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Quantitative morphological Arid area Ardabil province Piper tsarasotrae Thlaspi rosulare Pronectria xanthoriae Palynological features of Stenocephalum Genus Astragalus L. Mericarp features Nearest neighbor distance Neotropical orchid genus Frondaria Authentic collections Seed dormancy systems Ascomycota biodiversity Polyploid complex Seed structure of some taxa Heliotropium taxa Shade avoidance Erigeron hybrid Trichosantha seeds Taxa described by Djavanchir Khoie Taxonomic composition Structure of selected organs Including leaf shape Genus Piper L. Japanese morning glory Plantago sect. Maritima T. tatianae Frondaria species Noccaea ali-atahanii Micromorphological characters of seeds Female reproductive success Historical collections Boletus s. str. Trifolium repens Scanning electron microscopy micrographs Plant microtechnique Heliotropium species Trifolium pratense Borago officinalis L. ITS secondary structure Ipomoea nil Epipelic diatom flora Plantago subulata Seed shapes include reniform–globose Octomeria tenuis Micromorphological seed Morphological intermediacy Orchis punctulata Including Euploca Nutt. Astragalus borysthenicus Flora across virtual herbaria Nitzschia inconspicua Plantago species Boletus himalayensis Hybrid origin P. graminea Micronutrient homeostasis Planothidium lanceolatum P. sarda Current taxonomy P. subulata var. atlantis Amphora pediculus Glass-fiber filtration P. subulata var. granatensis Thói quen chăm sóc răng miệng Chẩn đoán ung thư đường mật Crilin and nanocurcumin’s synergistic effect Tiêm tĩnh mạch chậm Treatment for 7.12 dimethylbenz[a]anthracene Induced breast cancer mice The DMBA-induced mice’s body weight Crilin and nanocucumin The Gly972Arg polymorphism in IRS1 gene The risk of prediabetes among vietnamese women Lfestyle and clinical factors Natural radioactivity in soil samples around gold mining area Adjusted for socio-economic Quantum dots sensitized solar cells Gamma ray spectrometer with NaI (Tl) detector Bohl perron theorem for differential algebraic equations Cu2ZnSnS4 nanomaterial synthesized by hydrothermal approach The studies of energy transfer between Sm3+ ions Raman spectroscopy of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics revisited The bhabha scattering in Randall-sundrum Model Cu2ZnSnS4 nanomaterial synthesized TiO2/CdS:Mn2+/CdSe photoanode CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics revisited Convergence for martingale sequences of random bounded linear operators Energy transfer between Sm3+ ions Substituted concentration on structure Synthesis and electrochemical properties of Fe2O3@C composite Cu doped ZnS microstructures synthesized by thermal evaporation Photoanode light-harvesting capacity Well-defined double-perovskite type crystalline structure Solar absorber layer fabrication Lead sodium telluroborate glasses Random bounded linear operators Magnetic properties of Y3Fe5-xInxO12 Cu doped ZnS microstructures

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Iron-air battery, Thickness of the films, The imprints of Raman spectroscopy, Inokuti hirayama model, Products of random bounded linear operators, The finite size effect on properties, Scanning electron microcopy, The Fe2O3@C electrode, The reduction of intersublattice interaction, The UV-Vis spectra shifted toward longer, Martingales of random bounded linear operators, The energy transfer probability, A weakly interacting bose G, Doping of Cu2+ ion, Commercial Fe2O3 and AB, The synthesis of bio-polyol from epoxidized soybean oil, The luminescence spectra, In improved hatree-fock approximation, The synthesis of bio-polyol, Hatree-Fock approximation, Synthesis and characterization of bioglass 45s doped with Ag, Epoxidized soybean oil, One-loop approximation of quantum field theory, Bioglass 45s doped with Ag, Epoxide ring-opening, XRD and SEM, A new record for the flora of Vietnam, Kinetic study of epoxidation of rubber seed oil, The flora of Vietnam, Study on selectivity of tungstate based catalyst, Determination of phthalate diesters, An extent description, Epoxidation reaction of modified, Distribution of phthalate diesters, Tungstate based catalyst, Non modified rubber seed oil, Beverage collected from Hanoi, Epoxidized rubber seed oil, Maximum residual level according, Preliminary data on species composition, A monitoring solution for basic behaviors, The scolopendromorph centipedes, Basic behaviors of objects in distributed systems, Kon Ka Kinh National Park, Compound Gaussian clutter, Model basic operations, Kon Chu Rang nature reserve, Monitor communication operations, Point-like target detection, Normalized adaptive filter, Semi-definite programming, Linear subspace, Conic class, Steering vector, Phòng dưỡng nhi, Ca sanh thường, Phòng khám nhi, Dịch vụ nhi khoa, Ca sanh mổ, Điều trị đau sau phẫu thuật ở trẻ em, Chăm sóc sức khỏe bệnh nhi, Chăm sóc trẻ em sau mổ, Bệnh hô hấp cao nhất, Hình thái glôcôm trẻ em, Nguyên gây mù lòa, Kisspeptin neurons, Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo var. styriaca, Biolistic transformation, Peripheral administration of kisspeptin, Glyphosate-tolerant gene, Senna rugosa, Rhodotorula glutinis, Ca2+ efflux, Bacterial transformation, Kisspeptin antagonist, Cytogenetic analysis, 3T3-L1 preadipocytes, Pollen diameter, Estradiol receptors, Rhesus monkey, Optimization of E. coli, N-alkanes, Polyembryony frequency, Agrobacterium transformation, Escherichia coli Rosetta, Haploid induction, Atriplex halimus, Synaptosomal mitochondria, Hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal, SIRT3 knockout liver cells, Crucian carp, Kremen-1, Soft wheat, Origanum majorana L., Efficient DNA uptake, Oryza sativa. L cv IR64, Precancerous stem cells, ATP-sensitive potassium channels, Dehydrin AhDHN, Oil-polluted soil, Dkk-3 functions, Very small embryonic-like stem cells, Wheat wild relatives, Green fluorescent proteins, Dormant period, Brain stem, API 20C AUX system, Mediterranean saltbush, Rat uterus cells, Bos taurus, Hepatoma cells in vitro, ADP-ribosyltransferases, Total chlorophyll retention, Whole cell biosensors, Plant abiotic stresses, Transformed roots, Explant collection date, Histoanatomical changes, Multiple immunomodulatory properties, Aquaporin 2, Soft hydrogel, ROS-sensitive fluorescent probe, Gamma carboxylase, Puroindoline genes, Mycorrhizal colonization, LTR retrotransposons, Cyclin-dependent kinases, Metallic nanoparticles, High-resolution melting, Biosensing techniques, Y-specific microsatellites, Seed maturation, Wild boars, Hypodermic cell walls, Neuronal gene, Industrially polluted soil, Rootstock breeding program, Intron splicing, Cell-cycle machinery, Wild barley, Western diet, Althaea officinalis, Anoxybacillus kestanbolensis AC26Sari, Immunomodulatory activity, Conyza blinii H.Lév., Transformed BL21, histopathological and biochemical, Colicin N, Y-chromosomal microsatellites, Biomarkers of oxidative stress, Mammalian aquaporins, Arnica montana L., RTAP markers, Small intron, Hordeum spontaneum, DXS gene, Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte epitopes, E. coli BL21, Isopropyl-β-D-thiogalactopyranoside, Polish autochthonous breeds, Cancer statistics, Mentha pulegium, ABC transporters, Anesthetics during surgical operations, Fluidtransporting epithelial cells, Polyamine oxidase, Proteolytic feet of cancer cells, Mobile genetic elements, Membrane fatty acids, cDNA ends, Mutation screening, Redox gene, Inducible T7 promoter, Clinicopathological factors, Immunological cells, MerR gene, Ceramidase inhibitor, Zataria multiflora, Colicin N translocates across, Drosophila gamma carboxylase, Usnea filipendula, Anxiolytic properties, Manganese superoxide dismutase, Sus scrofa kidneys, Progress in cancer, GC regulation, Aspergillus japonicus, Apoptosis inhibitor protein, In vitro antiproliferative, Anticancer drug transport, Mammary carcinogenesis, Vaccine design, Poly-LacNAc, Underlying basement membrane, Saturated fat, Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors, Salicylic acid on A549, Thermophilic ribulokinase, Eradicate tumor, N-terminal domain, Small noncoding RNAs, D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase, Survivin gene promoter polymorphism, Exit blood vessels, Colon tumorigenesis, Cross-species transferable markers, Cancer publications, Philadelphia chromosome-positive, Galectin-3, Mitogen-activated protein kinases, D-ribulose activity, Human lung adenocarcinoma, Lymphoid cells, C6 cell line, Selective estrogen receptor antagonists, Ammonium sulfate precipitation, Circular dichroism spectroscopy, Amiprophos-methyl, HeLa cells, Cell-free filtrate, Vaccinium myrtillus, Organism’s immune system, Datura metel, Blood circulation, LdMNPV IAP-3 gene, Porcine FTO, DNA functionality, Cancer cell genome’s numeric, Antiapoptotic proteins, Adhesion and signal molecules, Mitochondrial oxidative metabolism, Biosurfactant-producing, Genetically modified feed, Steinernema websteri, Myeloid cells, Polymorphonuclear elastase, Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes, HeLa cell line, Potential fungicide against pathogens, Include biologically, Cell cycle synchronization, BIR and RING domains, ATP viability assays, Caco-2, Ornithine decarboxylase, GC-induced candidate genes, Micropropagate Vaccinium myrtillus L., Arabian Sea coast of Karachi, Growth factor receptors, Novel food, Cancer diagnoses, Bcr-abl fusion protein, Acid ceramidases, Polymorphonuclear leukocyte, HT29 cell line, Posttranscriptional silencing, Parasympathetic agent, Achromobacter insolitus, Genus Thymus, DNA fragmentation analysis, Oxygen-dependent, Postmarketing biosafety assessment, DNA insecticides, Human colon carcinoma, Fruits worldwide, Skoog medium, Industrial biotechnology, Caspase-3-enzyme activity assays, Oxygen-independent mechanisms, Onosma malatyana, Microtubule inhibitory, Including biochemical, Dichoropetalum alanyensis, Hellenocarum H.Wolf, Anderson’s rhododendron medium, New macrofungi records, Plastic responses, Ecologic wood anatomy, Stalked puffballs, Cryptogramma crispa L., CO2 enrichment, Hymenocoleus Bunge, Cladoniicolous fungi, Muscari elmasii, Umbelliferae-Apioideae, O. gigantea Lam, Dry temperate forest, Psylliostachys spicata, Alyssum amasianum, Fraxinus L., Scanning electron micrographs, Tulostoma ahmadii sp. nov., Cymodocea nodosa, Gas chromatographic analysis, Abrothallus cladoniae, Hymenostegis Bunge, Orchid seeds, Bellevalia species, Muscari elmasii sp. nova, Macrofungi species, PsbA-trnH intergenic spacer, Eumusae leaf spot disease, Semiquantitative RT-PCR analysis, Synonym of Salvia pinnata, Described and illustrated, C. bithynica, Quantitative anatomical features, Mericarp surface sculpturing pattern, Poa eigii, Seed mass and size, Net community production, T. squamosum, Degraded rangeland, TrnL intron, Marginate bulb, Macrophyllium Boiss, Epicladonia stenospora, Dumontinia tuberosa, Cicer L., Bellevalia vuralii, rReproductive tissues of T. turcica, Radial vessel diameters, A. hirsutum subsp. caespitosum, Salvia pratensis, Macro- and microscopic details, Genus Poa L., Athallia baltistanica, Biparentally inherited nuclear locus gapCp, Subtractive suppression hybridization, Tetraena hamiensis, TrnL-F IGS, Endemic taxa of Pittosporum, Lichenosticta alcicornaria, Ambient concentration, Vegetation restoration, Genus Lens Mill., Lycoperdon lambinonii, Scilla bilgineri, Inocybe kohistanensis, Molecular probes, Large-sized basidiospores, Plectranthus hijazensis, M. mirum, A. strigosum subsp., T. turcica indicated, Basidiomycota from Trabzon, Vessels per mm2, Ethnobotanical repository, Astragalus hymenocystis, Ethnobotanical surve, Caloplaca alcarum, Poa eigii Feinbrun., Somatic chromosome, Genus Pittosporum, Lichenoconium aeruginosum Diederich, Autopolyploid origin of C. bithynica, Zygophyllaceae of Saudi Arabia, TrnV intron, Vicia montbretii, Musa–M. eumusae interaction system, Labellum micromorphology, Scilla L., Molecular phylogenetic analyses, Generation biofuels, Salvia ertekinii, Conocybe mesospora, Plectranthus asirensis L., TtAP1 transcripts, Trichome type of the fruits, Ocean acidification, Medicinal literature, Forage grasses, Pyronemataceous macrofungi taxa, Basidiomycetous fungi occurring, Cell walls, Anthostomella-like genera, Alopecurus goekyigitiana, Local inhabitants, Inconnexa nesodes, Cirsium sect. Cirsium, Arbusculate coils, Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq., Glumes subequal, Campanula L., Plant associations, Plant biodiversity, Titan arum, Lathyrus L., Rhodocybe Maire, Salvia officinalis L. var. purpurascens, Especially in leaf, Orchid genera Orchidaceae, Particularly seed, Mycosphaerella eumusae, Centaurea bingoelensis, Cell wall structure, Oxytropis species, Multigene phylogeny, Lumen diameters, Cultural importance index

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