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COVID19 and control measures Multivariate studies of seed yield Variability of yield Acidity development Histo-pathological study in chickpea Delayed puberty Integrated crop management practices Feeding value of rice gluten meal Animal menace Farmers’ field condition N levels of rice Readiness of farm women Different traits in mungbean Etiological agents predisposing factors Histo-pathological Cattle heifers Yield determinants in chickpea Rice stem borer scirpophaga incertulas Factors influencing tribal farming Rice on system productivity Promote information via communication Yield determinants Water conveyance efficiency Plant parts infected Particulate organic matter Incidence of delayed puberty Weather data Phosphatase and urease activity Potential productivity Economics of rice- greengram system Attappadi tribes in Kerala On-farm application efficiency Heifers under rural condition Different stages of plant growth High input cropping system Genetic coefficient Tobacco N gene primers Coefficient of improvement Yield gaps Chickpea root Soil data Body condition score around Jabalpur Water stable aggregates Bhimsagar medium irrigation project Growth promoting feed supplement Production potential appraisal Inter specific hybrids Tephritid fruit flies in tomato Scrotal circumference Different INM practices Summer moong Lilium (hybrid tresor) growth Nutrient maize Solanaceae family New fungicides in management Breeding biology Water delivery Climate variability of maize Banaganapalle Mandal Evaluation of organic manures Different gum solutions Pheromone based integrated management Gene drive Nutrients on quality Production performance of broiler chickens Sliver black plastic mulch Alternaria solani in tomato Vigna raidiata Endophytic actinobacteria In vitro conservation Green pepper Intercropping of different vegetable crops Egg parameters Bio-film production Frozen straws Fermented organics Row ratio and fertility level Quality of kinnow mandarin Multistage sampling young Economy of sweet sorghum No mulch Promotion of backyard poultry farming Herbicides on yield attributes Polyhouse and open condition Total cultivated area Different gum like Karaya Red-wattled lapwing Different vegetable crops Tomato crop is affected Most frequent bacterial isolates PGPR on plant growth Chlorophyll content in maize Fertility level on nutrient uptake Semen production in buck Sweet sorghum cultivars Old group farmers Impact of summer moong Average productivity Agri- fields of Sirsa Economic estimation of capsicum production

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Yields of blackgram, Skeletal myocytes, Impact of KVK trainings, Mulberry genotypes, New cashew plantation, Agricultural pest management, Direct gram stain, Anogiessus latifolia, Empowered and strengthened, F2 segregants of bhendi, Agricultural college, Tasar sericulture, Maize-soybean intercropping system, Scrotal circumference on semen production, Rainfed environment, Agri-silvihorticultural system, Quality of lilium hybrid, Socio economics characteristics, Scenario of cropping pattern, Selection of quality variety, Identify constraints in capsicum production, Middle pruning, Invitro differentiation potential, Pleurotus cornucopiae, Yield of potato intercropped, Perception of farmers interest group, Various agricultural crops, Scoring of biofilm production, Mean performance of F2 segregants, Brookfield viscometer, Little millet grain equivalent yield, Shell weight, High yielding good quality jack genotypes, WCT and yield, Canine bone marrow derived mesenchymal, Quality variety, Spawn substrates, Mulberry growth parameters, Cocoon sorting, Farmers interest group, Fungicidal management of sheath rot disease, Sub-montane climatic conditions, Pityriasis versicolor, Climate resilient agri-silvi-horticultural, Further variety development programme, Color ways, Quality in coconut, Sustainable intercropping association, Union fabrics, Irrigation management in tomato, Performance of white onion advance lines, Tick borne zoonoses, Lasso regression, Grain storage structure, Fungicidal management, Phenotypic index, Various agroforestry models, Cell types familiar, Ankist rodesmus, Mulberry in eastern, Quantitative biofilm assay, Growth characters of jackfruit genotypes, Members towards, Zinc chelate, Response to varied sowing dates, Urine acidifiers, Inflorescence sap yield, Characters yield, SML 668, Niger oilseed in little millet, Gastro-enteritis, Sustainable textiles, Phosphorus harvest index, Coco peat media, Pyometra affected bitch, Increasing self-sufficiency with fodder, FIG towards it functioning, Kasuti embroidery, Meta zoonoses and Hemorrhagic fever, Malassezia species in patients, Pruning height, Varietal comparison in relation, Dissimilarity index, IPM 02-3 and yield, Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates, Male cattle-calves, Formation of biomass, Biomass and organic carbon, Spawn production of Pleurotus cornucopiae, Comparative haematobiochemical analysis, Pris for seeking information, Newly evolved genotypes, Functional properties of bamboo, Milk yield and economics, Varietal influence on phosphorus uptake, Diagnosed for pyometra, Hemorrhagic fever, Selection of color ways, Manage sheath rot of rice, Conventional identification, Productivity of green gram, Different varieties of mulberry, Obstructive urolithiasis without cystorrhexis, Microalgae depending, Haemorrhagic enteritis affected dogs, Women members of pris, Rainfed rice genotypes, Abiotic stress condition, Varying phosphorus regimes, Milk production in lactating cows, Major forest communities, Carbon stock of prevailing land, Tencel union fabrics, Recommended grain storage practices, Crimean congo haemorrhagic fever, Pharmaco-kinetics, Cattle calf, Surgico-therapeutic management, Experts for selection of color ways, National food security mission, Microalgae depending on the generation, Gall bladder, Normal ones, Vertisols of central India, Soil fertility mapping, Oilcake extract, Straw mulching, South odisha, Cost effectiveness of feeding Chelated zinc, Genetic diversity in rainfed rice genotypes, Pharmacokinetics of ivermectin, Emerging tick-borne metazoonosis, Disposition kinetics of ivermectin, Pruning effect on yield, Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, Crude antibiotic, Cystic duct, Crops and cropping systems, Following single, Sodic condition, Yield in wheat, Fruit quality in guava, Available calcium, Postnatal ages of guinea pig, Subcutaneous administration in sheep, Low crop productivity, Physiological responses of Mithipagal genotypes, Soil borne disease Fusarium oxysporum, Eastern Uttar Pradesh conditions, Magnesium in soil, Plasma concentration of ivermectin, Morphology of the gall bladder, Measures for higher production, Chemical properties in guava, Fertility mapping using GPS, In vitro in groundnut, Food grain crops, GIS techniques of dharmaur micro-watershed, Interdigital epidermis, Embryonic development of discus, Spontaneous pox virus infection, Average mean score, Soybean to biofertilizer, RNA gene, Pathology of spontaneous pox virus infection, Hatching of discus eggs, Performance of sweet corn, Nutrient management on the growth, Production constraints faced, Constraints confronted by small farmers, Economic traits in China aster, FYM in the jhum fields, Goat in Jammu region, Phenotypic virulence characterization, Nutrient uptake of wheat, Mandarin cultivators, Investigate the embryonic development, Age of seedling on transplanted pearl millet, Dichelobacter nodosus, Response of biofertilizer rhizobium, Exploitation of 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green gram, Naturally with colibacillosis, Yielding attributes of cluster bean, Informal seed sector, Rural women towards vocational training, Simple sequence repeats marker, Performance leading to yield, Naturally occurring colibacillosis, Yield parameters in cluster bean, Shallow lowlands of Assam, Satisfaction level of respondents, Augmenting seed replacement rate, Integrated management of late blight disease, Enhancing seed replacement rate, Grain storage, Chickpea production, Pigeonpea genotypes against leaf spot incited, Yarn and looms, Activities performed by female weavers, Cercospora cajani, Grain storage in hermetic bag, Seed quality under Mid Hill conditions, Beneficiaries of NFSM programme, Low fat khoa, Ergonomic assessment of activities performed, Performance evaluation of grain storage, Recommended chickpea production, Reconstituted skim milk and WPC, Low fat khoa utilizing reconstituted skim milk, Reconstituted skim milk, Sensory quality of Khoa, Anti-microbial peptides, Air-to-liquid ratio, Sequence polymorphism, Finishing of garments, Factor Xa, New weapon against bacteria, Knowledge acquired, Anaerobic codigestion, Diagnosis of encephalitic listerial outbreak, Genetic variability in prolactin gene, Prevalence of infectious diseases, Host defense systems, Encephalitic listerial outbreak, Soil fertility after harvest of mustard, Nutrient application, Prolactin gene, 2D-QSAR model was established, Infectious diseases in Desi fowls, Rapidly increasing resistance development, Sheep-immuno-histopathological study, Impact on milk composition, Air stripping process, Complex converts prothrombin to thrombin, Impact assessment of stitching trainings, Bos Indicus cattle, Synthesis of sulfonylurea derivatives, Point of zero charge, Simple systems to characterize wastewaters, Sulfonylurea derivatives, Surface charge, Characterize wastewaters, Variable charge soil, Synthetic route of Glipizide, Biological oxygen demand tests, Compound 6-chloronicotinic acid 1, Surface charge characteristics, Bài giảng Sanh non, Bài giảng Rubella và thai kỳ, Hội chứng sản khoa lớn, Chẩn đoán bệnh ở mẹ, Dung hòa miễn dịch, Chẩn đoán sinh học, Tu sửa động mạch xoắn ốc, Tổn thương trên thai nhi, Động mạch tử cung-nhau, Giảm xâm lấn lá nuôi phôi, Biểu hiện ngoài da của bệnh sarcoid, Phản ứng u hạt, Chất hoại tử bã đậu, Thương tổn ngoài da của sarcoid, Chế định trách nhiệm hình sự, Quantitative elements of tragedy, Aristotle’s poetics, Plato’s argument against poetry, Mathew Arnold, Forecasting exchange rates, Peloponessian war, Financing international trade, Trade finance methods, Objective co-relative, Multinational cost, Capital structure decision, Measures of liquidity, Multinational corporation, Multinational cost of capital, Theory of Poetry, Centralized cash management, Poem qualities, Arnold’s Cannons of Criticism, Dissociation of sensiblity, Foreign countries, Epic poetry, Classical criticism, Function of critics, Costs of capital, Paradise lost, 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N-acetyltransferase 2, Anti-neoplastic propertie

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