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Physico chemical character and SDSPAGE Genetic diversity of carambola Carambola (Carambola averrhoa L ) NBPGR carambola Pot trials Plant growth–promoting rhizobacteria Pythium debaryanum Elaeagnus umbellata Evolutionary pattern Azad Kashmir Peperomia pellucida Boiled milk Antipyretic activity Albino rabbit leads to pyrexia Intraperitoneal administration Adjuvant hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy Intraperitoneal 5 FU administration Camellia sinensis Linn Trigonella foenum graecum Linn Eugenia caryophyllus Spreng Piper nigrum Linn Elettaria cardamomum Linn Maton Salvadora persica Oral hygiene tool Micro well dilution assays Single cell genomics Catharanthus roseus leaf extract Numerical chromosomal variation Opuntia ficusindica Automated hypothesis testing Mice diabetic model Multi experiment comparison Hypoglycemic efficacy of Catharanthus roseus European germplasm Presence absence variation DNA gain DNA loss Extra chromosomal circular DNA Iron and zinc on flowering Essential oil of chamomile Liquid bioinoculants on growth Biomass of coriander Number of leaves per plant Variety local orange Doubled haploid line Ex vitro hardening Doubled haploid line of marigold In vitro proliferation Beet Beta vulgaris Gynogenic haploid explants Conditions of Industry 4 0 Achievements of sustainable development Development of the technological sector Level of economic growth Double haploid an overview Doubled haploid genomics Production of stable transgenic plants Drought susceptible index Top crosses Optimal condition Volatile toxins of brassica residues Transaldolase mutant Groundnut stem Tal mutation Pod rot disease Interposon Ω Groundnut following the incorporation Clonal multiplication Terminalia chebula (Retz ) Rooting behavior of stem cuttings Lipid peroxidation assay Hydroxyl scavenging test Murraya paniculata DPPH radical scavenging assay Lipoxygenase inhibition assay Prolyl endopeptidase inhibition assay Respiratory burst inhibitory assay FRAP assay Flavonoids and total phenolics Seed extracts derived from rice Time place learning Notemigonus crysoleucas Micronuclei centromere assay Co 60 gamma dose response curve Total micronucleus Sensitivity of biological β coefficients Shrimp lethality bioassay Pseudomonas aeroginosa Carob pods Carob seeds The classification of carobs origin Cryptic peptides Functionally active proteins Intercellular fluid Cysteine rich peptides Vacuum infiltration Biosynthesis gene clusters Ribosomally synthesized post translationally modified peptides

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Non ribosomal peptides, Epilithic algae, Algal community composition, Aulacosira varians, Synedra uln, Oscillatoria spp, Pearling efficiency, Algal community, Affected by hydrothermal treatment, Yanbolu river, Finger millet pearling efficiency, Isonuclear alloplasmic male sterility, Didymosphenia geminata, Pollen abortion, Melosira varians, Salinity levels, Transcriptome mediated network, Magnetic device, Leaching efficiency, Leaching efficiency of salts, Glycosylphosphatidylinositol anchored lipid transfer protein, Pollen exine, Evaluating the efficiency of treatment of pain in post stroke spasticity, Botulinum group a in patients with brain stroke, Patients with brain stroke, Post stroke spasticity, Pollen wall, The clinical characteristics, ChIP sequencing, Callose metabolism, Yeast protoplasts, Auxotroph strains DC6, Inhomogeneous alternating, Autolytic enzymes, Polyethylene glycol, Arabidopsis AtMYB80, Efficiency determination, Combinatorial treatment, Extracellular expression, Relative nucleic acid measurements, Copper chloride, Surfactant administration, Cell autolysis, Mitotic cell division, Modified phospholipids, Treating RDS, Phospholipids modification, Produce functional pollen, Corresponding sterile line, DNA cleavage studies, Stomatal closure, Botulinum group A, 1 3 4 Thiadiazol 2 amines, Lipid peroxidation, Germplasm innovation, Pain in post stroke spasticity, Pulmonary neuroendocrine cells, Useful synthetic drugs, Recessive genic sterility, Botulinum treatment, Rana ridibunda, DNA binding interactions, Common after stroke, Endocrine cells in the Lung, Transformed phenotype, Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, First line regimen, Leu enkephalin immunoreactivity, Siberian hamster, Dyslipidemia occurred, Pineal hormone, Interspecific differential accumulation, Immunological effectiveness, Mediating photoperiodic, Systematic correlativity analysis, Breeding animals, Taxus species, Pinealectomized adult hamsters, N nucifera, Chloroplast genome sequencing, Basal eudicots, Surface flow CW, Systematic position, Horizontal subsurface flow CW, PacBio RS II, RNA motif, Network approach, Mitochondrial DNA synthesis, Allotetraploid rapeseed, Sinorhizobium meliloti, Fatty acid synthesis, Morpho physiologic response, Salinity resistance, COD reduction efficiency, Felt carbon, 3 acetylpyridine, N methyl morpholine, Antiangiogenic activity, CAM assay, Sarcoidosis pathogenesis, DNA cleavage activity, Square wave pulse, Proliferative capacity, β lactams, Polyethers and tetracyclines, Bird paradise, Soil washing methods, Soil dilution plate, Sterile microfungal, Cultural isolation and identification, Congo red binding assay, Haemolysis assay, Plasmid profiling, Inverse PCR, Degenerate primers, Lactobacillus salivarius M7, Fruit borers and plant extracts, Managing fruit borers in okra, Plant extracts for managing fruit borers, Invitro study of chemicals, Bio agents against Pestalotiopsis mangiferae, Grey leaf spot of mango, Pressurized hot water extraction, Bidens pilosa, Plant extracts against Phytophthora infestans, Dicafeoylquinic acid, Chicoric acid, Characterization of AgNps, AgNps using plant extracts, Plant extracts against wilt, Whereas Tulsi was least effective, Mycilial growth, Blond psyllium, Plant extracts and bio agents, Plant etracts, Plant extracts against exserohilum turcicum, Luteimonas aestuarii, Novel chromium reducing strain isolated, Luteimonas aestuarii SA13A, Melatonin implants, Mongolian gerbils, Reproductive systems of gerbils, Photoperiodic information, Infrapatellar branch, Painful neuromas, Ethyl methanesulfonate, Catabolite repression, N nitroso N ethylurea, D lactic acid, Methyl methanesulfonate, Glucose effect, Moonlighting proteins, Macrophage differentiation, ERK pathway, Bakers yeast strains, Hyperosmotic stress, Invertase activities, Iron containing, Alcohol dehydrogenase iron containing 1, Quantitative methylation specific polymerase, Mig2 transport, Alcohol induced hypermethylation, Nitrogen regulation, Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2, Alcohol dehydrogenases, ROS homeostasis, Al(Fe) pillar clay, Phenol oxidation, Refined bentonite, Catalyst promoter, Homogeneous Fenton, Diazinon degradation, Double strand break, Site specific mutagenesis, Cysteine 43 mutant, Coronary ligation, Lef 8 PCR, Substrate kinetics, ATP dependen, Nucleotide sequence analysis, Azide inhibition, Induced arrhythmias, Packed bed bioreactor, Occlusion bodies, Michaelis Menten model, Occlusion derived virus, Increase yields, Hydrogen rich water, Hemolytic streptococci, Ca alginate immobilized Saccharomyces, Myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury, Protein chip, GO enrichment analysi, KEGG pathway analysis, Receptor for activated C kinase 1, Carbohydrate binding specificity, Haemagglutination activity, Vietnam marine invertebrates, Allopecosa fabrilis, Sugar compounds, Phoneutria nigriventer, Plesiophirctus collinus species, Hormonal balance, Ruminococcus flavefaciens, Encodes xylanase, Thermostabilizing domain, Rumen bacteria, XynD gene, Xylan degradative ability, Cell associated corboxymethylcellulase, Incubation in cellobiose, Enzymes including, Gricultural waste, Ram horn, Osmophilic yeast in a bioreactor, Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide, Diverse environments, Yield stability in chickpea genotypes, Genetics variability, Genetic character variability, Desi chickpea, Desi chickpea (Cicer arietinum L ) genotypes, Nodules per plant, Genotypes accepted, Screening of different genotypes, Chickpea against gram pod borer, Gram pod borer, Phenotypic coefficient of variance, Genotypic coefficient of variance, Pb2+ biosorption, Fluorescent Pseudomonas sp, Phaseolus seedlings, Fungal biomass, Per standard methods, Chickpea genotypes (Cicer arietinum L ), Metarrhizium anisopliae var, Wilt complex, L tryptophan metabolism, MG 63 cells, Inoculum level, Cobalt cytotoxicity, Complex pathogens, Reaction of ruling chickpea genotypes, Cobalt toxicity, Quantification of minimum inoculum level, Characterization of chickpea, Genotypes through RAPD analysis, Oxidation reaction, Largest grown food legume, Urea hydrogen peroxide, Preparing thiosulfinate, Synthesis of urea hydrogen peroxide, Synthesis of compound, Management of collar rot, Favourable growth conditions, Fuarium wilt, Hydrogen peroxide induced changes, Sick plot and green house, Giống lúa HT1, Sick plot, Artificial condition, Screening of chickpea germplasm, Cultivars and resistance, Screening of chickpea varieties, Chickpea varieties, Indirect selection, Association and path coefficient analysis, White kabuli (MNK 1), Chinese hamsterovarian cells, Intracellular catalase overexpression, Genotypes in response to seed rate, Economics of kabuli chickpea, Intracellular anti oxidants, Molar concentration, Oxidative chain scission of NR, Disease severity and yield, Sodium nitrite, Potassium solubilization, Improve crop growth, Monohalogenated ethers–hydrogen, peroxide complexes, Blue shifts of the CH stretching vibration, Oxygen embolism, Pyogenic arthritis, Physiological level, Sapindus emarginatus, Mirabilis jalapa, Rheo discolor, Nyctanthes arbortristis, Pollen stigma incompatibility, Hazelnut cultivars, Self incompatibility systems, Persistent synovitis, Composite solid electrolyte, Dielectric loss, Capsicum in soilless media, Electrical conductivity of irrigation water, Water uptake by Capsicum, Polymer electrical conductivity, Optical energy band gaps, PTh SnO2 nanocomposites, Alcohol sensor, Conducting polymer based sensors, The preparation of polythiophene, UV vis absorbance spectroscopy, Electrical studies, The spin Hamiltonian parameters, AM spore numbers, Irrigated and dry farmlands, Obligate symbionts, Anaimalai block, Assessment of spatial variability, Quality of land levelling, Levelling index, Soil moisture variability in safflower fields, Pandora neoaphidis, Neozygites fresenii, Groundwater quality in pundri block, Vacuolated hyphal bodies, Rainfall intensity, Temporal rainfall variability of sub watershed, Mango hopper, Middle Gujarat, Different entomopathogenic fungi, Mango hoppers in middle Gujarat, Metarhizium flavoviride var minus, Entomopathogenic fungal isolates, Spores shape, PDA media, Land levelling index, Land leveling indices, Metarhiziuman isopliae, Common agricultural pest spodopteralitura, Verticillium lecanii, Entomopathogenic fungi against aphids on okra, Aphid on okra after first spray, Biocontrol agent against tick infestation, Tick infestation in cattle, Metacordyceps dhauladharensis sp, Metacordyceps indigotica, Taxonomic features, Assam banana production system, Mineral mixture, Self formulated anti oxidant mineral formulation, Mastitis management in dairy cattle, Clinical efficacy, Curative surgery, Radical gastrectomy, O Substituted N(3) benzyl analogs, Inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase, Enzyme inhibitor complex formation, O Acyl substituted derivatives, Anti Alzheimer activity, Enterotoxigenic S, Staphylococcal enterotoxins, Enterotoxin genes, Integrated DNA technologies, Leaf chlorophyll, Soxhlet method, Brassica juncea genotypes, Phenotypic correlations, Molecular marker assisted confirmation, Phenological and growth responses, Additive and nonadditive gene effects, Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea L Czern & Coss ), Albugo candida, Indian Mustard Brassica juncea, White rust resistance gene, Heterobeltiosis and Brassica juncea, Heterobeltiosis for seed yield, Moisture stress environments, Brassica junceaL, Hierarchical cluster, Siliqua per plant, aulicae, Larval populations, Green cloverworm, GA3 spray, Leaf NPK, Yield and quality characteristics, Hyb Himalata, Screening of tomato cultivars, Tomato cultivars for Whitefly, B tabaci in field condition, Cherry tomato, Cherry tomato cultivars (Solanum lycopersicum var cerasiforme), Infesting tomato in mid hills, Tomato cultivars against fruit borer, Screening of tomato, Organic management system, Tomato cultivars for yield, Different environment, Interactions on growth, Quality of tomato fruits, Light transmission ratio, Tomato cultivars (Solanum lycopersicum L ), Physiological response of tomato cultivars, Screening and poly bag culture, Poly bag culture, Lycopersici in vivo

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