs nodulating pigeon pea Fish production of India Orius bifilarus Resistance in maize (Zea mays L.) Propagation technique on successful graft Incidence of rice-tungro virus Bengaluru conditions Bt and non Bt hybrids Studies on different types Serum cholesterol Faecal examination of their livestock Sinus venosus Irrigated eco systems Indigenous trichoderma strain bio-control against Listeria ivanovii in sheep Transplanting time Semi-arid zones of Haryana Corcyra cepholinica Multinutrient extractant Different genotypes of gaillardia Population was found to increase Water requirement for different crops Bt hybrids Temperate ecology Antifungal nature P and S application N use efficiency Indicators Serum total protein Different types of losses Tomato plant causal agent Pigeon pea crop grown Ventricle accepted

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Various transplanting date, Soil available nutrients, Forty genotypes, Late blight and potato, Insight into prediction, Age dependent reproduction, Mycelial regeneration from sclerotia, Temperate agro climatic conditions, Yield limiting factors in tomato, Productivity Mungbean, 16S rRNA gene partial sequence analysis, Gaolao cattle, Non hierarchical euclidean cluster analysis, Path analysis of pod yield, Bed planter, Heart of yellow bellied sea snake, Nitrogen doses, Genetic advance and heritability, Eastern Ghats, Blight of cowpea, Evaluation of AB - DTPA extractant, Frontline demonstration of KVK, Subtropical plains of India, Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citrates) oil, High valued scented rice, Modified multi-crops thresher, Preying upon thrips palmi, Transgenic rice research technology, Effect of PSB inoculation, Planted in a plot, Water limited environment, Sea snake (Hydrophis platurus), Nutrient uptake traits, DNA sequence variation, Raised bed planting in vertisols, Multiplayer extraction in soils, Yield of paddy (Sahbhagi dhan), Sclerotial germination, Candida isolates, Recent advances in transgenic rice, Concave clearances, PPFM and PGRs, Mapiquet chloride, Yield of tomato over trichy region, Application on productivity of mungbean, Xylocopa fenestrata, STAT1 gene, Morphometric analysis of katra watershed, Cow urine spray, Water saving strategy, AB - DTPA extractant, Performance of chickpea, Tuber resistance against phytophthora infestans, Hybrid maize (Zea mays), PGRs on root characters, Speciation of candida isolates, Chloromequet chloride, Drying technology, STAT1 gene of Gaolao cattle, Pollination effect, GIS approach, Epidemiological viewpoint, Major Pinus spp diseases, Vertisols in Central India, Indirect effect and path coefficient analysis, Water saving strategy in rice, Indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, CEC and Micronutrients, Growth retardants, Conventional and chromagar method, Hydrological response, STAT1G4 primers respectively, Clinical samples were processed, Scientometric analysis, Effect of phosphorus, Luffa acutangula L, Fresh eel fish, Customised corrugated fibre board box, Non fermenter gram negative bacilli, Hematobiochemical analysis, Cow urine foliar spray, Canine otitis externa, Manipulation of source-sink relationship, Valley districts of manipur, Active modified atmospheric packaging, Yield of rabi maize, Korean grass, Teaching hospital located, Recombinant microneme 10, Rice (Oriza sativa L.), Mahalanobis D2 analysis, Fruit and seed yield, Chromagar method, Scientific names of pathogens, Weather patterns, Detection of carbapenamase resistance, Drop test, Sarcoptes scabiei var cameli, Sugarcane and cotton, Prevalence of canine otitis externa, St augustine grass, Irrigated conditions of ajmer, RGT saccharomyces cerevisiae, Protein of toxoplasma gondii, Fresh eel (Mastacembelus armatus), Seed parameters, Respiration rate and shelf life, Action measures, Reducing sugar, Etiology and clinical practice, Toxoplasma gondii for diagnostic evaluation, Prebiotic MOS, Byproducts of sugarcane, Variability and germination percent, Muscle proteins, Centipede grass, Dog feces, Dryland farming system, Hemato-biochemical, First project, Sapota packaging, Field bean, PCV and variability, Suggested action measures, Varieties on potato yield, Dogs irrespective of age, Rhizobia and their Bio-Partners, Functional properties of fresh eel, Predominant commercial crop, Murine model infected, Hermatia illucens, Seed attributes of Prosopis Juliflora, Farmer first project in Balaghat, Mango mother orchard, Soil bulk density, Silicate mineral, Rabbit gut transmitted Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Drought tolerant rice, Improving fruit production, Major areas of impact, Compared CFB boxes made, India-a gender analysis, Positive for otitis externa, Production of potato, Physico-chemical of fresh eel, Milk producers perception, SCID mice, Billion tonnes, Pachnodia marginata peregrine, Functional remediation, Variability studies on seed attributes, Soil EC, Economics of rabi Groundnut, Silica and mica, Sub tropical crops, Rice (Oryza sativa L.) landraces, Snack bar, Dryland farmers, Changing weather patterns, Field bean (Lablab purpureus L.), Prospecting endophytic bacterial colonization, Fertilizer levels during summer season, Milk marketing agencies, Pest management by nanotechnology, Improper choice of varieties make, Economic return, Days after emergence, Metformin administration, Oxytocin and postpartum, Seed enhancement, Byproducts of cotton include stalk, Lipid composition, Quality of groundnut, Soil porosity, Aleksandrov medium, Bio-partners as novel drivers, Horticulture based module, Evaluation of PGPR isolates, Glycemic index snack bar, Gender in farming, Weed pressure on growth, Chickpea cropping system, Potential plant growth, Minute quantities, Endotracheal aspirate, Genetic variability and heritability, Pharmacokinetics of meloxicam, Plassey borer, Productivity dynamics of groundnut, Erucic acid, Soy paneer Gamma radiation, Histological changes of oxytocin, Grown on dog feces, K-solubilizing bacterial isolates, Profits including amplified efficacy, Dung beetles, Milk procurement agencies strategy, Management of beans wilt caused, Consumptive use, Phosphogypsum levels, Cluster bean [Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) taub.], Bio-inoculation, Azotobacter rice, Foliar nematode, Late onset ventilator associated pneumonia, Attributes in hybrid maize, Primary infestation, Meloxicam in SCID mice, Growth parameters of finger millet, Double low, Microscopic examination revealed, Potassium containing various K-mineral sources, Postpartum uterus in cows, Active ingredients, Volume and hunter colour, Siderophore production, Onthophagus dama, Sound frequencies, Adoption of IPM practices, Bacteriological profile of early, Yield and economics of Rabi groundnut, Impact of erlotinib, Mechanization status, Randomised block design replicated, Phosphatise activity, Symptom manifestation, Secondary infestation, Hybrid maize (Zea mays L.), Minimum input cost, Produced microconidia, Products containing immaculate engineered nanoparticles, Sweet pepper, Rhizobia isolated, Gamma irradiated tofu (Soy Paneer), YVMV incidence, Oniticellus cinctus, Bectrocera cucurbitae, Studies on genetic variability, Fusarium fruit rot, Azotobacter vinelandii strain SRIAz3, Former being predominant, Mechanization potential agricultural operations, Terai agro-climatic zone, Aphelenchoides besseyi in tuberose, Various quality enhancement strategies, Basis of maximum area, B27 among patients, Economics of rice-wheat cropping system, Different sound frequencies on the growth, Harvesting net, Spindle etc, Mid hills of Himachal Pradesh, Physical gamma irradiated tofu, Bionomics of fruit fly, FLD intervention on yield, The nutrient intake, Rhizobia isolated from cluster bean, Susceptible genotypes, Relationship in yield, Fusarium musae, Genotypes of blackgram, Large white yorkshire pigs, Interstate out migration, Arbuscular mycorhizzae, Field evaluation of tuberose cultivars, N-source on microbiological properties, Seed in garden pea, Seronegative spondyloarthropathies referred, Okra varieties, Understanding microbial ecology, Hmpson (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), Nutrient and tillage practices, Dinotefuran 20% SG, Apricot dryer, Varieties grown, Utilization of tree leaves, Gross cropped area basis, Zinc on yield attributes, Derived mesenchymal stem cells, Sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.), Genetic diversity in upland cotton, Enumerate the alterations, Rice grown soil, Endometritis and histology, Based production system, Green forage on growing kids, Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L. Czern and Coss), Profenophos 50% EC, Snow ball technique, Bectrocera cucurbitae (Coquillet), Performance of FLD intervention, Magnetic stirrer, Major food crops, Gut bacterial population, Overcome drought adversities, YVMV incidence of okra varieties, Edema of the scrotum, Association varies markedly among racial, Phytotherapy (Garlic-Allium sativum), Water regime on water productivity, Molecules against cotton mealybug, Rice gluten meal, Growing kids, Extra radical hyphae, Knowledge combination, Eudrilus eugeniae exposed, All limbs food intake, Off farm activities, Omura Massey, Endometritis affected buffalo, Key component in helping plants, PIC and marker, Sodium arsenate, Test crop, Continous learning, German shepherd dog, Palpable uterine abnormalities, Treat adult earthworms, Genetic diversity in hybrids of tomato, Omura-Massey cryptosystem, Yield response of mungbean, Therapeutic management of Eehrlichiosis, Polynomial polynomials, Individual training datasets, Influenced by sulphur, Weather forecast, Reduced food intake, Cyclic multiplicative, Agromet advisory, Acreage response function, Generate agromet advisory, Major crops, Medium range weather forecast, Major crops in haryana, Various test criteria, Co-integration approach, Acreage response of major crops, Cấu tạo máy biến áp 1 pha, Trittstufen aus Gitterrost, Mạch tương đương máy điện DC, Treppen aus Stahl SMS -DIN 24531, Chế độ hoạt động của máy biến áp, Tính chất của mạch điện, Stahl SMS -DIN 24531, Định nghĩa giới hạn, Cấu tạo động cơ cảm ứng ba pha, Giản đồ hiệu suất, Nguồn áp 3 pha đấu Y, Dòng Sin bằng Vector, Trittstufen aus Gitterrost fur Treppen, Giới hạn một phía, Kraftwere angewendet, Định lý kẹp, Các dạng vô định, Kỹ thuật I/O, Bộ kí tự và từ khóa, Chuỗi và hàm, Kênh vào ra, Snake game, Bắt phím di chuyển rắn, Xử lý va chạm, Forward foreign exchange rate, Stock option, Spot foreign exchange rate, The day-of-the-week effect, Sovereign rating upgrades and downgrades, Mean-reverting-ebit-based stock, Return and volatility, National 100 indexes, Option evaluation, Forward rate biasedness, Turkish stock markets, Capital-structure EBIT-based, Turkey’s stock market, Volatility in the Turkish stock markets, Sovereign ratings changes, Empirical findings obtained, Khối cầu ngoại tiếp hình tứ diện, Diện tích xung quanh của khối cầu ngoại, Nước cứng toàn phần, Andehit - Axit, Dung dịch muối ăn, Tổ hợp chập, Tập giá trị của hàm, Thương nhân mất khả năng thanh toán, Bảo toàn khối tài sản có, Mất khả năng thanh toán, Crop developmental rate, Chenopodium album, Plant-Trichoderma, Freshly prepared phalsa-pear blended beverage, Physiochemical analysis, Animal drawn implements, Basic slag, Pathogen network, Cost benefits ratio, ALA production, Agro-climatic factors, Vitis vinifera L. Species, Gramin krishi mausam sewa

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