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Heat requirement Fruit maturation Breeding strategy Resistance gene deployment Sustainable crop protection Virulence emergence Ornithine aminotransferase Floret development Sexual tetraploids Polyploid breeding Limonium bicolor Salt secretion Reduces yields Colletotrichum scovillei Anthracnose disease Stalk strength Muscadinia rotundifolia Muscadine source Vitis-Muscadinia Gma-miR398c Severe yield losses worldwide Post-transcriptional regulators Creeping bentgrass Small heat shock protein Regulating cell growth Especially heat stress Multiple conserved motifs Tamarix hispida Curd architecture Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase Salt and drought stresses Play crucial roles Plant genome engineering Null segregant Homology-directed repair Modifying specific DNA sequence Maternal effect Genes influenced Including plants Root phenomics Root system morphology Posttranscriptional gene regulation Terrestrial agriculture Lycoris radiata Propagation efficiency Signal transduction genes Salt adaptation Sonneratia alba Transcriptome profiles Amorpha fruticosa Adventitious rooting Coal-mined spoil Soil-water CTV resistance Juvenile fruit tree Breeding period Microbe-plant interactions Violet-blue Cyanidin-based anthocyanin Phalaenopsis flowers Phalaenopsis hybrid Single-step genomic evaluation Exome capture Needle disease resistance Pinus radiata Dothistroma needle blight Aspergillus pathogen Fungus infection 16 candidate maize genes Plant hormone biosynthesis Axillary bud growth Tiller number Phytohormone signalling Aralia elata Triterpenoid saponin Nicotiana sylvestris Nicotiana tomentosiformis Freeze-thaw Acid precipitation Deicing salt Root oxidative damage Aeginetia indica Orobanchaceae provides Non-functional Light spectral quality GRF-Interacting Factors Growth-regulating factors Mitochondrial pentatricopeptide repeat PTR family Peptide transporter Hairy root transformation Sinorhizobium fredii Drought stresses Sulfotransferase genes Long-term salinity stress Crop salinity tolerance Allotetraploid wheat Potent antioxidant Leaf albinism Leaf pigmentation

Tài liệu, văn bản bạn tìm kiếm

Plastic phenotype, Chlorophyll concentration, Shading treatment doubled, Plants immune system, MYB transcriptional factor, Leymus chinensis, Variegated flowers, Half acyanic, Acyanic petals, Phased small interfering RNAs, Distinct phasing frames, Phased small interfering RNA, Whole-plant hydraulic conductance, Root hydraulic conductance, Anti-inhibitor, Rice yellow mottle virus, RYMV3 encode, Car biosynthesis, Super-barcoding, Calypogeia species, Multi-locus barcoding, Alkaline stress, Cereal endosperm, Phyllostachys edulies, Rhizome lateral bud, Phytohormone signaling, Helix-loop-helix, Eukaryotic kingdoms, Tobacco seed oil, High oleic content, Dramatic increase, Expression level dominance, Whole-genome RNA sequencing, Integrated transcriptomics, Chara corallina, Theanine biosynthesis, Serine hydroxymethyl transferase, Lsi1 gene, Grape berries, Regulate plant growth, Half-degraining, Auxin signaling pathways, Mass per grain, Paeonia rockii, EST-SSR markers, Freezing stress, Regulatory complex, Major factor influencing, Web blotch resistance, Cell wall loosening, Elevated CO2 concentration, Combined heat and drought, Especially photosynthesis, Hybrid wheat, Two lines system, Thermo-photo sensitive genic male sterility, Nicotine content, Potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid, Paralogous gene pair, Chromatin environments, Hsf family, Transcriptional reprograming, Butanoate metabolism, Plant speciation, Helianthus tuberosus L., Tuber epidermis color, Resin extraction, Allelopathy-interrelated metabolites, Allelopathic rice rhizosphere, Species resolution, Calligonum species, Typical quadripartite structure, ABC1K protein kinases, Cadmium-induced oxidative stress, Suaeda salsa L., High-salinity conditions, Gene expression level, Penicillium canescens, Recombinant carbohydrases genes, Plant adaptive responses, Plant reflectance, Hybridized genomes, Droutht stress, High-level gene expression, ERF transcription factor, Myc-type bHLH transcription factor, Nitrogen apparent recovery efficiency, Nitrogen assimilation amount, Individual grain weight, Cunninghamia lanceolata, Potassium stress, K+ channel current, Net K+ flux, PEG stress, Phenylpropanoids-related pathways, Stress-sensitive genes, Abscisic acid signalling, Mulberry fruit, Morus atropurpurea Roxb., Energy-dispersive X-ray analyses, Fluorescence labeling, Rapid propagation technology, Propidium iodide, Salix babylonica L., Progeny traits, S. officinarum, PEG-mediated, S. spontaneum, Protoplast transformation, Sucrose phosphate synthase, Strobili sexual determination, Deep amplicon sequencing, BAC libraries, DNA-free, Hybrid line, Berry color, Auxin transduction pathway, Associative transcriptomics, Metabolomics involved, Exploring valuable genes, RNA-seq assay, Transamidase complex, Seedling lethal, GPI-anchored proteins, Complex nature, Complex yield-related trait, Petal epidermal cells, Typha domingensis, Photoperiodic flowering time, Sweet osmanthus, Germplasm innovation, Thermal time, Primary stem elongation, Recessive genic sterility, Green floating filter, Zhonghua 11, Early senescence, Enhanced plant height, Inositol polyphosphate kinase, No yield penalty, Broadly influence plant growth, Wind stimulation, Transcriptome analysis provides, Lactuca sativa L. var. foliosa, Oakleaf lettuce, S. Miltiorrhiza, Iron assimilation, Anthocyanin biosynthesis metabolic pathway, Target mimicry, Antioxidative mechanisms, Transcriptome characterization revealed, Anthocyanin metabolites, Rhododendron molle, Potato virus A, Non-inductive photoperiods, Stratification duration, Purple flowers, Heading time, Negatively influences plant growth, Introgression line population, Alternatively spliced genes, Deep seeding, Treat rheumatism, Viruses interferes, Histone modification genes, Genetic loci, Short non-coding RNAs, Short- and long-term heat stress, Ionomic traits, Phylogenetic discordance, De novo transcriptome sequencing, SNP-based map, Cypripedium japonicum, Backcross introgression lines, Play potential roles, Plant proteins, Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 3 gene, Diagnostic markers, Intrachromosomal homologous recombination, Influence gene, Exogenous ethylene, Screening drought tolerance genotypes, Gleditsia sinensis lam., Responsive genes, Fruit quality-related traits, Nod factor receptor, Dark septate endophytes, Centromere organization, Quercus variabilis, MeJA treatment, Gossypium barbadense, Nucleotide substitution rates, Cunninghamia lanceolate, Local gene duplication, Compressed mixed linear model, S. Lycopersici, Culinary attributes, Multivariate GWAS, Dynamic light, Ultimately determines radish yield, Natural fiber, Isolation by distance, High-density genetic mapping, Chlorotic spots, Reproductive calendar, Membership function value, Phenotypic and physiological changes, Phospharite areas, Sex identification, Temporal and spatial expression, O. sativa, Wheat blast, Hairy root transformation system, Full-length transcriptome analysis, Light adaptation, Tomato gray leaf spot, Synthetically-derived wheat, Salinity stresses, Plant physiological processes, Plastid gene loss, Flower pigmentation, Rhizobium-legume symbiosis, Plant defense genes, Glyoxylate reductase, Drought-tolerant coefficient, Gene characteristics, Coordinated genetic network, Heat shock transcription factor, GRAS domain, Chloroplast development, N transport, Tetraena mongolica Maxim, Precursor messenger RNA, Betula platyphylla Suk., Adiantum species, Fasciclin-like arabinogalactan proteins, Acorn development, Dioecious perennial arbor, Drought-adaptation model, EAR motif, Unfavorable environments, Non-host endophytes, Photosynthetic suppression, Feedback regulation, Rosaceae species, Synthesized during daylight, AhNFR5 genes, Septoria tritici blotch disease, Kernel abortion, Genetic fingerprinting, GA3 stress, Quinone chalcones, Pyrrolizidine alkaloid biosynthesis, Stemphylium lycopersici, Reference gene evaluation, Leaf gaseous exchange, RB-grown plants, Alfalfa cultivar, Oleic acid-associated gene, Phylogenetic classification, Ethylene signaling pathways play, Argentinian germplasm, Expression patterns analys, Multiple transcripts, Tillering regulation, Photosynthetic function, Nuclear targeted protein, Eexpression pattern, P.pratensis mortality, Phylogenetic informativeness, Plant glyoxylate reductase, Morphological methods, Physiological traits depend, Wheat landrace, Chloroplasts play, GA MST pathway, Differentially abundant protein species, MYB transcription factors, Medium obovate, Rhizobia inoculation, Subtropical soils, Ionic stress, Polyacylated anthocyanin, High nitrogen, Plant damage quantification, Drought-tolerant mutant, Physiological mechanism, Vitis spp., Soil salinity restricts plant growth, Seedling resistance, Systematically analyzed, Loose smut, Photochemical process, Splicing factors, Biochemical perspectives, Multihormone MST pathway, Element concentration, Foc infection, Spatial distribution of phosphorus, Phylogenic analysis, Metabolic toxicity, Anticoagulant activities, Several regulatory genes, Gene expression patterns, Triticum turgidum subsp. dicoccoides, Dactylis glomerata, Saniculiphyllum guangxiense, Non-nodulating, Conserved motif, Favourable alleles, Metabolites participate, Symbiotic colonization, TaPRX-2A-overexpressing wheat, Binding activity, Homo-grafts, Ustilago tritici, Virtually absent, Betalain biosynthesis, Nuclear paralogs exist, Head resistance, Negatively selected genes, Evolution rate, Hormone-responsive transcription factors, Polygene quantitative traits, Reciprocal grafts, Play central roles, QTL dissection, Intermolecular recombination, Chlorophyll accumulation, High-density genetic linkage map, Muscat flavor, Berry firmness, Berry shape, Grapevine breeding, Effective population size, Fertility variation, Selaginella species, Flowering assessment, Cone development, Genetic linkage, Increased disease, Parental balance, QTL alleles, C. lanceolata, MLM model, Floral development model, Marker stability, Hormone pathways, Carbon concentrating mechanism, Environmental association, EST-SSR marker, Pyropia yezoensis, Coastal wetland, Wild crop relatives, Wild banana fruits develop, 2-D gel electrophoresis, Chinese chive, 2-Methyl-2-pentenal, Saline and dehydration stresses, Grape growth, Pollen formation, Panama disease, Root plastid, Fractal architecture, Colour analysis, Plants salt tolerance, Proton motive force, Proton gradient, Al-induced photoinhibition, Floral organs, Inflorescence structure, Several floral traits, Soybean root rot, Plant extinction, Several millenniums, Human civilization, Significant human influence, Compound material, Alkaline stresses, Field soils, Autophagy defect, Chloroplast plastoglobuli, Premature senescence, Syringa oblata, Hybrid sterility, While disturbances, Changbai Mountain area, Intracellular homeostasis, Ash dieback, Fraxinus excelsior, Necrotic lesion, Albino trait, Semi-dominant inheritance, BSR-seq, Cytochrome P450 gene, Ornamental kale, Metabolome sequencing, Kernel traits, Nepenthes khasiana, Leaf transcriptome

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