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Ezetimibe–HPBCD–TPGS Utilization in biological product labeling Female reproductive Embryology of the gut HIV-negative patients Myeloid neoplasia Enlargement of the fingers Graves disease in a patient Renal syndromes Classification of leukemia and lymphoma Scheduling algorithm with controllable train speeds Spray-dried powder White cell disorder Brain ischemia Molecular basis of biliary neoplasia Drug nanosuspensions Comparison with NGI Types of breast neoplasia In vitro/in vivo correlation Improved dissolution Pathology employment Mechanical disorders of bowel Pharmaceutical cocrystals Testing for toxins TB diagnostic HLAB gene Pharmacodynamic model Pediatric populations Gastrointestinal neoplasia Thermosensitive gel Weakly basic BCS class II drug Pharmacokinetics in rats Brain tumor classification Population models Small lymphocytic lymphoma Classification of stroke Departure times to decrease the total train tardiness Spray-dried extract Batch production machine Permeation enhancement Soft tissue edema progressing HepG2-C8 cells Immune-mediated renal disease Phase solubility Ovarian neoplasia Solid-state interconversion Typically euthyroid Humidity on laser diffraction measurements Pathology graduates High-grade lymphoma Intestinal efflux Intestinal atresia Pediatric biopharmaceutics Ion-pair Dissolution behavior Small-scale assays The total train tardiness Infectious esophagitis Hydrophilic auxiliary substances Clustering fuzzy objects using ant colony optimization Ilex paraguariensis pellets Topical administration Stroke treatment D-β-hydroxybutyrate following administration Batch processing machine Serum osmolality In vivo studies Aliphatic monohydric alcohols Granulocyte transfusion Pathology job market pH-dependent solubility Myelodysplastic syndromes Compliance to patients Tuberculosis improve diagnostic yield Richter’s transformation Barrett esophagus Studying dissolution Clustering fuzzy objects candida esophagitis The DR-algorithm Comprehensive review concerning Improved skin penetration Immune complex–mediated glomerulonephritis Pathology residency Schiller-Duval body The pre-schedule Herpes simplex virus esophagitis Minimum sum-of-squares Pathology workforce A revision on EOQ/JIT indifference points Ordered heuristic for the allocation EOQ/JIT indifference points The allocation of resources in unrelated parallel-machines Novel robust chance constrained possibilistic programming model The minimum sum-of-squares clustering problem Greenhouse gas penalty and incentive policies From cost perspective Unrelated parallel-machines GRASP-based approach to the multi activity combined timetabling Disaster relief logistics under uncertainty

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Joint economic lot size model, Switch the inventory system, The MS index, Crew scheduling problem considering a heterogeneous workforce, Multi-objective robust possibilistic programming model, Industrial and transport emissions, Solving a bi-objective mathematical programming model, Both EOQ model, The MCT heuristic, Relief distribution minimizing, Harvesting to optimise biomass supply chain, Single manufacturer-a single buyer, Robust design hybrid metamodeling, The Multi-activity Combined Timetabling, Bloodmobiles location routing problem, Modified Ordered Minimum Completion Time, Transport operations to optimise biomass supply chain, Truckload and lessthan-truckload shipments, Advanced methodology in process optimization under uncertainty, Fuzzy multi objective, Improving effectiveness of parallel machine scheduling with earliness, Process optimization under uncertainty, Comprehensive grouping efficacy, Optimise biomass supply chain, Improving effectiveness of parallel machine scheduling witht ardiness costs, Tailored Simulated Annealing, Robust approach for solving a vehicle routing problem, Evaluating block-diagonal forms in group technology, Design combining with metamodel methods, Industrial biorefinery processes, The bloodmobiles locations, The Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Adult-onset immunoglobulin, Manufacturing runtime problem with an expedited fabrication rate, Discrete Jaya algorithm, Decrease computational complexity, Evaluating block-diagonal forms, The developed scheduling transport algorithms, Measuring the manufacturing productivity, Uncertain service and travel times, Endoscopic resection, Adult-onset immunoglobulin a vasculitis, Manufacturing runtime problem with random failures, Microforceps in the diagnosis, Permutation flow-shop scheduling problem, Training in bariatric endoscopy, Ischemic duodenal ulceration, Undigested gum found during colonoscopy, Eosinophilic enterocolitis, Miliary liver metastasis, Challenges in its management, Hepatitis E infection, Measuring advanced, Post-treatment ulceration, Autoimmune hepatitis associated, Increased mortality, Giant duodenal lipoma, Lumen-apposing metal stent, Cholestatic hepatitis, Measures of robustness, Diagnosis of IgAV, Undigested gum, Axial spondyloarthritis experience high, Thoracic endovascular aortic repair, Bariatric endoscopy, Pancreatic bronchogenic cyst, The CGE formula, Hepatocellular carcinoma adjacent, Role of environmental distractions, Manufacturing runtime problem with scrap, Very early onset, Extended practice roles, Particularly in early stages, Bleeding after cyanoacrylate injection, Treat malignant esophageal stricture, Gastric outlet obstruction, Idiopathic adulthood ductopenia, Possible paraneoplastic syndrome, Increasing immunosuppression, Patient remained asymptomatic, Asians with systemic sclerosis, Turmeric consumption, High-intensity exercise, The drawbacks of these measures, Unexplained iron deficiency anemia, Endoscopic ultrasound guidance, Bariatric endoscopy training program, Cultivars/genotypes, Arthritis and musculoskeletal care, Endemic regions, Bile duct via intraductal cooling, Manufacturing runtime problem, Experience of fibrofog, Require stent placement, Duodenum’s redundant blood supply, Worsening abdominal pain followed, Duodenal varices, Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders, Repeat endoscopic examination, Interlobular bile ducts, Medical emergency, Herbal dietary supplement, Northern California, Despite oral anticoagulants, Neuroenteric duplication cysts, Colonoscopy were planned, Surgical leaks, Endoscopic nasobiliary drainage tube, Improve quality of life, Musculoskeletal care in Canada, Storage proteins, Biochemical evidence, Manufacturing runtime decision, Muralwall thickening, Liver uncommonly results in ALF, American cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.), Real-world settings, Long-segment hirschsprung’s disease, Postprocedural gastrointestinal bleed, Chronic turmeric consumption, Early consideration of HEV, Shortly after endometrial adenocarcinoma, Increasingly common alternative, Sodium azide induction, Focus on Asian patients, Grains Substrate, Fibrous capsule, Investigate experiences, Bronchogenic cyst diagnosed, Malignant esophageal stricture, Expedited fabrication rate, Characterize Canadian workforce attributes, Various levels of zinc, Non-monetary input, Colorectal varices, Disease manifestations, Long-segment HSCR, Genetic diversity in American cotton, Paraneoplastic sensorimotor polyneuropathy, Peripheral eosinophilia, Gold fish, Hepatoprotective properties, Ductopenia on liver biopsy, Grains substrate in three pleurotus, Yet the high-intensity exercise mode, Population abundance, Sulphur on storage proteins, Euphorbia hirta, Morphological growth, Larval parasitoid, Islets of langerhans, Phenologial development, Ectoparasitic plant, Crossbred pigs, Protein quality of lentil, Sorghum downy mildew resistant, Comparative studies of span growth, Deans’ Committee, Goldfish (Carassius auratus), Varieties of okra, Variability parameters studies, Back ground screening, Sorghum downy mildew resistant back cross progenies, Histochemistry of pancreas, Different cultivars of gerbera, In vivo rodent micronucleus assay, Grain growth rate, Sorghum downy mildew, Campoletis chlorideae (Uchida), BC3F1 progenies in maize, A review on poultry coccidiosis, Apple trees (Malus domestica), Praying mantis, Molecular marker viz RAPD, Different feed additives, Lentil (Lens culinaris) varieties, Femur of chital (Axis axis), Fisheries education, AJWAIN (Trachyspermum ammisprage), Back cross progenies, Plant breeding and genetics, BC3F1 progenies, Vivo rodent micronucleus assay, Poultry coccidiosis, Vegetable pea (Pisum sativum L.), Ectoparasitic plant nematodes associated, Farmscaping on abundance, BC3F3 progenies of maize, Desi pigs, Landraces and salinity, Navsari agricultural university campus (Gujarat), Growth performance and carcass traits, Sorghum downy resistant lines, Commercial tomato varieties, DNA based molecular marker RAPD, Breeding performance of goldfish, Chickpea isolates, Professional fisheries education, Sangham community radio listeners, Chital (Axis axis), Maize (Peronoscelrospora sorghi), Path analysis for green pod yield, Importance disease in poultry production, Yield relationships in wheat cultivars, Back bone of horticulture, Agronomical trait, Mango ecosystem, Anticlastogenic activity, Marker assisted background screening, Acid mucopolysaccharides, Department of plant biotechnology, Heterotic effects, Indian kudzu, Professional fisheries graduates, Zoological park, Postzygotic barriers, Genus Eimeria multiply, Branches per plant, Cultural and morphological traits, Genetic diversity in traditional landraces, Banana ecosystem, Marker assisted, Disease and growth, Developed supra condyloid fossa, BC3F1 popuation against sorgum down mildew, Seed mycflora, Recipient parent genome outside, Gut microflora, Identification of putative sources, Annatto natural dye, Fisheries departments, Pueraria tuberose, Eyeliner and hyde park, Correlation with weather parameters, Rice for yield, Trichoderma in agriculture-fundamentals, The profile of uropathogens, DTPA-Cd, Recorded from different localities, Screening of BC3F1, Harvesting index and path coefficient, Consisted a medially placed head, Nilgiri langur, Putative sources of tolerance, Fixing agent, HT – 29, Backcross hybrids, Acidic condition compared, IPD adults, Open pollination, Blast resistant dubraj, Restricted irrigated conditions, Semi-arid Haryana, Incubation study of cadmium, Dry crocking, Aphid in mustard, CDIO approach, PMA and Trans-esterification, Females and males respectively, Combined inoculation, Dry matter digestibility, Hand pollination, Bio-agents in vitro, Degraded environment, Pueraria tuberosa linn hydroalcoholic tuber extract, Studies on skewness, Asiatic hybrid lilium cultivars, Introgression of resistant genes, Without fym, Training vocational teachers, In vitro and in soil, Fastness grades, Cucurbita Moschata (Duch. ex Lam) fruits, Non-toxic lines in Jatropha, Generation of molecular marker, Means of bio-agents in vitro, Diplodia pinea, Sequential application, Particular microbe, Pigeonpea biological seed coating, Polyhouse growing condition, Various day intervals, Winter hardiness, Quality paramaters of pumpkin, Various dye fixing agents, Rhizoctonia solani in vitro and in soil, Undergraduate level, Identification of toxic, Growth and yield Mgt, Weed control in cotton, Blue pine (Pinus wallichiana Jackson), BC3F3 progenies in maize, In crop improvement, Combined inoculation of biofertilizers, Cotton mordanted with eco-friendly mordants, Cadmium over no FYM application, White clover etc, Suggest CDIO based teaching models, BC3F3 progenies, First report of diplodia pinea, Herbicides for weed control, Biologically coated pigeonpea seed, Biofriendly polymer recorded, Isolated pathogen are reported, Yield and economics of guava, Randomised block design replicated thrice, Taiwan’s banks, Chảy máu ở bệnh nhân phẫu thuật, Quản lý phẫu thuật, Truyền hồng cầu, Bệnh nhân sử dụng heparin, Government inefficiency, Electricity theft in Mexico, Positioning method, Abnormal warm spells in midwinter, Time of arrival, Northern part of Vietnam, Marine vessel positioning based on AIS signals, Determining abnormal mid-winter warm spells, Floating market, Applying tvdi based, Surface water resource of Dong Nai, Time-of-arrival estimation method, Mid-winter months, Remote sensing data, Heavy rainfall forecast, Agricultural rezoning, Abnormal mid-winter warm spells, Indicators of climate change, Development solutions, Climate change on the surface water resources, Flood design, Evaluate the drought, IFS model, Increase tourists, Agricultural drought rezoning, Cu Chi district, Climate change across, Heavy rainfall evens forecast skill, Indicator for drought risk assessment, Selecting drought index, Bose gas, IFS modelat the middle central, Blumea balsamifera, Simple linear method, Density of condensate, Middle central of Viet nam, Review of K-pop reception, Moisture transport, Rainfall deficit, Participatory fan culture, Investigation of rainfall deficiency, Fan culture in Austria, Coastal estuary, K-pop wave has gradually emerged, Central Vietnam during, Germination test, Major K-pop events held, Diatoms from coastal estuary sediment, Coastal estuary sediment, Lá gan của thai phụ, Coastal areas in general, Xử lý rò rỉ đập đất, Ói mửa lúc mang thai, Are time preference, Vữa vữa thủy lực, Risk preference associated, Công nghệ khoan phụt, Cognitive intelligence, Vô sinh tuyệt đối, Nứt nẻ thủy lực, Emotional intelligent, Cơ sở dữ liệu hồ sơ địa chính, Cấy ghép tử cung, Chống thấm đập đất, Reality makes it easier, Dữ liệu hồ sơ địa chính, Tờ bản đồ 8, Công văn số 1071/BHXH-BT, Công văn số 454/KTNN-TH, Công văn số 424/NGCBQLGD-CSNGCB, Công văn số 0362/XNK-NS, Công văn số 953/GDĐT-CTTT, Công văn số 902/BHXH-CSYT, Công văn số 160/CN-TĂCN, Công văn số 1074/LĐTBXH-VP, Công văn số 588/CV-BCĐ, Công văn số 309/TTg-CN, Công văn số 972/BGDĐT-GDCTHSSV, Công văn số 979/TCT-KK, Công văn số 1000/UBND-KGVX, Công văn số 1001/UBND-KGVX, Công văn số 1106/TCT-CS, Công văn số 939/TCT-CS, Công văn số 190/AIDS-ĐT, Công văn số 553/BHXH-QLT, Công văn số 795/BTP-VP, Tiền lương của nhà giáo, Quyết định số 1106/QĐ-BCT, Giấy chứng nhận lưu hành tự do (CFS)

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