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Structure and catalysis Pharmaceutical Biology Eritrea during The bactericidal efficacy C virus infection Botanical varieties Công văn số 2697/BHXH-CSYT lao là gì The three dimensional structure of proteins Single nucleotide polymorphism C-2161G Lien Minh chicken Carcinogen exposure Polymorphism rs4072037 MTBC lineages Pulmonary manifestations Nucleotide polymorphism C-2161G Carbohydrates and glycobiology Transmissible venereal tumour Enhancer of zeste-homolog 2 Genetic heritability MUC1 gene Hội nghị tập huấn SLC52A3 gene Genetic risk factors LightCycler RT-PCR SNP genotyping Pulmonary manifestations in HIV patients Good meat quality Promoter region of prolactin gene Tuberculin positive dogs Genetic susceptibility Children’s clinical Cytological and histopathological findings Arrow pin Polymorphism candidate genes Leisure-time exercise Commonly involved system Indicator bacteria Neutrophils and MCHC Non Rhizobial Infections Due Nasal transmissible venereal tumour Common sources of E. coli People living with HIV Host specificity Root non-Rhizobial endophytic bacteria Miscellaneous Gram Negative Bacteria Cellmatrix adhesions Culturing of bacteria Dog with arrow pinning Serum calcium concentrations Mycobacterium bovis Nasal transmissible venereal tumour in a dog Common routes Sweet potato whitefly Bemesia tabaci Genn Chickpea and wheat microbiome Fixation of distal end femoral fracture Chickpea plant tissues Species identification Ney Poovan Bacteria to streams Bacterial growth curve Diverse endophytic bacteria Nitogen fixing endophytic bacteria Bovine tuberculosis Mycobacteria in cattle Yangambi km5 Culturable bacteria Antimicrobial activities of Vietnamese holy basil Multifunctional traits Cell adhesion-mediated Risks to human health Counting large populations Erwinia persicinus Indigenous calves Abattoirs of Assam and Meghalaya Allosteric communication Different hosts in chickpea Banana is modulated Disc diffusion assay Essential oil against food borne bacteria and fungi Nitrate Assimilation Bone marrow stroma In silico drug design Secondary symbionts Inhibition of bacteria isolated Assam and Meghalaya Closeness centrality Modulated by endophytic bacteria Integrin β1 Including listeria monocytogenes isolated The bactericidal concentrations Acetobacterdiazotro phicus Staphylococcal isolates and Pathogens Antifungal susceptibility testing Evaluation of bacillus Ninh Thuan grapes by organic acids Pseudomonas plecoglossicida Listeria strains Numbl influences cell-cycle Supporting the hypothesis

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The holy basil EO, Therapeutic targets, Drug-resistant bacteria, Minimal inhibitory concentration, Coagulase negative staphylococcal isolates, Antifungal resistance pattern, Holy basil essential oil, Vitro pathogenicity test, Minimal bactericidal concentration, Druggable sites, Clinically significant specimens, Co-relation of HIV, Dermatophytosis were included under study, Ninh Thuan grapes, Co-relation of DM, Resistance of these organisms, Tobacco habited in MDR-TB, Clinical specimens, MDR-TB suspected patient, Barbecue chicken, Banana pseudostem scutching waste, Coefficient of concordance, Multi-hurdles, Polar wavelet-gaussian filter, Knowledge-based potential, Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy, Carbon equivalent, Ambient temperature, Ring artifact suppression, Diabetes-related protein complex, Modern microbiology, IASB Framework, North western plains zone, Principal interaction, FYM and Water Stable Aggregate, Multi-hurdles technology, CT imaging systems, Preprocessed nearest-neighbour, Less emphasis, Gene order, Protein 3-Dimensional structure, Native structure, Soil after harvest of cabbage, New algorithm comparing, Stability compared as per BLUP, Etomidate anesthesia, Shelf-stable barbecued chicken stored, Modelling strategies, Plastid genome, Immunoinflammation-related protein complexes, Decoy set, Respiratory depression, BLUE of wheat genotypes evaluated, Anatomical preshaped, The existing techniques, Statistical potential, Haemodynamic responses, Trauma surgery, Pair-wise interaction, Cervical spondylosis, Aeromonas species, Volume calculations, KIểm tra Toán 11, Intramedullary screw, Protein decoy set, Procedure-related time, Zero-P plate, H armigera, Aeromonas spp. A. hydrophila, Tổng quan dinh dưỡng nuôi biển, Protein design, Void volume, Fifth Metatarsal Base fractures, Harris hip score, Native entomopathogenic bacillus thuringiensis, Dengue virus and Zika virus, A. caviae, Quantitative understanding, Fats, Anatomical reduction, Dong Nai river, Evolutionary information, Article cry gene profile, High hydrostatic pressure, Pyrazinamidase activities, Separate calculations, Lipids and Detergents, Protein expression systems, Bacteriological profile of diabetic foot, In vitro assessment, Assessment of antibiotic resistance, Antibiotic resistant environmental bacteria isolated, Gene specific primers, Inverse Protein Folding, Alkaline pH, Stereoselectivity, Over-expressed native, Diabetic foot infections, Selected niches, Filament elongation, Lactobacillus strains isolated, Antibiotic resistance of E. coli isolated from whiteleg shrimp, Bradyrhizobium, Pharmaceutical purposes, Antibiotic resistance lipase, Trigger degradation, Antibiotic resistant bacteria, Wet markets and supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh city, Bovine milk samples in Ludhiana, High antibiotic resistant level, Antibiotic prophylaxis, Plant reproductive organs, Antibacterial activity of plant extracts, The multiple antibiotic resistance, Reservoir of antibiotic resistance, Comparison of antibiotic resistance, Genotypic characterization, Lipase production, The human recipient strains, Extended spectrum β-lactamases producing, Dairy calf, Occlusal indices, Subclinical parasitism, anchorage devices, Latent infection, lingual orthodontics, M expansa, Đặc điểm của bệnh Lao, dental nurses, Confined dairy calf, Orthodontic Nursing, Sub clinical infection, Molecular diagnostic, Ectopic canines, Helminthic and coccidian parasites, Vai trò của Phosphatase kiềm, The priming role of dendritic cells, Anti-human epidermal growth factor receptor 3, The cancer cytotoxic effects of cytokine-induced killer cells, Monomeric anti-HER3 scFv, The priming role, Anti-HER3 Tri-scFv, Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor, SpyCatcher protein ligase system, CIK cells interacted, Cobas Liat strep a assay, Rapid antigen detection test, Emergency service, Molecular point-of-care testing, Traumatic reticulo pericarditis, T cells, Cardiac troponin - cTni in cows, Nonspecific abdominal pain, Immune-monitoring, Traumatic reticulo pericarditis affected cows, Non tuberculous mycobacterium, Diagnostic medicine, Abdominal mass, Early diagnostic measure, Antifungal drug susceptibility, Loweinstein Jensen media, Point-of-Care immunoassay, Comparison of rate of isolation, Antifungal drug susceptibility testing, Presumptive tuberculosis patients, Serious infections, Pocket protocols for ultrasoun, Thông tư số 29/2008/TT-BLĐTBXH, Characterisation of mycobacteria, Cinicomycological study of otomycosis, Identification non-tuberculous mycobacteria, Staphylococcus haemolyticus, Acute illness, Ultrasound physics, AFB Smear, Nosocomial Pathogen, Specimen receiving and processing, Knee trauma, Basic operation of an ultrasound machine, LJ Medium and MGIT, Core chemistry, Lung ultrasound interpretation, Clinical suspicion, Carba NP test, Antifungal susceptibility profile, Initial healthcare, Lung and pleural ultrasound technique, Modified Hodge test, Candida species isolated, Pleural ultrasound interpretation, Epsilometer test, Cách ly y tế tại nhà, Candiduria cases, Carbapenem resistance, Hướng dẫn cách ly y tế tại nhà, Non albicans Candida, Antifungal susceptibility, Metallo-β- lactamases, Bệnh nhân mắc Covid-19, Beta lactamase inhibitor combinations, Prevalence of candida species, Beta lactams and Beta lactam, Antifungal susceptibility isolated, Resistant gram negative pathogens, Blood culture at tertiary care hospital, Susceptibility analysis, Quyết định 96/2003/QĐ-BQP, Tuberculous peritonitis, Tuberculous peritonitis in pregnancy, Ascitic fluid, LJ media, Primary pulmonary tuberculosis infection, Fluoroquinolone resistance, XDR-TB surveillance highlights need, Potential drugs, Thực tập vuốt huyệt chữa bệnh tổng quát, Increasingly restricting, Cách vuốt huyệt chữa bệnh, Python toolkit, Vuốt huyệt chữa bệnh cấp tính, Line probe assay, Vuốt huyệt chữa bệnh mãn tính, Rifampicin and isoniazid, Vuốt huyệt chữa bệnh lão suy, Vuốt huyệt chữa bệnh cao huyết áp, Characterization of mutations, Detection of multidrug resistance, Nanoparticles with antibiotics, Kill cancer cells, Multi-drug resistant organisms, Chemotherapeutic treatments, Pre-extensively drug resistance, NAT2 polymorphism, Global imbalances, Extensively drug resistance, Newly diagnosed TB, Current account balances, Cancer metastasis, Uropathogenic enterobacteriaceae, Pulmonary multidrug resistant tuberculosis, The inflation rate, Balance of payments constraint, Recurrent TB1, Lung cancer cells, Global public health problems, Patient by line probe assay, Payments constraint in Vietnam, NAT2 gene polymorphism, PC-9 brain seeking line, Reliable methods, Foster economic growth, Surveillance tools, Auto regressive, Non-neoplastic brain, Soft tissue mechanics, Myocardium elastic properties, Passive rested hearts, Biaxial elastic modulus, Elastic net, Biaxial testing system, Mediastinal masses, Integrate molecular, Multiple high-throughput platforms, Tumour growth, Receptors and Infectious, Survival and Pathogenesis, combat diseases, Tuberculosis coinfection, dreadful infectious diseases, Fungal diagnostics, biologists, Tuberculosis co infection, Significant mortality, Nhựa cây G. cowa, Virological failure in HIV patients, Aspergillus infection, Dịch chiết điclometan của nhựa cây G. cowa, Cyanide-degrading nitrilase, Gastric aspirates, Isotope patterns originating, Trichoderma harzianum VSL291, Prevalence of mycobacterium tuberculosis, Children suffering, Significantly influence, Lower respiratory tract infection attending, Multiple comorbidities, Esophageal cancer patients, Metabolomics comparative analyses, Several modes, Cancer comorbidity, Yew alkaloids, Post-treatment breast cancer patients, Fastq2vcf modified, Abstract of medical Phd thesis Diagnostic imaging, Beyond summary metrics, Postsurgical differentiated thyroid cancer patients, Fatal malignancy, Pre-treatment breast cancer, Government cancer Hospital Aurangabad, Specific mutations, Generation sequencing, Cancer patient pathways, High serum thyroglobulin, Extraaxilary nodes, TGFβ1 predictors, Cancer patientscancer patients, Reliable method, Distance metastases, Transforming growth factor Beta 1, Negative 131I whole body scan, Urinary tract infection in cancer patients, Immunological marker, Summary of Phd thesism, Breast cancer patients, Subclinical features, Alcohol cessation, Resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Urgent referral, Lung cancer patients, Treatment initiation, RIF resistance, Streptococcus anginosus, Chitin synthase 1 gene, H mono resistance, Bài giảng Lao và HIV, PCR as a rapid diagnostic tool, Thoracic abscess, Detection of rifampicin resistance, Molecular prevalence, JSB stain, Sinh bệnh học lao/HIV, SAG-MTB co-infection, Rapid diagnostic tool, Dịch tễ học lao/HIV, Antigen detection, Detection of dermatophytes, Lâm sàng lao/HIV, Agroclimatic zones, DNTN Mỹ Hoàng, Nimals tissues such, Chẩn đoán lao/HIV, Falciparum malaria diagnosis, Điều trị lao/HIV, Điều trị thiếu máu thiếu sắt, Thai phụ tuổi thai 26-28 tuần, Công văn số 8912/CT-TTHT, Công ty TNHH Iris Ohyama, Thu nhập chịu thuế TNDN, Công văn số 2730/VPCP-QHĐP, Công văn số 6991/CT-TTHT, Công văn số 39722/CT-TTHT, Văn phòng đại diện Abbvie Biopharmaceuticals Gmbh, Trợ cấp nghỉ việc, Luật Bảo hiểm xã hội số 58/2014/QH13, Văn bản số 974/TTKQH-TH, Công ty cổ phần Lifestyle Việt Nam, năng giáp là gì, Công văn số 3168/CT-TTHT, thông tin về năng giáp, Dịch tễ học bệnh Eczema, chữa thổ tả, mẹo nấu chè ngon, Mắc bệnh trong thai kỳ, Báo cáo số 21/BC-LĐTBXH, Tiền sử sinh con nhẹ cân, Báo cáo số 21, Số 21/BC-LĐTBXH, Sở Giáo dục và Đào tạo tỉnh Khánh Hòa, Thực hiện bình đẳng giới năm 2014, Seoul ngọt ngào, Tác giả Jung Yi Hyun, Thời đại của sự lựa chọn, Con đường mạo hiểm, Nguy hiểm chết người, Bí mật của những đôi tình nhân, Quyết định số 480-TTg, Tỷ lệ khoán kinh phí phục vụ nấu ăn, Nghị định số 116/2016, Indonesia thời cận đại, Lịch sử Indonesia thời cận đại, Lịch sử Indonesia, Indonesia cuối thế kỷ XIX, Chế độ thống trị tại Indonesia, cách vệ sinh laptop, cách tháo lắp laptop, hướng dẫn vệ sinh laptop, thao tác vệ sinh laptop, bàn học gọn gàng, dumas, Phần mềm kế toán xây dựng, Robert Sewell, cài đặt phần mềm adminpak, alexandre, musketeers, three, Làm vòng hoa Halloween, cách cài đặt adminpak, cài đặt Vietkey Linux 3.0, Số: 71/2014/QH13, Công văn số 10358/VPCP-TH

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