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Analyze physical Cranial ultrasound Isolated sulfite oxidase deficiency Fenugreek seed extract Bubble CPAP Low weight children Orthopedic implant Gamo and Gofa zones Therapeutic effect Postoperative sore throat Psychologic stress Ascending colon Popliteal angle Seeking health care Hospital in-patients Mother-to-infant bonding Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases Developmental health at school entry Assessing serum immunoglobulins Third molar surgery South African children’s hospitals 16S sequencing Non-peptide synthetic molecule Antibiotic agents Paediatric emergency care Pleomorphic adenoma Symptomatic diuretic treatment Vaccination histories Venous sinus stenosis Tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases Cystic fibrosis Transmembrane conductance regulator Orthodontic Mechanical Stress RUNX2 activity Epidermic exfoliative esophagitis Age-related death-survival balance Non-Hispanic children Genetics variation Uncoupling proteins Adult chronic periodontitis Myosin phosphatase target subunit 1 IL-10-1082A/G Central precocious puberty Saliva H.pylori antigen test Transnational marriage MMR vaccine Extubation time Neonatal near-miss indicators Clinical details Protecting neonates High-throughput nucleotide sequencing Prone position Clinico-pathological characteristics Autosomal recessive disorder Osteoblast attachment Pneumonia mortality Sunflower oil Muscle contractures Pathological cranial ultrasound Inducing drugs Growing antibiotic resistance GSK-3β Serum cytokines Antide-pressants Surabaya Indonesia TaqMan method Underlying disease Extremely preterm infant Intracranial venous sinu Nationwide birth cohort Zoom function Genetic change Genotype-phenotype analysis Cell movement Inflammatory cells Endogenous osteocalcin Closed-loop automated control Medication error Adolescent boys IL-12p40 1188C/A Cellular mechanism associated Spherical equivalent Cytochrome c Duration of surgery Pre-hospital setting Tdap booster immunization Chronic stress-induced Female subjects SLC25A13 gene Mechanical strain COL1A1 expression Urban–rural Significant systems-level Placental-like chondroitin sulfate A Monobenzyl phthalate Measles-MumpsRubella Skin condition Tumoral calcinosis Recurrent aphthous stomatitis Respiratory distress syndrom Collagen Triple Helix Repeat Containing 1

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BeWo cells, Hamstrings spasticity, Sulfite oxidase, Cells undergoing squamous metaplasia, SHS-exposed rats, Public health surveillance, Limited resource setting, IL-13+2044G/A, Inspiratory fraction of oxygen, Musculoskeletal malformations, Endoscopic manifestations, Lip numbness, Bupivacaine-induced vasodilation, Myopic progression, Male C57BL/6, Identifying medication errors, Adrenal steroid hormones, Splicing mutation, Cyst size, Workplace health, Neurocognitive impairment, Congenital prepubic sinus, Neurodevelopmental disability, Children living with HIV/AIDS, Including antidepressant drugs, SGA preterm infants, Vaccination effectiveness, Broncho-pulmonary dysplasia, MIRAGE syndrom, Pupillary diameter, Mucous cells, Mono-n-butyl phthalate, Human trophoblastic cell line, Sulfite oxidase gene, Axial length augmentation, Diagnosed worldwide, Adrenal suppression, Spastic bilateral CP, Intermittent hypoxemia, Follicular stimulating hormone, Prophylactic iron supplementation, Lifestyle modifications represent, C3435T polymorphisms, Prevalence and associated factors, Dorsal penile curvature, Rapid diagnosis tests, Thiamine responsive megaloblastic anemia syndrome, Rhythm disorder, Mono-2-ethyl-5-oxohexyl phthalate, Diagnosed measles, Eye damage, Pedigree analysis, Perforated appendicitis, Oxygen partial pressures, Informal economy, Urethral duplication, Systematic immunization, Diagnosis-confirmed meningitis, Eastern Uganda, Accidental ketosis-induced polyuria, Childhood MMR vaccine, Prior stroke, TRMA syndrome, Congenital Zika syndrom, Breathing room air, Certain intravenous, Exposure to family violence, Jaundice-related genes, Nebulized hypertonic saline, Village Health Teams, Sternoclavicular joint, Previous publications, Alternative diets, Neonatal Oral-motor assessment scale, Pediatric emergency departments, The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale, Emergency department data, Buttock sinus tract, Paediatric ear infection, Cerebral oxygen saturation, Erythrocyte sedimentation rate decreased, Summer weight gain, Health Demographic Surveillance Site, Ghanaian municipality, School entry examinations, Statistical heterogeneity, First attack, Stress signals during sucking activity, Repeat urine dipstick, Pediatric fractures, Neuropsychiatric comorbidities, Proline-rich transmembrane protein 2, Early childhood caries, Acute moderate bronchiolitis, Heterogeneous neurodevelopmental disorders, Retrorectal cyst, Multi-component health promotion program, Guided participation, Birth weight centiles, Information leaflet, Herpetic whitlow, PO antibiotic therapy, Epileptic encephalopathy, Acute angioedema, Subsidiary health checkup, Thickened synovial lining, Nasal CPAP, Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency, Pituitary hormone levels, MINI kid tool, Thyroxine supplementation, Military health system, Dyskinetic movement, Childhood unhealthy weight-related behaviours, Time-distribution, Moderate bronchiolitis, Feeding volumes, Inflammatory diseases common, Accurate details, Missense mutation, Child morbidity, Multi-centre, Pediatric congenital buttock sinus tract, Palmar lesion, Complicated intra-abdominal infections, Migration background, Significant predictive factors, Early onset sepsis, Multiple pituitary hormone deficiency, Sub-urban population in Nigeria, Serious bacterial infections, Splenogonadal fusion, Dyskinesia attack, Mild bone erosion, Unplanned rehospitalisation status, Nutrient poor foods, Pertussis-associated pneumonia, Targeted exome sequencing, Difficulty walking, TNF-α levels, Fractional tissue oxygen extraction, Congenital anomaly, Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute, Observation remains unclear, Clinical severity score, Chronic developmental, Clinical characteristic, Healthcare seeking behavior, Non-asthmatic children, Focus physicians’ resources, Easily misdiagnosed, Food insecurity, Discharge intervention, Acute angioedema in children, Vesicular lesion, Medication storage, Scalp necrosis, Adolescents remains unclear, Adjusted prevalence ratio, Loyola University Medical Center’s, Epidermoid cyst, Unnecessary orchiectomy, Including genetic aberrance, Selective screening, Intestinal oxygen saturation, Chemical colorimetry, Hemoglobin M, Marfan syndrome, Pharmaceutical preparations, Thiamine-responsive megaloblastic anemia, Nasal continuous positive airway pressure, Periodic fever syndrome, Maternal illness, Non-significant risk indicators, Postnatal age, Pediatric allergic diseases, Pediatric intussusception, Scurvy include alcoholism, Cholesterol screening, Behçet’s disease, SCN8A heterozygous mutation, Anatomical patterns, Critical trace element, GH deficiency, Moderate-severe hyperbilirubinemia, Forearm lymphangitis, SLC19A2 gene, Acute gastrointestinal infectious disease, Prenatal and early-life exposures, Postmenstrual age, Nonspecific complaints, Mevalonate kinase deficiency, Cleft lips, Early antibiotic exposure, Maternal stress, Anti-TNF alpha therapy, Pulmonary interstitial emphysema, Stress-buffering effect, Thermo-regulation, Non-skeletal roles, While systemic diseases, Allergic outcomes, Pooled prevalence, Neurotransmitters production, HyperIgD syndrome, Novel mutation, Infant gut microbiome cohort, Juvenile BD, Non-invasive treatment, Childhood blood pressure, Cross-stressor adaption hypothesis, Neonatal meningitis, Mevalonic aciduria, Human gut, Anti-tumor necrosis factor, Median duration, Haramaya University, Intraamniotic infection, Malnourished children, Healthcare consultation, Streptococcus pasteurianus, Takotsubo syndrome, Mechanically ventilated infants, Trier social stress test for children, Anti-fungal medication, Immunosuppressive drug-sparing, Bidirectional communication axis, Term Neonates exposed, Neonatal hypothermia, Streptococcus gallolyticus subsp., After school care, Tongue habits, Functional constipation, Kawasaki disease shock syndrome, Neonatal icterus, Child cognition, Early menarche, Acute brain injury, Parental health literacy, Maternal chorioamnionitis, Congenital infection, POLR3-related leukodystrophy, Fraser syndrome, Children’s activity behaviours, Oral habits, Erythematous rash, Prospective audit and feedback, Autologous bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation, Maasai populated areas, Anal imperforation, Glycoprotein B, Asymptomatic newborns, Palivizumab prophylaxis, Percutaneous device closure, POLR3A gene, Public health indicator, Poor oral habits, Intergenerational study, Reported respiratory, Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Limb’s congenital anomalies, Bacterial meningitis score, Congenital heart block, Hemodynamic instability during, Platelet ratio index, Perimembranous ventricular septal defect, Airway extubation, Blood cell counts, Orthodontic pacifiers, Gastrointestinal infection rates, Monitoring nutritional, Acutely malnourished children, Congenital bronchopulmonary foregut malformation, Pubertal delay, Muscle fitness, International specialized societies, Bacterial ventriculitis, Oral health related behaviors, Progressive motor decline, Juvenile xanthogranuloma, Iron supplementation, Anthropometric indicators, Antibiotic Spectrum Index, Second IVIG infusion, Lower rate interval, Parenteral nutrition-associated cholestasis, Esophageal bronchus, Prolonged antibiotic, Fat-free muscle mass, Birth history, Femoral vein, Non-Langerhans cell histiocytosis, Race-ethnicity, Neurally adjusted ventilator assist, Hemoglobin status, SAM children, Ordinal categories, Biochemical iron status, Brain abscess, Indirect-comparison meta-analysis, Pacemaker system, Neutrophil CD64 index, Developmental milestone, Extremely low birth weight infants, Infant sleep position, DMD treated, Radiation prevention, Sports facilities, Esophageal lung, Practice of growth monitoring, E. histolytica, Traditional dosing, Foot length, Understudied minority children, Blueberry muffin baby, Several physiological processes, Vertical jump, Invasive infection, Gonadal dysgenesis, Behavioral problem, Streptococcus milleri, Fetal alcohol syndrome, Control of breathing, Head circumference measurement, Leukocyte count, Multilevel level, Low birthweight, Portuguese children, Unidentified enteropathogens, extended-interval dosing, Duodenal biopsies, Disparities exist, Chest circumference, Electronic bibliographic databases PubMed, Socioeconomic context, ADHD associated traits, Infant sleep, Crigler-Najjar syndrome, Empirical treatment, Regarding ear disease, Growth data, Extremely prematurity, Arterial blood pressure, Climate factors, Cancrum oris, Perceived treat, Candida onychomycosis, Austrian monocentric, Brain injury outcomes, Maternal head circumference, Streptococcal toxin shock syndrome, Predominantly Latino children, Outcome-based definition, Infection-related admissions, Carglumic acid, Cardio-metabolic risk associated, Frequent anthropometric measurements, Fine motor, Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing, Williams-Beuren syndrome, Community factors, Overweight childhood, Subungual onychomycosis, Sri Lankan children, Cross-sectional questionnaire, Guidelines regarding antibiotic treatment, Determine gentamicin pharmacokinetics, Circulating granulocytes, Re-infestation, Congenital CMV, Tumour risk, Health responsibility, Current phototherapy practice, Early neonatal mortality, HNF-1α, Food secured and 6–59 months old children, Blood glucose concentration, Paternal head circumference, Asthmatic symptoms rises, Puberty timing, Child and youth development, Moderate-severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia, Occult child abuse, Video fluorographic swallowing, Self-reported quality of life, Methylmalonic acidemia, Neonatal intrahepatic cholestasis, Mixed gonadal dysgenesis, Headache-free children, Head ultrasound, Extravasation injury, Severe congenital neutropenia, Neonatal hematological parameters, Neonatal onychomycosis, Severe hyperbilirubinemia, Household-wealth, Tanner stage, Facility capacity index, Propionic acidemia

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