"Wedelia chinensis M"

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Phosphate solubilising inoculants Biochemistry and yield of rice Phosphatic fertilizer Mandarin orange Cotton stalk yield Leaf micro nutrient status Predicting germination of Medicago sativa Quality of cotton Byadgi chilli Multimodel inferences Response of fertilizer nitrogen Index leaf RGB density value Vigor test Preliminary leaf nutrient norms Fertilizer nitrogen Byadgi chilli (Capsicum annuum L ) Potassium on yield maximization of sesame Genetic data analysis Yield maximization of sesame DRIS approach Genome Wide Associations Studies Wider spacing Reducing physical 3 bit genotype representation Sugarcane varieties Hoagland solutions Solution culture Green forage yield Leaf tissue concentration Nutrient deficiencies Gerbera var savannah Potassium nutrition Mean variance optimization Minimum variance portfolio Portfolio selection model Budload and fertilizer application Leaf petiole Fruit nutrient status Grape cv Sahebi The spread of cultivated rice into southwestchina Model grapevine orchard Cultivated rice into southwestchina Crassocephalum crepidioides leaf meal Expansion of archaeological culture The Guiyuanqiao culture; Yield components in cowpea Potato dextrose broth Generation mean analysis for yield Nutrient utilisation Blotter method Labeo rohita Fingerlings Seedling growth of rice Economics of sericulture Rice fungal endophytes Silkworm (Bombyx mori L ) Yield components in okra Different pruning techniques Leaf yield of mulberry Optimizing yield Pomegranate fruit yield Relationships between yield Japonica rice Leaf major nutrient status Path analyses Cold pre treatment Relation with pomegranate yield Spring rapeseed cultivars Bitter almond Wild peach Japonica rice (Oryza sativa L ) Soil moisture tension Yield components of parents Hybrids in rice Tillers m 2 Pant prabhat and ZnSO4 Zinc sulphate on vegetative growth Thousand grain weight Yellow leaf disease (YLD) Phosphorous on phenology Maturity culture Macro and micro nutrient Yield and yield components of wheat Spawing induction method Qualitative and quantitative traits Rice field eel Yellow leaf disease Eel Monopterus albus Leaf fall Influence of secondary Yield components in groundnut Nutrient content and uptake Cold pretreatment Secondary nutrient Indica rice Temporal and axial variation Yield components through diallel analysis Leaves of litchi Secondary nutrient concentrations Burning performance

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Correlation coefficient analysis for yield, Coated medium density fiber board, Qualitative trait loci, Components in rice, Allele contrasting pair of gene, Combustion properties, Path analysis and aerobic rice, Fire retardants, Hydroponic condition, Pigment coating, Soil less culture, Components in aerobic rice, Woodbased composites, Yield components in aerobic rice, Ethylene inhibitors, Carbohydrate level, Endogenous proline concentration, Mode of distribution of economic benefit, Onion crop to drought stress, International economic negotiation, Physiological and biochemical responses, Negotiation benefits, With holding irrigation, Mutually beneficiary, Eastern Anatolia, Molecular hybridization, Biochemical attributes, RNA preparation methods, Shadehouse condition, Molecular hybridizations, Performance to the region, Effect of dietary micronutrients, Biochemical profile, Growing cross bred calves, Water mimosa, Genotypes to different sowing dates, Return and Benefit cost ratio, Biochemical responses of Indian Mustard, Manipur valley condition, Spacings of water mimosa, Physio morphological, Prangos ferulacea, Biochemical responses towards peg induced, Trichogramma embryophagum, Finger millet genotypes, Production of sugarcane, Dimorphic seeds, Arthrocnemum indicum, Methods of irrigation, Non saline conditions, Sodium selenate, Biochemical activity, Selenium rich rice, Root proteomic, Metabolic analyses, Tolerant grapevine rootstocks, Colonization rate, polyurythane foam, Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza, Multispecies toxicity, Varying levels of phosphorus, Biological test systems, Examined parameters, Combined inoculation of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza, Commensal bacteria, Nasal microbiome, Biomass and nodulation, Replication rate, Nodulation of acacia nilotica, Generation time, Phosphorous solubulizing bacteria on growth, In vivo growth dynamics, Inoculation effects of rhizobium, Metagenome sequencing, Mutation rate, Mutation accumulation, Tricalcium phosphate, Aluminium phosphate, Ferric phosphate, Karanja oilseed residues, Renewable waste, β glucanase, EPS hydrolysis, GC FID, Growth performance traits, Monosaccharide composition analysis by GC FID, Comparison between Hydrochloric acid, Microbial protein, Trifluoroacetic acid in hydrolysis method, Broiler growth traits, Supplemental microbial protein feed, Hydrolysis method, Feed consumption, Ultrasonication treatment, Body weight gain of broiler chicks, Scan electron microscopy, Cellulose nanocrystal, Mixed hardwood and bamboo pulp, Antinutritional factors, Peroxyformic acid, Kharnaphuli paper mills, Cotton seed cake, 3 prebleaching methods, Good quality fodders, Microbial consortium, Vegetable seedlings, Farmer’s nursery, Upholstered furniture frames, Growth of vegetable seedlings, Plywood and oriented, Microbial consortia as basal application, Multigroove yellow birch, Flavanoid content, Foliar spray of gluconacetobacter diazotropicus, Holding strength of various fasteners, Polyphenolic content, Gluconacetobacter diazotropicus, Commonly consumed vegetables, Gluconacetobacter diazotropicus on growth, Nutrient uptake by maize, Cattle manure, Phytate hydrolysis, Microbial products on the growth, Organic material, Zymogram analysis of phytase, Urea in biodegradable rice straw on the growth, Poultry litter, Yeast fermentation, Rice in acid sulfate soils, Forage quality parameters, Xylitol yield, Đong Thap province, Randomized complete blocks, Biotechnological processes, Acid sulfate soil, Pseudomonas striata, Corn yield, Microbial consortia on growth, Licorice Glycyrrhiza spp, Rhizobium ciceri, Pit compost, Markers transferability, Soybean in vertisol, Strumarium plant m–2, Vertisol of central India, Crop growth stages, Boehmeria regulosa, Microbial preparations, Gethi (Boehmeria rugulosa), Cultivated chickpea Cicer arietinum L, Different extracts of bark, Ascochyta blight, Mungbean (Vigna radiate L, Characterization of antioxidant property, Phospholipase D, Nodulation and yield, Cotton seeds, Black rice accessions, Enhancement of plant growth, Yield criteria, Seed homogenates, Appreciating microbial ancestry, Phospholipid fractions, Fixing carbon, Hydrolysis phosphatidic acid, Olax imbricata, α glucosidase inhibition, Tree effect, Growth pattern, Quality of chickpea, IAA production, Triterpenoid Glycosides, Fertility status of soil, Genus Olax, Different formulation for mass production, Long term management, Fertilization of potassium, Characterization of microbial inoculants, Dactylis glomerata L, Organic flowers, Legume sprouts, Diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid, DTPA extraction, Microbial consortium on growth, Radiation induced mutation, Phytoavailable cadmium, Resistance against dry root rot, Poa bulbosa L, Cicer arietinum L Mesorhizobium, Zinc mining soils, Plant dry matter, Pollen calendar, Nitrogen and phosphorus content, Nonarboreal taxa, Orchardgrass Dactylis glomerata L, Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) leaves, Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L ) germplasm, Dactylis glomerata, Lemongrass (Cympoogon citratus), Vernalization response, Cotton leaf worm, Their nutritional composition, Bacterial flora, Online semiautomated pest identification, Subsoil drip irrigation, Higher plants, Phytosanitary field, Spodoptera littoralis, Subsoil capillary irrigation, Comparison of backcross, 3 layer ANN architecture, Culturable bacterial flora of S, F2 populations for yield attributes, Phytosanitary management, Tillering regulation, littoralis, Cross between cicer arietinum, AC genes, Cicer reticulatum, Ionic repartition, Floral bud development, Legume Rhizobium symbiosis, Glomus mosseae, Water use efficiency and economics, Pigeon pea to drip irrigation, Bio fertilizers based fertigation schedule, Total biomass yield, Varying levels of drip irrigation, Agronomical weed, Drip irrigation on yield, Biomass yield of chickpeas, Economics of cucumber, Validamycin A, DEAE cellulose, African marigold (Tagetes erecta Linn), CM Sepharose, Fertigation through drip irrigation, Sephadex G 200, Drip irrigation in wheat, Planting layout, Costeffective return, Turmeric yield and economics, Cost effective return, Marigold flower grower, Perpetual flowering, Chrysanthemum and tuberose, Fragaria ×ananassa, Particularly for small farmers, Genera Xenorhabdus, Sandy clay loam soil, Textile waste water, bacteriophora, Vegetable crop, Vegetable crop under drip irrigation, Steinernema sp, Barak valley, Microscopic investigation, Drip irrigation levels, Drip irrigation levels on amaranthus, Amaranthus (Amaranthus hybridus L), Yield and water, Holotrichia parallela, Efficiency under shade net, Conventional insecticides, Farmers in Bikaner district, Drip irrigation system were selected randomly, Proper economization of water, Greenhouse grown tomato, Soilless media, Economics of greenhouse grown tomato, Parasitic nematodes employ, Sandy loam soil, Steinernema carpocapsae, Characterize the moisture distribution pattern, Employs nictation, Drip irrigation under sandy loam soil, Jumping behaviours, Better crop response, Identification of heterorhabditis bacteriophora, Tea plantation of Assam, Tea plantation, Sensors and Solenoid valve, Field level investigation, Quality characteristics of persimmon dried, Diospyros kaki L, Root cap, N fertilization, Root quality, Trabzon persimmon, Pre rooting culture stages, Adaptive genetic differentiation, Potato plant production systems, Fresh persimmons, Environment associated loci, Genome scans, Landscape genomics, Abies equi trojani, nordmanniana, bornmuelleriana, Genetic similarity, Latitudinal variation, Local adaptation, Phenotypic differentiation, Single stranded conformation polymorphism, Survey & inspection, Subpopulation differentiation, Solanum torvum, Genetic relationships of some Citrus genotypes, Deenbandhu biogas model, Physiological seed treatments, Genes associated, Herbicide intensively, Analysis report, Seedling quality parameters, Deenbandhu biogas plants installed, Turkey berry, Nitrogen mineralizations, Seedling quality parameters in turkey berry, Soils humidified, Digested biogas slurry, Differentiation traits, Nitrate bacteria, Waste utilization, Nitogen fixing endophytic bacteria, Quantitative screening, Sex determination and differentiation, Lignocellulolytic enzyme production, Acetobacterdiazotro phicus, Dynamic co expression network, Nitrogen mineralization, C P ratio organic input quality, Population differentiation, Presowing seed treatment, Composite genetic risk score, Inorganic nutrients on seed, Nitrate nitrogen in inceptisol, Seedling quality characters, Petunia Cv Mix, Cycas simplicipinna, Cox–Merz rule, Decontamination processing, Studies on morphological, Population contraction, Dynamic and steady shear, Significant agricultural value worldwide, Chlorpyrifos and cypermethrin residues, Varieties of fenugreek, Physiological quality, Alternate feed stock, Temperature sweep, Cypermethrin residues in cauliflower, Urban house hold biogas plant, Concentration of sodium azide, Rheological approaches, Barnyard millet var MDU 1, Geographic range, Dipping in chemical solutions, Aerobic stability, Organic manure in the garden, Seedling vigour through bio priming, Cutting height, Brassica juncea L genotypes, Asparagus species including, Alfalfa cultivar resistance, Ensiling additive, Endemic A, Customised fertilizers, HDPE bag and Seedling vigour index, Maize silage, altissimus, Prediction of suitable parents, Essential element, Balanced fertilization on productivity, Bioclimatic gradient of North Algeria, Fine root turnover, Chicken momos, Fodder cowpea during storage, Analysis of allelic differentiation, Profitability of rice, Karyologically investigated, Root inclusion net method, Aerobic packaging, Plant biological, Cattle genomes, Oxytropis glandulosa, Native breeds, In growth core method, Intergenic spacer region, Storage stability of chicken momo, Genomic diversity, Millable cane, Plant endemic to Buryatia, Enhancement of sugarcane productivity, Sex chromosome diversity, Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi, STCR based balanced fertilization, Yield attributes accepted, Sugarcane productivity, Parkia roxburghii, Controlled deterioration

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