"Thông tư liên tịch số 03/2003/TTLT-BNV-BTC"

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Unvaccinated goose Colony growth Sprouting behavior Socio-demographic factors as predictors Genotype evaluation Plant growth regulators on tree growth Pigeonpea variety Manak Dystocia Jamunapari management treatment Likert scale Nutritive values and importance Copper on morphological Factors for yield gap Quality of winter season guava Black-eyed beans Labour savings Right ventral intralobar branches Parent selection Nutritional and pharmaceutic properties Diagnosis of babesiosis by PCR Bacterial blight of pomegranate Bioefficacy of selected Trichoderma isolate Lameness in horses Residual status Calving interval Inheritance of yield Nitrogen levels on yield of potato Okra wilt Yield of Cyamopsis tetragonoloba under water stress Assessment of tuber viability Rice sheath blight disease Yield gaps between improved package Path coefficient analysis studies for yield Evaluation of bio-control agents Breech presentation in a Jamunapari goat Yield of pomegranate Dehulled deskinned groundnut kernel North bank plains agroclimatic zone of Assam Model districts Yield of winter season guava Online modes of learning during COVID-19 lockdown Biochemical characteristics of Populus deltoides Pneumonic sheep and goats Characterization of a vaccine Chemical parameter Leaf area of cluster bean Adult Indian sheep Adolescents resilience Remaining carriers Physiological disorder Different levels of inorganics Vegetable farming Available nutrients of soils Weather based approach Related traits in dual purpose sorghum Antioxidative activity effect Quality seed Complete panicle emergence mutant lines growth of pomegranate TH17/TH1 role in endocrine disorders Ri-Bhoi Other common foods Eastern plain zone of Uttar Pradesh Economy of low density sowing in jute Invitro evaluation of sea weed extracts Influence of different levels of fertility Management of foetal dystocia Aluminium stress Marketable and marketed surplus Mycoplasma isolates Extent of farm mechanization Influence of crop geometry Scented rice-rice sequence Estimation of model districts Plant growth parameter of okra crop Epidemiological status of lameness in horses Bacterial biocontrol agents Gross morphological studies on portal vein Oil expelling Online modes of learning Okra wilt on different culture media Macrophomina phaseolina causing root Post harvest soil physico-chemical properties Vital organs Derived avian avulavirus type 1 isolated Cyanogenic glucoside Poly house and strawberry Locale-wise study Yield of Dolichos bean Evaluation of different fungicides Depth wise distribution of available nutrients Popular Indian fried snacks based on cowpea Chronic HCV infected patients Animal straining continuously Heritability in turmeric AMMI biplots Betel vine in arecanut plantation in jirang block Pneumonic sheep Bio-control agent against Rhizoctonia solani Streptozocin treated diabetic rats Showing lameness in horses

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Electromagnetic radiations, Composite index of development, Farm requirement, Impact study, Physiological performances in oat seed, Complete lactation in Sahiwal cows, Press head temperature, Yield gap in vegetable cultivation, Rot disease of sesamum, Tree spacing on production potential, Growth on liquid media, Langate block, Their interaction on growth, Chitosan foliar application on quality, Kandhari bullocks in their breeding tract, Central midland agro-ecological zone, Effect of irrigation levels, Baby corn variety- G-5414, Adopting inter-cropping practices, Vegetable farming by women farmers, Alternaria macrospora Zimm, HCV-related autoimmune endocrine disorders, In food processing, Low developed districts, Light interception in pearlmillet, Glibenclamide treated group, Cases showing lameness in horses, Biochemical traits of strawberry, Paddy productivity, Marketed surplus of paddy, Vase life studies on cut foliages, Production potential of maize, Made by simple selection, Use of seed priming to improve, Stallion semen, In vitro efficacy of bio-agents, Seed treatment against root knot nematode, Casuarina hybrid clones, Yield of four different cassava varieties grown, Exogenous spermine, Inciting leaf blight, Women vegetable growers, Problematic weeds, Microwaves and radiowaves, Mediating autoimmune endocrine diseases, Genus Mycoplasma, Mycelia and sclerotial parameters, Identification of model districts, Combination of glibenclamide, Paddy productivity in Tamil Nadu, Marketable of paddy, Shevaroy condition of eastern Ghats, Prices of bengal gram, Groundnut collar rot disease incidence, Casuarina equisetifolia, Shelf life of food, Traits of strawberry, Cotton under in vitro, Seed yield of rapeseed variety, Seasonal influence on the quality, Performance of kisan credit card scheme, Exogenous spermine in wheat, Role in autoimmune disease, Freezability in Marwari stallions, Impact of farm women groups, Multiple regression technique was employed, Sowing techniques on yield, Shevaroy condition, Contributions to food, Major groundnut growing areas, Soybean genotypes based on yield, Kurnool strains of chickpea collar rot, Physiological role of exogenous spermine, Market arrivals, Problematic weeds in chickpea crop, Lower seed yield of rapeseed, Feeding azolla on sexual behaviour, Evaluation of early growth, Black soybean, Ornamental cut foliages, Residual impact, Wheat under salinity, Collar rot diseases, Identification of problematic weeds, Seminal characteristics, Casuarina hybrid clone for growth, Prolong vase life, Mean pH, Components in black gram, Communication characteristics, Mean ulcer index, Hill women, Mulberry RTS, Elimination halflife, Acute potassium hydroxide poisoning, Opinion leaders, Characteristics curve, Mean residence time, Scale on attitude of stakeholders, Potassium hydroxide in adult male albino rats, Greenhouse growing media, Underutilized mulberry fruits, Including farming, Intravenous administration in cow calf, Oral ingestion of honey, Selected attitude statements for present study, Soil moisture characteristics curve, Fulfilled the content validity, Food dyes, Fractures in dogs, Mycelial growth and sporulation, Colour intensification of tuberose spikes, Clinical epidemiology of fractures in dogs, Potato tuber moth, Low chilling variety, Various food dye, Clinical epidemiology of fractures, Relative humidity on the growth, Dip treatment, Bud burst, Tinting efficiency of various food dyes, Showing fractures in dogs, Adaptability of Anna variety, Management of potato tuber moth, Climate change on apple phenology, PSB and maize, Banana pseudostem sap, Futuristic approach to environment cleansing, Mongrel dog, Futuristic approach, In vivo antibacterial, Environment cleansing, Growth of soybean, Semen preservation, Raising varying duration rice varieties, Anti-inflammatory properties of Linalool, Related traits in okra, Yield attributes of white seeded maize, Life forms coinhabiting the earth, Mongrel dog semen preserved, Powdery mildew disease of Babchi, Lemon rind, Lack of employment of chemicals, Management of powdery mildew disease, Antiinflammatory properties of Linalool, Immunomodulatory properties, Debittered lemon rind on quality, Lemon flavoured paneer, Debittered lemon rind, Factors affecting grain quality, B and Zn, Yield of broccoli, Several factors such as physical, Response of lime, Foreign material, Vegetative growth parameters, Zn on vegetative growth parameters, Biofertilizers on flowering, TNAU pulse wonder, Yield traits in cauliflower, Quality of Kinnow, Genetic diversity assessment for growth, Chickpea in Kymore plateau, Highest value plant height, Foliar nutrition on productivity, Climatic condition in the experimental site, Chabero chicken, Endocrine part of pancreas in chabero chicken, Endocrine part of pancreas, Moderate PAS positive reaction, Precision management practices, Phalsa beverages, Total acidity, Aerobic condition under drip irrigation, Storability of phalsa beverages, Total acidity of RTS, Crop pest, Their foraging behaviour, Yield component in green gram, Insect pollinators of pumpkin, Foraging behaviour of Apis florea on pumpkin, Seed size correlation, Germination parameters, Terminalia arjuna genotypes, Germination traits, Seed size correlates with germination traits, Studies of agrometeorological indices, Hybrids maize, Different weather condition, Ovine footrot, Cases of ovine footrot, Adoption and soil health card scheme, Serogroup prevalence of dichelobacter nodosus, Replant sites of pear, Naja naja, Aonla powder, Balanced nutrients, Sesame during summer, Indo-gangatic belt, Elite Kabuli chickpea lines, Different fodder crops on growth, Coagulase negative staphylococcus species isolated, Sried aonla powder, Soil test basis, Yield correlations of sesame, Wheat under rice-wheat system, Kabuli chickpea lines, Natural ascorbic acid, Oral cavity of Indian cobra, Biomass yield under hydroponic condition, Sesame during pre-kharif season, Disease causing agents, Low saline waters, Horticultural performance of tuberose, Bentonite clay as a substrate, Supplementation of natural ascorbic acid, Preliminary knowledge, Minerals usage, Dual use of technology, Horticultural performance, Instability etc, Sub-tropical climatic conditions, Low saline water culture systems, Yield of tuberose, Menstrual waste, Role of law enforcement, Control of diseases L vannamei, Response of clusterbean to weed management practices, Thrips population, Instability analysis of rabi maize, Kharif sunflower, Yield attributes in cluster bean, Goat flocks, Combat biological attack, Personal and environmental hygiene, Validation of dry root rot, Application of minerals, Disease diagnosis prevention, Growth performance of rabi maize, Peste des petits ruminant, Developing biological weapons, Growing environments in scarcity zone, Pathogen Rhizoctonia bataticola in chickpea, Osmoregulatory capacity of shrimp reared, Young children in agrarian families, Rural families, Blackgram genotypes influenced, Weather parameters on pearl millet, Scarcity zone of Maharashtra, Pathogen Rhizoctonia bataticola, Management of menstrual waste, Developmental assessment status of Children, Leaf curl disease under natural field conditions, Sweet corn varieties, Susceptible cultivars, Clinical samples from goat flocks, Contributing traits in chickpea, Autonomous language learning strategies, Bàn về trị số “mác” xi măng, Varying phosphorus levels, Heritability in wheat, Tiêu chuẩn xi măng của Việt Nam, College level, Tiêu chuẩn xi măng, Crop growing season, Xi măng của Việt Nam, Article errors, Reading BBC news, Articles for English majors, Enhancing the competence in using articles, In vivo and in vitro, Germplasms of pomegranate, Screening of Gamma (γ) irradiated seed derived progenies, Prominent yellow margin on leaves, CRISPR–Cas system, Read clustering, Cellular phenotype, Gene fusions, Hemorrhagic disease, Supervised learning methods, Protein carbonylation, Gene fusion prioritization, Comparison of MS, False-CRISPR, Text indexing, Task taxonomy, Grass carp reovirus, Epigenetic module, Tree landscape, Feature detection and tracking, Molecular visualization, Bacterial hosts, Chimeric transcript discovery tools, Tandem repeat, Non-structural proteins, DTL reconciliation, Suffix-link tree, Friedman test, Genomic-scale sequence alignments, Bioinformatics visualization, Novel individual glyphs, Distance of LC-MS, Viral contigs, STAR-like element, Correction of peaks overlapping, Phylogenetic reconciliation, Right-maximal k-mer, Exact p-value, Feature complementarity, Staphylococcus aureus repeat, Isotopic effect, Rank sum difference, Submaximal repeat, Undated trees, Disease-related genes, Phylogenetic footprinting, PCR duplicates, Current methods, Classifier comparison, Natural duplicates, Ectodomain shedding, Shed membrane proteins, Disease pathologies, Becker muscular dystrophy, Assisted diagnosis, Ambush hypothesis, Hidden stop codons, Epigenome-Wide Association Studies, Intra-sample heterogeneity, Conservative adjustment, Underestimated FDR, Multiple hypothesis testing, Conventional transplanting, Conventional methods of rice cultivation, Orthology characterizes genes, Master regulator, Published genomic datasets, Differential connectivity, Repeat regions, Disease gene prediction, Meta-aligner, Network biomarker, Cellular localization, Network stratification, Integrated networks, RNA-TVcurve, Network comparison, RNA structure comparison, Directed graphlets, Multi-scale similarity, Numerical representations, Dithionite scramblase assay, Lipid scrambling activity, Dual metabolic network, Translation initiation site, Protein extracts, Molecular biology field, Candidate scramblases, Strain optimization, Metabolic pathway analysis, Recombinant inbred panel, GUI software, Negative binomial mixed model, Whole genome amplification techniques, Compound Poisson mixed model, Variance partition coefficient, Gene candidates, Querying genes, Unix command, Including bioinformaticians, Structure prediction, Lipid accessibility, Correlation networks, Accessible surface area, Rare variant analysis, Compounds similarity, Rosetta software, Multi-phenotype analysis, Fasting insulin, Chemical perturbations, Maximum compatibility, Phylogenetic reconstruction, Network benchmark, Modeling null distributions, Active subnetworks, Molecular sequence analysis, Intron evolution, Molecular structure and function, Transcript evolution, Spatial arrangement, Coding sequence, Paired-end read merging, Dunaliella tertiolecta, Nucleosome positioning, Missing value, RNA-Seq technology, Bayesian hierarchical model, Prior biological knowledge, Puccinia helianthi Schw., Ultra-high dimensional variable selection

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