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Semtence building Đề kiểm tra 1 tiết Anh 6 V bare infinitive Writing with sentence building Prediction of Learning Curves Joint Feature Selection Distributed Stochastic Learning Prasanth Kolachina Large Scale Discriminative Training in SMT Subsequent biological Connectivity mapping Latent variable models Probabilistic modeling Probabilistic network Hymenolepis microstoma Syntenic relationships Transcriptome assemblies Disease conditions Bayesian based approach qRT PCR measurements Automated Essay Scoring Based towards ASR Transcription Oral English Speech Text level Discourse Parsing Rich Linguistic Features PDTB style Discourse Annotation A Hierarchical Nonparametric Model using Speaker Identity Topic Segmentation Multiparty Conversations Temporally Anchored Relation Extraction Guillermo Garrido Anselmo Penas Deciphering Foreign Language Combining Language Models Context Vectors Machine Translation without Words Substring Alignment Graham Neubig Fast Syntactic Analysis Statistical Language Modeling Substructure Sharing and Uptraining Discriminative Strategies Integrate Multiword Expression Recognition and Parsing Matthieu Constant Discriminative Pronunciation Modeling A Large Margin Feature Rich Approach Spectral Learning Latent Variable PCFGs Shay B Non Deterministic Dependency Parsing Ariadna Quattoni and Borja Balle Patient heterogeneity Spectral clustering Hyper spectral image Semi supervised classification problem CANN algorithms CASVM algorithms Capturing Paradigmatic Syntagmatic Lexical Relations Towards Accurate Chinese Part of Speech Tagging Fast Online Training with Frequency Adaptive Learning Rates New Word Detection Maximum Expected BLEU Training Phrase and Lexicon Translation Models Xiaodong Modeling Review Comments Arjun Mukherjee A Joint Model for Discovery Aspects in Utterances Asli Celikyilmaz Aspect Extraction Semi Supervised Modeling Concept to text Generation Collective Generation Natural Image Descriptions Discriminative Reranking Polina Kuznetsova Ioannis Konstas and Mirella Lapata NEA and the IAEA Pressurized water reactors Occupational Exposure program A Discriminative Hierarchical Model Fast Coreference Subgroup Detection Ideological Discussions Cross Domain Co Extraction of Sentiment Topic Lexicons Fangtao Li String Re writing Kernel Fan Bu A Statistical Model for Unsupervised Semi supervised Transliteration Mining Hassan Sajjad Alexander Adaptation of Statistical Machine Translation Model Cross Lingual Information Retrieval Service Context Semantic Parsing Bayesian Tree Transducers Bevan Keeley Jones

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Joint Syntactic, Semantic Parsing of Chinese, Junhui Li and Guodong Zhou, The Task, State of the Art and the Future, A Bayesian Model, Unsupervised Semantic Parsing, Ivan Titov Saarland, Confidence Driven Unsupervised Semantic Parsing, Dan Goldwasser, Improving Dependency Parsing, Semantic Classes, Eneko Agirre, An Ensemble Model, Combines Syntactic and Semantic Clustering, Discriminative Dependency Parsing, Ruifang Ge Raymond J, Mooney, Structured SVM Ensemble, Classification Models, Learning Synchronous Grammars, A Study on Convolution Kernels, Shallow Semantic Parsing, Semantic Caseframe Parsing, Syntactic Generality, A Logic of Semantic Representations, Alexander Koller, Biodiversity informatics, Scientific name, Semantic parser, Parsing Expression Grammar, Names based cyberinfrastructure, Tweet Recommendation, Graph Co Ranking, Rui Yan, DNA pools, Haplotype frequency estimation, Sparse representations, Equimolar amounts, Single genotype experiment, Metadata Aware Measures, Answer Summarization in Community, Cross Lingual Mixture Model, Sentiment Classification, Xinfan Meng, Mining Entity Types, Query Logs, User Intent Modeling, Solution Approaches, Adjustment Mechanism, Traveling Problem, Computational Approach, Computational experiment, Fully polynomial time, Approximation scheme, Greedy heuristic, Software defined satellite network, HCT116 cancer cell, Valuable pharmacophore, Pharmacophore mapping, Gene transcription represents, Specific cell, Human genes, Graph Propagation, Max Whitney and Anoop Sarkar, Bootstrapping a Unified Model of Lexical, Phonetic Acquisition, Micha Elsner, Bootstrapping Semantic Analyzers, Non Contradictory Texts, Bilingual Bootstrapping for WSD, Bootstrapping Coreference Resolution, Word Associations, Hamidreza Kobdani, Relation Guided Bootstrapping, Semantic Lexicons, Tara McIntosh, Bootstrapping Path Based Pronoun Resolution, Partial Cognates, Bilingual Bootstrapping, Bootstrapping a Stochastic Transducer, Arabic English Transliteration Extraction, Tarek Sherif and Grzegorz Kondrak, Learning with Unlabeled Data, Text Categorization Using Bootstrapping, Feature Projection Techniques, Uncertainty Reduction, Collaborative Bootstrapping, Measure and Algorithm, Named Entity Classification, Successive Learners, Word Translation Disambiguation, Cong Li, Steven Abney, Bootstrapping Statistical Parsers, Small Datasets, The Creation of a Corpus, Mark Steedman, English Metalanguage, Shomir Wilson, Bootstrapping Named Entity Recognition, Automatically Generated Gazetteer Lists, Crosslingual Induction, Semantic Roles, Ivan Titov Alexandre, MIX Is Not a Tree Adjoining Language, Makoto Kanazawa, Head driven Transition based Parsing, Top down Prediction, Katsuhiko Hayashi, A Computational Approach to the Automation, Creative Naming, Carlo Strapparava, Unsupervised Relation Discovery, Sense Disambiguation, Limin Yao, Reducing Wrong Labels, A Topic Similarity Model, Xinyan Xiao, Modeling Topic Dependencies, Chinese Comma Disambiguation, Hierarchical Text Categorization, Richard Johansson, Yaqin Yang, Automatic Event Extraction, Structured Preference Modeling, Wei Lu, Named Entity Disambiguation, Streaming Data, Alexandre Davis, Exploring Entity Relations, Danuta Ploch, Structural Semantic Relatedness, A Knowledge Based Method to Named Entity Disambiguation, Xianpei Han Jun Zhao, A Framework for Unifying, Disambiguation Extraction Tools, Discriminative Learning, Joint Template Filling, Einat Minkov, Consistent Translation using Discriminative Learning, A Translation Memory inspired Approach, Phrase Clustering, Dekang Lin and Xiaoyun Wu, Local hyperplane, Local learning, Highly discriminative genes, Centroid detection, Discriminative power prediction, Epigenetic variants, Classifying French Verbs Using French, English Lexical Resources, Jean Charles, Modeling Sentences, the Latent Space, Phrasing Affects Memorability, Niculescu Mizil Justin Cheng Jon Kleinberg Lillian Lee, Cristian Danescu, Large Scale Syntactic Language Modeling, Treelets, Adam Pauls Dan Klein, Hierarchical Chunk to String Translation, Yang Feng, Ecological Evaluation, Ecological properties, Terminalia T catappa leaves, Colorants extracted, Ecological properties of cotton fabric, Silk fabric dyed, Semi arid truffle, Mycorrhizal relationships, salicifolium, Terfezia boudieri Chatin, Improve SMT Quality with Automatically Extracted Paraphrase Rules, Wei He, Hua Wu, Haifeng Wang, A Cost Sensitive Part of Speech Tagging, Differentiating Serious Errors, Minor Errors, A Broad Coverage Normalization System, Social Media Language, Xiao Jiang, điện máy mài, máy mài tròn trong, nguyên tố benzen, Quy trình nuôi sinh khối vi tảo, Traditional women, modern women, womens role, Traditional embroidery, Traditional kantha embroidery motifs, Fabric painting for women entrepreneurship, Women entrepreneurship, Making jackets, Double screen grain cleaner, Grains by farm women, Improved tools, Cleaning and grading of grains, Female ornaments, Lambadi and Koya women, Traditional ornaments of Lambadi, Geta detailed information regarding, quản lý khám, xác định dung trọng, quản lý chữa bệnh, phương pháp dao vòng, phương pháp rò cát, Traditional system, Promising tool towards women empowerment, Rearing Vanaraja chicken, Background poultry, Traditional tool, Physiological cost, Average heart rate, Farm women during using okra cutter, North West Himalaya, Gujjar Bakarwal women, ôn thi môn toán 2013, Organic recycling, Modern techniques, Women farm workers, Ergonomic assessment, Traditional shelling, Pregnancy and lactation, Lossa ghasse, Health practices during post partum period, A Comparison, Chinese Parsers, Stanford Dependencies, Comparison of proliferation resistance among natural uranium, CANada Deuterium Uranium in deep geological repository, Combining multiattribute utility analysis with transport model, The optical communications, Simulating an optical high debit transmission chain, Optisystem with comparison of optical windows, Comparison of optical windows, Indirect comparison, Matching adjusted comparison, Prior sunitinib treated patients, Higher Order Constituent Parsing, Tribal groups based, Parser Combination, Social comparison of tribal groups based, Xiao Chen, Social comparison, Wadi project adoption, Friedman test, Exact p value, Rank sum difference, Classifier comparison, New insecticides, Termites on wheat, Comparison to yield, Wheat in comparison, Loopy Belief Propagation and Dual Decomposition, Integrated CCG Supertagging and Parsing, Measuring Language Divergence, Intra Lexical Comparison, Simon Kirby T, Mark Ellison, Joint Evaluation, Models for Sentence Compression, A Comparison across Domains, Training Requirements, Evaluation Measures, A Comparison and Semi Quantitative Analysis, Words and Character Bigrams as Features, Chinese Text Categorization, A Comparison of Document, Term Event Spaces, Paragraph, Patellar height, Patella baja, and coherence based approaches to sentence ranking, Joint line position, A comparison of algorithm, Joint instability, CFG filtering techniques, Diagnostic self evaluation, LTAG and HPSG, Non clinical adult, Co morbidities, Pharmacy data, Healthcare utilisation, Two stage revision, Head Driven Hierarchical Phrase based Translation, Junhui Li Zhaopeng Tu, Guodong Zhou, Giám sát quyền Exempt access policy, Kỹ thuật bảo mâ, Hip joint, Capsular ligament, Iliofemoral ligament, Ischiofemoral ligament, Kashin Beck disease, Remote network access, Epiphyseal plate, Authentication server, Joint Learning, Pattern Learning, Dual SMT System, Hierarchical Topic Model, Paraphrase Generation, Pattern language, Competency education, A Structured Model for Joint Learning, Argument Roles, E learning based trainings for expenditure treasurers, Predicate Senses, E learning based trainings, Joint Learning Improves Semantic, Effective training pattern, Role Labeling Kristina Toutanova, Computer Science Stanford, Learning to Temporally Order Medical Events, Imaging mass spectrometry, Clinical Text, Off sample images, Preethi Raghavan, Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, Artifcial intelligence, Respiratory sounds, Lung auscultation, Technical sample heterogeneity, Body structure levels, Network training, Neuron learning networks, Symptom validity testing, Feigned neurocognitive, False negatives during, Regulatory pattern, Module discovery, Pattern detection, A Graph based Cross lingual Projection Approach, Weakly Supervised Relation Extraction, Gary Geunbae Lee, Pilot study, Definitive trial, Pilot randomized controlled trials, Orthopaedic surgery literature, Feasibility trials, Opinion Summarization, Conversations, Decoding Running Key Ciphers, Using Rejuvenation, Sravana Reddy, Improve Particle Filtering, Bayesian Word Segmentation, Treatment of acidic wastewater, Thien Ke tin processing factory, Sulfate reducing bioreactor, A pilot scale study, The treatment of AMD, Ketogenic diet, Calorie restriction, Insulin like growth factor, Skeletal muscle dysfunction, Pilot studies, Gastrointestinal surgical procedures, Therapeutic typologies, Robust Conversion, CCG Derivations, Phrase Structure Trees, Comparative Study on Generalization, Semantic Roles in FrameNet, Yuichiroh Matsubayashi, Reordering Constraints, Directness in conversations, Directness in English, Strategies for internationalization, Two industries, Author aware Topic Models, A Comparative study of Thai and Vietnamese, Yanir Seroussi, The Electronics, Computer parts, Situation of Vietnam and Thailand, Making heritage in Vietnamese and Asian contexts, Automatic Labelling, Vietnamese and Asian, Identifying Word Translations, The Asian context, The State Party and local community, Latent Topic Models, Employing Topic Models, Pattern based Semantic Class Discovery, Mingjie Zhu, Multi Document Summarization, Foreign language in Vietnam, Sentence based Topic Models, Vietnamese English contrastive linguistics, Experiential domain of language, Dingding Wang, Unsupervised Topic Identification, Important experiential domain, Integrating Linguistic, Visual Information Based on Hidden Markov Models, Incorporating topic information, sentiment analysis models

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