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Nasal potential difference measurements Muscarinic agonists Positive predictive values Gingival surfaces Transmembrane regulator function Negative predictive values Increased pulmonary vascular resistance CFTR functional defect Off-label prescribing Long-acting beta agonis Muscarinic antagonist Transient initial drop Non-neuronal cholinergic system Cohort effect Longitudinal analyses Heat shock protein 47 Beclomethasone dipropionate Pharmacological healthcare interventions Transition dyspnoea index Therapy assessment Proactive palliative care Nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease Cytokine biology Elderly adults Physiologically linked COPD patient Altered cardiac repolarization Acid-fast bacilli smear Dysregulated immun Oronasal breathing Health information seeking Increased dispersion Bronchodilator therapy Extrapulmonary TB Cystic changes Related muscles Chronic eosinophilic pneumonia Paediatric pulmonology Genetic test Chronic kidney diseases Cardiovascular reserve CPAP therapy compliance Anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibitors Respiratory tract diseases Upper airways Motivational reinforcement Corticosteroid treatment Systolic velocity Sleep apnea syndromes Refractory pulmonary alveolar proteinosis Daily step-count Obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome Alveolar walls Typically diagnosed Fibrotic nonspecific interstitial pneumonia Chronic systemic inflammatory syndrome Cycle endurance test Daily monitoring Cytotoxic mediator Multi center double-blind clinical study Matrix remodelling Chest muscle rigidity Th17-associated cytokines Respiratory function evaluation Obtaining recent Microfibrillar-associated protein 4 Glycosaminoglycan matrix High resolution CT scan Respiratory specific HRQoL Chronic colonization Perimenstrual asthma Cysteinyl-leukotrienes Respiratory illnesses Symptom exacerbations Asthmatic women Fungal spores Eotaxin-1 Tobacco smoke pollution Lung volume reduction surgery Inflammatory lung disease Subclinical atherosclerosis Porous particle technology Persistent asthma Asthma diagnosis Airway apoptosis Long-acting anticholinergic Increased eosinophils Quantitative morphometry Complex airway inflammation Mycobacterial infection High sputum eosinophils Radiological suspicion Neutrophilic asthma Serum fibrinogen Determine proximal Traffic-related pollutant Distal inflammation Asthmatic children treated Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A2 Proliferation-related oncogene

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Aclidinium bromide, Airway inflammatory process, N-terminal procollagen peptide type III, Pulmonary toxoplasmosis, Inflammatory cell profile, Surfactant protein, Psychiatric evaluation, Human zoonosis, Suspected pulmonary embolism, Mild hypoxemia, Alternative etiology, Ventilation-perfusion scintigraphy, Surfactant lipids, Cronbach’s formula, Fixed airways obstruction, Vapour ablation, Constant direct current, Exhaled carbon monoxide, Continuous positive airway pressure therapy, Lung volume reduction, Surface area to lung volume ratio, Photo-acoustic spectrometer, Removal tube, Upper lobe predominant emphysema, Pulsed direct current, Incomplete reversibility, CAP late mortality, Electrochemical analyser, Exercise endurance, Emergency department visits, Supplementary oxygen, Breathing frequency, Protein ubquitination, Poor lung function, Long-acting muscarinic antagonists, Breath test, Smoke-free policies, Underlying health conditions, Sleep-related disorders, Lipopolysaccharide-binding protein, Ventilatory reserve, Adult pneumonia, Biological risk factors, Radiologic pattern, Respiratory exacerbation, Sleep-related hypoxaemia, Maximal exercise ventilation, Non-eosinophilic phenotype, Previously explored, Occupational risk factors, Mortality prediction, Symptom prevalence, Ethnic issues, National solidarity, Labor situation, Labor qualification, Labor discipline, Clearly indicating, Vietnam enterprizes, World's manufacturing base, High-tech applicability, Implementing policies, Necessary function, SMEs policy, Chi sâm Panax L, Định loại chi sâm Panax L, Các loài thuộc chi Panax ở Việt Nam, Sâm nhật bản, Genus pycnarrhena miers ex hook, Key to species of Pycnarrhena, Pycnarrhena in Vietnam, Much longer than radicle, The genus Cocculus DC, Genus Cocculus DC in the flora, Specimens examined of species, Morphological redescription, Chi san – Paspalum L, Cỏ sâu róm, Đặc điểm hình thái các loài thuộc chi Paspalum, Các loài thuộc chi Paspalum ở Việt Nam, Kết quả nghiên cứu chi rum, Chi rum trong họ gai, Họ gai ở Việt Nam, Đặc điểm của chi Poikilospermum, Myrica rubra, Chi Amanita dill, Useful plant resource in Vietnam, Danh mục nấm lớn Việt Nam, Studied specimens from Vietnam, Danh mục nấm lớn, Specimens kept in herbaria of HN, Nấm hình bán cầu lồi, Infrequent extreme values, Loài Amanita pilosella, Giống cua Tiwaripotamon bott, Bảo tồn các loài cua, Đặc điểm sinh học loài cua, Giống cua Tiwaripotamon ở Việt Nam, Vascular plant diversity of mangrove forest, Vascular plant diversity, Mngrove forest, Mangrove community hererin, Composition of plant species, Illumina miseq-based sequencing, Vietnamese ginseng cultivated soil, Obtained 16S rRNA data, Bacterial population in soil, Methods of spatial point pattern, Spatial point pattern, Local interaction, Detection probability of Quasipaa verrucospinosa, Quasipaa verrucospinosa, Including temperature, Entire national park, Different levels of detection, Layered half-space, Reciprocity theorem, Fluid layer overlying, Solid half-space, Coated-inclusion, Determining of the laser heat flux, Taylor expansion, Fresh concrete, Curvature of receptance, Multiple-cracked beams, Laser heat flux, Coated morphology, Partial derivative of a matrix, Three-dimensional conduction model, Anisotropic coating, Mode shape curvature, Homogenization approach, Elastic manipulator, Clamped-clamped continuous cracked beam, Sequential method, Conductivity of coated-inclusion composites, Effective viscosity of fresh concrete, Laplacian approximation, Matrix functions of vector variable, Exact receptance function, Dimensional conduction model, Cohesive particles, Crack identification in beam-like structures, Existence results, Solving systems of beams equations, Beams equations, Closed divisor graphs, γ-small submodules, Fully bounded noetherian modules, Fully nonlinear terms, Sixth lannes-zarati homomorphism, Several basic simple graphs, Sentinel-1, Generative method, Their endomorphism rings, Statement of results, Special graphs, Some results on slices, Central Highland, Fully invariant submodule, Decomposition formulas, Discriminative method, Balance between magnetization and coercivity, Strongly graded ring, Patterned surface, Dyer-Lashof algebra, Regularity of rings, n-multiplicative generalized derivations, Many-sorted algebra, Fully bounded modules, Generalization of proper monograph, On an upper nil radical, Entire graphs, GDDs with two associate classes, Remark on a quasi-variational inequality, Multi-temporal sentinel-1 data based, Fully bounded module, Ecological succession, Invariant basis number, ZnO NRs, Human performance capture, Energy product, Non linear source, I-sorted partial Σ-generalized hypersubstitution, Studied in this paper, Hurewicz map, Krull symmetry, Radial distribution functions, Unified technique, Near-ring modules, Certain weighted warped products, Proper monograph, Two associate classes, Coherence characteristics, Three variables, Regularity of rings with involution, Seasonal rhythm, Any prime submodule X of M, Nonlinear source, Maxwell type equation, Strongly graded rings, Visible absorption, Magnets prepared thereof, Find a zero P, Krull symmetry property, I-sorted Σ-algebras, Lamdba algebra, Upper nil radical, Associative rings, Groups of sizes 3, Weighted warped product manifold, Large cattle, Hypergeometric functions in three variables, GeO2 glass under compression, Independent category, Continuity of the quenching time, Valuable suggestions, Following variational inclusion, Σ-terms, MnBi green powders, Holes has a solution, Cu Doped ZnO nanorods, Main results, Lannes-Zarati homomorphism, Groups occurs in exactly λ2 blocks, Been obtained, Applications of the main result, Face-sharing-bonds increase, Radical of a near-ring, Get the involutive definition, Entire graphs satisfying, Capacity food for the large cattle, Modified forward-backward splitting methods, Many-sorted algebras, Visible absorption of Cu Doped ZnO nanorods, Deep gratitude to the referee, Noetherian quasi-projective module, Magnetization of MnBi green powders, Spherical classes, Following observations are useful, Every n-multiplicative generalized derivation, s−prime near-rings, Enhancement of visible absorption, Adaptive method on the quenching time, Unique common fixed point theorems, Incomplete information systems, Word to vector (Word2vec), Self-mappings on Hilbert space, Covering-based rough set, Parts of speech (POS), Self-mappings, The third types of rough membership functions, Incremental learning, Generalizations of well-known results, Validation of a simple HPLC method, Simple HPLC method, Biguanides poisoning, Herbal antidiabetic pills, Quantify mycophenolic acid concentrations, Present day tectonics, External quality control, Actinomycosis of bilateral psoas muscle, Diabetic patients receiving herbal therapy, HbA1c concentration, Tectonic gradient, Clinical practice in Vietnam, Lactic acidosis had developed, Bilateral psoas muscle, Medical decision levels, Genetic testing on clinical practice, Seismic profiles, Makes abdominal tenderness, Inherited mutation, Increasing HbA1c concentration, Optimal procedure, Course description, Metacognitive learning, Intercultural communication competence, Cohesive devices, Cultural categories, Traditional courses, Lexical cohesive devices, Category of voice in Vietnamese, Vietnamese high schools, Systemic functional description, Graduate research, Vietnam education publishing house, Three piloted English textbooks, Original analytical framework, Potentials for a comprehensive, Investigation into intercultural components, Voice in Vietnamese, Words are all mono-syllabic, Rare earth complex, Ultimate analysis, Polyester/cotton fabrics, SiO2-TiO2 sol coated, Physico-chemical characterization of forest, Patients with chronic heart failure, Post-operative patients, Self-care among patients, Physio-psycho-social status, Patients after abdominal surgeries, Patient’s knowledge about heart failure, Important implications for nursing educators, Patients at surgical ward, Physical activity of the patients, Use of antibiotics, Care bundle, Life among out-patients, Family intervention therapy, Peripheral intravenous catheters, Mothers of children under 5 years, Type 2 diabetes managed, After cesarean section, Suicide prevention in adolescences, Practice of anti-antibiotic, Bundle insertion, Placeta previa, QOL in this patient group, Cesarean section due to placenta previa, Intravenous catheter-related complications, Characteristics of women, Motor rehabilitation, Version had similar, Knowledge on the diet, Women with cesarean section, Stroke patients, Practice on diet, Functional rehabilitation hospital, Outpatients with type 2 diabetes, Motor rehabilitation care, An-tivitamin K, Life among HIV-infected, Enhance caregivers’ practice, Oral anticoagulant therapy, Patients receiving ARV treatment, Friendship general hospital, Patients with atrial fibrillation, Enhance adherence to oral anticoagulant therapy, Global public health systems, Home care services of people, Demand for home care services, Health monitoring at home, Đề kiểm tra trường THPT Lương Thúc Kỳ, Đề thi học kì trường THPT Trung Giã, Test LPT (Belgique) – B2, Luyện tập tiếng Pháp, Tài liệu học tập tiếng Pháp, Hội chứng sợ bị người khác lãng, Đảo Hòn Tằm, Các loại động lực làm việc, Nhập môn lý thuyết xác suất, Công chức Văn thư, Takasaki technique, Anatomic hepatectomy, Abdominal infection, A. baumannii strain, Capital technique, Exploratory activities, Energy imbalance, Calories expended, CDAPP scale, Lung function decline, Major fracture, Timing of fracture fixation, Concentration of IL-6, Concentration of IL-10, Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation, Recto-anal repair, Hemorrhoids knotted, Post-operative pain, Hemorrhoidal artery, Computerized tomography scans, Inflammatory factors, Several indicators, Anatomical features, Humerus proximal, Chính sách đối với người khuyết tật, Phát triển thuốc chữa bệnh, Khám phá thuốc, Rhizomes of zingiber officinale, Diarylheptanoidsfrom the rhizomes, Zingiber genus, Culture media direct embryogenesis, Hot chilli, Bacterial ghosts, Hot chilli Capsicum annuum L, EPS hydrolysis, Chemical-based induced bacterial ghost applied, Direct embryogenesis from anther culture, GC-FID, Monosaccharide composition analysis by GC-FID, Optimize BGs production, Comparison between Hydrochloric acid, Shrimp-pond water, Trifluoroacetic acid in hydrolysis method, Neuropeptide S receptor 1, Asthma candidate gene, Allergy susceptibility gene

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