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Chim Xa Rừng Chàng Trai Không Biết Yêu A Caribbean Mystery Bag of Bones A Painted House A Darker Domain Maximum Ride 5 - Max Blue Genes Killing The Shadows Val McDermid Kickback Maximum Ride 3 James Patterson Hannibal Thomas Harris Maximum Ride 4 - The Final Warning The Angel Experiment Maximum Ride 2 - School's Out - Forever I Am Legend The Distant Echo The Last Temptation The Silence Of The Lambs The Wire In The Blood Peter Robinson Maximum Ride 6 - Fang The Torment Of Others Red Dragon The Mermaid's Singing Hannibal Rising The Rainmake Spoken Language Technology An Improved Parser A Computational Approach Where Do We Go From Here A New Statistical Data-Oriented Headline Generation Roger K. Moore Zero-pronouns in Spanish Chinese Pinyin Input Lexical-Functional Analysis Antonio Ferrández and Jesús Peral A Polynomial-Time Fragment Michele Banko Zheng Chen Using Confidence Bands Parallel Texts Alignment Alexander Koller Kurt Mehlhorn Importance of Pronominal Good Spelling Scaling to Very Very Large Corpora Anaphora resolution Vietnamese Texts Michele Banko and Eric Brill Constraints on strong one aspect of computational linguistics in Vietnam Underspecified Beta Reduction Automatic Labeling generative power Immediate-Head Parsing Regina Barzilay and Kathleen R. McKeown Towards Abstract Guided Parsing of Range Natural Language Disambiguation Information Extraction From Voicemail Topic-focus and salience Manuel Bodirsky Alexander Koller Katrin Erk Generation of VP Ellipsis Concatenation Languages Alternative Phrases Generating with a Grammar Philippe de Groote Computational properties Jing Huang and Geoffrey Zweig Evaluating Smoothing Algorithms Syllable Boundaries Combining the Advantages of Treebank Tractability Parse Forest Computation Based on Tree Descriptions Daniel Hardt Mukund Padmanabhan Regularized Winnow Plausibility Judgements Bracketed Corpora Training environment-based disambiguation Structural Closures Expected Governors a Constraint-Based Approach Resolving Ellipsis in Clarification Maria Lapata and Frank Keller IBM T.J. Watson William Schuler Attribute Logic Type Signatures Jonathan Ginzburg Helmut Schmid Toward General-Purpose Learning Combining Stochastic Eliminative Parsing Role of Verbs Robust Interaction Semantic Transfer

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An IR Approach, Rule-Based Methods for Disambiguation, Spelling Correction Using Context, Semantic-Head Based Resolution, A Text Understander that Learns, Dayne Freitag, Memoisation for Glue Language Deduction, Long Distance Pronominalisation, Document Analysis, Term-list Translation, FLEXIBLE EXAMPLE-BASED, Partial Interpretation, Reiteration and Collocation, A Framework for Customizable Generation, Translating New Words from Nonparallel, Graded Constraints, Combining a Chinese Thesaurus, unrestricted texts, F-Structures*, Mohammad Ali, Categorial Parsing, Scopal Ambiguities BjSrn Gamb/ick, Mono-lingual Word Co-occurrence Vectors, Global Focus, PARSER BASED ON THESSTC, Comparable Texts, A Multi-Neuro Tagger, Hypertext Presentations, a Chinese Dictionary, Amanda C. Jobbins, Mark Hepple, SOLVING ANALOGIES ON WORDS, Confirmation in Multimodal Systems, Genichiro Kikui, Janet Hitzeman and Massimo Poesio, Variable Lengths of Contexts, Benoit Lavoie and Owen Rambow, Ji Donghong Gong Junping Kent Ridge, Using Language Resources, Robust pronoun resolution, Multiple Surface Linguistic Cues, David R. McGee, An alternative LR, limited knowledge, Intelligent Tutoring, Information Classification, Philip R. Cohen and Sharon Oviatt, algorithm for TAGs, Translating a Unification, Ruslan Mitkov, System for French, Navigation Based on 5W1H, Hypertext Authoring, Lexis for Quick Ramp-Up, Grammar with Disjunctions, An Interactive Domain, Target Information, Linking Relevant Segments, A Generative Lexicon Perspective, Logical Constraints, Independent, An Intelligent Multi-Dictionary Environment, Related Instruction Manuals, Adjectival Modification, Tagging English, Never Look Back, Spontaneous Lexicon Change, Parametric Types, Restrictions on Tree, Segregatory Coordination, From Information Structure to Intonation, Translating Idioms, Robust Dialogue Interpretation, Project for production of closed-caption, A lexicon of discourse markers, Embedding New Information, A Pattern-based Machine, Coherence in Spoken Discourse, Idiomatic object usage, A Cognitive Model, Dialect MT, Patrick Saint-Dizier, An Alternative to Centering, Automatic English-Chinese, Diana McCarthy Anna Korhonen, Automatically Creating Bilingual Lexicons, Path Voting Constraints, Combination of an Automatic, Typed Attribute-Value Logic, Aligning Articles, Adjoining Languages, Ellipsis in Text Generation, Discourse Relations: A Structural, A Phonological Interface, a Stochastic Grammatical Channel, The Computational Lexical Semantics, Referring Expressions, TV programs, Heike Tappe, Translation System Extended, Distributional Similarity Models, Coherence-Driven Story Comprehension, support verbs, Michael Strube, name transliteration, Giorgio Satta, Ghkhan Tfir and Kemal Oflazer, an Interactive Disambiguation Method, TV Newscasts, Hua Cheng, the hearing impaired, Concept-to-Speech, Compositional Semantics, Presuppositional Account, James Shaw, Inducing a Semantically, Example-based Processing, Syntagmatic Relations, Clustering Neighbors, Cantonese and Mandarin, Idiomatic object usage and support verbs, Preserving Semantic Dependencies, Elliot Smith, A Method for Word Sense, development of multilingual resources, Takeyuki Kojima, Ordering Among Premodifiers, Head-Driven, Development and Use, Alternating Quantifier Scope in CCG, Linguistic Formalisms, Lexicalised TAG, Annotated Lexicon, Using Mutual Information, Corpus-Based Linguistic Indicators, Evelyne Viegas, Lillian Lee, Gold-Standard DataSet, Generation with HPSG, Shuly Wintner, Mixed Language, Learning to Recognize, Resolve Query Translation Ambiguities, EM-Based Clustering, Stephen Beale and Sergei Nirenburg, Charting the Depths, Aspectual Classification, Less is more, A Syntactic Framework, Computational Lexical Semantics, Subjectivity Classifications, Tables in Free Text, A Statistical Parser for Czech*, Parsing preferences, Query Disambiguation, Query Term Weighting, Robust Speech Parsing, Eliminating index terms, Incrementality, Eric V. Siegel, Robust, Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammars, Pascale FUNG, W. Kaspert, Other Disruptions, the So-called Punctuality of Events, subordinate clauses, exploiting the derivation tree, Finite-State Parsing, Kiếm Châu Duyên, Trương Tuẫn Tử, Tao Loạn, Thương Giang Diễm Sử, Tiêu Nương, Trúc Viên Lang, truyện võ hiệp lịch sử Việt Nam, Việt Nam Võ Hiệp Lịch Sử Tiểu Thuyết, Bức thư Cà Mau, Jun Jin Suk, Han Seung Hee, Truyện tranh 1001 Nights, Shounen_Ai, 21st Century Boys, Seiki Shounen, ngộ độc sắt ở heo, làm đẹp từ dứa, heo đẻ non, âm mưu cuối cùng, Bốn cái ngu, “Cái nầu” xứ Nẫu, Cánh đàn ông chúng mình, Chị Mỵ làng Minh Quang, truyện của Ngọc Giao, Chú Sửu, Chân thành, Nguyễn Văn Thảo, Cho một tình yêu, Chú Phi “Chiến sĩ Điện Biên”, Văn Chinh, Độc thân, Củi mục trôi về, Hoàng Yến, Dưới gốc bồ đề ở Mahathana, Hoa lưng chừng núi, Gió về ngõ vắng, Kẻ lấp mộ, Hư thực phần người, Lão già chết tiệt, Lỏng và tuột, Mây trời thương nhớ, Tiến Dũng, Men lam, Tuệ An, Ngón hoa, Tất cả là nhờ anh bạn tôi, Mười ăn một, Nghe lỏm chuyện ba nhà sư ngồi bên Chùa Đồng, Nỗi nhớ sầu đâu, Như một người bạn, Ngôi nhà ẩm mốc, Phóng sinh chữ nghĩa, Sông Hậu xuôi về, Quả báo, Người con gái trên Đồi Sim, Thiên thần ngày xưa, Văn Đình Hùng, Nguyễn Mỹ Nữ, Nguyễn Thái Sơn, Nguyễn Lập Em, Hồ Kiên Giàn, Tình vỉa hè, truyện ngắn Trốn, Viên Ngọc, Yêu Internet, truyện ngắn Sói, Truyện của Hoàng Yến, Pronominalization in Generated, Truyện của Hòa Văn, Sequential Conditional, Statistical Natural, Discourse and Dialogue, Generating Minimal, Vẫn là vô tình, Improving Machine Learning, A Generative Constituent-Context Model, Generalized Iterative Scaling, Language Parsing, Charles B. Callaway, Truyện của Hoàng My, Definite Descriptions, Underspecified Scope, Improved Grammar Induction, Parsing Non-Recursive, Joshua Goodman, Phi Vân, Vincent Ng and Claire Cardie, Dan Klein and Christopher D. Manning, Dưới Ngàn Thông, Dung Nhi, Em Là Tất Cả, Nguyễn Khả, i Gặp Gỡ Cuối Năm, Scaling Context Space, Generation as Dependency Parsing, Duyên Tình Lạc Bến, Applying Co-Training, Đêm Dạ Vũ, a Method for Automatic Evaluation, Word Translation Disambiguation, Kristina Striegnitz, Steven Abney, A Decoder for Syntax-based, Phan Văn Dật, Toward a Plan-Based Understanding Model, From Single to Multi-document Summarization, Recognizing Discourse Relations, Bilingual Bootstrapping, Statistical MT, A Prototype System, Mixed-Initiative Dialogues, Daniel Marcu and Abdessamad, Event-building, Cong Li, Kenji Yamada, its Evaluation, Hiroaki Kitano, Role-filling, DEFEASIBLE KNOWLEDGE, Hơn Nửa Đời Hư, Hương Biển, TYPE-RAISING, Nicholas Asher, Khi Sao Băng Vụn Vỡ, Kỷ Niệm Con Tim, DIRECTIONALITY IN COMBINATORY GRAMMAR, Nguyễn Kỳ, COMPOSE-REWUCE PARSING, Head Corner Parsing, Trân Trân, Viên Kỷ Niệm Xa Rồi, Two Languages, A PROGRAM FOR ALIGNING SENTENCES, EFFICIENT INCREMENTAL PROCESSING, AUTOMATIC NOUN, Discontinuous Constituency, Lời Của Hoa, LR RECURSIVE TRANSITION NETWORKS, Space Shift-Reduce Parsing, Peter F. Brown, Quasi-Destructive, SUBCATEGORIZATION FRAMES, More Informative Than One, CLASSIFICATION BY USING, EARLEY AND TOMITA PARSING, FROM N-GRAMS TO COLLOCATIONS, FEATURE LOGIC, Non-Literal Word Sense Identification, Arbitrary Context-free Grammars.*, LEARNING PERCEPTUALLY-GROUNDED, William A. Gale Kenneth W. Church, Graph Unification, Case Revisited, FACTORIZATION OF LANGUAGE, RECOGNITION OF LINEAR, UNIFICATION WITH LAZY NON-REDUNDANT COPYING, Naomi Inoue, Semantic Network Path Schemata, An Incremental Connectionist, Mark Perlin, EVALUATION OF XTRACT, WEAK CONSTRAINTS SUBSUMPTION, THE PROJECT SEMANTICS, Hideto Tomabechi Carnegie Mellon, In the Shadow of Automatic Processing, Martin C. Emele, Syntactic Graphs, Descriptions of Trees, CONTEXT-FREE REWRITING SYSTEMS, CONSTRAINTS IN SPEECH RECOGNITION, Frank A. Smadja, Eric lverson, Accuracy in Picky Chart Parsing, Phrase Structure Parser, Jochen Dbere, Terry Regier, INSIDE-OUTSIDE REESTIMATION, Machine-Readable Dictionaries, INFERRING DISCOURSE, HANDLING LINEAR PRECEDENCE, Roberto Pieraccini and Chin-Hui Lee, MISREPRESENTATION, Jeff Martin, RELATIONS IN CONTEXT, PARTIALLY BRACKETED CORPORA, CONSTRAINTS BY UNIFICATION, CONVERSATIONAL IMPLICATURES, MONOTONIC SEMANTIC INTERPRETATION, CONTEXT IN DIALOGUE, Fernando Pereira, INDIRECT REPLIES, Judith Engelkamp, Gutwin Alberta, Nancy Green Sandra Carberry, Richard Crouch, An Alternative Conception, Tree-Adjoining Derivation, CONNECTION RELATIONS, SOME PROBLEMATIC CASES OF VP ELLIPSIS, QUANTIFIER SCOPE, CORRECTING ILLEGAL, Long-in Latecki, RIGHT ASSOCIATION REVISITED, THE EFFEC TO FEST ABLISHING COHERENCE ELLIPSIS, ON THE INTONATION, NP OMISSIONS, ELABORATION IN OBJECT, Sense-Linking, Lexicalized Context-Free Grammars, PRINCIPLE-BASED PARSING, EXPLORING UNEXPLORED CONTEXTS, INFORMATION STATES, Parsing Free Word, DISTRIBUTIONAL CLUSTERING, CONTEXTUAL WORD SIMILARITY, ASSIGNING A SEMANTIC, TENSE TREES, Automatic Grammar Induction, TWO KINDS OF METONYMY, AN LR CATEGORY-NEUTRAL PARSER, MONO- AND DI-SYLLABIC WORDS WITHIN THE DISCOURSE FRAMEWORK, LOCAL FOCUS, FEATURE-BASED ALLOMORPHY, A COMPLETE AND RECURSIVE, RAISINS, Machine Readable Dictionary, BASED TEXT SEGMENTATION, TRANSFERS OF MEANING, DESCRIFFIONS THROUGH EXAMPLES, Yves Schabes and Richard C. Waters, OVERGENERATION

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