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Identifying the genetic basis for human disease Wide complex tachycardia Digestion and absorption Gastric motor function Urogenital system Accounting for SMEs in Vietnam Accounting applied for SMEs Vietnamese bourgeoisie The early 20th century to 1930 Nucleotide biosynthesis Historical role Metabolic Integration DNA carries genetic information Purine degradation Pentose phosphate pathway Intracellular second messengers Nonsense suppression Synopsis of lever's histopathology of the skin Atlas and synopsis DNA polymerases Atlas of spleen pathology Atlas of ultrasound guided musculoskeletal injections Bone and joint imaging The superfidal cutaneous reactive unit Diagnostic imaging cardiovascular Left atrium Musculoskeletal injections Nonhematopoietic lesions including vascular Atratum corneum Granulomatous infiltrates Fundamentals of musculoskeletal ultrasound Diagnostic imaging head Brain Imaging with MRI Imaging for surgical disease Approach to congenital heart disease Traumatic diseases Guided musculoskeletal injections Disorders mostly limited to the epidermis The reticular dennis Hip and thigh ultrasound Reactive and systemic conditions Normal morphologic Diffuse and vascular liver disease Netter's essential histology Pericardial disorders Diagnostic imaging neck Basic pathology concepts Brain Imaging with CT Palpation techniques surface anatomy Imaging of orthopaedic fixation devices Small bowel Molecular basis for medical physiology Internal derangement of joints Ultrasound musculoskeletal injections Manual of ambulatory pediatric Diffuse and granulomatous infiltrates Pediatric radiology casebase Netter's histology flash cards Lower leg ultrasound Littoral cell angioma Netter's histology flash card Pharynx and esophagus Parapharyngeal space Immunohistochemical findingsm Tumors and masses Primarily intra axial masses Shoulder ultrasound Tumors and tumor like diseases Large bowel Peripheral neurophysiology Early embryology Upper digestive system Follicular dendritic cell tumor The knee Introduction to imaging modalities Disorders of the subcutis Vein of galen malformation Pericardial anatomy Practical flow cytometry in haematology Tumoral neurology Trigger point injections Focal liver disease Bilateral predominantly symmetric abnormalities Pharyngeal mucosal space Intervals and segments Intracranial calcifications Elbow ultrasound Anterior view Epithelium and exocrine glands Stress echocardiography Shoulder complex Knee ultrasound Inflammatory pseudotumor Perianal fistula Lower digestive system Diseases of soft tissue and muscle Posterior pelvis Lymphoid neoplasms The femoral shaft Abdominal wall

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Practical flow cytometry, Sinonasal cavities, Sagittal craniosynostosis, Non-tumoral neurology, Exocrine glands, Other benign disorders of skin appendages, Midline lesions, Cellular and molecular basis for medical physiology, Neuromuscular/chemodenervation, The transthoracic examination, Bile ducts, Interventional procedures of the spine, The foot and ankle, Wrist and hand ultrasound, pyloric stenosis, Guide for heart rate estimation, Stroke imaging, Small parts, Image protocol for abnormal sonographic findings, Congenital diseases, Abnormalities without significant mass effect, Elbow complex, Pediatric and syndromic diseases, The pelvis and hips, Cardiovacular disease in special populations, Tissue pathology, Myeloid and related disorders, History of ultrasound in urology, Skeletal structure, The urogenital system, Parenchymal defects, Skull base, Prevention of cardiovascular diseases, Nuclear medicine imaging, Tumoral and non-tumoral neurology, Multisystem disorders and syndromes, Thoracic spine and thoracic cage, Benign colonic polyps, Eye and adnexa, Management of common pediatric problems, Prehospital STEMI, Primarily extra axial focal space occupying lesions, Cytomegalovirus encephaltis, Umbilical hernia, A normal tracing, Other CNS vascular diseases, Hip and groin region, Specialized testing and therapeutics, Physical principles of ultrasound, Temporal bone and CPA-IAC, Bone marrow cytology, Cardiovascular disease in women, Right upper quadrant study, Spinal instrumentation, Choroid plexus tumors, Left-sided heart valves, MRI pulse sequences, Perisellar and midline lesions, Non ischemic cardiomyopathy, Valvular and vascular disease, Prehospital Management, Osseous tissue, Allergic response to hymenoptera, The male pelvis, The elbow, Veins imaging, Renal study with full abdomen, Bioeffects and safety, Specialized testing, External auditory canal, Risk factors in childhood, Common orthopaedic terminology, Right-sided heart valves, Recommendations for improvement, Vectorial concept of the QRS, Cytogenetic and molecular data, Spinal vascular anatomy, Technical overviews, The early first trimester, MNaximizing image quality, Blood and bone marrow, The radius, General fixation devices, Alcohol control, Middle ear mastoid, Regional anaesthesia, Current Programs—SAMU, Analysis of blood, Essential operative techniques, Cardiac tumors and pericardial diseases, Musculoskeletal neoplasms, Preventable risk factors, Renal ultrasound, Stimulation and ultrasound, Skull base and facial trauma, Progress of prehospital, Basic abdominal procedures, Altabax ointment, Making a radiology referral, rinciples and practice of PET, Skull base lesions, Suprascapular nerve block, Associated structures, The abdomen in general, Which investigation, Concept and classification, Neurologic applications, Infraclavicular brachial plexus block, Head and neck endoscopy, Temporomandibula joint, Classic cases, The physiology of acute pain, The retroperitoneum, Axillary brachial plexus block, The midline, Cardiac applications, Contrast agent precautions, Basic physics of ultrasound, The inguinal region, Paravertebral block, Strucnjres approached through the midline, PET and drug development, Radiology physics, Rectus sheath block, Maxillofacial blocks, The pectoral region, PET Imaging as a Biomarker, Radiology principles, Gastrointestinal function, Mediastinal structures, Emerging opportunities, Circulation respiration, Median sternotomy approach, Chemical basis of life, Excretion of urine, Applied biochemistry, Right heart catheterization, General metabolism, Treatment of male, Central venous catheterization, Mammalian reproductive physiology, Clinical and applied biochemistry, Advanced biochemistry, Approach to joint disease, Social aspects of using reproductive technology, Arterial line placement, The male reproductive tract, Assisted peproductive technology, Chagas disease, Noninflammatory joint disease, Implantable defibrillator therapy, Regulation of gonadal function, A neglected disease, Developmental and congenital conditions, Overview of metabolism, Techniques and present status, Urologic problems, Metabolic and systemic conditions, Strategies and interventions, Reproductive immunology, Hematologic problems, Pulmonary problems, The cutaneous lymphoid proliferations, The chest X-ray, The therapy of cutaneous T cell lymphoma, A systematic teaching atlas, The EACVI Echo handbook, Benign lymphocytic infiltrates, Thoracic anatomy, The Bethesda system for reporting cervical cytology, The standard transthoracic echo examination, Phenotypic studies, Epithelial cell abnormalities, Assessment of the left ventricular systolic function, Pathogenetic basis of lymphomatoid drug reactions, Patchy lung changes, Soft tissues and bone, Epithelial abnormalities, Assessment of diastolic function, Focal opacities, Ischaemic cardiac disease, Other malignant neoplasms, Linear and reticular opacities, Specimen adequacy, Comments appended to cytology reports, Risk assessment approach to management, Thoracic trauma, Neoplastic findings, Endometrial cells, The how and when of reporting, Atypical squamous cells, Tietz fundamentals of clinical chemistry Molecular diagnostics, History of thyroid ultrasound, Principles of laboratory medicine, Thyroid ultrasound physics, Tietz fundamentals of clinical chemistry, Optical techniques, Reference information, Porphyrins and Porphyrias, Ultrasound imaging and therapy, Ultrasound for surgeons, Ultrasound instrumentation, Ultrasound of congenital fetal anomalies, Surveillance of deep vein thrombosis, Insertion of central catheters, Array transducers and beamformers, Ducation credentialing, Transcranial doppler, Three dimensional ultrasound imaging, Anomalies of the gastrointestinal tract, Breast ultrasound, With attention to physics, The abdominal wal, Ultrasound velocity imaging, Laparoscopic applications, Anomalies of the urinary tract, Array transducers, Pediatric applications, B cell differentiation, Open applications, Liver transplantation from living donors, Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, Regulation of immune responses, Immune tissue injury, Congenital changes, Protective immunity and vaccines, Inferior vena cava, Immune deficiency states, Genetics and cancer, Fundamentals of angiography, Portal and hepatic veins, The Washington Manual allergy, Genetics and common diseases, Autotolerance and autoimmunity, Wallach's interpretation of diagnostic tests, Noninvasive vascular imaging, Urticaria and angioedema, Image guided percutaneous biopsy, Asthma and immunology, Vascular interventions, Gastrointestinal tract intervention, Approach to the allergic patient, Allergic contact dermatitis, Carotid and vertebral arteries, Percutaneous abscess, Ocular allergic disease, Infectious disease assays, Drug allergy and desensitization, Musculoskeletal intervention, Vitro diagnostic tests of allergy, Image guided breast intervention, Insect allergy, Central nervous system disorders, Workbook for diagnostic medical sonography, Digestive diseases, Superficial structures, Abdominal sonography, Genitourinary system disorders, The peritoneal cavity, Vascular structure, A concise guide to intraoperative monitoring, Neurophysiological background, Electrophysiological recordings, Anesthesia management, Spontaneous activity, Clinical application of hemodynamic research, Anatomy for dental student, Developmental anatomy, Circulatory physiology, Hemodynamics in coronary arterial disease, Introductionand surface anatomy, The surface anatomy of the thorax, The face and superi cial neck, Application to cardiovascular surgery, The thoracic wall and diaphragm, Related structures, Case-Based diagnosis and therapy, Etiologies of aortic stenosis, Different classifi cations of aortic stenosis, Hemodynamic principles of aortic stenosis, Managing life threatening situations, Orthopaedic surger, Upper gastrointestinal surgery, Managing the acutely ill adult surgical patient, Bedside cardiology, Second heart sound, Ejection sound, Non-ejection sound, Innocent murmur and sound, Eisenmenger physiology, Segmental approach in congenital heart disea, Epidemiology of heart failure, Optimization of the interventricular, Pathobiology of left ventricular dyssynchrony, Complications of cardiac resynchronization therapy, Left ventricular dyssynchrony, Right bundle branch block, Summary of all large randomized trials, The interventricular, Anatomy of the coronary venous system, Heart failure and hypertension, Hypertension and multitasking cardiovascular drug, Multitasking cardiovascular drug, Drugs for dyslipidemias, Drugs for stable angina, Stable ischemic heart disease, White matter diseases, Neurodegenerative - Metabolic, Catheter ablation of cardiac arrhythmias, Developmental malformations, Aortic ablationarch, Biophysics of radiofrequency lesion formation, Anterior cerebral artery, Catheter microwave, Middle cerebral artery, Irrigated and cooled tip radiofrequency catheter ablation, Intracranial vertebrobasilar sector, Ablation of arrhythmias, Challenging concepts in cardiovascular medicine, The endocardium, The myocardium and cardiomyopathy, The myocardium, General cardiovascular medicine, The pleura, Bony structures, Foreign structures, Other devices on chest X-rays, Clinical application of mechanical ventilation, Management of mechanical ventilation, Operating modes of mechanical ventilation, Pharmacotherapy for mechanical ventilation, Airway management in mechanical ventilation, Critical care issues, Ưeaning from mechanical ventilation, Cardiac MRI physics, MR contrast agents for cardiac imaging, Practical set up, Clinical examinations in cardiology, Basic anatomy and physiology, Basic investigations, Clinical electrocardiogram, Radiology of the heart, Basic transesophageal echocardiography, Cardiovascular system examination, Fundamentals of ultrasound imaging, Great vessels, The basic tee exam, Cardiac calcification, Advanced transesophageal echocardiography, Valvular heart diseases, Clinically oriented pulmonary imaging, Normal thoracic anatomy, Management of solitary pulmonary nodules, Pediatric ultrasound, Venous pathology, Differential diagnosis in ultrasound, Core topics in mechanical ventilation, ESG holter, Immunohematology and transfusion medicine, Diagnostic imaging obstetrics, Easy ECG, Left atrial appendage closure, Master visual diagnosis of ECG, Key topics in management, ECG in medical practice, heart failure management, Echocardiography board review, Fetal cardiology simplified, Diagnostic imaging oral, Fundamentals of cardiology, Chronic venous disease, MGH cardiology broad review, Nutrition support for the critically ill, Practice of percutaneous tracheostomy, Handbook of medical imaging, Therapies in heart failure, Diagnostic imaging nuclear, Infection control in the intensive care unit, MCQs for cardiology knowledge based assessment, Pocket guide to critical care pharmacotherapy, Imaging of the hip, Making sense of the ECG, Pharmacology for anesthesia, Echocardiography pocket guide, Essential concepts of electrophysiology, Diagnostic imaging gastrointestinal, Diagnostic imaging - Emergency, Perforator veins, Perioperative practice at a glance, Pearls and pitfalls in abdominal imaging, Color atlas and text of histology, Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation, Hypertension and organ damage, Imaging of pulmonary hypertension, Interventional ultrasound, Evidence-based critical care, Dermatology and surgery, Guide to electrocardiographic interpretation, Pitfalls in abdominal imaging, 150 tracings of ECG

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