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Extension logics Philosophy of language R. Carnap's Conception Intentional and external method Philosophy of linguistic Entity language Thế hệ kiểm toán mới Kiểm toán tương lai Công nghệ trong kiểm toán Online presence Factors influencing interaction Online English course in Vietnam Online English course Student teacher Teaching competency Interaction processes Teaching competency framework Teaching competency assessed by a framework Student teachers’ English teaching competency Internal auditing activities Internal auditing activities in Vietnamese firms Internal audit activities in the firms Khảo sát tác động giảm đau Tác động kháng viêm của cây lá đắng Renewable energy policy and perspective Rourea harmandiana Electrical energy infrastructure Chemical constituents of Rourea Harmandiana Pierre Inverse seesaw Nitrogen starvation Anomalous magnetic dipole moment Cloning and expression of pigc gene Two-stage culture Inverse seesaw neutrinos Synchronous luminescence spectroscopy Higher-order computations Pigc gene in escherichia coli Extended 331RN models W-pair production at lepton colliders Detection of luminescence centers Pigc gene CdxZn1−xS nanocrystals QED corrections Producing large-scale prodigiosin Suspended-core Clarify the nature of luminescence centers Numerical methods for Quantum Field Theory Bienhoa airbase Spontaneous polarization charges Normal dispersion Entanglement of a scattered single photon Li+ ionic conductivity Cotton fabric flame retardancy Herbicide/dioxin degradation Electron mobility Rapid cooling technique Scattered single photon Cotton fabric by nanosilica sol coating Transgenic Arabidopsis Thaliana Dioxin contaminated soil Chalcogenide suspended-core fiber infiltrated with water Zn-polar face a repulsion Grain-boundaries conductivity Orbital oscillator commutation relations Multipartite disentanglement dynamics due simultaneously GmNAC019 transcription factor in salinity Flame retardancy improvement Brst charge operator Scattered single photon and an exciton Polyhydroxypregnane glycosides Copper (II) oxide Amesiodendron chinense High temperature symmetry non-restoration AM fungal diversity Ceriops decandra Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation Consortium of bacterial strains isolated ZnO surface quantum Amplitude damping Generalized deformed SU(2) algebra Culture condition Changing specific parameters of exciton Mass shifting for superstring Phosphorus starvation Mechanical properties of the materials Magnetic transport Dolabrane-type diterpenoid Endogenous carbohydrate content Planar-coil Dregea volubilis Bacterial classification based Deep-water rice cultivars Leaves of amesiodendron chinense Phase damping Attraction of electrons Streptomyces antibioticus Z2 × Z2 model Explicit expression of the BRST charge Spin-dependent scattering Mass shifting

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Phosphorus tolerant, Lignan constituents, Physical control parameters, Curcuma longa in Vietnam, Polyhydroxypregnane glycosides from dregea volubilis, Environments while qubits, Chronoamperometric electrodeposition, Submergence tolerance genes, Weak cytotoxic activity, Magnetic field calculation, Modified anomaly terms, Important cosmological applications, Interaction theory based, Torenia fournieri L, Stem barks of Ceriops Decandra, Inverse magnetoresistance, Human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells, Nonenzymatic glucose sensing, Polydimethyl-siloxane, Genetic variability of 12 Vietnamese rice accessions, Corresponding BRST charge, Mechanism of inverse magnetoresistance, Net photosynthetic rate tends, Cytotoxic activity of isolated compounds, Heating in terms of biological analysis, Standardization of sieve size, Grading of sesame seeds, Size grading of sesame, Rose apple, Euclidean distance matrix, Diversity of wild medicinal flora, Physical and biochemical parameters, Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh, Morpho-taxonomic characterization, Local medicinal herbs of immense potentials, Pattern of precipitation, Postpartum dysgalactia syndrome, SCA value, Swine-an update, Response of naturally aged paddy seed, Improper management, Naturally aged paddy seed, Heterosis effect, Silk reeling, Generally this disease occurs, Cottage and constraints, Hormonal and hydropriming, Multiple etiologies, Traditional silk producing, Following the priming treatments, Positive GCA impact, Evaluation of charka, Naturally aged paddy breeder seeds, Cottage reeling, Head dry matter, Yield of quality protein maize, Sulphur levels on growth, Patterns of major animal diseases, Antioxidant parameters, Incomplete cervical dilatation, Abiotic conditions, F3 generation, Vasicular arbuscular mycorrhiza, Persimmon fruit, Major animal diseases, Cultivation in developing world, Clipped glume, Phosphorus concentrations in relation, Organic farming practices on yield, Phosphate rock, ISSR marker based genetic diversity analysis, Elite bread wheat genotypes pertaining, Genetic studies in F3 progenies, Garlic (Allium sativum Linn.), Doubled haploid production, Fight malnutrition, Animal diseases, Phosphorus concentrations, Carotenoid content of tomato, Garcinia accessions, Relative agronomic efficiency, F3 progenies of bottle gourd, Rapid crossing techniques, Quality parameters of garlic, Formulated product from persimmon, Disease risk, Tomato vegetative stage, Incomplete cervical dilatation in goats, Bio-fertilizers on growth behaviour, Storage stability of formulated product, Different phosphorus sources, Garlic variety-G1, Evaluation of various isolates, Anaerobic germination, Gap between existing, Curvularia andropogonis, Mutation and variability, Economic analysis of mechanical, Phyllosphere microorganisms, Recurrent utis, Various isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina, Bacterial flacherie, Epithelial tumor, Stored onion, Bio-efficacy and Phytotoxicity, Front line, Production performance of brinjal, Intercultivator on performance behavior, Coleoptile elongation, Uptake and weed, Methanol oxidizers, Infections of eye, Tribal empowerment, Entrepreneurship development programme, Varietal reaction of tuberose, Pelvic sensation, Role of growth regulators, Single eye bud seedling planting technique, Indian herbs, M1 generation of chilli, Characteristic mycelial phenotype, Tree leaf meal, Vegetable pith, Pus culture, Cucurbit powdery mildews by morphological, Novel approach of foldscope for diagnosis, Leptin gene, Demanded service by farmers, Complicating infections involving the bladder, OCR in Chhattisgarh, Crop husbandry, Colony growth and sclerotia formation, Manual transplanting of rice, Laterite belt of eastern India, Biofortification and human health, Ketamine hydrochloride, Performance behavior, Kunun-zaki supplemented with soymilk, Identify important yield contributing traits, Herbal extracts, Impact assessment of watershed projects, Influenced by weather on sesame, Subtropical climate, Growth regulators on fenugreek, IOT Based agriculture, Pre-partum crossbred cow, Bacterial leaf blight resistance, Basal rot or stem rot, Weed complex in grape, Marker for identification, Adhatoda vasica against flacherie, Epithelial tumors in animals, Curvularia andropogonis in lemon grass, Mutagenicity induced by gamma rays, Graded dietary levels, Value addition of millets products, Phylloplane associated plant bacteria of rice, Vegetable crop grown, Seedling planting technique, Characterization of cucurbit powdery mildews, Anaerobic germination in rice, Vegetarian diet, Mechanical transplanter, Cumbu napier hybrid grass, Generally classified into uncomplicated, Utilizing krishi yantra seva kendra, Leptin gene polymorphism, Implications in implementation, Amaranthus dubius, Solid medium, Genotypes in laterite belt, Peri-parturient period, Identification of promising IRRI CMS lines, Weather on sesame, Growth kinetics of lactic acid bacteria, Pulsed wave index, Epidemiological requirements for growth, Indian herbal extracts, Bacteria of silkworm, Watershed projects, Prolapsed mass back into, Vitreous humor, Commercial cultivar, Bacterial leaf blight resistance in indigenous rice, Diagnosis of epithelial tumors, Tree leaf meal on growth performance, Assessment of mutagenicity induced, Anti-oxidants, Herbicides on weed density, Lemon grass, Wheat and economics, Profitability under drip irrigation, Readily available in diet, Liquid medium, Intercultivator on weed management, Nutrient uptake in sugarcane, Higher income generation of SHG, Plant growth promoting activity, Anti-viral properties, Relative impact of improved technology, Microscopic studies, Cooked as a vegetable, Variety Co-1, Winnowing of machinery, Polymorphic gene, Carbendazim mancozeb, Yield of fenugreek, Comparative efficiency of bio-phos, Region possess limited knowledge, Commonly available, Uptake of major nutrients, Serum metabolites, Succession and population dynamics, Organoleptic Scores of Kunun-zaki supplemented, Pulsatility indices of dogs, Genotypic assessment, Tuberose against stem rot diseases, Power tiller, Specific watershed, Planting technique, Fruit alkaloids, Enzymatic effect of Curvularia andropogonis, Conventional microscopy, Aetiological Agents of Endophthalmitis, Phylloplane of rice, Higher income generation, Organic sprays, Machinery for agriculture operations, Intercultivator for operation, Neem seed cake, Sesame farmers in Tribal area, Mechanization of rice cultivation, Immunity development against viral diseases, Integrated nutrient management in tomato crop, Mulch laying machine, Medicinal fruits, Correlation for yield, Castor yield at different levels, Organic spray on growth, Major nutrients in sweet corn, Peri-parturient stress period in crossbred cows, Collar rot of chilli caused, Components traits in durum wheat, Indian vegetable diet, Different levels of phosphorus fertilizer, Power tiller operated plastic, Yield of Amaranthus dubius var Co-1, Tribal fishermen, Biotic stress on edaphic features, Butter catfish, Soil covering device, Edaphic features, Portable pabda hatchery, Low volume uterine lavage, Two important medicinal plants, Economic empowerment of rural women, Biological management of chrysanthemum wilt, Pabda breeding, Value addition of rice, Virus indexing, Mushroom farming, Properties of two medicinal plants, Endometrial biopsy samples, Chrysanthemum wilt, Infectious chlorosis in banana, Mares with endometritis, Medicinal quality of herb plants, Recognizing nutritional, Rice industry in India, Virus causing infectious chlorosis, Association of cytology, Scientific crop, Present studies were carried, Potential opportunities, Number of spikes per m2, Diagnostic studies of Cucumber mosaic virus, Histopathology of Cybershot, Diversity for tree growing habit, Natural population, Greenhouse gasses, Drought and re-watering, Indigenous soft pear, Oil properties DEH enzyme maize proline, Saponins mitigation of methane, Re-watering conditions, Bamboo craft, Influence of exogenous compounds, Each replicated three times, Glomus mosseae inoculation, Humans into microbial protein available, Exogenous compounds, Said growth parameters, Growth of dalbergia sissoo seedlings, Traditional bamboo craft of tripura, Maize crop residue, Traditional bamboo craft, Working with bamboo, IGKV farm, Rice productivity under vertisol, Cardamom powder, Current soil suitability, Gravimetric wear, Analysis of variance and okra, Deign of vertical farming, Potential soil suitability, Agricultural disc, Pineapple flavours, Brakish water, Type of vertical farming, Management of bulb rot, Biopreservation of apricot pulp, Evaluate okra hybrids for yield, Wear characterization on various make, Salinity problem, Farming promising cultivation, Mewat region, Value added guava toffee, In vivo against bulb, Various make of agricultural discs, Management in coastal belt of Odisha, Different characters in okra, Mustard for sustainable production, Agricultural discs made of different materials, Sheep ovary, FRP carp hatchery, Rice residue, Nutrient management in different rice, Recurrent implantation failure, Dystocia due to foetal mummification, Goat ovary, Puddled condition, Spawn production, Receptor mediated signaling during implantation, Restricted irrigation condition, Medium deep black clay soils, Follicular development, Foetal mummification, Black clay soils of tungabhadra command, Tribal beneficiaries, Farmers on direct seeding, S-E Rajasthan, Ovaries of sheep and goat, Tungabhadra command, Goats carrying twin pregnancies, Ganjam district, Immunohistochemical localization, Haematic type of mummification, Proliferating cell nuclear antigen, Physiology of fruit development, Fish hook, Rapid cell division, Indian flap shell turtle, Marketing of cluster bean in Rajasthan, Aluminium stress soil condition, Medicine for tuberculosis, Marketing of cluster bean, Fruits double sigmoid growth curve, Foreign body radiograph, Soil properties and French bean, Case of stone fruits, Cluster bean in Rajasthan, Examination as a fish hook, Impact of INM practices, Motta poovan, Aptitude of vermicompost, Fungus and Indian mustard, Physical seed treatment, INM practices on vegetative growth, Bio-fertilizers on crop growth, Soil after cultivation, Intraclonal variation in Musa, Global agriculture is facing, Chemical seed treatment, Flowering of hybrid gerbera, Direct-seeded autumn rice, Musa Palayankodan, Biofertilizers on growth parameters, Economics of turmeric, Different palayankodan ecotypes, Hybrid gerbera, Improving seed germination, Yield of turmeric, Respect to growth, Textural quality of extrudates prepared, Cryptolestes ferrugenius, Foliar dose, Pythium aphanidermatum Fungicides, Insecticide resistance, Insects protein, Performance of pea varieties, Foliar fertilizer source, Different blends of sattu and kodo, Cost effectiveness in broiler chicken, Irrigated farming, Rusty grain beetle, Rhizome rot disease of ginger, Eastern coastal plain zone of Odisha, Different altitude ranges, Storage losses, Yield of wheat in loamy sand

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