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Polymorphic membrane proteins Cellular fractionation Plasticity zone Nuclear fractionation Chromatin-bound RNA BBX family ARTP mutagenesis High polysaccharide yield PKA pathway Phosphate regulatory network Insufficient inorganic phosphate Plant stress responses Porcine reproductive Respiratory syndrome virus Porcine alveolar macrophage Porcine immune cells Prunus persica QTL Pedigree-based analysis Bloom date Ripening date Fruit development period Phylogeny analyses Inflammatory activities AC genes Oxygen stress Dairy bovine Gene expression browser Wheat yellow rust Open science Pharmaceutically important plant Therapeutic tropane alkaloids Various toxic Suaeda glauca Halophyte widely distributed Landscape plant Prototheca wickerhamii Colourless microalgae Prototheca genus Spodoptera fruigperda Genome wide diversity Rice host strains Canine genome Basenji genome assemblies Breed relatedness Blade-sheath boundary Genotype-by-environment interaction Reaction norm Single-step GWAS Insulin tolerance test Shuffling parental alleles Sex-dependent During meiosis Biologically relevant small-animal models Monochamus saltuarius Host adaptation Transcriptional variation Pinus tabuliformis Pathway size EcoCyc-based enrichment analyses Oxford Nanopore technologies Auxin response factor Caloric restriction Conserved trait Lifestyle modifications Conventional insecticides Displaying moderate Including caloric restriction High heritability estimates Trait mapping Low-pass sequencing Genotype imputation Comprehensive variant discovery Increasing disease incidence Early-onset familial Alzheimer’s disease Gradient-vernalization Oikopleura dioica Oxford Nanopore sequencing Exome sequences Telomere-to-telomere Chromosome-scale assembly Origins of agriculture Single individual Colossoma macropomum Piaractus mesopotamicus Individuals originating Mitochondrial introgression Mitonuclear genotype Diverse signaling pathways Various labile sex types Sexual regulation patterns Andromonoecious persimmon Despite evidence Locomotor performance CRISPR interference Pooled screening Cas9-mediated transcriptional interference Genome-wide genetic analysis Rare alleles Triticum turgidum L. Delta-6 desaturase and delta-5 desaturase

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D56 transgenic tilapia fish, Fatty acid-associated genes, Immune responsive genes, Jasmonate-ZIM domain, Herbivores attacks, Bull fertility, Artificial inseminations, Multi-omics integration, Genetic expression, While leeches, Human subjects, Molecular underpinnings, Nervous system structure, Cell type specification, Euphorbia pulcherrima, Pristionchus pacificus, Cells in vivo, Intercellular matrix proteins, Primary hepatocytes, Atlantic forest, Callithrix anthropogenic, Callithrix marmosets, Highly invasive potential, Callithrix mitogenome, PacBio sequel sequencing, Closed genome, Novel methylation strategie, Greatly hindered, Bacteriophage exclusion, Methyl donor, Procambarus clarkii, Including seasonal reproduction, Nutritional programming, NF-kappa B signaling pathway, En-dogenous noncoding RNAs, Dietary methyl donors, Metabolic stresses, Ten bacterial strains isolated, Widely distributed endosymbiont, Spiroplasma colonizes, Metagenomic surveys, Several morphological, Problematic positions of genera, Phenotypic differences, Disease-association characteristics, Average nucleotide identity, Biosynthetic gene clusters, Streptomyces bacteria, Decaying vegetation, Dermanyssus gallinae, Critical problem, Poultry red mite, QTL-seq, Blood-feeding, Allergen expression, Parasitic lifestyle, Chinese giant salamander, High-density linkage map, Sex-related loci mapping, Andrias davidianus, Ades aegypti, Egg development, Two-speed genome, Phytophthora cinnamomi, Oomycete pathogen, Founder effects, Genetic bottleneck, Rapid genetic adaptation, Petromyzon marinus, Reference genome comparison, Sequence variants, Signatures of selection, Rodent malaria parasites, Multiple P. yoelii strains, Functional domains, N67-specific orthology, Anser cygnoides orientalis, Breast muscle tissues, Differentially methylated genes, RNA plays numerous critical roles, Gulf of Alaska, Neocalanus flemingeri, Diapause reverses, Metabolic suppression returning, Allows organisms, Host plant adaption, Highly diverse, Plant specialization, Ecological speciation, Codon Bias, Genome composition, Biological cycle, Posttranscriptional regulation, AAG frequency, Myocardial ischemic injury, Evolutionary research, Plant transitions, Expansin superfamily, Plant cell division, Arboviral diseases, Coastal salinity, Cuticle proteomics, Rank-order, Biological variability, Biological pathway analysis, Lysine succinylation, Inheritance of gene expression, Homeolog express bias, Array platforms, Breeding schemes, Important productive trait, Pig industry, Thyroid hormone signalling pathway, Plant elicitor peptide, Hypoxic stress plays, Hypoxia in mycobacteria, Cappable-seq, Yellow-green leaf mutant, Photosynthesis system, Molecular detection enables rapid diagnosis, Proinflammatory genes, Tea green leafhopper, Sequence divergence, Gene coexpression analysis, Transcriptome variation, Cotton fibers provide, Epidermal-layer cells, Dramatic developmental shift, Carbohydrate metabolic, Dramatic increases, Cancer cell line, Therapeutic relevance, Polygenic trait, Meta-analyses of GWASes, Gene repertoire, Pectobacterium brasiliense, Diseases in plants, Non-Drosophila insect, Systematic assessments, Eudiplozoon nipponicum, CMAH gene, Blood typing, Haematophagous helminths, Stray cats, Population features, Non-pedigree stray cats, Neonatal isoerythrolysis, Type B cats demonstrates, Distylium species, Distylium clades, Inbred mice, Wild mice, Satellite DNA, Mammalian genomics, Kinetochore assembly, Seed kernel, Seed testa, Fruit pericarp, Time course RNA-seq, Rumen development, Rumen transcriptome, Rumen-microbial crosstalk, SET-domain group, Ephemeral resources, Carrion beetles, Nicrophorus vespilloides, Polycistronic transcripts, Gene fragmentation, Freestanding ORF, Group II intron, Siphonous algae, Arabidopsis transcription, Identified candidate genes, Sucrose nonfermenting-1, Water Buffalo, Farming across, Animal Genome Cattle database, Long-read metagenomics, Type-III vitellogenins, Fecal microbiome, Disparate functioning, Multiple forms of vitellogenins, Grain transcriptome, Mold fungi, Swiss large white, Yersinia ruckeri, Casual blood sugar, Glyoxylate aminotransferase 2, 3-aminoisobutyrate, Diaminoarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 1, Deer mice, Expression correlation, P. leucopus, P. maniculatus, Especially during disease, Population stratification bias, Marek’s disease virus, Lymphotropic disease, Gene family analysis, Salvianolic acid transport, Metabolic transport, Latent pathway, Gibel carp, Pathological phenomenon, Transgenic poplar 741, Integration site, Endogenous genes, T-DNA integration, Basic leucine zipper, BtCry1AC gene, Repeat analysis, Salvadora persica L., Few insect species, Biparental care, Abiotic stress response, Plays pivotal roles, Hierarchical data, Power calculator, Citrus stubborn disease, Beet leafhopper, Spiroplasma citri comprises, Birgus latro, Paralithodes camtschaticus, Tropical disease, Protein-binding domains, Biologically relevant transcriptomics data, Intramuscular fat deposition, Homer Scaffold Protein 1, Porcine skeletal muscle, Social insects, Serine carboxypeptidases-like protein, Weighted gene co‐expression networks, Human nrf genes, Stable structure, Fast evolution rate, Supernumerary chromosome, Selfish element, CNVR-based GWAS, Duroc pigs, Backfat thickness, Secreted effectors, Sea turtle, Minimally invasive sampling, Conservation physiology, Biosynthetic enzyme genes, Tissue-specific accumulation, Polyketide synthase gene, Multifactorial transcriptomic analysis, SNP ascertainment bias, Genotyping arrays, Non-random selection, Observed heterozygosity, Bolting initiation, Plant genomes, Papaya domestication, Distinct subspecies, Bos taurus indicus, Pekin duck, Postmating response, M. abscessus subspecies, Head transcriptomes, Early life malnutrition, Aquaculture worldwide, Perirenal adipose tissue, Differential expressed genes, Long-term programming, Curculigo capitulata, Curculigo latifolia, Structural genomic variants, Gymnocypris eckloni, Aquaculture operations, Toxicity of copper, Hindlimb thigh muscle, Odorrana tormota, Anura amphibians, Systematic studies, Concave-eared torrent frog, Restriction digestion, Brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, Polyphagous insect pest, Population transcriptome, Genotype-environment association, Gene expression atlas, Novel genes, Playing crucial roles, Significant biological processes, Changshun green-shell laying hens, Breeding task, Gallus gallus, Immunosuppression in chickens, Pathogen evolution, Transferable embryos, Morphological evaluation, Transcriptome activity observed, ATP synthases, Genome-based prediction, Fruit tree, Tree breeding, Host-microbiome interaction, Cellular detoxification, Speed congenics, Parastagonospora nodorum, Septoria nodorum blotch, Necrotrophic plant pathogens, Parastagonospora avenae, Fusarium xylarioides, Coffee wilt disease, Uterine transcriptome, Modern horse breeding, Reproductive diseases, Public health response, Bioinformatic source tracking, Illness outbreaks, African goats, Therefore essential, Horticulture plant, Genus Rhododendron L., Rhododendron genus, Viral spread, Population history, Domestic ducks, Ancient domesticated animal, Intron-mediated enhancement, Cyt δ-endotoxin, Nematotoxic proteins, B. xylophilus, A. pseudosieboldianum, Leaf color, Anthocyanins biosynthesis, Adverse stress, Somatic tissue, Arabidopsis thaliana proteins, Pair bond, Nucleus accumbens, Ventral pallidum, Epigenetic epidemiology, Maize husk consists, Numerous leafy layers, Plays vital roles, Pathogen infection, Several quantitative trait loci, Camptothecin Adverse effects, Organ growth, Camptotheca acuminata, Rapid organ growth, Diacyl hydrazides, Triplex structures, DNA-dependent processes, Triplex-forming sites, Intramuscular preadipocytes, Parallel reaction monitoring, Arthrobacter species, Cold-adapted bacteria, Genetic patterns, Trehalose pathway, Vector competence, Tsetse flies, African trypanosomes, Remains fragmentary, Sodalis isolates, Stress erythropoiesis, Erythroid progenitors, CA-MRSA clones, Reveal candidate genes, Single nucleotide polymorphism phylogenetics, Residual neural networks, Replication origins, Replication forks, Embryo muscle development, Predominant portion, Muscle development, Aphis fabae, Cost of resistance, Host-symbiont interaction, Hamiltonella defensa, Campylobacter jejuni, Exhibit elevated resistance, Attractive control strategy, Long terminal repeat retrotransposon, Lamellibrachia luymesi, Shell matrix proteins, Calcium carbonate crystals, Protein framework, Complex biocomposite structures, Mytilus edulis, Host gene, Tissue-specific regulation, Myofibrillar myopathy, Gluteal muscle, Z-disc, Desmin aggregation, Brassica napus ssp., Population differentiation, Flesh colour, Foliage growth habits, Arabidopsis plants, Physiological dynamics, Nanyang black pig, Auxin permease

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