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GAMR VIEWED AS A FUNCTIONING PART Helen M Gigley A COGNITIVES SERM A YTMword stress from spelling BRINGING NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING THE MICRO COMPUTER MARKET THE STORY OF Q&A Hendrixword stress from spelling KIMMO SYSTEMS PARSING A FREE WORD ORDER LANGUAGE WARLPIRI Michael B Kashket CATEGORIAL AND NON CATEGORIAL LANGUAGES Joyce Friedman PARSING CONJUNCTIONS DETERMINISTICALLY Donald W Kosy COPYING IN NATURAL LANGUAGES QUEUE GRAMMARS User Edits Classification Document Revision Histories Amit Bronner Measuring Contextual Fitness Error Contexts Extracted the Wikipedia Revision History A revision on EOQ/JIT indifference points EOQ/JIT indifference points Encoding and Acquiring Meanings From cost perspective Figurative Phrases Switch the inventory system Both EOQ model Dyer Uri Zernik Revision total hip replacement Femoral bone defect Circumferential metal mesh Initial stem stability Histological evaluation Prosthesis revision surgery Procedure duration COMPUTER METHODS Roy J Byrd Judith L Klavans Survey of methods and strategies Online bengali handwritten word recognition The OCR process Tensor methods in computer vision Classification methods and algorithms Tensor invariants Advanced deep learning methods BULK PROCESSING OF TEXT A MASSIVELY PARALLEL COMPUTER Gary W Sabot THE INTONATIONAL STRUCTURING OF DISCOURSE 3D medical image Adaptive bidimensional empirical mode decomposition Bidimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition Fast and Adaptive BEMD Siêu mã nguyên tố Phân tích nguyên tố Prime supercode Prime decomposition A prime decomposition algorithm Độ phức tạp tuyến tính Straw Decomposition Tricoderma viride Soybean crop productivity In situ enhancement Soybean straw decomposition Enzyme industrial wastes Urban solid waste C decomposition Laboratory conditions Decomposition studies Cameroonian social planer Multilevel (α β) decomposition Decomposition by population sub groups Between and within groups inequalities Within group inequality (α) Adaptive motion artifact cancellation Heart rate monitoring Variational mode decomposition Heart rate monitoring Government programmes Application of decomposition A SENTENCE ANALYSIS METHOD A JAPANESE BOOK READING MACHINE FOR THE BLIND Massively Parallel Networks Terrence J Sejnowski A MODEL OF PLAN INFERENCE A PROPERTY SHARING CONSTRAINT IN CENTERING DISTINGUISHES BETWEEN THE BELIEFS ACTORS AND OBSERVERS What Should Machine Translation Be AN ENVIRONMENT FOR ACQUIRING SEMANTIC INFORMATION TEMPORALON TO LOGY IN NATURAL LANGUAGE

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Damaris M, Ayuso, Varda Shaked, Towards Conversational QA, Automatic Identification of Problematic Situations, User Intent, Traffic Situations, IT Solutions for Vietnam, Guidelines myocardial revascularization, Specific situations for CAD, PCI in heart failure observational, Procedural aspects of PCI, Assessing the Anatomy of CAD, UMMB technology, Field situations, Urea molasses multi nutrient block, Awareness and adoption, Simpson index, Pesticide usage patterns, Moderate and low use situations, Beneficial arthropods, Non target biota as influenced, P – Solubilizers, Fluorescent pseudomonas, Rainfed situations Soil and productivity, Live body weights, Institutional situations, Early growth performance comparison, Suckling Murrah buffalo calves, An Attribute Grammar Implementation, Government bindlng Theory, GETTING IDIOMS, LEXICON BASED PARSERS HEAD, Phrasal Analysis of Long, A Lazy Way to Chart Parse, PREDICTIVE COMBINATORS, Noun Sequences, A METHOD PROCESSING, Remo Pareschi, Yigal Arens, CONTEXT FRKFNESS, THE LANGUAGE ACCEPTED, MARCUS PARSER, NOMINALIZATIONS IN PUNDIT, IDENTIFYING CUE PHRASES INTONATIONALLY, THE LOGICAL ANALYSIS, LEXICAL AMBIGUITY, Structuring system logical requirements, Analysis phase of SDLC, Logical mode, TOWARD TREATING ENGLISH NOMINALS CORRECTLY, Richard W, On the Acquisition of Lexical Entries, Sproat, The Perceptual Origin, Mark Y, Thematic Relations, Liberman, the Process of Language Generation, The Derivation of a GrammaticaUy Indexed Lexicon, the Longman Dictionary, Contemporary English, A Flexible Lexicon Design, Besemer, Paul S, CONSTRAINTS ON THE GENERATION, ADJUNCT CLAUSES, Expressing Concern, A Unification Method, Marc Luria, Disjunctive Feature Descriptions, ADAPTING AN ENGLISH MORPHOLOGICAL, ANALYZER FOR FRENCH, Byrd and Evelyne, MULTI LEVEL PLURALS, DISTRIBUTIVITY, Remko Scha and David Stallard, Parallel structure, Comma splices, Expressing personality, Making nouns, A Logic for Semantic, Interpretation as Abduction, Mark Stickel, Cues and control, Expert Client Dialogues, Steve Whittaker & Phil Stenton Hewlett Packard, Annealed particle filter algorithm, Lane detection and tracking, Measure weights of particles, Particle filter step, Combines multiple cues, PARSING JAPANESE HONORIFICS, UNIFICATION BASED GRAMMAR, A COMPUTATIONAL THEORY OF PERSPECTIVE, Hiroyuki MAEDA, REFERENCE IN NARRATIVE, Janyce M, Wlebe and William J, Capstone experiences, Analysis of online, Face to face courses, Capstone experience, Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms, Psychological trauma, Vaginal birth, ATOMIZATION IN GRAMMAR SHARING, SYNTACTIC APPROACHES, AUTOMATIC BOOK INDEXING, Gerard Salton, DEDUCTIVE PARSING, MULTIPLE LEVELS OF REPRESENTATION, Computer and Information Science, A DEFINITE CLAUSE, COMBINATORY CATEGORIAL RELATIONSHIP, VERSION OF CATEGORIAL GRAMMAR, LINEAR GRAMMARS GENERATIVE POWER, MONTAG OVIAN DEFINITE CLAUSE GRAMMAR, Bainbridge, A TRANSFER MODEL USING A TYPED FEATURE STRUCTURE, REWRITING SYSTEM, Unification of Disjunctive, Andreas Eisele, LOGICAL FORMS, A THREE VALUED FEATURE INTERPRETATION, NEGATION STRUCTURE DESCRIPTIONS, Unification BasedSemantic Interpretation, GETTINGAT DISCOURSEREFERENTS, REFERENCE TO LOCATIONS, COOKINGUP REFERRINGE XPRESSIONS, Robert Dale, Word Association Norms, THE EFFECTS OF INTERACTION, ACQUIRING DISAMBIGUATION, SPOKEN DISCOURSE, RULES FROM TEXT, Donald Hindle, Oviatt Philip It, Effects of Zr hydride distribution, Irradiated Zircaloy 2 cladding, RIA simulating pellet clad mechanical interaction testing, PelleteClad Mechanical Interaction, P Zn interaction, Mycorrhizal association, Antagonism interaction, Thermoelectric transport, Luttinger liquid, Single channel Kondo effect, Weak repulsive interaction, Quantum transport, Quercus robur, Local and distant effects, EMF interaction, OMF interaction, A Calculus for Semantic, Allelopathy of barnyardgrass weed, Composition and Scoping, An allelopathic interaction with rice, Worldwide literary resources, The allelochemical constituents and pharmacological effects, Techniques of research, coherent structures, COMPUTER AIDED INTERPRETATION, wallbounded turbulence, LEXICAL COOCCURRENCES, large eddy simulations, Paola Velardi, environmental flows, DNase I, RNase A, RNase T, Allenrolfia occidentalis, Atriplex hortensis L, Beta vulgaris L, Top sub sector, Fisheries sub sector, Development of archipelagic region, Hybrid fuzzy MCDM approach, Anti jamming, Interference mitigation, Multi channel GNSS receivers, Trapeziometacarpal joint, Intra articular therapy, Hybrid hyaluronic acid, Retrospective comparative study, Hybrid seq, Cynara cardunculus, Inflorescence development, Alternatively spliced isoforms, Isoform detection, A GENERALIZATION OF THE OFFLINE, PARSABLE GRAMMARS, Andrew Haas, Two Constraints on Speech, Act Ambiguity, Elizabeth A, TREE UNIFICATION GRAMMAR, Frdd Popowich, DISCOURSE ENTITIES IN JANUS, Hinkelman and James F, EVALUATING DISCOURSE, A COMPUTATIONAL MECHANISM, PRONOMINAL REFERENCE, Robed J, Ingria David, Post transcription regulation mechanism, Reversible protein phosphorylation, Dynamic protein phosphorylation, Essential regulatory mechanism, Kinase specific phosphorylation, Memory network, Collaborative filtering, Computational epigenomics, Human T cell leukemia viruses, Adult T cell Leukemia, PROSODY, DESIGNER DEFINITES, Free Indexation, A Compositional Algorithm, Performatives in a Rationally, Based Speech Act Theory, TYPES IN FUNCTIONAL, SOLVING THEMATIC DIVERGENCES, A SYNTACTIC FILTER, UNIFICATION GRAMMARS, TRANSLATION IN MACHINE, PRONOMINAL ANAPHORA, Michael Elhadad, Bonnie Doff, SLOT GRAMMAR, Poor survival rate, Including cholangiocarcinoma, Human cholangiocarcinoma cells, Cell type diversity, Specific cell types, Casein kinase I, LAZY UNIFICATION, DEFAULTS IN UNIFICATION GRAMMAR, Kurt Godden, ZERO MORPHEMES, UNIFICATION BASED COMBINATORY, THE LIMITS OF UNIFICATION, ALGORITHMS FOR GENERATION, THEOREM PROVING IN LAMBEK, Erik Jan van der Linden, Computational structure, generative phonology, relation to language comprehension, AUTOMATICALLY EXTRACTING, REPRESENTING COLLOCATIONS, Automatically Extracting Polarity Bearing Topics, Cross Domain Sentiment Classification, Yulan He Chenghua Lin, Thiophene containing compounds, X ray difraction, Antibacterial and antifungal activity, RNA structure prediction, PARSING THE LOB CORPUS, NOUN CLASSIFICATION, RNA ensembles, Carl G, PREDICATE, Conformational space, de Marcken, RNA motif search, ARGUMENT STRUCTURES, LEXICAL AND SYNTACTIC RULES, BLAST like search tool, Anne Abeill, GC rich helix, Non hairpin, Human argonaute, A HARDWARE ALGORITHM, HIGH SPEED MORPHEME EXTRACTION, ITS IMPLEMENTATION, Cải thiện kết cục thai kỳ, Tư vấn sản khoa, Bernard H, Becker, Aubertin, kerry, Middle Ages, boycotted, christmastide, retainer, Alfred Biese, palladians, Thesis summary Doctor of philosophy, Thesis summary Doctor of philosophy in Law, Association in Vietnam today, Constitutional and administrative law, Non conventional technologies, High pressure processing, Pulse electric field, Pulsed light technology and ultrasound, Freedom of particle motion, Comparing energy, Waylaid on the Road, Stephen Angus Cox, The Clang of the Liberty Bell, The Haunted House, Chosen for Dangerous Work, David Lindsay, Earl of Crawfordm, judith, cantoria, donatello, medici medallions, Typical Bivouac, THE MONKS, The Holloway Massacre, The Poisonous Humboldt, GALLANT SIGHT, A Trophy, A MOURNFUL DINNER PARTY, Forsaking the Old, A GALLANT SIGHT, A Solitary Emigrant, THE FLIGHT, VOWS, MARRIAGE BELLS, Quan hệ Mĩ – Cuba, Bình thường hóa quan hệ Mĩ – Cuba, Albert M, Khủng hoảng kinh tế toàn cầu 2008, Goodrich, Quan hệ ngoại giao Mĩ Cuba, Captures, Khủng hoảng tài chính tiền tệ toàn cầu, the azores, Alabama, blockade, Willis Fletcher Johnson, Aboriginal Inhabitants, Marriage and Bereavement of Velasquez, Rule of Ovando, Archeology of Cuba, Impressions of Cuba, Mối quan hệ Mỹ Cuba, Chính sách cấm vận, Chế độ chính trị ở Cuba, Quan hệ Hoa Kỳ Cuba, Chiến lược hợp tác quốc tế, Chính sách ngoại giao Hoa Kỳ Cuba, Quan hệ Mỹ Cuba, Chính sách đối ngoại của Cuba, Summary of Doctoral Thesis in History, Thesis in History, US Cuba relations, American foreign policy, Cuban foreign policy, THE BILBOES, THE DUCKING STOOL, THE STOCKS, MILITARY PUNISHMENTS, THE PILLORY, PUBLIC PENANCE, LARNACA, THE MESSARIA, POLITICAL REFLECTIONS, THE MONASTERY OF TROODITISSA, THE NORTH COAST, Concordia, Pacific Lutheran, Last Call, Cyril James Humphries Daven, Psalms, Emblemes Chrestiens, New Testament in Greek, Embroidered, Bound in Canvas, Charles Le Goffic, Light Cavalry, Theodore Reichardt, Island Light Artillery, Fredericksburg, Diary of Battery, Cassius Dio, Historical Narrative Originally, Septimius Severus, Geta and Caracalla, Macrinus, Elagabalus, Adam Gurowski, Inauguration da, Butler emancipates slaves, Capture of New Orleans, Balls Bluff, The Evening Post, THE FLAGEOLET, MUNGO BOYD, AN APPARITION, CLAMOUR, OLIVIA, Vince Lombardi, Football Player, True Nature, True Champion, METAPHYSICAL MOJO, Fairer League

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