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Anti-inflammatory agen One-pot solvent free synthesis L-Phenylalanine-L-Serine Phenolic acids derivatives Obtained hydrogel composites Endocyclic aminoazole nitrogen atoms Catalyzed one-pot synthesis Median finding Obtaining diclofenac choline Fragrant starch-based films Thermal solvent free conditions Moderate UVB absorbers Biosynthesized using leaves Enol tosylate derivatives Oxidation of toluidine blue Modified hydrothermal method Primary amino group Active methylene compounds malononitrile Hydrogel composite of poly Synthesis of mycophenolic acid Distributed Algorithms Non-toxic solvent Synthesis of arylidene heterobicyclicpyrimidinones Effect of limonene Heterogeneous solid catalyst Simple one-step procedure Pharmacologically important plant Heliconia rostrata Skip lists EE-di-tosylate Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide Three-component reaction Algerian hydrophilic natural Analysis of carotenoids Matrix product Synthesis of fused heterocycles Thiophene-pyrazole conjugates Ti-MWW catalyst Three-component synthesis Acidic and basic media Synchronous distributed algorithms Triton-B catalyzed Obtained mycophenolic acid Biopolymer-based films Green and recyclable catalyst PANI/montmorillonite nano-composites Anhydrous potassium carbonate Ultrasound assisted synthesis Strategy for chemically attachment Synthesis of diclofenac choline Loss of catalytic activity One-pot three-component synthesis Randomized insertion Serine di-tosylate Identical experimental conditions Matrix product checker Malononitrile Phenyl hydrazine Thiophene-appended pyrazoles Aromatic oxazole ring Metronidazole citrate disodium Hydrogels of PVA Mild reaction condition Zeolite material Ti-MWW Oral anti-hyperglycemic agent Readily available tetrachloro Multi-component synthesis Long Chain Arylpiperazines Asynchronous distributed algorithms A DFT computational Solution casting method Novel one-pot Improved therapeutic properties Choline bicarbonate and diclofenac acid 1-amino-3-ferrocenyl-3-oxoprop-1-enes Sun protection factor Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes surfaces CTAB reverse micellar medium Synthesis chromenes derivatives Mg/Fe hydrotalcite catalyst Aryl hydrazine hydrochlorides Pyrazole 4-carbonitrile Electron-withdrawing substituent Solvent-free synthesis Catalyzed by nontoxic Ester of metronidazole Cache-oblivious Algorithms Broad-spectrum antitumor activity DFT theoretical level T-Butyl hydroperoxide Organ transplant rejection Presence of ammonium persulfate Directed cyclocondensation reaction Solvent-free method Carboxy Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes Bluish-green manganite Environmentally benign catalyst Thiophene-pyrazole hybrids Three-component coupling Environment friendly sodium lauryl sulfate Three-component condensation Berezin pseudo phase model

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Work up procedure, Metronidazole active moiety, Parent thionitrone and nitroethene, Solution blending technique, Allyl-glycidyl ether, Patterson’s synthetic strategy, Corresponding alkyl halides, N-phenyl-1-2-cyclopentanediamine, One-pot reaction, Intra-day and inter-day, Phenyl hydrazine and aromatic aldehyde, Synthesized new pyrazoles, One-pot multi-component condensation, 1-3-thiazole, Vibrational analysis of localised TSs, DC electrical conductivity, MCF7 cell lines, Ester prodrug marketed, Carbon disulfide employing catalytic, Regioselective cyclopentane annulation, Developing eco-friendly tools, Easy tree augmentation, Highly substituted piperidines, Five-membered heterocycles, 5 lithium diisopropylamide, Obtain ester prodrugs, Regioselective synthesis of bicycli, Magnetically recoverable CuFe2O4 nanoparticles, Lithiated and dilithiated thiazole, Order-statistics trees, Diverse biological activity, T-type calcium channel blocker, Các loại ngài chích hút quả, Cây cam ở Hòa Bình, Loại ngài chích hút quả trên cây cam, N-bromosuccinimde catalyzed, Thành phần loài ngài chích hút quả, One pot condensation, Ngài hút quả, One pot multicomponent condensation reaction, By-product N-succinimide, Environmentally benign chemical processe, Accounting information tool, Firm ownership structures, Nairobi Securities Exchange, Personnel expenses change, Design synthesis and biological, Job performance has proliferated, Portuguese third sector organizations, Environmental financial accounting practices, Food-processing firms, Taxpayer knowledge and taxation socialization, Pooled annual data, Peruvian stock mining companies, Icensed market participants, Malaysia securitization market, Black tiger shrimp price, The exploration stage, Series of semicarbazones, Rational choice theory, Taxpayer compliance mediated, Learning-by-exporting, Stock markets sector, Ghanaian listed firms, Firm characteristics and macroeconomic factors, Malmquist index and multiple regression, Capital structure choice, The establishment stage, Oxadiazoles/thiadiazoles bearing pyrazole scaffold, Nerlovian partial adjustment model, Theoretical perspective of institutionalism, Panel regression model, Influence of financial contagion, Agriculture profitability enterprise, Taxpayer compliance and awareness, Non-foreign ownership, Metallic mining company, Ordinary Least square method, Antimicrobial and antioxidant candidates, EFAP and financial performance, Financial accounting statement, Fixed-Effects method, The maintenance stage, Nonmetallic mining company, Directorate General of Taxes, FTSE 100 and Standard and Poors, family-owned listed firms, Firm characteristic factors, Adaptive expectation hypothesis, Level of tax ratio, The disengagement stage, Capacity utilization levels, Receivable conversion period, Sale price of their products, Inventory conversion period, Liquidity and solvency positions, Bayesian Network Methods, Commercial off-the shelf, Life insurance efficiency studies, Mortality of Sitophilus oryzae, Bilateral import-export, Payment deferral period, Company maintained low profitability, Innovation decision-making, Low growth opportunity, Wastewater irrigation, Bán kính mặt cầu ngoại tiếp, Banks listed in Tehran Stock Exchange, Groundnut bruchid, Six Sigma observation, Liquid organic formulation, Plantation soils, Diversity and genetic gain, Small pieces of code namely, Herding behavior and overconfidence biases, Life insurance efficiency measurement, Terms of trade, Enhancing the steel export, Nitrogen fixers, Eggplant diseases, Pycnidia forming fungi, Biological regulators, Cash flow ratios, R&D investment’ choice, Yield limiting nutrients, Small outbreak, Bathua (Chenopodium album L.), Seasonal and soil transmitted helminths, Subject of corporate governance, Capacity waste management, Kosali cow, Different doses of PMSG, Bacteriological isolates, Peanut seed beetle, PGPR activity, Macrolides Lincosamides Type B Sreptogramin, Conventional transplanted rice, Impact of CCC, Concept of COTS selection, Fenoxoprop-methyl, Chauliops fallax, Mystus cavasius, Bilateral Trade and Economic Growth, Mobarakeh steel producer in Iran, Life insurance efficiency estimation, Disease distribution, Investors’ decision-making, Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus L.), Rhopalosiphum maidis, Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.), Modelling audit delay, Study on CMC, Cognitive management of executives’ discretion, Political views and expenses, Companies maintained low profitability, Biodynamic compost, Risk management on earnings volatility, Uterine tissue biopsy, Grain Cob ratio, Big impact, Kokum juice, Winter vegetables, Solid not fat, Phrase corporate governance, Phenotypic coefficient, Nutrient omission pot technique, Mid hill region, Type B streptogramin, Traditional cooking, Synchronisation of estrus, Long-run corporate tax avoidance, Faecal sample, Diversified uses in sugarcane, Sitophilus oryzae (Linnaeus), Pyrithiobac sodium, Advantages and disadvantages of each COTS selection, Stock market and manage, Country’s non-oil products, Caryedon serratus, Antibiogram of neonatal septicemia, Eucalyptus tereticornis based, China and India, Identification of diazotrophic bacteria, Measure vulnerability, Irrigation samples, Additionally data envelope analysis, Organoleptic quality of ratol mango, Dichev and Tang, Sweet corn (Zea mays L.), Village development activities, Understanding manager decision-making, Bacterial collagenase response, Pulse growers, Seasonal incidence of lemon butterfly, Determinants influencing audit delay, Post cataract bacillus endophthalmitis outbreak, Biparental mating design, Controlled and managed, Survey on the incidence, Credit rating of evaluation, Different age of rootstock, Urinary E.coli, Users of the financial statements, Efficiency ratios and sufficiency ratios, Agro-morphological traits of garden pea, Nutrient utilization, Enzymatic potentials, Radical scavenging activities, Semi-synthetic, Avoidance of paying taxes, Progesterone primed goats, Genetic parameters for diversified, Virus resistance in okra, Macrolides lincosamides, Domestic cats, Set-up and form of outputs and inputs, Milk composition of Kosali cow, Quizalopfop –ethyl, Soil samples were collected, Purple blotch disease, North east Ghat zone of Odisha, Livestock owners livelihood, Removal of spike, Seasonal incidence of maize aphid, Chemical traits, Standard audit opinion, Seasonal disparity in microbial, Attitude towards village development activities, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Insect vectors, Various morphological, Different foliar application, Grafting of jackfruit, Effect of weed control methods, Efficiency of biocontrol agents, Minor millet, Kymore zone of Madhya Pradesh, Carcass composition, FMCG and Pharmaceuticals sectors, Cumin genotypes suitable for timely, Pomegranate juice by lactic acid bacteria, pygidium and genitalia, Antigenic types, RFM cows assessed, Securities Companies in Ho Chi Minh City, Quite rare nowadays, Bacteriology laboratory, Molecular species identification, Eat snack food, Faecal sample of domestic cats, Polluted areas of hyderabad, Breeding for virus resistance, Epidemiology of onychomycosis, Stages of lactation, Lemon butterfly, Different doses of vanadium, Pulse growers towards cluster demonstration, Colony character, Maize aphid, Vicinity of national park, Organic manures and removal of spikes, Economics of winter vegetables, Fermentation of pomegranate juice, Additive and dominance component of variance, Tree bean seeds and pods, Varying rainfall patterns, Profile of rural youth, Quality traits in bathua, Most common financial reports, Bacterial collagenase therapy, Estrus response in synchronized, Performed on patients, Highly infected, Host range and cross infectivity, Skim milk Khoa, Management of rice rootknot nematode, Mystus cavasius (Hamilton, Virus resistance, Phenotype analysis, ITS (internal transcribed spacer), Vector of plant pathogens viz-a-viz, Bacteriological isolates recovered, Performance of oilseed crops, Comprehensive analysis of ready, Potential plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, Characterization of Himalayan rice genotypes, Crop duration, Optilan red, SSNM and RDF, First fortnight of January, Corm production of gladiolus, Intercropping on seasonal incidence, Pre and post emergence cotton herbicides, Tertiary care hospital in Kerala, Segregating generation, Analyze relationship between profile, Today’s context, Rice rootknot nematode, New pleurotus djamor isolate KKM 1, Mollisols of the Tarai region, Chaetomium species of India, Oilseed crops in Marathwada region, Patient ages and gender, Genus Magnaporthe grisea, Prevailing antigenic types of canine parvovirus, Caramel coated chhana confection incorporated, 1822) Fry, Plant pathogens viz-a-viz their management, Tolerant varieties for production, Pathogen isolated, Semiautomatic machine, About wheat, Causation of onychomycosis, Second fortnight, Different varieties of soybean, Himalayan rice genotypes, Textile dye (Optilan Red), Insects and pests, Productivity efficiency, Yield of pigeonpea based intercropping system, Pleurotus isolate KKM 1, Phylogeny of chaetomium species, Herbal products especially, Namely whitefly (Bemisia tabaci Gen), Diabetic patients suffering, Herbicide mixtures for yield, TBP irrigation command, Population dyanamics, Transmit plant viruses are arthropods, Milk yield and shatavari, Homogenization and sensory attributes, Predisposing factors are aging, Patients attending tertiary care centre, Avoidable losses due to defoliators, Paddy (Oryza sativa), FRA guidelines, Yield loss and their management, Green microalga Chlorella vulgaris, Incidence of some intestinal parasites, Tractor operated gun sprayer, Lint quality as influenced, Cultivated mushroom varieties, Chaetomium species, Yield attributes of rainfed maize, Candiduria cases commonly observed, SSNM based nutrition, Different soybean varieties, PPV guidelines, Tractor operated automatic gun sprayer, Evaluation of toxicity, Wheat in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Recently reported, Pigeonpea crop, Uniform spread for Kaludhan, Heterocyclic tetradentate ligand, Certified reference material, HPLC fingerprint, Oxazole derivatives, Heterocyclic porphyrin ring occupy, Homogeneity test, X-ray crystallography, Heterocyclic systems, Chaenomelis Fructus, Cis- and transform, Macro-elements, Acoustic wave device, Eutectic mixture, Laguncularia racemosa, Ag8 cluster, Cobalt–alanine metal complex, Lithium silicate, Pyrido-triazolopyrimidine, Micro-elements, Computational studies, Tirpitzia sinensis, Green protocol, Crystalline characteristics, Tartrazine toxicity, Bioanalytical method validation, Therapeutic potentials, Heterocyclic benzimidazole analogues, Ultra high-performance chromatography, Syringa oblata Lindl fowers, Cyclohexane ring, Smokeless tobacco, Pharmacokinetic study, In silico design, Paeonia suffruticosa, NBO calculations, Malus pumila fowers, Anticancer potential, Cytotoxic agents, Diazenyl chalcones, Bioactive compound, Density of states, Dispiro-3-phenylpyrrolothiazole, Prospective antimicrobial, NO inhibition, Anti- H. pylori, AlN films

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