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Grain thickness Annual oilseed crop Elymus s. l. St genome SA transporter EDS5 Chloroplast gene Genus Vanilla Transgenic analysis DA1 gene family P-hydroxybenzaldehyde GA 1-oxidase eEdophytic biotransformation Manganese stabilizing protein Panax ginseng Hordeum spontaneum Reproductive success Cyanogenic glycoside Korean ginseng Oxygen evolving complex Plants produce Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer Aldoxime metabolites Crude drugs Land plants Quercus suber Pellia endiviifolia Transcriptional regulators Response to water Methylation patterns Calcineurin B-Like Metal elements Cell wall structures Free ions OsCBL genes LRR-extensin Genomic distribution Leucine-rich repeat extensins Eucalyptus genomes N-terminal leucine-rich repeat Ethylene receptor Synteny analysis Shoot meristem Negative feedback Plant embryo Angiosperm evolution Recessive resistance Complex functional redundancy Arabidopsis thaliana embryos Complete plastome O. tenuiflorum Divergence estimates Rapid radiation Eocene-Oligocene Transition Metabolite synthesis pathways Tuberous root Apple latent spherical virus vector Fruit flesh Evolutionary cytogenetics Biological perspectives Double-flowers Ambient temperature signaling Transient activation Japanese gentian L-type arrangement LTR-type retrotransposon Odd ploidy MADS-box genes SbSUTs gene expression Cell morphogenesis C1 metabolism Non-synonymous SNPs Folate profiling RNA 5-methylcytosine Epidermal cell Cultivated peanut Plant chronology Peanut plant 18 K Infinium chip Specific metabolites Basal angiosperms Picovine x Ugni Blanc flb Grape berry metabolome GRAS gene family Corvina variety Plants tolerance response Persea Americana mesocarp Pyramiding these genes Arabidopsis abiotic Caragana intermedia Neem tree Vir gene-expressing Benzylisoquinoline alkaloid-producing plants Skeletally diverse triterpenoids Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids Transcriptomic analysis of bermudagrass Agrobacterium strains Model plant species Neem triterpenoids Soybean drought Pollen flow Somatic homologous recombinations

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Facilitate gene discovery, 20 taxonomically, Low temperature tolerance, Serapias lingua, Leaf abscission, Gene regulatory transcripts, Plants accumulating, RNA-Seq platform, Dramatic significance, Mediterranean orchids, Positionally-conserved, Symbiosis dependent accumulation, Vernalization pathway genes, Sexually reproducing individuals, Sequence-diverged, Nuclear-localized protein, Arbuscule-containing cells, Fuzzy Analytic Network Process, Fuzzy Best-Worst Method, Interpretive structural modelling, Selection of Olympic Games Place, Open close multiple travelling salesmen problem, Fuzzy Analytical Network Process, Integrated MCDM model, Multi-attribute decision problems, Incomplete pairwise comparative judgment, Fuzzy BWANP multi-criteria decision-making method, Lexi-search algorithm, Multi-attribute decision making environment, International Olympic Committee, Pattern recognition technique, Pair-wise comparison, Simple weighted average, Complex Proportional Assessment, Generalization of classical travelling salesman problem, Centroids and maximizing, Triangular fuzzy numbers formed, Optimal options portfolio, Generalized trapezoidal fuzzy number, Defining optimal portfolios, Zakat collection and distribution, Interdependent real option, Economy of Indonesia, Core supply chain perspective, Zakat supply chain, Role of mosques, Role of Zakat hashtag, Role of Zakat awareness, Contribution of zakat payment, Zakat collection institutions, Pacific Basin economy, SWOT and MICMAC, Non-additive measures, Asian financial crisis, K-ary capacity, SWOT and MICMAC analysis, Five-needle pine, Bongkasa Pertiwi Tourism Village, Variants of monetary model, Zinc transport, Interactions among criteria, High category attractiveness, Genotyping array, Fruit texture, Anthocyanin coloration, DArT markers, Intercellular fluid, Intuitive graphical demonstration, During wheat senescence, Presence of driving force, Fusarium Head Blight resistance, Hessian fly, Marker-based selection, Grain Protein Content, Specificity of herbivore induced defence, Changed calcium elevation, Sclerotinia stem rot, GRAS proteins, Histone chaperones, Bud flowering, H2O2 production, Pedigree reconstruction, Head blast, Hessian fly larval, Unusual tandem expansion, Soybean disease, Trypsin proteinase inhibitor, Changed calcium elevation 5, Organelle DNA sequences, Floral organ identity, Vacuum infiltration, Al-tolerance genes, Quantitative microscopy, Virulent larvae, Exocyst enable rapid cell elongation, Further functional analysis, Small GTPases, SAND domain, N-starvation, Yeast counterparts, X-Ray micro-computational tomography, Whole-genome resequencing, Data-independent acquisition, Homeotic mutant, Specialist and generalist, Susceptible plant, Pathogen effectors, S. moellendorffii, Crocus sativus, Brassinosteroid signaling pathways, Waxes and fatty acids, Seed survival, Polar growth, Restriction-site associated DNA, Triploid sterile plant, Annual rhythm, Double-stranded RNA binding protein, Prunus domestica, 2-bromopalmitate, Endoplasmic reticulum stress response, N remobilization efficiency, Beta carotene hydroxylase, Metabolic seasonal rhythm, Phytophthora stem blight, Resistance protein, Intracellular gene transfer, P. syringae, Metabolite channels fulfil, DNA-related processes, Second-division restitution, Litsea acuminate, Actin microfilaments, N use efficiency, Non-catalytic cofactors, Connected populations, S. lycopersicum, Specialized metabolites, Genome-wide nucleosomal remodeling, Chromosome interference, Meadow-rue, Inoculation technique, Canopy-wilting, Soybean domestication, P. carotovorum, Signature of selection, Arabidopsis thaliana’s, Protein palmitoylation, Bruggmanniella sp., Klebsormidium flaccidum, Ligon lintless-1, Sister chromatid cohesion, Physical location, Barley yellow dwarf virus, Biosynthetic gene AtGA3ox1, Diurnal rhythm, L. ruthenicum, Non-coding RNA molecules, α-dioxygenases, Nucleotide fixation, Chlamydomonas reinharditii, Functional megaspore-like, Chilling tolerance, Pinus massoniana, Coiled-coil, Solanum lycopersicon, Trimethylguanosine synthase, Winter disruption, Petal senescence, TM8 gene, Arabidopsis CTF7, Adventitious root development, Woody perennial, Asexual reproduction via seeds, Avicennia officinalis, Nutrient remobilization, Nucleolar organizing region, TM8 protein interactions, Actinorhizal plants, Annual cycles, Hybrid larch, Transient assay, Sunflower breeding, Vacuole fusion, Stacked GMO, Xylem apoplast, Immunophilin superfamily, Subtractive hybridization, Tomato flower development, Populus tremula, Fusarium graminearum Schw., Agrobacterium tumefacians, Nucleolar proteins, Polyamine synthesis, Fixing atmospheric nitrogen, Rice endosperm, Leu-rich repeat, Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase, Bt Crops, Biochemical traits, C2H2 transcription factors, Fatty acid-amino acid conjugates, Two-hybrid assays, Tobacco rattle virus, Leaf salt glands, Autonomous pathway, Phytopthora infestans, Genus Citrus, Multiple gene mutations, Reduced root system, Argentinean germplasm, Soybean plasma, Molecular clock dating, N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor, Indole-3-acetic acid-promoted hypocotyl elongation, PPIase catalyzes cis, Wild Progenitor, Gypsy-44, Sugarcane Bacilliform Viru, Molecular profiling, ATP-binding cassette transporters, Detached fruit, Flowering transition, Fourier Transform mid infrared, Pectin methyl esterases, Rice endosperm cell, Solanum chilense, Low-molecular-weight glutenin subunits, De novo sequencing, Apple fruit, Candidate gene prioritization, Assembly of multiple gRNAs, Poaceae family, Posttranscriptional modification, Bicarbonate tolerance, Cell wall evolution, Triticum monococcum, Ireng Maleng isolate, Trans-rotamer interconversion, Chlorophyll deficiency, Phylogenetic position, Soybean genome, Herbivore feeding pattern, Approximately 21 nucleotide, Heterozygous columnar radicles, Genomic introgressions, Root hydraulic, Triticum urartu, Cicer arietinum ICC4958, Numerous rye accessions, Geminivirus AC2, Trihelix transcription factor, Browning disorder, Complex polyploid genome, Transfer DNA, Untargeted metabolite analysis, Mixed-linkage glucan, Systemic response, Genome-wide scale, Copper stress response, Primary metabolism, Histone demethylase, Relationship identification, Signaling molecules in indirect defense, Arabidopsis likely, UDP-glucose 4-epimerase, Cytosolic superoxide dismutase, Glu-A3, Ex situ genebanks worldwide, PME activity, Dynamic parent-of-origin, Grain shape, Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase, Sorghum genome, Effector triggered susceptibility, Multifunctional protein, Antibody-based screening, Diversity array technology, Homoserine kinase, Chilling acclimation, Bud dormancy, Phenylpropanoid metabolism, Floral organ shedding, Cycas simplicipinna, 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid, SEM observation, GT-3b box, Bread-making quality, Tree defense, Maize endosperm, Cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase, Cell wall matrix glycans, Analyzing few loci, Plant miRNA, Mitogen-activated protein, Distorted trichome, Artificial positive feedback loop, AC2 appears, Disease resistance in wheat roots, Green canopy duration, Guaiacyl ratio, Maternally expressed gene, Stagonospora nodorum, Organ boundary, Carbon-nitrogen balance, Chilling shock, Days after pollination, Root hair, BRI1-associated Kinase 1, Average genetic similarity, Arabidopsis SPL7, Solexa sequencing, Cabbage leaf curl virus, T-DNA knockout mutant, Fusarium head scab, Reactive oxygen species scavenging, Spikes per area, Symbiosis signaling, Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, Cysteine-rich proteins, Leaf veins, Necrotrophic fungal pathogen, Boron-tolerance, Population contraction, Programmed death cell, Pea seeds, Castor bean, Gaeumannomyces graminis, Cold-tolerant pioneer specie, Resistance gene homologues, Adapt plant growth, Signal molecules, Secondary metabolite biosynthetic process, Both yield, Apical growth, Dioecious while hermaphroditism, Actin bundle, Abiotic stress resistance, Sepal abscission zones, Type II PLP decarboxylases, Flavin mononucleotide, Reticulate veins, Common SYM gene, Eucalyptus grandis hybrid, Meristematic tissue, Basal endosperm transfer cell layer, RT-qPCR analysis, Allopolyploid speciation, Necrotrophic effectors, Friction discolouration, Nuclear simple sequence repeats, Asian Vitis species, Soil-borne fungal pathogen, Tip growth, Seedling establishment, Network robustness, DNA in vitro, Lateral organ development, Small molecular, Non-centromeric heterochromatin, Aromatic amino acid decarboxylase, Photosynthetic performance, Gene clustering, Yield stability, Flavin adenine dinucleotide, Hsp100 chaperones, Flavan-3-ols, Cuticluar wax inhibitor, Detergent insoluble membrane, Crambe abyssinica, Non-photochemical quenching, Take-all disease, Hierarchical trees, Abscissic acid, Live-cell ELISA, Apical signature, Flax resistance, Inhibit bacterial, Interspecific differentiation, Tea Metabolome database, Allelic series, Paper mulberry, Tobacco leaves, Clusters of unique markers, ATPase activity, Corn hybrid, Aromatic acetaldehyde synthases, Puccinia coronata, 22-kDa Photosystem, Plant microdomain, PIL5-controlled germination pathway, Fusarium infection, Breeding signature, Brassica oleracea var. italica, Camelid antibodies, Root hair elongation, Testa color, Wheat evolution, Combined overexpression, Genetic phylogeny, Camellia spp. esp.

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