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Hoạt tính kháng khuẩn Chương trình PASS Dẫn xuất thiopodand Dermatophytes from clinical samples Pasturage sources Ultra high density Salt sensitivity Keratinolytic fungi Quality characters of guava Identification of pasturage sources Nutrient agar media Identification of dermatophytes Mango hopper population Fertigation in guava Resin sources of Trigona iridipennis Cultural of different Xanthomonas axonopodis Various clinical types of dermatophytosis Fertigation on quality characters of guava Plants identified Dynamics of mango hopper population Zinc solubilizers Standardization of isolation technique Wheat rhizoshpere Isolation technique Psychrotolerant rhizobacteria Isolation technique of rhizobium Functional attributes Root nodules of lentil Rhizosphere of wheat crop Place of synthetic fertilizers Palamau region Farm yard manure and biofertilizers Shifting of climate Moisture scarce condition Root nodulation Temperature relative humidity Based intercropping systems Response of physico-chemical attributes Explore possibility of crop diversification Recombinant inbreed lines Disease in tomato Characterization of recombinant inbreed lines Rice biofortification for assessment Rice biofortification Assessment of hidden hunger Food crops in the world Spodopetra litura Spilosoma obliqua larvae Mean leaf area consumed Soybean leaf protease inhibitor Residual trypsin activity Blending ratio Organoleptic taste Pineapple juice for preparation Preparation of ready-to-serve Physico-chemical properties of kinnow Productivity of wheat crop Metabolic enzyme activity Dietary carbohydrate on growth Diseases of Dieffenbachia spp Meso-biotic agents Cephalosporium leaf spot Various viewpoints Nutrient elements by baby corn Nutrient elements Combine use of biochar Improving acquisition of phosphorus Salt substitution Mango pickle Total bacterial population Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn in rice Soil influenced by irrigation Changing host physiological traits Bilalgodu micro-watershed Assessment of land suitability Soils of Bilalgodu micro-watershed Soil site characteristics Combining effect Disease incidence of sesame Combined effect of Macrophomina phaseolina Alternaria macrospora in cotton Soil available nutrient Response of pomegranate Micronutrient management practices Organic manures on vegetative growth Aerobic rice as influenced by organic Multinutrient briquettes Multinutrient briquettes on growth Character of Bt cotton Wonder herb azolla Buffaloes milk yield Efficient feeding management Forage-based economical Generally good amino acid profile Alternaria blight of mustard Growth of Alternaria brassicae Evaluation of culture medium Saturated fats Trans fats Omega 3 fats

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Smoking point, Canola oil, Insect and mite pest, Elasmopalpus jasminophagus, Nausinoe geometrialis, Tetranychus sp, Polyalthia longifolia leaf meal, Levels in broiler chicken, Wetland valuation, Travel cost method, Trip generating function, Kuttanad coastal wetland ecosystem, Sunflower in inceptisol, Micronutrients application on availability, Growth stages of sunflower, EM consortia, Papaya peel, NPK in marigold, Influenced by liquid formulations, Developed chapathis, Endometrial regeneration, Nutrient status of plant, Antioxidant activity of papaya peel, Ovsynch treatment in normally calved, RFM treated cows, Improved sericulture production technologies, Socioeconomic characters, Sericulture production technologies, Cow postpartum uterine prolapse reposition, Complete uterine eversion, Prolapsed uterus, Fixed K, Nonexchangeable K and dhaincha, Crop growth in rice, Efficacy of washing treatment, Extending the post-harvest life, Post-harvest life of tomato, Existing washing treatment, Qualitative parameter of evaluated onion genotype, Shelf–life of tomato, Pleurotus flabellatus, Monosporus cultures, Intraspecific hybridization, Pleurotus flabellatus for better yield, Humicola insolens MTCC 1433, Production of cellulases, Holstein crossbred cow, Vaginal prolapse, Detection of ESBLs, Rope truss, Manchalapur lake, Evaluation of coriander germplasm, Crossbred cow with rope truss method, Genetic diversity of rice genotypes, Coriander germplasm, Domestic use, Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of test isolates, Management of pre-partum vaginal prolapse, Fish propagation, Green leaf purpose, Rainfed lowlands, Cultural results of UTI, Raichur city, Summer under shadenet conditions, Shadenet conditions, Empoasca flavescens, Incidence of leaf hoppers, Empoasca flavescens Fab, Castor genotypes, Early sown crop, Achaea janata, Agri entrepreneurship, Fiber initiation, Sowing on incidence of insect pests, Fibre elongation, Okra genotypes against fusarium wilt disease, Strategy for successful running, Fibre elongation in diploid cotton, Their enterprise, Genetics of fibre elongation, Okra genotypes to fusarium wilt disease, Agri Entrepreneurship in rural areas, Rates and sources of potassium, Sources of potassium on growth, Quality of potato, Path analysis in mungbean, Quality of potato tuber, Aminoglycosides modifying enzymes, Antibiotic combination, Hospital acquired blood stream infections, Performance of maize, Respect to growth parameters, Sowing dates in Kharif Season, Boost maize production, Certification of organic products, Agriculture ocganization, Opportunities for farmers, Food processing and handling, Bio-efficacy of different strains, Meloidogyne incognita under in vitro, Mulching and water use efficiency, Concoct citrus waste database extruded snacks, Fox nut, Optimizing process conditions, Seed yield of pea, Delving extrudate attributes, Production of fox-nut in Bihar, Kinnow pomace-rice flour based extrudates, Climate and morphology, Diafenthiuron 50WP, Currently available fluorescence immunoassay, Northern dry of Karnataka, Leptospira hardjo in cattle of Gujarat, Njellani gold, Point-bi-serial correlation, Considering NS 1 ELISA, Fruit quality parameters of Kashmiri cherry, Phytotoxic symptoms, Seroprevalence of Leptospira hardjo, Escherichia coli in piglets, Reference test, Towards climate variability, Energy production inhibition, Without diarrhoea in mizoram, Define area, Discrimination index, Rapid ICT card tests, Field trials conducted, Sex of cattle, Bacterial adaptation to cold, Bacterial adaptation, Maintaining cell physiology, Transcription antitermination function, Saroda reservoir, 3G extract, Quality of snake gourd, Tirupati isolate, Main catch, Evaluation of dahlia genotypes, Pigeonpea sterility mosaic virus, Organic nutrient management practices, Bycatch in gillnet fishery, Dahlia genotypes, Employing qualitative characteristics, Tirupati with other emaraviruses, Yield of snake gourd, Contribution of bycatch, Extant desi cotton genotypes, Pigeonpea sterility mosaic virus infecting pigeonpea, Gillnets mesh size operated, Additive-dominance model, Six generation mean, Salad Vegetable, Role of auxin on growth, Epidemiological surveillance, Optimisation of sesame, Aeromonas hydrophila in salad vegetables, Versatile resources greatly, Virulence characterization, Parthenocarpic fruit development, Gladiolus hybrida L, Sprouting and flowering, Flowering of gladiolus, Gamma irradiation on flowering, Available soil phosphorus, Soil available phosphorus ratings, Fertility gradients, Eastern dry zone Karnataka, Critical limits, Phosphorous recommendation for maize, Graded levels of P, Phosphorus status in soils, Resistance to rhizome rot, Revised soil phosphorus test ratings, Soil phosphorus fractions, Screening of turmeric germplasm, Turmeric germplasm, Micro propagules, Yield and tryptophan content, Synthetic seed technology, Tryptophan content, Total yield per plant, Potential also after storage, QPM maize genotypes for yield, In vitro protein digestibility, History of synthetic seeds, Mean performance of normal, Yield related traits in tomato, Maize supplies, Saccharapolyspora spinosa, Manipur agroclimatic conditions, Helicoverpa armigera hubner on okra, Green insecticide spinetoraml, Strategies and Suggestions, Strategies to overcome constraint, Adoption of improved paddy cultivation practices, Yield of tossa jute, Genetic analysis in pearl millet, Growth of tossa jute, Five testers parents, Thiourea and corm soaking, Different manures on Ashwagandha, Fresh-cut lettuce, Corm soaking, Biofertilizer as prospective input, Ashwagandha production, Gladiolus cv summer sunshine, Comprehensive overview on black scurf, Pigeonpea + blackgram intercropping, Prospective input, Dry root rot of pigeonpea, Rainfed condition grown, Commercial operations, Forming black scurf, Incidence of dry root rot, Production under rainfed condition grown, Seed rate and rice cultivars, Pectinolytic microbial consortia, Incorporation of ginger extract, Pectinase production, Rice cultivars on growth, Spent hen meat sausages, Jute retting, Optimization of fermentation conditions, Genome distribution, Chitosan nano particles, Genome coordinates, Selected microsatellite loci reported, In silico characterization, Activity of digestive enzymes produced, Rainfed shallow land condition, Nitrogen fertilization on yield, Nutrient combinations on plant pigments, ATMA-KVK convergence, Coordination of ATMA, Factors affecting coordination, Percent of variance, Tomato by plant extracts, Low protein, Trachyspermum ammi L, Variation for yield, Low energy, Genetic analysis of variation, Protein levels, Related traits in the ricebean germplasm, Genetic divergence studies in ajwain, Broiler diet with varying energy, Ricebean germplasm, Ajwain genotypes, Xylanase enzymes in broiler diet, Oxidative stress on soybean, Mixing duration, Screening tomato genotypes, Jasminum multiflorum, Wheat crops, Chemostat reactor, Concrete of Jasminum multiflorum flowers, Variability of aromatic rice, Jasminum multiflorum flowers, Different saline conditions, Hydrogenotrophic Methanogens, Response to chlorpyrifos, Morphological characters in rice, Evaluate the ability of tomato, Pesticide treatment application, H2/CO2 gas recirculation, Mesophilic temperature, Microbial isolates, Submandibular space, Clearing zone, Maxillofacial infection orofacial space infections, Orofacial space infections, Area wide pest managemnent, Studies on heterosis in brinjal, Models to be followed for AWPM, Pharmacological profile, Attributing traits of rice across locations, Heterosis in brinjal, Pharmacological profile of Asparagus racemosus, Rice across locations, Different yield attributes, Self-contained dry storage irradiators, Possesses outstanding potential, Agricultural produce exporting countries, Design to raise hybrids, Sclerosium rolfsii sacc, Varieties of fig, Wellgro organic manures, Mapping units, Best combiners for soybean improvement, Genetic advance in tomato, Knowledge validation of fodder trees, Omega-3 and hen day egg production, Farm yard manure and fertilizers, Shade house conditions, Various growth parameters on musk melon, Stem rot of Chilli, Identification of best combiners, Pannur north-3 micro watershed, Egg quality in layers, Symploaceae families, Different varieties of fig for rooting, Control soil born, Qualitative traits in genotypes of tomato, Irrigated banana, Assessment of crop suitability, Stabilizes farm income too, Yield improvement in blackgram, Nutritional traits in rice, Proof ethanol’s, Stability of microemulsion biofuels, Microemulsion biofuels, Basic fuel properties, Stability of ethanol–biodiesel, Sugarcane farms, Efficiency of sugarcane farms, Evidence from village level, Type of ownership of land, Salt stress alleviation, Chamomile plant, Fenugreek GCV, Inheritance of genetic variability, Clinically affected mastitis cows, Candidatus phytoplasmatrifolii, King of timber, Non-exclusion probability, Character association among the yield, Little leaf, Yield parameters of some sesame, Goat breeds of Kashmir, Little leaf of brinjal disease, Germination traits in teak, Parentage verification in goat breeds, Survey for little leaf, Provenances for drupe, Microsatellite marker based DNA fingerprinting, Various villages, Teak plantation with agroforestry systems, Varietal resistance, Root phenology transpiration rate, Leaf blast of rice, Rabies diagnosis, Photosynthetic active radiation, Coconut milk processing, Brain sampling, Interaction between varietal resistance, Chlorophyll fractions, Brain specimen collection, Chemical component, Multicut fodder, G I parasitism, Drought index etc, Advances in brain specimen collection, Coconut milk samples using GC-MS, Different levels of plant, Dissemination of multicut fodder crops, L3 larva, Laboratory structure, Multicut fodder crops, Response of red cabbage, Gastrointestinal parasitism in small ruminants, Multicut fodder varieties on growth, Epidemiology of gastrointestinal parasitism, Multicut fodder varieties on yield, Uropathogens causing urinary tract infection, Identification of organism, Heterosis studies in ridge gourd, Mulberry powdery mildew, Biomass production in maize, Fungicide residues on growth, Heterosis of different character, Development of silkworm, Silk quality parameters, Germplasm of moth bean, Combine harvester, Path analysis for different characteristics, RAPD banding pattern analysis, Different Xap isolates collected, Combine harvester operated rice field, Agricultural experiential learning module, Pongamia oil coated urea, Soil fertility evaluation, Castor oil coated urea, Physico-Chemical properties in soils, Light textured soils, Interspecies cloning, SCMRSPAD chlorophyll meter reading, Roto drill, Mulberry varieties, Nutrient Index values, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp ciceris, Herbicide applicator, LAIleaf area index, Impact of mulberry varieties, Chickpea caused by Fusarium oxysporum, Morpho-physiological characters, Multi crop roto drill, Artificial full saturation, Seed borne mycoflora on vigour, Hypocotyls as explant

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