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Giao dịch Ethereum Proline biosynthesis Dual RNA-seq The financial performance of commercial banks Cry1Ac gene Evidence from south gondar zone Restriction site-associated DNA sequencing Schima superba BRs biosynthesis Cf-10 gene Huai wheat production region Gene expression reprogramming Lateral roots Seed-specific Subtraction library Heading stage Artificial selection South nyanza county governments Non-targeted metabolomics Norway spruce Pollen development Fruit skin Build the capacity of tax auditors Comparative genomic analysis Genome stability Panicle architecture Metabolic adjustment Sub-cellular localization Linkage group Photoperiod response Epidermis remodeling Dioscorea spp. Growth period SNP-index Root and butt rot Transparency and financial reporting Statistically insignificant effects PMM1 transcripts Transposable elements Multiple physiological activities Stenotaphrum secundatum Soybean’s genes V. myrtillus plants Pyrus communis L. B-box motifs Pre-harvest contamination InDel-index Proline synthesis Enhance tax knowledge Fruit cracks Exhibited diurnal rhythmic Firm’s capital expenditure Gamification in learning process and its impact on entrepreneurial intention Environmental accounting for sustainable development Forecasting domestic credit growth based on ARIMA model Gamification in learning process The effects of compassion experienced by SME employees on affective commitment An empirical study in Vietnam Double-mediation of authenticity and positive emotion Evidence from Vietnam and China Attitude towards behavior Measurement of sustainable accounting The relationship between higher education Forecasting domestic credit growth Halal-friendly tourism and factors influencing halal tourism Double-mediation of authenticity Factors influencing job satisfaction Non-state ownership The application of ABC costing method Forming entrepreneurial intentions for students Entrepreneurial intention among Vietnamese students Halal-friendly tourism Autoregressive integrated moving Smallto-medium enterprise Internal marketing policies Performance of the lawyers in Vietnam Factors affecting motivation of lawyers in Vietnam Manufacturing firms in Vietnam Procedures at Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University Perceived environment restorative qualities on Chinese visitors’ satisfaction Self-efficacy and entrepreneurial intention Sustainable deve-lopment Factors influencing halal tourism Correlates in rural Vietnam Elements influence international tourists’ satisfaction Performance of lawyers in Vietnam Low-cost efficiency Chinese visitors’ satisfaction in rural destination The extent of workers' satisfaction Full intermediary role General Islamic values Ethnic minorities to education Impact of personnel creativity on achieving strategic agility Quality of nursing services and inpatient satisfaction Few solutions to improve motivation Ho Chi Minh city tourism The role of gender in household decision-making Chisquare and Cramer’s V tests Em-ployees' satisfaction The cost-based method

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Perceived destination restorative, The Kinh population, The mediating role of knowledge sharing, High-cost business transition, Quality of nursing services, Lawyer’s Motivation and Lawyer’s Performance, Multiple regressions analyses, Order degree of the membrane, Household decision-making in rural areas, Control and entrepreneurial intention, ABC costing-method, Chinese peo-ple, Personnel creativity on achieving strategic agility, Largely across regions, Health center in West Lombok Indonesia, Foreign tourists’ satisfaction include cultural, Six factors positively impact Emotional Intelligence, Fluorescent dyes, Visitors’ satisfaction in rural destinations, The Personnel Creativity, Gender and educational background, The ethnic majority, Cross sessional approach, Sex chromosome, Herbicide resistance, Tourists’ destination satisfaction, Food and Industrial Investments using Knowledge Sharing, Cis-acting regulatory element, Active transposon families, Community genetics, Gunung Sari Health center, Green leaf volatiles, Nutrient element necessary, Avirulence genes, Bacterial artificial chromosome library, Amaranthus tuberculatus, Photosynthate remobilization, Upward-pedicel, Cultivar difference, Storage root, Powdery mildew resistance, Recombination suppression, First flower node, Lolium temulentum, Common ragweed, In natura, Tobacco growth, Genome diversity, Destructive fungal disease, Nested association mapping, Nitrogen-linked, Pod harvest index, Map-based cloning, Non-recombination, Host-selective toxin, Volatile chemical cocktail, Widespread fungal disease, Radioisotope tracing, Aromatic value, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, Root proteomics, Long terminal repeat, Rice worldwide, Pedicel orientation, Leaf-chewing herbivores, Nitrate transporters, Specific homologs, Differentially-expressed sequences, Guard model, Pollen allergenicity, Auxilin-like protein, Allergen synthesis, Chick pea (Cicer arietinum), Half-life period, Akra [Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench], Laboratory standards institute, Genetic advance in genotypes, Household processing, Tomatoes juice agar, Macrolidelincosamide streptogramin B, Majority of the growth, Effects of weaning and sex, Prevalence of mupirocin resistance, Wheat germplasm of SWRS, Bifidobacterium bifidum 235, Elaeagnus species, Calf on postpartum resumption, Nutrition and yield traits, Comparison between organic, Serum HDL-Cholesterol, Traumatic reticulopericarditis, Mother buffaloes, Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) germplams, Retail meat shops, Inorganic selenium, Wavelet analysis for forecasting prices, Review of 56 Cases, Reproduction in mother buffaloes, Genetic variability among 78 cucumber, High cholesterol diet incorporated, Scientific intervention, Precision farming systems, Arrivals of black pepper, Nutritional and biochemical properties, Haemato-biochemical examination, Laying performance, Cucumber germplasm collected, Encapsulated bifidobacterium bifidum, Retail chevon meat shops, Forecasting prices, Genetic divergence for quantitative, Positive venous stasis, Hatchability in broiler breeder, Banana as influenced, Ingredient in poultry feed, Comparative microbial load assessment, Review on drought tolerance, Water resource utilization, Carcass parameters, Biofilm like structures formation, Varied components, Biscuits of polyphenols extract, Fish silage prepared, Magnitude of genetic divergence, MicroRNA (miRNA), Narmada basin, Plants induced, Different growth media, Cost/kg gain, Farming components, Gerbera jamesonii B., Effect of pollination method, Strategy of water resource utilization, Clavibacter michiganensis subsp michiganensis, Retention of polyphenols extract, Drought tolerance in plants induced, Plane of nutrition, Rooftop gardening, Stem-loop secondary structure, Pollination method, Existing ground water withdrawal, Formation of biofilm like structures, Carcass parameters in ram lambs, M fold, Ochrobactrum anthropi, Commercial cultivars of litchi, Media depth, Water potential was assessed, Assessment of genetic parameters, Growth parameters of aerobic rice, Chillies against, Raw pork, Minimum folding free energy, Profitability and yield, Methods of de-suckering, Pythium aphanidermatum (Edson), Fruit set in commercial cultivars of litchi, Reproductive disorder, Neonatal septicaemia by Ochrobactrum anthropi, Larval mortality, Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus)cv. Red Gem, Hardwood cuttings, Soil and water pollution, Aizawl and imphal, Boll retention, Various productive traits, Bacillus subtilis mediated systemic resistance, Influence of nitrogen levels, Sucker cutting tool, Bionematicidal potential, psRNA target, Runoff estimation, Biosurfactant producing bacteria, Drought resistance in rice, Daughter corm production, Closterovirus RTPCR, Missed pathogen, Avian salmonellosis, Wada Taluka, Raw pork sold in retailed butcher shops, Reserve food materials, Water pollution with fluoride, Survival strategy of microbes, Manipur conditions, Managing the fruit, Sowing period, M. incognita, Times of application on growth parameters, Hormone profile of crossbred calves, Early maturing sugarcane, Incorporating plants, Yield of maize (Zea mays), Component traits in okra, Cultivars based on morphological, Kantapara block, Management of rhizome rot caused, Bipolaris maydis (Nisikado and Miyake), Drechslera setariae, Fruits per plant, Chaskaman catchment, Sucker cutting tool for banana, Internal free-auxin, Salmonella gallinarum (S. gallinarum), Achieving higher yields, Foliar application of thiourea, Brevibacillus brevis, Forming biofilm, Sweet corn PGR, Meloidogyne incognita infecting carrot, Drought resistant traits, Significant variation between Aizawl, Genetic parameters for various productive traits, One step RT-PCR method, Shoot borer, White rust disease, Impact of age on enzyme, Meloidogyne javanica control, Dual purpose oat, Prosopis julifora, Reproductive disorders in niali, Vaitarna river, Growth and yield of maize, Performance evaluation of sucker cutting tool, Assessment of empirical methods, Produce signals, Rooting response of hardwood cuttings, Control on tomato, Hepatic enzymes, High density plantation in saffron, Sowing conditions in upland cotton, RT-PCR method for quick, Leaf spot of pearl millet, Salmonella pullorum (S. pullorum), Screening of ginger genotypes, Clot activator vacutainer, Cob yield, Tyrosine agar, Prevalence of reproductive disorders, Cycle completely depends on water, Various places of turmeric, Pulut corn PGR, Fish diversity in Vaitarna river, Maize genotypes against maydis leaf blight, Genetic diversity of pumpkin, Efficient nutrient management, Genotypes of peach based, Production of antibiotics, Herbal methionine, Hormones in crossbred calves, Ginger genotypes for shoot borer, Rice respond, Reliable detection, Dairy environment, Vaitarna river of Wada taluka, Seeds per fruit, Yellow corn PGR, Hot-humid, In vitro studies on efficacy, White rust disease in improved varieties, Screening of antimicrobial spectrum, Quality in wheat crop, Shoot borer (Conogethes punctiferalis Guen.), Evaluation of physiochemical characters, White corn PGR, Underutilized fruits, Soppinabetta ecosystem, Metsulfuron methyl, Dietary antioxidants, Efficacy of agro-chemicals against collar rot, Fruit and shoot borer, Red onion, Eco-friendly practices, Physiochemical characters, Herbicide efficiency, Comparative assessment on performance, Effectiveness of increase, Ambika WB-13-6, Agro-chemicals against collar rot, Red onion (Allium ascalonicum L.), Physiochemical variation, Grape orchards, C.demersum, Exploitation of botanicals, Extent of perception, Under-utilized fruits, Viable alternative, Wheat leaves, Performance of aseel, Increase in storage period, Dissuading factors, Tomato caused, Winged bean [Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) DC.], Botanicals for eco-friendly management, New insecticides against brinjal shoot, Relationship with grain sugar content, Optimum levels of sugar, Humid conditions in tropics, Ceratophyllum demersum Lab work, Eco-friendly farming practices, Grape orchards of Vijayapura Taluka, Farmers to include chickpea, Kandi areas of Jammu region, Variability evaluation in some genotypes, Sclerotium Rolfsii Saccin Manipur, Experimental field site, D-test, Metsulfuron methyl on chlorophyll, Phytoremediation of lead, Anthracnose caused by elsinoe ampelina, Paddy crop among the tribal farmers, Factors dissuading the farmers, Secondary and micronutrient status, Lab aqueous ecosystem, Healthy population Inducible clindamycin resistance, Micronutrient status in soils, Modern combats, Avoidable yield loss, Uninhabited air vehicles, Sucking pest complex, Avoidable yield, Modern warfare, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Pest complex, MQ- 9 Reaper, Leafhoppers in blackgram, Coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering, Dormancy Sphincter Complexes, Pgβglu-1 expression, Cannabis sativa, Terminal bud, Spruce budworm, Freezing-tolerant, Hyperspectral imaging, Coalescent-based analyses, White spruce, Hyper-variable region, Rubber production, Bike-sharing system, Mixed model, Diverse biological, Phyllostachys violascens, Single-copy nuclear gene, Non-astringent, Traffic congestions, SNP marker, Methionine salvage pathway, Vigna radiate, Salt responsive genes, Tetrastigma hemsleyanum, Introgression line, Palestinian snake melon landraces, Traffic accidents emission, Non-target site-based resistance, Short and narrow leaf, Arachis species, Genomic shock, Bax inhibitor-1, Aegilops umbellulata, ATG genes, mRNA sequencing, Spotted-leaf, Cucumis melo var. flexuosus, Chromosome painting, Metabolic resistance, GATA zinc finger domain, ATG8 protein, Premature leaf senescence, Genomic evolution, Tribenuron-methyl, Radish sprouts, Heat-responsive genes, Photosynthesis efficiency, Fine roots, Gene feature, Da tươi Đà điểu, Real time expression, Chilling requirement, Musa itinerans, High-resolution karyotype, Isodon amethystoides, Myosoton aquaticum, Saccharum spontaneum, NF-Y transcription factor, Developmentally programmed cell death, Da Đà điểu thuộc, β-Cyanoalanine, Persistent hazardous metals, Lateral root growth, Oligonucleotide multiplex, Tetracyclic diterpenoid, Nitrogen variants, Arabidopsis lyrata ssp. petraea, Curly leaf, Sugar transport, Benzyl cyanide, Rec8 cohesin, F-box proteins, Solanum pimpinellifolium, Máy bào da, Diacylglycerol acyltransferase

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