"Sterculia foetida L"

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Multi-tasking than men, Conducted to prepare apricot jam, Implicit prejudice, Receptive language, Mental health and parenting, Aboriginal cognitive testing, Japanese version, Biogas is directly proportional, Trade-off, Felt stigma, Forced labor, Leukocyte telomere length, Cry1Ac expression, Promising sorghum, Social discomfort, Patient’s rehabilitation, Music-instruction intervention, Fertility-related quality of life, Annual financial report, School girls, Chủ nghĩa đe dọa môi trường, Children’s neurocognitive behavior, Motivational care planning, Illness beliefs, Regulatory focus, Pulp of fresh mature apricots, Small ruminants holdings farmed, Glass size, Attentional avoidance, Implicit stereotype, Mitigate parenting anxiety, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Cultural acceptability, Canadian armed forces, Value-based health care, Improved Cry1Ac expression level, Patient health Questionnaire-9, Face perception, Psychiatric comorbidities, Care burden, Psychosocial well-being following 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