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Blue dye sepharose Palaemon elegans Bacillus strains Foetal calf serum Pollen characters Copper accumulation rate Implantation morphologically Synechocystic sp. Aerobic chemoorganotrophs Apodemus populations Periploca graceae Brown trout Tritium labelling method Evolutionary significance Poly-β-hydroxybutyric acid Spalax leucodon Radially symmetrical Fibrous proteins Optimal pH Gammarus pulex L. Glutamic oxalacetic transaminase Uterine tissues Pollen tetrad Salmo trutta Interphase between subunits Enzyme yield for B. subtilis Protoplast fusion Alkaline environments Spalax ehrenbergi Phenoxyacetic acid derivatives Slaughterhouse waste Native-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis Early wheat embryo development Chloride cells Iron-sulfur cluster S. cerevisiae In situ germination Accessible surface Biogeographical aspects α-L-arabinofuranosidase Alkaliphilic micro organisms Nucleolar chromosomes New Zealand rabbits Intestinal triglyceride lipase Germin protein AM1 type calculations Binding domain Mesophyll-derived protoplasts Baker's yeast strains Calcium concentration Nonspecific esterase Bacterial adhesion Electrophoretic analysis Heterocyclic aromatic Paracentric NORs in S. ehrenbergi Fungal cellulase Space structure Apodemus flavicollis Tetrads germinated Non-diabetic rabbits Weed killers Streptomyces species Extreme environments Hyperosmotic stress Mino acid sequences Horizontal starch gel electrophoresis Organic content Candida albicans Isolates Thermomonospora fusca Normal freshwater Vacuum-packed sausages Anti-germin sera Including embryonic cell migration Streptococcus bovis Apodemus hermonensis Lactobacillus buchneri LB Hdependent GOGATs Plasma enzymes Synthesized PHB Soda lakes Examined cytologically Onobrychis viciifolia Scop. In vitro adherence model Illuminated anaerobic conditions Oat spelt xylan Nocardia otitidiscaviarum strains Pinealectomized hamsters Invertase activities Immune system functions Semiempirical quantum C. albicans strains Zymograms of rat muscles Gel-blot analysis Aerobic endospores Pediococcus pentosaceus Pyridine-nucleotide-dependent enzymes Enteromorpha linza Quantitative test Streptomyces halstedii 2-amino benzoic acid

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ß-glucanase gene, Nocardia brasiliensis, Arterioles of rats, P13-kinase, Melatonin infusions, Proteolytic bacteria, Neodiprion sertifer, Ttissue-specific, Particle bombardment, M.AquI, Seedling morphological distance, Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis, Rocky macrofauna, Adherence inhibition, Avena sativa L., Intergenic rDNA, Melanoma cell adhesion, Nocardia farcinica, Antimicrobial agent active, Endothelial-derive, Nuclear polyhedrosis virus, R. solani, Oxylipin pathway, CelA gene, Explant sources, Pinealectomized juvenile siberian hamsters, Dietary carbohydrate, In situ localization, DNA Methyltransferase, Benthic macrofauna, Polymorphism analysis, Aegilops sp., Anchoring cells, Taxonomic significance of Nocadia species, Penrose formula, Hydroperoxide lyase, Germin gene, P. ultimum, Injured area, Cladosporium cladosporioides extracts, β-glucuronidase reporter gene, Vehicle infused animals, Appetite return, European pine sawfly, Mice Mus musculus, Separating chromosomes, Hypocotyl explants, Polymorphic AFLP markers, Streptomyces strains, Fungi germination, Initiate intracellular signal pathways, Auxin induced callus formation, Organ mass, Detoxification mechanisms of plants, Callus-based shoot regeneration, Intrinsic rhythm of sensitivity to Mel, Toxicity tests, Fusarium oxsporum, Seed transfer, Gastric evacuation, Catalytic loop, Biotechnology laboratory, Tomato volatiles, Omega flax cultivars, Mammalian genes, Digoxigenin-labeled germin sense, Agrobacterium inoculation, Rhizobium leguminosarum, Intra-dermal tests, Glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase, Digesta whilst X-radiography, Aluminium chloride, Per petri dish, Alcohol compounds, Anti-sense RNA probes, Root rot fungi, Hypocotyl explants of flax plants, Chẩn đoán insulinoma, Sterile filtration, Fungal activity on agar media, Mở thông bàng quang tự chủ, Glutamic pyruvic transaminase, Phẫu thuật insulinoma, Ống da niêm mạc bao qui đầu, Phẫu thuật u nhầy ruột thừa, Vạt hình đảo, Phương pháp hình ảnh sẵn có, Các loại u của ruột thừa, Quy trình theo dõi nồng độ gentamicin, Quy trình theo dõi nồng độ vancomycin, Vancomycin và gentamicin, The soft gap, Direct synthesis of MoS2 nanodots by chemical vapor deposition, The molecular kondo singlets, Direct synthesis of MoS2 nanodots, Flat-band lattices, Distribution of social wasps in Vietnam, The Lieb lattice, Social wasps in Vietnam, Thin layer MoS2, Combined sensitivity of T2K-II, The local moment regimes, The IndoMalayan region, Noνa experiments to CP violation in lepton sector, The quantum confinement effect, The magnetic impurity, The eastern slope of Himalaya, CP violation in lepton sector, Protons-on-target, T2K-II and NOvA, Phụ nữ trưởng thành, Mụn trứng cá khởi phát muộn, Urban floods, Household investment, Natural hybrid, Terms-E-learning, Cross-border shopping, Karyotype analysis, Determining diurnal, Sandras Mountain, E-social, Nucleolus organizer region, Genus Cirsium Mill., Poa L., Cerastium siculum, Dry-proof investment, Bruneian shoppers, NetCloudTab system, Dianthus taxa, Genus Phlomis L., Micromeria aybalae H. Duman, Pant identification, Symbiotic nitrogen fixation, Cirsium sect. Epitrachys, Poa jubata, Exploits beneficial opportunities, Entoloma mengsongense sp. nov., Intron-exon splice junction, Dianthus ucarii, Miri Malaysia, Slow-type anion channel, Silene sections Behenantha, Tryptophan contents of eggplant, Arrhenatheretalia order, On-demand learning and development, Micromeria Benth. sect. Micromeria, C. densiflorum, Asymmetry index, Genus Afzelia Sm., Phlomis iranica, Strict consensus tree, Comparative morphological, Peucedanum guvenianum, DNA content, Beta vulgaris subsp. maritima, Fungal taxonomy, Allied species C. cephalotes Boiss., Ecological importance, Arabidopsis thaliana anion, New taxon, S. tenuiflora, Eggplant seedlings, Proof-of-concept system, Beech forest, NrDNA ITS, C. aggregatum, Interchromosomal karyotype asymmetries, Asparagus species including, Nextgeneration sequencing, Ph. chorassanica Bunge, P. longifolium, Oxytropis glandulosa, Needle variation, Sea beet, SEM photograph, Regulation mechanism, Enigmatic species of southeastern Europe, Dianthus pinifolius Sm., Nigerian Afzelia species, S. koycegizensis, Epilobietea angustifolii, CpDNA trnL-F, C. glomeratum, α-monobromonaphthalene, Endemic A. altissimus, Ph. herba-venti L., P. ruthenicum, Plant variation, Lotus species, SLAC1 homologs, Nonessential salt ions, D. ucarii, Macromorphological characteristics of specimens, Polish Sudetes Mountains, Intergenic spacer region, Bioclimatic gradient of North Algeria, P. vourinense, Genus Lotus, Genus Origanum L., CBL-interacting protein kinase 23, D. pinifolius, Soil features, Cymbocarpum alinihatii, Syntaxonomical analysis, Halophytic ancestor, Karyologically investigated, Xanthagaricus originally, Transgenic pea, Lotus effect, Diagnostic morphological, Plant endemic to Buryatia, Plant hybridization, Spruce forest, Centric diatoms, Riparian vegetation, Phylogenetic position within Tordylieae, Cultivated sugar beet, Callipeltis Steven, Lactuca L. in Turkey, Xanthagaricus pakistanicus sp. nov., Genus Cota J.Gay, Species distribution modeling, Chromosome features, Inner Anatolia, Cymbocarpum species, Cyperus noeanus Boiss., Stirtonia ghattensis, Acanthocephalus Kar. & Kir., Phytosociological method of Braun-Blanquet, Cherry Prunus avium L., Genus Hygrophorus, O. ayliniae, Lactuca leucoclada Rech.f., European S. virgaurea, Roselliniella lecideae sp. nov., Achene morphology, Mushroom phylogeny, Gypsophila species, Yellowish pileus, Allied species C. anethoides, Morphological characters of C. noeanus, Transgenic peas, Pertusaria coccodes, Land rehabilitation, Pennate diatoms, Scaligeria DC. species, Ecological adaptability, Salicetum albae, Conserved precursor microRNA, Sticky basidioma, Micromorphological features, MAXENT modeling approach, Interesting lichenicolous fungi, Globose basidiospores, Taxonomic significance, Endemic Cyperus noeanus, Lactuca viminea, Callipeltis cucullaris L., In vitro proliferation, Cortinarius conicoumbonatus, Plants overcome abiotic stresses, Chrysanthemum plants, C. wiedemannii, Ekimia ozcan-secmenii, Vitamin E biosynthesis, Lichenized Ascomycota, Facilitate biologists, Freshwater centric diatom taxonomy, Leaf photosynthesis, Gypsogenin 3-O-glucuronide, Morphochemical characteristics, Typhetum angustifoliae, Pancratium maritimum, Callus production, Systematics value of micromorphological, Prickly pear, Noncoding regulatory RNAs, Erysimum croceum Popov, Roselliniella microthelia, Cyperaceae monograph, Hygrophorus yadigarii, Lactuca quercina L., Pileal squamules, Prospero seisumsianum, Cortinarius subgen. Telamonia sect. Hinnulei, Beet Beta vulgaris, Sordariomycete species, Thlaspi L., Hemithecium scariosum, Rare taxa, Multivariate environmental index, Rebaudioside-A, Hyrcanian forests, Anthemis marschalliana Willd., Sea daffodil, Globularia trichosantha subsp. trichosantha, Nonea turcomanica Popov, Palynological characters, Synonym of C. glaber, Lichenostigma dimelaenae, E. bornmuelleri, Seed surface, Lactuca macrophylla, Lactophenol cotton blue, Leptochloa digitata, Cytological criteria, Micromorphological illustrations, Genera Coccomyces, Gynogenic haploid explants, Sensu lato, Tocopherol biosynthesis genes, Tatar Dam Reservoir, Boraginaceae Juss., Algerian steppes, Genus Quercus L. in Iran, Pri-miRNA self-hybridizes, Biologically active substances, Hybridization in breeding programs, Mountain environment, Bulbous plant, Piper malgassicum, Brassicaceae species, Stenocephalum Sch.Bip., S. stygnospilum, Fruit and seed-set, Bracteole morphology, Seed morphology, Inflorescence size, Genus Frondaria, Synthesized in plants, Prospero autumnale, Trichloris species, Turkish freshwater algal flora, Micromorphological descriptions, Dicotyledonous plant, Phytomelan layer, Genus Heliotropium L., Character count procedure, Quantitative morphological, Arid area, Ardabil province, Piper tsarasotrae, Thlaspi rosulare, Pronectria xanthoriae, Palynological features of Stenocephalum, Genus Astragalus L., Mericarp features, Nearest neighbor distance, Neotropical orchid genus Frondaria, Authentic collections, Seed dormancy systems, Ascomycota biodiversity, Polyploid complex, Seed structure of some taxa, Heliotropium taxa, Shade avoidance, Erigeron hybrid, Trichosantha seeds, Taxa described by Djavanchir Khoie, Taxonomic composition, Structure of selected organs, Including leaf shape, Genus Piper L., Japanese morning glory, Plantago sect. Maritima, T. tatianae, Frondaria species, Noccaea ali-atahanii, Micromorphological characters of seeds, Female reproductive success, Historical collections, Boletus s. str., Trifolium repens, Scanning electron microscopy micrographs, Plant microtechnique, Heliotropium species, Trifolium pratense, Borago officinalis L., ITS secondary structure, Ipomoea nil, Epipelic diatom flora, Plantago subulata, Seed shapes include reniform–globose, Octomeria tenuis, Micromorphological seed, Morphological intermediacy, Orchis punctulata, Including Euploca Nutt., Astragalus borysthenicus, Flora across virtual herbaria, Nitzschia inconspicua, Plantago species, Boletus himalayensis, Hybrid origin, P. graminea, Micronutrient homeostasis, Planothidium lanceolatum, P. sarda, Current taxonomy, P. subulata var. atlantis

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