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Game scenarios Hoops Everyday Calvin Cody Dirty Trick Student Arrives Bill Bradley Floor and Rim Raging War Tamika Catchings Changing Game Mark Jackson Gravity Works MODERN ERA MIRACLE The Shooter Heading South The Endgame canh chả tôm nấu cùng cải chíp Canh sấu thịt băm Gas–Liquid Foam Canh dưa hường nấu tôm Stable Matching Problems The Dry Limit Delaunay Meshing of Surfaces khắc phục chứng ợ chua The Wet Limit Exact Algorithms Bánh tiêu nóng hổi Ordered Foams Deterministic Splitter Disordered Foams Thịt viên cơ bản Làm gân bò ngâm chua ngọt Cá nục kho xíu mại Xíu mại ngủ khỏe cơm thịt bò áp chảo cà tím ngủ đủ bệnh buồn rầu tâm trạng ngủ tư vấn về tâm bệnh hoàn thiện giấc ngủ Dinh dưỡng với bệnh của răng Bài tập lớn Thiết kế đường F1 Beginning R Beginning Ubuntu Linux Beginning Asp Net 4 5 Becoming Agile Databases 3rd Edition Beautiful Architecture in an imperfect world Developing Microsoft Georgios Gousios Erlang and OTP SharePoint Applications in Action Using Windows Azure Exploring Everyday Things Jerry Honeycutt Introduction to Tornado with R and Ruby Michael Dory Learning SPARQL Adam Parrish SPARQL 1.1 and Brendan Berg NumPy 1.5 Tuning with Oracle SQLTXPLAIN WORD EXPERT PARSING TOWARDS A SELF-EXTENDING PARSER ON THE AUTOMATIC TRANSFORMATION WHERE QUESTIONS A SNAPSHOT OF KDS A KNOWLEDGE Jaime G. Carbonell CLASS MEMBERSHIP CRITERIA HeXagram Indirect Speech Acts I Benny Shanon DIKSIGN FOR DIALOGUE COMPREHENSION Powerful ideas A Key to Extensible SHOULD COMPUTERS WRITE Barbara C. Sangster Metaphor Comprehension computational linquistics Computational Analogues A special mode of language Wallace L. Chafe Constraints on Grammars Implications for problem Parsing in the Ahsmmeeofa PARALANGUAGE IN COMPUTER MEDIATED solvinq A Model of Syntactic Acquisition SELECTION FOR AN PARSER tool for the specialist in linguistics John Carey Comldete Lexicon PROSPECTS OR PRACTICAL

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REQUIREMENTS OF TEXT, WORD AND OBJECT, Real Reading Behavior, INTERACTION WITH MACHINES, Giacomo Ferrari, Jim Davidson and S. Jerrold Kaplan, NATURAL LANGUAGE SYSTEMS, PROCESSING LEXICONS, DISEASE DESCRIPTIONS, TWO DISCOURSE GENERATORS, PROMNECMAIO OF CMOETAL, FIELD TESTING, Marcel Just, An Experiment in Machine Translation, Oliviero Stock, A Heuristic Phonological Analyzer, Kenneth Shea Lane, M.S. Blois, TRANSFORMATIOHAL QUESTION ANSWERING, GORITHMS EFRACOPRSNOPNNFR, Long Paper, SEARCH AND INFERENCE STRATEGIES, Lee A. Becket, PHONEMI CIZATION OF OTORPYORHGAH, SOME ISSUES IN PARSING, A View of Parsing, PRONOUN RESOLUTION, INTERPRETING NATURAL LANGUAGE, PROBLEMS IN LOGICAL FORM, Kate Ehrlich, NATURAL LINGUAGE UNDERSTANDING, A Construction-Specific, Ronald M. Kaplan, ENGLISH NOUNS AND VERBS, LINGUISTIC AND COMPUTATIONAL SEMANTICS, TRANSPORTABLE NATURAL-LANGUAGE, An Improved Heuristic, Focused Interaction, Robert Beranek, TOWARDS A THEORY OF COMPREHENSION, Alan M. Frisch, S. Jermld Kaplan Jim David, ANOTHER SCORE, TRANSPORTABLE NATURAL-LANGUAGE INTERFACES, Robert A. Amsler, ISSUES IN NATURAL LANGUAGE, Brian Cantwell Smith, Experience with an Easily Computed Metric, PROCESSING ENGLISH, INTERFACES TO DATABASES, THEMES FROM 1972, A SOCIETY IN TRANSITION, Ellipsis Processing, ACL IN 1977, Fernando Gomez, David G. Hays, THE TEXT SYSTEM, MY TERM, OTEPEETNHRSN, PROBLEMS AND TECHNIQUES, ACCESS TO DATABASES, George E. Heidorn, BUILDING NON-NORMATIVE SYSTEMS, Gary G. Hendrlx and William H. Lewis, A GENERALIZED PHRASE, Database Access Systems, Ralph M. Welschedel, Paul G. Chapin, DECLARATIVE CONTEXTS, Norman K. Sondheimer, Winfred P. Lehmann, Ranking Alternative Parses, THE SEARCH FOR ROBUSTNESS AN OVERVIEW, A LOGIC PROGRAMMING PERSPECTIVE, Kathleen R. M, CONTEXT-FREENESS, Ill-Formed, National Science Foundation, ON THE LINGUISTIC CHARACTER, FACTORING RECURSION, Mitchell P. Marcus Bell, CALCULUS TO REPRESENT, Non-Standard Language Problems, A Finite-Slate Parser, THE COMPUTER PROCESSING, NON-STANDARD INPUT, DEPENDENCIES, LOGIC GRAMMARS, Sentence Disambiguation, A Framework for Processing Partially, Stan Kwasny, MULTILINGUAL DATA, Use in Speech Recognition, HUMAN LANGUAGES, AN IMPROPER TREATMENT, Anthony S. Kroch and Donald Hindle, AN ASPECT OF TREE ADJOINING GRAMMARS (TAG) AND A COMPARISON OF SOME FORMAL PROPERTIES OF TAGS, Deterministic Parsing, David Scott Warren, DENORMALIZATION, THE REPRESENTATION OF CONSTITUENT STRUCTURES, PARSING AND FASY, a Shift-Reduce Parsing Technique, Janet B. Pierrehumbert, TRANSFORMING ENGLISH, Free Word Order, Kenneth W. Church, On the Mathematical Properties, APPLICATIONS OF ALEXICO, QUANTIFICATION IN ORDINARY, CONVEYING IMPLICIT, GPSGS, Toward a Redefinition, UN OUTIL MULTIDIMENSIONNEL, Syntactic Non-fluencies, PARSING AS DEDUCTION, CROSS REFERENCING, Features and Values, Robert C. Ilcrwick, INTERFACESTO OTHERNATURALLANGUAGES: AN EXPERIMENT, PLGS, CONTENT IN NARRATIVE, Jerry R. Hobbs, GRAPHICAL DATABASE FOR GERMAN, Linguistic Theories, Yea/No Questions, J. CHAUCHE, THEORETICAL LEXICOGRAPHY, Interaction of Knowledge Sources, PORTUGUESE GABRIEL PEREIRA LOPES, AND LPGS, LIMITED DOMAIN SYSTEMS, KL-ONE, Wolfgang Teubert, TWO THEORIES FOR COMPUTING, Preventing False Inferences, Carole D. Hafner, ASPECTS OF ANAPHOR RESOLUTION, UNDERSTANDING PRAGMATICALLY ILL-FORMED INPUT, Multilingual Text Processing, Ronan G. Reilly, Ralph M. Weischedel, Portable Natural Language Interface, THE LOGICAL FORM OF MASS EXPRESSIONS, Pulman, LEXICON-GRAMMAR, Entity-Oriented Parsing, a Two-Byte Code, Combining Functionality, DEALING WITH CONJUNCTIONS IN A MACHINE TRANSLATION ENVIRONMENT, FL Sandra Carberry, process natural language ngôn ngữ tự nhiên, Simplifying Deterministic Parsing, Francis Jeffry, THE SYNTACTIC ANALYSIS OF FRENCH, A Plan Recognition Model, Lloyd B. Anderson, Object Orientedness, Xiumlng HUANG, WHAT NOT TO SAY, A RATIONAL RECONSTRUCTION, LFG System in Prolog, Alan W. Carter, Grammar Writing System(GRADE), Maurice Gross, LR Parsers, FOR A DISCOVERY PROCEDURE, Analysts Grammar, Jan Fornell, Clarification Subdialogues, Semantic Rule, PROTEUS SENTENCE PLANNER, TEXTUAL EXPERTISE IN WORD EXPERTS, THE ENVIRONMENT OF A COMPUTER AIDED TRANSLATION SYSTEM, CERTAIN PHONOLOGICAL RULES, WHEN IS THE NEXT ALPAC REPORT DUE, Mu-Machtne Translation Project and its Characteristic, Diane J. Litman and James F. Allen, Natural Languages, Coping with Extragrarnmaticality, SOMELINGUISTIC ASPECTS FORAUTOMATIC, Japanese to the Nu-ProJect, LEXICAL KNOWLEDGE BASES, HOW TO MISREAD A DICTIONARY, A Response to the Need, Michael L. Mauldin, AN ALGORITHM FOR IDENTIFYING COGNATES, Masaru Tomita, AN APPROACH TO TEXT PARSING, Jalme G. Carbonell, Disambiguating Grammatically, THE DICTIONARY SERVER, TRANSFER IN A MULTILINGUAL MT SYSTEM, Robert A. Ameler, Nakoto NAGAO, Yutaka Kusanag, Summary Responses, TOPIC/COMMENT MONITORING, RELATED LANGUAGES, NAtural Language driven, SEHANTICS OF TEHPORAL QUERIES, VOICE SIMULATION, ARGUMENTATION IN REPRESENTATION SEMANTICS, INTERPRETING SYNTACTICALLY, HANDLING SYNTACTICAL AMBIGUITY, Steven Krauwer, Ambiguous Sentences By Asking, Jacques B.M. Guy, J.K. Kalita, Ontological Promiscuity, FACTORS AFFECTING QUALITY, TEHPORAL DATA, ILL-FORMED SENTENCES, A Structure-Sharing Representation, Fernando, ANALYSIS OF OONOUNCTIONS IN PAKSER, PARSING CONJUNCTIONS DETERMINISTICALLY, The ROMPER System, COPYING IN NATURAL LANGUAGES, GAMR VIEWED AS A FUNCTIONING PART, Responding to Object-Related Misconceptions, Donald W. Kosy, QUEUE GRAMMARS, Helen M. Gigley, Encoding and Acquiring Meanings, A COGNITIVES SERM A YTMword stress from spelling, Figurative Phrases, Michael G. Dyer Uri Zernik, TEMPORALON TO LOGY IN NATURAL LANGUAGE, A PROPERTY-SHARING CONSTRAINT IN CENTERING, A ROBUST MACHINE TRANSLATION SYSTEM, What Should Machine Translation Be, Machine Translation will not Work, LINGUISTIC COHERENCE, TEMPORAL EXPRESSIONS IN ENGLISH, John S. White, Rika Yoshii, CONTEXT-FRKFNESS, An Attribute-Grammar Implementation, Machine Translation already does Work, A PLAN-BASED ALTERNATIVE, FORUM ON MACHINE TRANSLATION, THE LOGICAL ANALYSIS, The Derivation of a GrammaticaUy Indexed Lexicon, Erhard W. Hinrichs, NOMINALIZATIONS IN PUNDIT, A LOGICAL VERSION, IDENTIFYING CUE PHRASES INTONATIONALLY, Defining the Semantics of Verbal Modifiers, GETTING IDIOMS, TOWARD TREATING ENGLISH NOMINALS CORRECTLY, THE LANGUAGE ACCEPTED, Government-bindlng Theory, LEXICAL AMBIGUITY, PARSING AND INTERPRETING COMPARATIVES, MULTI-LEVEL PLURALS, ADAPTING AN ENGLISH MORPHOLOGICAL, the Longman Dictionary, Martin Kay Xerox Palo Alto, A Model For Generating, Functional Unification Grammar Revisited, LEXICON BASED PARSERS HEAD, the Domain of Cooking Tasks, A Logic for Semantic, Margaret King, Richard W. Sproat, William C. Rounds, Marmy Rayner, MARCUS' PARSER, SEMANTIC STRUCTURE, Better Explanations, Contemporary English, Cues and control, ANALYZER FOR FRENCH, DISTRIBUTIVITY, Kathleen R. McKeown, PLANNING COHERENT, Robert T. Kasper and William C. Rounds, Robin F. Karlin, A Unification Method, A Practical Nonmonotonic Theory, ANALYSIS ADNOMINAL, SYNTACTIC APPROACHES, Mark Y. Liberman, Peter van Beek, ASPECTS AN OF CLAUSE, Cecile L. Paris, Expert-Client Dialogues, Roy J. Byrd and Evelyne, Remko Scha and David Stallard, A Semantic-Head-Driven Generation Algorithm, MULTISENTENTIAL TEXT, REFERENCE TO LOCATIONS, Disjunctive Feature Descriptions, Graph-structured Stack, COOKINGUP REFERRINGE XPRESSIONS, COMBINATORY CATEGORIAL RELATIONSHIP, AUTOMATIC BOOK INDEXING, GETTINGAT DISCOURSEREFERENTS, Reasoning about Speech Acts, A DEFINITE CLAUSE, CONVERSATIONALLY RELEVANT DESCRIPTIONS, JAPANESE PARTICLES NOUN PHRASES, LOGICAL FORMS, POLITENESS IN JAPANESE, A General Computational Treatment of Comparatives, Steve Whittaker & Phil Stenton Hewlett-Packard, SITUATIONS, COMPUTER AIDED INTERPRETATION, Interpretation as Abduction, DICTIONARY GRAMMARS, EFFICIENT PARSING FOR FRENCH, A GENERALIZATION OF THE OFFLINE, Natural Language Parsing, VERSION OF CATEGORIAL GRAMMAR, ACQUIRING DISAMBIGUATION, Robert Dale, LEXICAL ACCESS, Douglas Appelt, Amlchai Kronfeld, LINEAR GRAMMARS: GENERATIVE POWER, Gerard Salton, CORE LANGUAGE ENGINE, Natural Language Question Answering, TREATMENT EXTENDED IN QUIRY SEMANTICS, PARSING AS NATURAL DEDUCTION, PROSODY, NORMALSTATE IMPLICATURE, DICTIONARY ENTRY PARSING, RULES FROM TEXT, LEXICAL COOCCURRENCES, LICENSING AND TREE ADJOINING GRAMMAR, Masaru Tomlta, TRANSFORMING SYNTACTIC GRAPHS SEMANTIC GRAPHS, PARSABLE GRAMMARS, Kurt Konolige, A SYNTACTIC FILTER, CONNECTED SPEECH RECOGNITION, Free Indexation, Rebecca J. Passonneau Paoli, ASIMPLIFIED THEORY, Bruce W. Ballard, Esther KSnig, Mark Stickel, Nancy L. Green, TYPES IN FUNCTIONAL, PLANNING TEXT, A Flexible Lexicon Design, TREE UNIFICATION GRAMMAR, PRONOMINAL ANAPHORA, Two Constraints on Speech, Paola Velardi, Hiroshi Maruyama, ZERO MORPHEMES, PARSING THE LOB CORPUS, GOVERNMENT BINDING PARSING, Andrew Haas, SOLVING THEMATIC DIVERGENCES, TENSE REPRESENTATIONS, UNIFICATION GRAMMARS, LAZY UNIFICATION, A Compositional Algorithm, DEFAULTS IN UNIFICATION GRAMMAR, ADVISORY DIALOGUES, Frdd Popowich, DISCOURSE ENTITIES IN JANUS, UNIFICATION-BASED COMBINATORY, Act Ambiguity, LEXICAL AND SYNTACTIC RULES, SLOT GRAMMAR, David J. Besemer, TRANSLATION IN MACHINE, Carl G. de Marcken, CONSTRAINTS ON THEIR COMPOSITION, Michael Elhadad, Johanna D. Moore, Elizabeth A. Hinkelman and James F. Allen, Kurt Godden, William Beatty, Paul S. Jacobs, Electric light, Bonnie Doff, THE LAW OF FREEDOM, Geraldus Cambrensis, Waylaid on the Road, Bernard H. Becker, Narrative, David Lindsay, THE MONKS, hakon, Abuses in French libraries, AN EFFICIENT PARSING ALGORITHM, Stephen Angus Cox, Albert M. Goodrich, kerry, Arthur D. Hall, Lord Nelson, Typical Bivouac, Earl of Crawfordm, Cyril James Humphries Daven

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