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v Tomoharu Iwata Daichi Mochihashi Hiroshi Sawada Tree Based Deterministic Dependency Parsing Kotaro Kitagawa Kumiko Tanaka Ishii Sparsity in Dependency Grammar Induction Jennifer Gillenwater Optimizing Question Answering Accuracy Simple semi supervised training SVD and Clustering Maximizing Log Likelihood part of speech taggers Unsupervised POS Tagging Matthias H Michael Lamar Unsupervised co learning Heie Vocabulary Choice Indicator of Perspective Beata Beigman Klebanov TAILORING LEXICAL CHOICE THEUSERS VOCABULARY MULTIMEDI A EXPLANATION GENERATION Online Generation Locality Sensitive Hash Signatures Testing vocabulary Selection of items Matching items Quantify gene Hierarchical Sequential Learning Extracting Opinions and their Attributes Yejin Choi and Claire Cardie Extracting Sequences from the Web Anthony Fader Stephen Soderland Arabic Named Entity Recognition An Entity Level Approach Using Features Extracted Decision detection Using Speech hierarchical graphical models Reply to SMS Messages While Driving An In Car Simulator User Study Trung H Optimizing Informativeness and Readability Mining Unseen Words Detection of Japanese Homophone Errors Hitoshi Nishikawa a Decision List Including a Written Word Takaaki Hasegawa a Default Evidence Windows Phone Speech Yoshihiro Matsuo and Genichiro Kikui Frustratingly Easy Domain Adaptation Enabling Speech Synthesis Controlling Applications Instance Weighting Fortune Teller Program Domain Adaptation in NLP Voice Command Definition Jing Jiang and ChengXiang Zhai Self Training for Enhancement Domain Adaptation of Statistical Parsers Blind multi channel speech separation Trained on Small Datasets Spatial estimation in two speaker environments Definitely not Least Expense of permutation ambiguity On the Role Mixture of two speech signals Sentence in Automatic Polarity Classification Text to speech TTS systems Multi scales based HOG Using Conditional Random Generalization capabilities Random decision forest Fields to Predict Pitch Accents in Conversational Speech Local descripto constrained speech system using WoZ Laila Dybkjver Native fluorescence Protoporphyrin IX Coproporphyrin I Tissue morphology Tissue retrieval Spectrogram images Speech classification Infrared imaging TMW database Genetically modified organism GMO screening Matrix approach Genetically modified plant A Speech based Just in Time Retrieval System Andrei Popescu Belis Guessing Parts of Speech Public health decision Unknown Words Highly discriminatory typing methods Global Information

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Verotoxigenic Escherichia coli, Integration of Speech, to Computer Assisted Translation, A Limited Domain English to Japanese, Medical Speech Translator Built, REGULUS 2, Using Parse Features, Hierarchical A∗, Parsing with Bridge Outside Scores, Preposition Selection, Measures of Distributional Similarity Lillian Lee, Verb Classification, Developing Independent learning competency, Syntactic and Semantic Structures, Hierarchical network design model, Reducing semantic drift, Hierarchical network model, bagging and distributional similarity, Tara McIntosh and James R, Shape context, Measuring efficiency of a university faculty, Active shape model, A hierarchical network data envelopment analysis model, Hierarchical network data, Relatively efficient since, Efficiency measurement model, Scaling Distributional, Similarity to Large Corpora, James Gorman and James R, HC tree structure, Distributional Similarity Models, Clustering Neighbors, Lillian Lee, Active Learning Based Elicitation, Word classification, Semi Supervised Word Alignment, WSD, combined measures of distributional, Vamshi Ambati, Distributed Constraint Optimization Problem, Abhilash Inumella, Choosing Sense Distinctions for WSD, Psycholinguistic Evidence, Susan Windisch Brown, Ensemble Methods, Unsupervised WSD, Samuel Brody Roberto Navigli Mirella Lapata, A Hybrid Relational Approach, WSD – First Results, Lucia Specia Núcleo, Supervised Domain, Adaption for WSD, Eneko Agirre and Oier Lopez, Unsupervised Search, Sentiment Translation, Growing Related Words from Seed, The Optimal Segmentation, Lexicon Induction, User Behaviors, Christian Scheible, A Re ranking Based Approach, Is Machine Translation Ripe, Cross lingual Sentiment Classification, Kevin Duh and Akinori Fujino, Expanding Verb Coverage, Cyc With VerbNet, A Framework for Figurative Language Detection, Clifton J, Daria Bogdanova, McFate, Edit Tree Distance alignments, Semantic Role Labelling, Hector Hugo, Adapting Self training, Rasoul Samad Zadeh Kaljahi, Automatic Sanskrit Segmentizer, Vipul Mittal, Presupposition Relations between Verbs, Galina Tremper, Multi Task Transfer Learning, Hedge Classification, Importance of linguistic constraints, The use of formal language models, Grammar Prototyping and Testing, statistical dependency parsing, A Graphical Tool, the typology of the morphology, the LinGO Grammar Matrix Customization System, Bharat Ram Ambati, Amerindian languages, GermaNet Development, Verena Henrich, Bender, Online tool, Probabilistic graphical model, Functional enrichment analysis, Metropolis Hastings, MCMC based methods, a system for tutoring, Web based LRT services for German, linguistics experimentation, MCMC yields estimates, Erhard Hinrichs, Marie Hinrichs, Dzikovska, Similarity plot, Graphical tool, Candidate recombination, Enrichment analysis, Visualize enrichment results, R based graphical tool, Talking NPCs, Virtual Game World, Hunting for the Black Swan, Tools for Multilingual, Risk Mining from Text, Grammar Based Translation on the Web, Jochen L, Aarne Ranta and Krasimir Angelov, Leidner and Frank Schilder, Tree based, Practice and Use, Forest based Translation, Bonnie Webber, Text structure, Reading instruction, Teaching reading skills, Signalling languages, Non Verbal Cues, Justine Cassell, TENSE TREES, FINE STRUCTURE OF DISCOURSE, Hee Hwang, Aspect and Discourse Structure, Neutral Viewpoint Required, DEPENDENCIES OF DISCOURSE, STRUCTURE ON THE MODALITY, Philip R, Eduard Hovy, A Word Class Approach, Effective Use of Function Words, Labeling PSCFG Rules, Sujith Ravi, Rule Generalization, Gene annotation, Phage annotation, Genome annotation comparison, Genome annotation determination, Automated annotation services, Different genome annotation services, Genome re annotation projects, Enzyme prediction, Transport prediction, Metabolic modeling, Evaluating the Impact, Coder Errors, A Fast and Accurate Method, Combining Morpheme based Machine Translation, Coreference annotation, Approximate String Search, Post processing Morpheme Prediction, Colorado Richly Annotated Full Text, Ziqi Wang, Ann Clifton and Anoop Sarkar, Domain specific ontologies, RNase P RNA, Ribonuclease P, RNase P’s sequence, MiRNA disease association, Essential catalytic RNA, Similarity kernel, Taxonomic annotation, Fast kernel learning, K mer analysys, Sparse kernel, Assembly algorithms, Laplacian regularized least squares, Gene rearrangement, Mammalian mitochondrial genome, Comparative genomic analysis, Joint Annotation, Michael Bendersky, Scaling up Automatic Cross Lingual Semantic Role Annotation, James Henderson, Problem of flooding and drought, Impact of the water system, Poor watershed area, Accumulation of sediment, Observational description method, Contingent crop, Raifed ecosystem, Impact of contingent crop, Rice fellow upland, Placement of Niger crop, Global land cover characterization, Seyhan river, Jigs and Lures, Associating Web Queries, Structured Entities, Jointly Labeling, Chunking Sequences, Query Weighting, Ranking Model Adaptation, A New Dataset, A Large Scale Distributed Syntactic, Collecting Highly Parallel Data, Method for Automatically Grading ESOL Texts, Paraphrase Evaluation, Lexical Language Model, DRID A new merging approach, New merging approach, The dataset availibity, Interactive Topic Modeling, Yuening Hu, Word Maturity, Faster and Smaller, Joint Bilingual Sentiment Classification, Local Histograms, Unlabeled Parallel Corpora, N Gram Language Models, Character N grams, Word Knowledge, Adam Pauls, Toward Smaller, Faster, and Better Hierarchical Phrase based SMT, Content Models with Attitude, Christina Sauper, Recognizing Named Entities in Tweets, Unsupervised Word Alignment, How do you pronounce your name, Arbitrary Features, Improving G2P with transliterations, Chris Dyer Jonathan, Aditya Bhargava, Exploiting Structure, the MDI Algorithm, Unsupervised Transliteration Mining, Application to Word Alignment, Model Based Aligner Combination, Dual Decomposition, John DeNero, A Class of Submodular Functions, Discovery of Topically Coherent Sentences, Document Summarization, Hui Lin, Jointly Learning, Extract and Compress, In domain Relation Discovery, Semi supervised Relation Extraction, Meta constraints, Large scale Word Clustering, Posterior Regularization, Ang Sun, Knowledge Based Weak Supervision, Overlapping Relations, Exploiting Syntactico Semantic Structures, Yee Seng Chan, Distributed word representation, Computation with words, Semantics of terms, Linguistic representation model, An Unsupervised Model, Joint Phrase Alignment and Extraction, Bilingual Graph Based Projections, Dipanjan Das, Unsupervised Language Model Adaptation, Incorporating Named Entity Information, Unsupervised Coreference Resolution, Nonparametric Bayesian Model, Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein, Statistically Determining, Coordinate Phrase Attachment, A Clustering Approach, the Nearly Unsupervised Recognition, Nonliteral Language, Incremental Syntactic Language Models, Phrase based Translation, Lane Schwartz, Unsupervised Recognition of Literal, Non Literal Use, Learning Hierarchical Translation Structure, Linguistic Annotations, Combining Unsupervised, Markos Mylonakis, Lexical Knowledge Methods, Neutralizing Linguistically Problematic Annotations, Unsupervised Dependency Parsing Evaluation, Roy Schwartz, Shift Reduce CCG Parsing, Yue Zhang, N Best Rescoring Based, Lexically Triggered Hidden Markov Models, Learning to Grade Short Answer Questions, Clinical Document Coding, Pitch accent Patterns, Semantic Similarity Measures, Svetlana Kiritchenko, Je Hun Jeon, Dependency Graph Alignments, A Cross Lingual ILP Solution, Altaf Rahman and Vincent Ng, Ryu Iida, A Hierarchical Pitman Yor Process HMM, Learning to Transform, Binarized Forest, Select Elementary Trees, Unsupervised Part of Speech Induction, String Translation, Improved Syntax based Machine Translations, Using Deep Morphology, Improve Automatic Error Detection in Arabic Handwriting Recognition, Nizar Habash and Ryan M, A Discriminative Model, Joint Morphological Disambiguation, Rule Markov Models, Fast Tree to String Translation, Ashish Vaswani, Robust Approach to Abbreviating Terms, A Discriminative Syntactic, Word Order Model, A Discriminative Language Model, Pseudo Negative Samples, Daisuke Okanohara, Flexible Answer Typing, Discriminative Preference Ranking, Microscopy imaging, Subcategory model, Discriminative feature transform, Unsupervised Bilingual Morpheme Segmentation and Alignment, Context rich Hidden Semi Markov Models, Jason Naradowsky, Graph partitioning approach, Laplacian matrix, Normalized cut, An efficient multiple keywords search method, Extended skip graph, Plurality of keywords, A bloom filter, K means and graph, Original image, Human operators, Graph set analysis, Solid form selection, Hydrogen bonded network, Chemical engineers, Model Adaptation, ESL Correction Tasks, Extending query, Distinguishes concepts, Automated Whole Sentence Grammar Correction, Noisy Channel Model, Heterogeneous diseases, Albert Park Roger Levy, Oncogenes specifically, Mutational clustering, Ongoing biological, Fundamentally linear, Motif finding, Short sequences, Exosomal RNAs, Simple Supervised Document Geolocation, Geodesic Grids, Benjamin P, Classifying Arguments by Scheme, Vanessa Wei Feng, Automatically Evaluating Text Coherence, Reordering Metrics for MT, Ziheng Lin, Alexandra Birch, Miles Osborne, Reordering with Source Language Collocations, A Joint Sequence Translation Model, Integrated Reordering, Nadir Durrani, Learning From Collective Human Behavior, Using Cross Entity Inference, Introduce Diversity in Lexical Choice, Yu Hong, Vahed Qazvinian, A Pronoun Anaphora Resolution System, Factorial Hidden Markov Models, Dingcheng Li, Knowledge Base Population, Disentangling Chat, Nonlinear Evidence Fusion, Successful Approaches, Local Coherence Models, Hyponymy Relation Mining, An Affect Enriched Dialogue Act Classification Model, Task Oriented Dialogue, Kristy Elizabeth Boyer Joseph, Crowdsourcing Translation, Professional Quality, Non Professionals, A Statistical Tree Annotator, Confusion Forest, Taro Watanabe, Minimum Bayes risk, System Combination

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