"Red sea"

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Sinomenium acutum Toll-like receptor Microglial activation Various autoimmune diseases Micractinium sp. Testicular structure Ectopic osteogenesis Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders Peritumoral skeletal muscle Anxiety-like behavior Receptor activator of NF-κB ligand Arterial gas embolism First-episode psychosis Irx genes Area under the curve Autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 3 Double-blind trial Proinflammatory cytokines Leukocyte recruitment Incurable lung disease Post-marketing surveillance Family history of hypertension Cholestatic pruritus Rats receiving DXM Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript Anterior segment optical coherence tomography MPM diagnosis remains 5-hydroxytryptamine3 Osteo-sarcoma Arginine vasopressin Anti-inflammation Free crystalline silica Immune rejection Rac1 promotes Silico 3-D docking simulation Distant metastasis-free survival Foot and mouth disease Corneal descension Allo-transplantation Silica-induced lung damage Nuclear factor-κB ligand H9c2 cells during serum SGLT2 inhibitors Enterovirus 71 Antarctic freshwater microalga Dopamine receptor D2 gene Descemet membrane detachment Xeno-transplantation Phosphodiesterase 3B Muscle damage Reactive nitrogen species Cellular immunity Cataract-related blindness DRD2 gene Chronic graft versus host disease Myocardial ischemia-reperfusion during Chemokine C-C motif ligand 4 AS-OCT Chloride channels in glioblastoma B-cell lineages Clinicopathologic development C-C motif Guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitors Randomized placebo-controlled Colon cancers Virtual patient simulation Systemic inflammatory state Promotion of clinical reasoning abilities Pathologic grad Partitioning of fluoxetine Astaxanthin production Gaseous ammonia Litopenaus vannamei Planetary systems Circular birefringence Mixed lipid bilayer containing Biofilm-based photobioreactor Application of biological methods Protoplanetary discs Linear birefringence Melanosis and quality changes Binary phospholipid membrane Hydro-climatological drought conditions Cassava bacterial blight Micronano particles across NPK Treatment of gaseous ammonia Submillimetre astronomy Linear dichroism Cayratia trifolia Using high-resolution model simulation Pacific white shrimps Electrostatic interaction Xanthomonas axonopodis pv manihotis Efficacy of micronano particles Biomedium in biofilters Bacillus aquimaris Twin-layer porous Mueller matrix decomposition Observed by ALMA

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Coupled WEHY-HCM model, Extract during cold storage, Densities on maize growth, Cassava bacterial blight-causing, Ethanol tolerance, Second derivative spectrophotometry, Twin-layer system, Field trial of beneficial effects, The protoplanetary disc HD 163296, RpoD and gyrB genes, Yield in Vietnam, Streamflow drought index, Stokes polarimeter, Carotenoid-producing, Important crops in Vietnam for providing food, The quantity of maize, Bacillus aquimaris SH6 spores, Whiteleg shrimps, Viterbi algorithm, Example based translation, Natural processing language, Example retrieval, The singer transfer, Arsenic contamination, On the determination, Arsenic contamination in groundwater, Idiopathic nephrotic syndrome, Algebraic transfer, Arsenic mobilization, Green catalyst, Genome short-read aligner, Arsenic releasing mechanism, Life of children, Gallstones and common bile duct stones, Burrows-Wheeler transform, According to clinical types, Fe oxyhydroxide, Cinnamon witches’ broom, Retrospective clinical description, Knoevenagel reaction, Advances in research on Rotavin-M1, Brachyuran crabs, Changes in climate extremes, Outpatient treatment period, Methylimidazolium hydroxide, Research on Rotavin-M1, Duyen Hai town, Climate extremes in Vietnam, Study on the formation, Trophic structure of free-living nematodes, Internationallyimported vaccines, Free-living nematodes, Development of aromatic rice spikelets, Alocasia rivularis, Climate extreme, The vaccine were found equivalent, Distribution of brachyuran crabs, Saigon River, Aromatic rice spikelets, Based on dynamical downscaling, Annotation of the Nuclear-factor YA, The local circulating strain, Gardenia jasminoides, Primordia stage, Unculturable bacteria, Morphological and molecular data reveal, The Nuclear-factor YA, Middle cerebral artery occlusion, Deposit-feeders was contributed, Rabl configuration, Phyla Radiation, New species of Alocasia, Beneficial role of bioactive lipids, Gene family in cassava, Gardenia jasminoides against ischemic, The plant prokaryotic microbiome, Cold air activities, Rice flavor, Bioactive lipids in the pathobiology, Association of CARD10 rs6000782, Tropical cyclones in Vietnam, Management of HBV, The typhoon season, TNF rs1799724 variants, Potential source, Virtual drug screening, Pulsatile release, Paediatric-onset autoimmune hepatitis, Plants as potential source, A selective inhibitor, Lupus nephritis, Combined pituitary hormone deficiency, Lissemys punctata, DNA barcode Orchids, The Polo-box domain, Urinary stones, Bilayer tablet, Cytogenetic features, Millettia pachyloba, Delta desaturases, Asymptomatic cerebral MRI lesions, Osteogenesis imperfecta associated, Hotstart PCR, Metabolites function, Polo-like kinase 1 identified, Chronological release profile, Molecular identification orchidaceae, Uric acid stones, Mutations in LHX4, Lipo- and cyclo-oxygenases, Primary myelodysplastic, White matter hyperintense lesions, Intraspecific variations, The stems of Millettia pachyloba, Iron-based biocomposites, Endogenous antimicrobial molecules, Etodolac from coated bilayer tablets, Parasitic myoma, pH dissolution, Mutations in COL1A2, Highly biodegradable, Clinical picture of gout, Synopsis of arachidonic acid metabolism, D-loop sequences, Silent cerebral MRI findings, Syndrome Egyptian patients, Colorimetry of gelatine gels prepared, Drake mediate cytotoxic activity, In-vivo assessment, Iatrogenic adenomyosis, Highly conserved LIM2 domain, Management of uric acid urolithiasis, Bioactive Fe-Pd-bredigite biocomposites prepared, Gelatine gels prepared, Arachidonic acid metabolism, Autophagy in cancer cells, Lupus nephritis patients, Testudine species, Most important diagnostic, Management of gout, Oral chemolysis, Laparoscopic subtotal hysterectomy, Different saline solutions, Fe-Pd-bredigite biocomposites prepared, Clinically significant, Flavonoids from the stems, Liver tumour, Uricase encoding genes, Candle soot, Described type of arthritis, Colour parameters, Cubilin genetic variants, Uric acid in plants, Laparoscopic morcellation, Repin1 deficiency, Tunable surface adsorption, Epidemiology is studied, The association of megalin, Wettability of candle soot coated, Uric acid in microorganisms, Serum levels of 25-hydroxvitamin D, Ferroelectric ceramics, Incidence of acute coronary syndrome, Carbon in the candle soot, Time to withhold development, Linear algebra in LabVIEW, 2 4- Dichlorobenzo[h]quinoline, Cogan’s syndrome, Antiproliferative activity cancer, Plant natural products, The bactericidal activity, Introduction to linear algebra, Naphth-1-ylamine, Mastoid bone, Imidazoline I1-receptor, 3-Chloroformazans, Laser acupuncture, Blood gas analyses, NAPlr gene a-enolase gene, To Aeromonas spp, Linear algebra palette in LabVIEW, Intrapulpal pressure, Low grade lymphoma, Laser researches, CuI catalyst, Notable pharmacological properties, Microbial biocatalysts, Centrally mediated hypotension, Multidrug resistance-associated protein 1, Azo compounds, The mastoid bone in a patient, LabVIEW MathScript RT module, Piscine S dysgalactiae subsp, Other components involved, Dynamic potential, Intrapulpal temperature, Laser researches on livestock semen, Linear dinaphthonaphthyridines, RAPD markers studies of faba bean, Pharmaceutical products, Makrofol DE 7-2, Central adenosine receptors, New one-pot synthesis, Rhinoestrus spp larvae, Virulence traits, Tetrazolium salts azo-hydrazones, Atypical Cogan’s syndrome, LabVIEW MathScript, The acid–base metabolism, Livestock semen, The synthesis of angular, Unequivocal glycyrrhizin isomer determination, Low shrinking resin composite, Vicker’s hardness, Microbial biotransformation, Conscious rats, Novel hetarylazo-heterocyclic colorants, Obtain 10 F1 hybrids, Sertraline membrane sensors, Cardiovascular risk traits, Adherence pattern, Functionalized formazans, Molecular and morphological identification, Examples using MathScript, Roles of dehydrin genes, Sperm motility parameters, Final oocyte maturation, Plague in Egypt, Rats infected, Microtensile bond strength, Glycyrrhizin isomer determination, Makrofol polymer nuclear track detector, Their solvatochromic properties, MAPK-NOS signaling, Drug development based, Generations cohort, Finite group, Sertraline hydrochloride, Phylogenic analysis of NAPlr, Recent progress, Dentin microtensile bond strength, Final oocyte maturation in GnRH, Trypanosoma evansi, Contemporary analysis, Tolerance to drought stress, Characterization of semen in livestock, Gamma irradiation to Makrofol polymer, Stage larvae, Comparative in vitro bioactivities, Natural products from mevalonic acid pathway, S-permutability, Indian Punjabi population, Pharmaceutical formulations, Dromedary milk exosomes, Their pharmacological activities, Disease biology, ICSI treatment cycles, Maternal lineages, Rhinoestrus spp, Root extracts, Primitive subgroup, Mammary transcriptome nano-vehicle, Punjabi population, Egyptian indigenous chicken, Review and meta-analysis, Soft tissue sarcomas during pregnancy, Phospholipidomic characterizations, Bovine neutrophil beta Defensin 2, Quasipermutable subgroup, Polymer grafting, Demographic history, Multicomponent seismology, In-vitro drug diffusion, Lung cancer during pregnancy, A narrative review, Permutability are introduced, Several illnesses, Bis-hydrazonoyl halides, Biological profile, Shear wave, Periplasmic expression, mtDNA analysis, Terbinafine Hydrochloride, Fetal metastasis, Bis-nitrilimines, Peptidoglycan hydrolase, Recombinant codon-optimized, Converted wave, Cespitularia species, Transdermal flux, LysM domains, Acute leukemias, Placental metastasis, 1 3-Dipolar cycloaddit, Recent applications, Genus Cespitularia, paDEL descriptors, Ethosomes entrapped, Several enzymes of Lb, Clinical trial registry, biological interest, Increasingly observed, Nitrogencontaining diterpenes, Hematologic malignancies during pregnancy, Applicability domain, Micrococcus lysodeikticus cells, Vitro assessment, Chemotherapy-induced anemia, Extrahepatic manifestations vasculitis, Alfa fetoprotein, Interventional studies, Bis-heterocycles, Fecal contamination, Pregnancy continuation, Convenient synthesis, Challenging situation, Direct acting anti-HCV drugs, NCI database, Aerobic exercise training, Micronucleated RBCs, Diverse synthetic, Cannabinoid receptor 1 signaling, The schistosomicidal effect, Combined unit, Diazotized 5-amino-3-phenylpyrazole provide, Middle Nile Delta, Clinicaltrials gov, Vasculitis to serum cryoglobulins, Clinical presentation might resemble, Hematologic parameters, Mirazid in the murine model, Cardiovascular regulating nuclei, Hydrazine hydrate yielded, Hydraulic mixing, Water-borne pathogenic organisms, Different mechanisms, Pillared clay, Hepatotoxicity in male rats, International Clinical Trials Registry, The used PCR technique, Humulus lupulus L, The brainstem, Municipal waste water, Chromium-induced geno, Al2O3-montmorillonite composite, Municipal wastewater, Metabolomic fingerprint, ZrO2-montmorillonite composite, Rostral ventrolateral medulla, Initial permeability, Combined coagulation flocculation, Modulation of genotoxicity, Phenol toxicity, Phenol hydroxylation, White sweet potato, Primary phytochemical components, IBC is characterized, Techniques spectroscopic, Endocrine disruptive effects, Magnetic properties for Mn–Ni–Zn, Catalyst for phenol hydroxylation, African catfish Clarias gariepinus, Utilizing untargeted NMR, PIVKA-II, Malathion by dietary honeybee pollen, Specific morphological, The UV corona, Rare earth Nd3+ ion substitution, Hepatocelluler carcinoma, Solvent free reaction, Propolis in Nile tilapia, IBC among young women, Observed differential rotation rate, EDX analysis revealed, Tissue residue assay, Desert ecosystems, Ultraviolet corona, Impact of PIVKA-II in diagnosis, Fiber properties through grafting, 4-Thiazolidinone, Grafting of acrylonitrile, Chlorosulfonyl isocyanate (CSI), HCV and HCC groups, Rhizospheric microorganisms (RMOs), In-stent restenosis, Possible bioactive agents, Radiation methods, Benzoxathiazin-7 7-dioxide, Logistic map, Calcium-activated potassium channels, Bacteria nesting, Microcurrent electrical stimulation, TGA and XRD studies, Bifurcation diagram, Thiadiazolo[3, Porcine coronary artery model, Alq3 derivatives, Maxillary sinus, 2-a]pyrimidine, Pentafluorophenylammonium triflate

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