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LEXICAL SELECTION Musculoskeletal problems Fission Gas Bubbles Acute Burn Injuries Prevent future complications Properties of bio plastics Extended spectrum β-Lactamases genes Occurring mainly Problem solving 4 Milky mushroom cultivation instead of burning Selected problems of the eyes Zhibiao Fission Gas Release Burn Surgery Packing material for the food items Burn care providers GMAT test A Pylonic Decision-Tree Language Model Common disorders of the skin Superficial Burns Burned Patients Optimal Question Selection Selected general surgical problems Adrian Corduneanu Neurologic problems Model Adaptation ESL Correction Tasks A CONSIDERATION ON THE CONCEPTS STRUCTURE PLANNING FOR PROBLEM IN ADVICE-GIVING Inverse method MULATION DIALOGUE LANGUAGE IN RELATION TO SELECTIONS OF TRANSLATION EQUIVALENTS OF VERBS Paul Decitre High speed spindle MACHINE TRANSLATION SYSTEMS Tractor semitrailer vehicle Conjugate gradient method Voyager observations Rollover condition ANSYS software UML NOTATION The heliosphere High forward speed Basic Wireless Concepts ABSTRACT CLASSES Router Security Configuration Guide The interstellar medium basic network administration Load transfer ratio VERSUS INTERFACES Component-based embedded systems compute Roll safety factor UML DIAGRAMS Synovial joints Classification of bones Component technology Classification of joints Citric acid cycle Router Configuration TCA cycle Internetwork Operating System Configure Wireless Router Basic Router Perform Basic Router Configuring Static Routes Switch Configuration Troubleshoot wireless Configuring Enhanced IGRP Wireless LAN topologies Basic switch configuration Configure a Switch Catalyst Switch Network designed Configuring a Cisco Router Catalyst 2960 Switch Configure basic security Network Layer in Communication Configuring the Switch Building simple Network Switch IP address Gaseous element mercury Air sampling wine; trace elements; determination; speciation; AAS Dual gold trap SPECTROPHOTOMETRY COOKBOOK Atomic absorption spectrometer Arsenic content in wastewaterfed fish pond Air analysis Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry Analysis cadmium of Drug Metabolism Flame atomic absorption spectrometry Glass Analysis Hoang Mai district Drug Metabolite Green vegetable Vortex-assisted ionic liquid microextraction coupled The Vietnamese standard Analysis of Medicines Quantitative Drug Metabolism

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Perlite granules, Rat model, Ion-selective electrode, Potentiometric titration, Reproductive toxicology, Drug Metabolism, Tea sample, ZnO nanoparticles, Hybrid composite material, Programmable sample dispenser, role of HPLC in drug discovery, Immobilization of ZnO nanoparticles, Moc Chau, Polypyrrole Sn(IV) phosphate, Disk cache, Fluorinated perlite granules, Determination content, The photocatalytic degradation, Detection limits, Shore protection construction work, Gravity wave, Soil stabilizer, Wave period, Evaluation challenges, Current load, Genomic insertion, Wave amplitudes, Challenges in the implementation, large-scale document summarization, Stream clustering, Coastal reinforced materials, DNA transposons, Solid waste management strategy, Wave frequency, Unmet demand, 3D beam element, Dragomir R. Radev, Semi-submersible drilling platform, Internal evaluation measures, The central highlands of Vietnam, Wave phases, Benzimidazole derivatives, Near-random integration profile, Direct and inverted repeat DNA sequences, Water sufficiency, Calinski-Harabasz index, Numerical analysis of hydrodynamic interaction, Solid waste managemen, Wave scatter diagram, Elemental analyses, Lecture Jazz, Coral foundation subjected, Repetitive DNA elements, Linear waves of Caspian Sea, Future scenarios, Algorithm itself, Random wave surface, Jazz listening, Mitochondrial genomes, Stability of the 3D frame, Amirkabir semi-submersible drilling platform, Revised validity index, Profiles in Jazz, Boundary element method, Jazz heritages, River sediment loads, African influences, sea water, Outcome measures, European influences, Marine Sediments, Global environmental health, Study of mos structures using nuclear analytical methods, Pediatric anaphylaxis treatment, African rhythms, oceanographic, Gene-environment interactions, Nuclear analytical methods, Comparison across trials challenging, Consortium workshop, Size Sorting, Depth distribution of elements in MOS, Genomics research in Africa challenges, Elastic Recoil Detection, Nuclear instrumentation and measurement, Breast tumour, Clinicomycological profile, Self-Powered Neutron Detectors, Tinea corporis, Thermal pattern, Fast Neutron Detection Systems, Dermatophytic infections, Cell line development, Ex-core sensors, Keratinophilic dermatophytes, Pennes bio-heat equation, DNA methylome, Emiconductor-based detectors, Ubiquitous chromatin opening elements, MB-seq, MRB-seq, Glutenin subunit, Novel technology, Nitrogen topdressing timing, Single-base resolution, Shore protection works, Rocky desertification, Grain protein quality, Lower Mekong Delta, Passion fruit, Grain protein, Total lipid, East and West Sea, Nutrient element, Co Q and Mitochondrial concentration, Sai Gon-Dong Nai rivers, Mitochondrial concentration, Impact of upstream dams, Faculty of Engineering, New simulation techniques, pomelo, Mitochondrial concentration analysis, Global Solution, Muscle total lipid, lipid-carbohydrate, Optimal Cycle Design, metabolic enzymes, Diabetes rats, Intelligent Centerless Grinding, Nerium oleander, structural metal, Streptozotocin-induced, metal wear, Lipid profile, Glutathione-S-transferase, friction metal, Organizational Diagnosis in Practice, Lipid oxidation, A Cross- Classification Analysis Using the DEL-Technique, Cola lepidota, Meal extracts, Refined soybean oil, Statics marrow vessels, Characteristics of the agency, Total oxidation value, Ethanol extract of Cola lepidota seed, ship theory, Other model classifications, Meal extracts on retarding lipid oxidation, ship control, Design for Reliability, DPPH free radical, cruise, Reliability Verification, Analytical Physics, ship resistance, Pycnoporus sanguineus, Predicate Argument Structure Analysis, Glucose level Heamatological indices, Accelerated Reliability Growth, resistance to sinking, Pycnoporus sanguineus mushroom, Transformation-based Learning, Unspecified Requirements, Hepatic serum enzymes, Hirotoshi Taira, ship propeller, Specified Requirements, Alloxan induced diabetic wistar rats, Sepia esculenta ink, Khaya senegalensis ethanolic bark extract, A Sentimental Education, Full-scale trials, Tilapia fillets, Sentiment Analysis Using Subjectivity Summarization, Numerical approaches, Sparus latus fillet, Minimum Cuts, Propellers, Estimating lipid peroxidation, SAUMER: SENTENCE ANALYSIS, Omega-3 fatty acids, curves, Non-solvent extraction, USING METARULES, Ship seakeeping, Composition for commercial use, Fred Popowich, Ship manoeuvring, Expeller press extraction retained, Amaranth seeds, Northern climate, Type of coloring, Oil extraction, Fatty acid content, Analysis of bending of corrugated metal sheet, Terrain analysis, Recirculation-bleeding channels, Motion sickness incidence, Corrugated metal sheet, Biochemical parameters, Terrain analysis using GIS, Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes analysis, Passenger cruise, Fruit juice extract, Equivalent orthotropic plate, Hydrological applications, Transmembrane domain, Saturated fatty acid, Wave energy spectrum, Orthotropic flat plates, GIS for hydrological applications, Histidine residue, Passenger’s comfort, Plasmodium berghei, The boundary conditions 4 hinge, Seed oil, Prevention of pollution from ships, Metal-binding site, The Two-dimensional heat distribution, Pelletron Accelerator, Particularly sensitive sea areas, Fabaceae family, A comparison for donor-acceptor interactions, Conserved motifs, Sulfur hexafluoride on 13X zeolite modified, PIXE Analysis of Mosses, The combustion chamber shell of the launch motor, Seed oils extracted, E(PH3)2 and NHEMe ligands complexes, Requirements of PSSA, ZIP protein family, Metal cation exchange, Heavy metal resistant bacteria, The Anti-ship missile P15U, Thermic power station, Energy decomposition analysis method with natural orbitals, PSSA in Vietnam, Cu2+-exchanged 13X zeolites, Copper bioremoval, Designing the launch motor, Chemical valence theory, Vietnam’s legal regulations, Nitrate salts solutions, Biological tolerance, Lysogeny broth, Physiological acclimation, Genetic adaptaion, Variations in fatty acid composition of tea leaves, Due to plucking time and cultivars, French-fried potatoes, Cultivars significantly influenced, Trans configuration, Fatty acid binding protein 7, Clear cell renal cell carcinoma, Therapeutic target, Fatty acid binding protein 6, Gastrointestinal malignancy, waste quantity, Inclined FGSW beam, Management components of software quality, Moving mass element, Project progress control, Software quality metrics, Effect of temperature and porosities on dynamic response, Functionally graded beams carrying a moving load, Care giving quality, PET Bottles, Flavonoid dynamic responses, The temperature rise, Parasympathetic nervous system, River Narmada, Measured indicators, Drinking water bottles produced, Fatty acid desaturase, Sympathetic nervous system, The beam associated with a higher grading index, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, SOIL has also been described, Bottles produced in Iraq, Plant-bacteria symbiosis, Linoleic acid, Higher grading index, Strange situation procedure, Natural support for the growth, Waste water treatment plant, Adsorbed Zn 2+, Very high concentration, Mother–child dyad, Plants that support human, Adsorption efficiency, Yeast expression, Adsorption capacity, Fe/Mn-Diatomite material, X-ray absorption fine structure, Flame atomic absorption spectroscopy, BCC crystals studied, Grapevine berry, High-order expanded debye-waller factors, Expressed sequence tag, Debye-Waller factors, Metabolic network, Temperature-dependent cumulants, Optimal conditions, Oil crop seeds, Lateral epicondylalgia, Absoroption spectroscopy, Optimal conditions obtained above, Flight dynamics, Population explosion joining, Clinical quality indicators, Control for rigid, Flexible aircraft, y-configuration, Determined absorption coefficient of 85Rb atom, Aircraft dynamic response, Docosatetraenoic acid, Equilibrium flight, Coupling laser, Viscoelastic foundation, Classification of Lipids, Polyunsaturated fatty acids, line broadening, Effective Food, Frying Oils, Foundation modal, molecular beams, Px - an innovative safety concept for an unmanned reactor, Dietary patterns, Acid Analysis, Modernizing Legislation, The heat exchanger size, Effusive atomic, Lipid Biotechnology, Integrating Federal, The cooling geometry simplifies several safety systems, absorption experiment, Microbial Lipases, Unifies diverse functions, Fast heat transfer, Smart pumps, Random safety audits, Vibroacoustic analysis, String dynamics, Sound transmission loss, Space-time VMS method, Clamped finite orthotropic laminated double-composite plate, ALE-VMS method, Modal decomposition, Chemical application, FAO representative in the Philippines, Crop monitoring, Post-harvest chemical applications, Cadmium hyperaccumulation, Drone in agriculture, Foliar supplementations of Se, Challenges faced in agriculture, Application of Drone in agriculture, Cost economics of Mango cv Dashehari, Moringa leaf powder, Agriculture sector, Stress proteins, Moringa seed oil, Manganese-transporters, Soil and field analysis, Soil–plant system, Essential heavy metal, Nutrient composition of Moringa, Bird control, Identifying mechanisms, Water quality of Ba Lat estuary, Amino acid contents of Moringa, Precursors of glutathione, Ba Lat estuary, Fatty acid profile of Moringa, Physio-chemical parameters, Synthetic compounds, Total oil and grease, Control Simulation, food-producing industry, Milk protein concentrate, Distillation Column, Bioactive Action, Energy bar, Pesticide, Vapour Recompression, Carrot Seeds, NOMINATION OF CHEMICAL/ AGENT/SCIENTIFIC ISSUE FOR TESTING, Separation Process, Cereal based energy bar during storage, Chemical Derivatives, Rich sources like milk protein, Carbamate Residues, comestic tattooing, permanent makeup, Static and free vibration of the sandwich folded plate, Free vibration of a cracked double beam-carrying a concentrated mass, Free-vibration analysis of multi - directional functionally graded plates, The sandwich folded plate using the Layerwise theory, Cracked double beam-carrying a concentrated mass

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