"Thông tư liên tịch số 23/1998/TTLT-BTM-TCHQ"

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Hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma Ubiquitinspecific protease Bone scan index High-mannose glycan Immune infiltrate Upper urinary tract urothelial cancer Childhood malignancy Multivariate analysis revealed Locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma Aneurysmal bone Cyst Tumor rupture Perineural invasion CRC remains unclear Blastomatoid carcinosarcoma Racial differences Jun N-terminal kinase Mediterranean population Treatment choice Failure pattern First-pregnancy Lectin microarray Double J stent Solute carrier family 6 member 1 Hand short bone Trends in incidence Ras pathway Hub genes Aggressive cancer Tumour-infiltrating immune cell High-throughput small RNA sequencing Drosophila STAT92E Granzyme B S100 calcium binding protein A12 Highest incidence rates Oligometastatic cancer Combined chemo- and anti-Angiogenic therapy Radiation therapy techniques Immune infiltration Pulmonary blastoma Hybrid-type N-glycans Organ-sparing Normal colorectal mucosa Huge bone tumor Non-first-pregnancy Advanced NSCLC Gemcitabine alone Despite conflicting results Asians and Pacific Islanders Progenitor cell Rare oncology emergency Choosing radiotherapy increases Regional lymph node failure ESCC cohorts Unphosphorylated STAT3 Degradome sequencing S100 protein family Cross-over phase IV study Low-density lipo-protein High-grade fetal adenocarcinoma France according Essential glycosyltransferase HER-2 overexpression Tumour immune microenvironment Protocol-driven treatment RAS-mutant MM Colony formation assay Multi-variated analysis Endonucleolytic cleavage Low-grade fetal lung adenocarcinoma Ovarian tumour Heterochromatin formation Gastro-intestinal stromal tumors Stomach adenocarcinoma Left mediolateral oblique CpG islands Treatment abandonment Transwell assay Tumor-infiltrating immune cells Histological subtypes Tumor suppression Methylbinding domain Flow cytometry assay Various financial ratios Entropy and Critic Methods Fictitious business name Segregation of financial ratios Small business administration Estimation of Life Expectancy District Central Cooperative Banks Financial efficiency of the business organizations State of California Efficacy of finance flow World Development Indicators Financial institutions towards entrepreneurs Attitude of the investors Work force of India Part of the NPA Earning Ability and Liquidity Facilities and workers condition Implementation of marriage

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Fast track world, India reflects poor life expectancy, Lack of financial support, Securities of cement industries, White-collar jobs, Rural credit delivery system, Good forest governance, PSB of NPA in India, Northern part of India, Yei tribal community, Scale of operations, Cities of Tamil Nadu, District Co-operative banks, Psychological wellbeing and emotional regulations, Qualitative survey of motivations, Second-hand machines, Short Term Cooperative Credit Structure, Business advancement marker couple, Forest management policy, Yei traditional wedding ceremony, Financial and the Priority sector, Inefficient utilization of resources, Economic decision of committing, Home-based businesses, Odisha using DEA approach, Eco-friendly disposal, National law processions, Cloud computing system, Sector-wise NPAs, Law Number 41 of 1999, Internet business improvement, Financial statement of PUMA, Degrees of stress, BCC Mode of DEA, Sale of financial assets, Cash-on-delivery, Panipat Recycling Industry, Nurses and Lab Technicians, Yei tribal marriages, Business and social life, Rustic and solid zones, Public Sector Automotive industry, Environmental law enforcement, Stress management mechanisms, Liabilities of PUMA, Physically and Mentally, Risk analysis and managements, Majority of DCCB’s, Block and-concrete, Implementation of environmental law, Market share of PUMA, Internet in network schemas, Trend analysis and mainly Ratio Analysis, Initial sketch of the Cloud, Nghị quyết số 55/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 55/2019, Nghị quyết số 52/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 55/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 79/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 68/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 80/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 76/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 77/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 102/2019/NQ­-CP, Số 52/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 68/2019, Số 80/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 79/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 68/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 76/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 111/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 77/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 102/2019/NQ­-CP, Số 111/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 131/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 149/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 131/2019, Nghị quyết số 149/2019, Số 131/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 149/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 130/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 130/2019, Số 130/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 146/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 146/2019, Số 146/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 150/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 150/2019, Nghị quyết số 142/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 142/2019, Số 150/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 142/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 161/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 157/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 160/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 167/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 161/2019, Nghị quyết số 157/2019, Nghị quyết số 160/2019, Nghị quyết số 167/2019, Số 161/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 157/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 160/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 180/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 167/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 180/2019, Số 180/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 191/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 198/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 208/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 176/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 215/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 216/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 198/2019, Nghị quyết số 191/2019, Nghị quyết số 208/2019, Nghị quyết số 176/2019, Nghị quyết số 215/2019, Nghị quyết số 216/2019, Số 191/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 198/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 195/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 176/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 208/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 197/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 199/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 215/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 216/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 195/2019, Nghị quyết số 229/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 197/2019, Nghị quyết số 199/2019, Số 195/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 197/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 229/2019, Số 199/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 226/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 230/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 229/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 226/2019, Nghị quyết số 230/2019, Nghị quyết số 227/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 230/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 226/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 227/2019, Nghị quyết số 256/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 243/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 227/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 256/2019, Nghị quyết số 243/2019, Nghị quyết số 246/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 242/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 252/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 255/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 256/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 243/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 242/2019, Nghị quyết số 257/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 278/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 246/2019, Nghị quyết số 259/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 252/2019, Nghị quyết số 271/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 268/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 270/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 255/2019, Nghị quyết số 296/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 265/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 287/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 275/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 246/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 278/2019, Số 242/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 257/2019, Nghị quyết số 259/2019, Nghị quyết số 271/2019, Số 252/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 296/2019, Nghị quyết số 268/2019, Nghị quyết số 265/2019, Nghị quyết số 270/2019, Số 255/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 275/2019, Nghị quyết số 287/2019, Nghị quyết số 299/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 278/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 257/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 259/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 274/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 116/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 271/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 264/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 114/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 268/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 296/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 265/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 270/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 275/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 299/2019, Số 287/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 121/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 274/2019, Role of zinc on growth, Nghị quyết số 126/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 298/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 264/2019, Yield and hybrid maize, Processing on profenofos, Số 116/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 299/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 125/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 122/2019/NQ-HĐND, Nghị quyết số 123/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 274/2019/NQ-HĐND, Cadmium and nickel, Số 114/2019/NQ-HĐND, Fruit spot in pomegranate, Nghị quyết số 126/2019, Nghị quyết số 298/2019, Standardization of predrying treatments, Số 121/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 264/2019/NQ-HĐND, Chlorpyrifos residues, Nghị quyết số 125/2019, Nghị quyết số 122/2019, Nghị quyết số 123/2019, Soil and vegetables, Số 298/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 126/2019/NQ-HĐND, Production of papaya fruit powder, Cauliflower curds, Nghị quyết số 279/2019/NQ-HĐND, Rural youthm, Số 125/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 122/2019/NQ-HĐND, Số 123/2019/NQ-HĐND, Toxicity of cadmium, Rabi Jowar, Retail milk, Rice genotypes in hogland solution, Chlorpyrifos residues in cauliflower curds, Development of instant Halwa Mix, Trichoderma mutants, Nghị quyết số 279/2019, Hill condition, Gall midge incidence, Development of employment vulnerability index, Distribution of russula, Anthropogenic pressure, Nghị quyết số 282/2019/NQ-HĐND, Mastitic milk, Individually on the crop, Priming duration, Instant Halwa Mix, Line and tester, Số 279/2019/NQ-HĐND, Rabi Jowar among the growers, Reference to central Indian species, Traits in rice, Employment vulnerability index, Bio-pesticides against aphid, Trichostrongylus spp, Nghị quyết số 282/2019, Serious problems to all organisms, Canine parvovirus type - 2, Retail and mastitic milk, Eco-friendly management of tomato fruit borer, BacT/alert, ISSR marker scorable bands, Adoption of recommended cultivation practices, Central Indian species, Genomic advances, Genetic advance and fenugreek, Three different modern drugs against, Aged seed of chickpea, Số 282/2019/NQ-HĐND, Recombinant VP2 capsid protein gene, Root pruning, Hardy-Weinberg law, Morphological and molecular characteristics, Musculoskeletal melioidosis, Production in betul, Employment vulnerability of rural youth, Ratoon crop, RAPD and ISSR marker, Infesting fenugreek, Hot air puffing system, Root vegetable crops, Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii), Artimisia maritima, India is given, Temperate Kashmir, Trichostrongylosis in goats, Vigor of aged seed of chickpea, Enterobacter hormachei, Stemphylium blight disease, Genotype frequency, Burkholderia pseudomallei osteomyelitis, Infection efficiency, Tree lifting, Knowledge level of paddy growers, Banana sucker, Stochastic analysis of maize, Puffing percentage, Performance of wheat varieties, Nutrient uptake and blackgram, Constantly increasing recently, Each group having 16 goats, Gca effect, NBRIP broth, Alternaria leaf spot of bottle gourd, Butea frondosa, Duration of osmopriming, Alternaria alternate, CPV serodiagnostic assay, Chronic osteomyelitis, Total antioxidant status, Binomial expansion, Suckers per hill on growth, Trees transplanting at Karnataka, Flowering of floribunda rose, Soil zinc dynamics, Different characters in fenugreek genotypes, Pointed gourd slices, Various fertility levels, Vernonia anthelmintica, Glycoprotein D, Explore the enormous sequenced data, Dual culture plate technique, Alternaria leaf spot in cabbage, Malaysian return driver, Hot air puffing system for corn, Dry root rot of soybean, Genetic traits, Ivermactin respectively, Isolation of promising mutants, Input supply, Idol immersion, Number of suckers per hill, Callus genesis, Tree transplanting, Prevalence of disease, T-budding, Hybrid rice varieties, Selected rhizobacteria, Thai pangus, Drying characteristics of pointed gourd slices, Nova nutri boost, Evaluation of antagonistic potential, Holarrhena antidysentrica, Urine culture examination, Extension of hardy, Peanut milk, Bioefficacy of various fungicides, Alphaherpes viruses, Data are most essential, vM2 generation, Olive accessions, HUE and HTUE, Rice and pearl millet, Onion growing areas, P hypophthalmus, Cleft grafting, Economics for good tree transplanting, Ultrasonographic findings, Isolation of Trichoderma harzianum, Perception of extension functionaries, Growth regulator and chemicals, Tribal medicine, Mycorrhizal co-inoculation, Bioefficacy of nova nutri boost, Physiological characterisation, Goats naturally infected, Herpes viridae, Dystocia in sheep, Field conditi genetic diversity, Farmers’ innovations, Rhizogenesis analysis, Evaluation of rajma bean landraces, Peanut milk prepared, Thermal utilization, Input supply in Jharkhand, Blended protein source, Dogs suffering, Patch budding, Rationality and validity, Rice and system productivity, Soil Zn fractions, Nova nutri boost for yield, Bovine kidney cells via real time PCR, Aerobic direct seeded situation, Life-saving surgical procedure, Field conditionon, Reproductive characters, High vegetation flux, Rajma bean landraces for growth, Stripped cat fish, Scorable bands, Terms of rice equivalent yield, Propagation techniques in Jamun

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