"Quyết định số 55/2000/QĐ-TTg"

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Iatrogenic disorder Ambulatory anaesthesia The medical vivas The critical care unit Marino’s the ICU book Troubleshooting common Polymerization procedure Gastrointestinal drugs Pediatric chest Idiopathic interstitial pulmonary fibrosis A productive cough Postsurgical bleeding Drug intoxication Medical gases The trauma manual Mechanical ventilatio Hemodynamic management Indirect intubating aids Lung reconditioning Vascular catheters The anaesthesia vivas Constrictive pericarditis Diffuse lesions The intensive care unit manual Urine studies Airway equipment Severe accidental hypothermia Nonoperative management Transfusion reactions Critical illness risk prediction Adult resuscitation The difficult pediatric airway Surgical infections Immunodiagnostic studies Damage control surgery Stool studies Peripheral vascular injuries Neurological monitoring during ECMO Cervical spine injured patients The indwelling vascular catheter Anaesthetic agents Hepatic hydrothorax Radiological equipment High blood counts Inhalation injury Nutritional intervention Respiratory monitoring during VA ECMO Monitoring equipment Surgical airway Refractory ascites Surgical equipment relevant Arterial pressure monitoring Analgesia during mechanical ventilation Genitourinary injuries Physiologic response Potential organ donors Pediatric assessment Orthopedic trauma Cardiopulmonary arrest Older patient assessment Acute neuromuscular weakness Electrocardiogram tracings Equity risk mitigation Managing translation Financial simulation process Novel packet scheduling for wireless channels Adaptive burst profile Algorithm combining synchronization and channel estimation for OFDM systems Novel spectrum sensing without channel state information Novel packet scheduling Channel estimation in OFDM system The peer-to-peer communication methodology Channel state information using estimated parameters Synchronization and channel estimation Popular file sharing applications The EU IST CAPANINA project Performance model for the HSDPA Maximum ratio processing Sampling Clock Frequency Offset The long-term fairness Equipment and its validation Require channel state information Channel allocation policy and packet-losses A negative reactivity feedback driven Channel allocation policy Lead-cooled fast reactors The regulatory periodic inspection system AIMS-MUPSA software package for multi-unit PSA The High speed downlink packet access Designing multiband and broadband antenna for 3G mobile handsets The viewpoint of defense-in-depth in nuclear safety Heavy Liquid Metal Fast Reactors AIMS-MUPSA software package 3G mobile handsets Defense-in-depth in nuclear safety Multi-unit PSA scenario 50 Ω microstrip line Experimental study of bubble behaviors NRC's safety inspection system Coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

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Minimal cut set approach, FR4-epoxy substrate, CHF on printed circuit board, Geological samples in Iran, An accident diagnosis algorithm using long short-term memory, Monte Carlo approach, Satisfy designing demands, Saturated pool water at various inclination angles, An accident diagnosis algorithm, Radiotoxicity flux and concentration as complementary safety indicators, Various inclination angles, How should the regulatory defaults be set, The safety assessment of rock-cavern type LILW repository, The regulatory defaults be set, Rock-cavern type LILW repository, Risk-informed regulation, Intermediate level radioactive waste, Nuclear regulatory commission, Standard setting authority, Revenue funds, Private institutions, Accounting for not-for-profit organizations, An integrated multicriteria decision making approach, Effects of temperature and solution composition, Evaluating nuclear fuel cycle systems, Evaporation of iodine, Long term sustainability on the basis of an equilibrium model, Building a graphite calorimetry system for the dosimetry, Application of CR-39 microfilm, Estimating volatility of iodine under gamma irradiation, Technique for order of preference by similarity to ideal solution, Therapeutic X-ray beams, Radioactivity levels of black sand samples from Rashid area, Iodine under gamma irradiation, Rapid discrimination between alpha particle sources, preference ranking organization method for enrichment evaluation, High Energy X-ray, Hazard assessment of black sand samples from Rashid area, Alpha-particle Spectroscopy, Multiattribute utility theory combined with analytic hierarchy process, Peak to peak), Radiological Hazards Assessment, Chemical Quality Control, CR-39 Microfilm, Relative and internal monostandard neutron activation analysis methods, Solid-state Nuclear Track, Instrumental neutron activation analysis, Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy, Liễu Ngũ Nương, Diêu Trì Cung, Cửu vị Tiên nương, Cộ bông vía Mẹ, Mẫu Liễu trong điện thần Cao Đài, Private equity market, Local taxes, Partnership distributions, Cost-based accounting systems, Activity-based systems, Measuring business transactions, Cash transactions, KTM tokamak operation scenarios software infrastructure, Coated particle fuel at HANARO, Experiment Scenario Description Language, TRISO-Coated Particle Fue, Irradiated Material Examination Facility, Control subsystems software, Universal communication protocol supporting various media, New wall drag, The Korean Nuclear-Hydrogen Technology Development, Extra software layer, Parameter dependence of steam explosion loads and proposal, VHTR in Korea, Loss models for one dimensional dispersed two-phase flow, Pointwise cross section, Quantitative observation of co-current stratified two-phase flow, Beginning of Cycle, Simple evaluation method, Demonstrated though one-dimensional, Radiological safety assessment of transporting radioactive wastes, The fly resonance interference treatment, Horizontal rectangular channel, Seismic isolation of lead cooled reactors, Energy Conversion ratio, The dispersed phase, The gyeongju disposal facility in Korea, Horizontal Stratified Flow, Intermediate resonance approximation, Separative power of an optimised concurrent gas centrifuge, Second atlas domestic standard problem (DSP-02) for a code assessment, Srf linac for future extension of the pefp, The european project siler, The gyeongju disposal facility, Laser Induced Fluorescence, Enhanced neutron current, Steady - and transient state analyses, An optimised concurrent gas centrifuge, The Proton Engineering Frontier Project, Related interface components, Second atlas domestic standard problem, Transportation of Radioactive, Comparing the XSs for the virtual environment, Particle Image Velocimetry, Mixed Fuel Fission Product, Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications, Inductive output tube, Diffusion in strong centrifugal, The DSP-02 exercise, Randomly dispersed tristructural isotropic particles via two temperature homogenized modeldii, The emergency plutonium radiation dose, Beyond-design seismic events, Five-cell cavity with a geometrical beta, Counter-current gas centrifuges, Applications by coupling with coredax, The APR1400 plant, Reactor running on mixed fuel, The seismic gap, The uranium isotopes equals, Doppler temperature feedback, Two-temperature homogenized, Điểm đả hành khí công, Menus and billboards, Deterministic chaos, Multi-extremal, A menus and billboards guidebook, First-year, Robot operation system, Chaotic maps, Searching optimization, Sapa’s shop owner, Chaotic optimization, Field of View Kinects, Test function, Checklist method, Chaotic pseudo random, PSN system, Remote-packaging, Mono-extremal, Billboards in Sapa, Number generators, CCT Deviation, Modified self-organizing, Newton-Raphson algorithm, Nonlinear parabolic equations, Lumi-nous efficacy, Self-organizing migrating algorithm, MaxLik function, Quenching phenomenon, Correlated color temperature, Remote phosphor structure, N-R algorithm, Singular absorption, Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta function, Luminous-minous flux, While maxLik function, Non-global existence of solutions, Associated series and integrals, Multi-chip white LED lamp, Inverse probability weighting, Qualitative behavior, In-cup phosphor, Color Rendering In-dex ability, Series representations, Quản lý nhà nước về địa chính, Quản lý nhà nước về đối ngoại, Quản nhà nước đối với trường đại, Đặc điểm của an toàn giao thông, Chủ thể quản lý nhà nước, Xác định nhu cầu của công chức, Đánh giá tạo động lực làm việc, Bệnh của các loài gia cầm, Vegetables cultivation, Bệnh của gà, Different kinds of vegetables, Bệnh của vịt, Tsukuba international cooperation center, Accounting undergraduate Honors theses: Industry level information affect auditors ’ assessment, Music consumption impact the music industry and benefit artists, Client level risk, History of the fayetteville, Music consumption impact the music industry, Are prize linked savings accounts the solution to Arkansas, The company’s industry, Analysis of the fayetteville, The rapidly changing dynamic of the industry, Americans’ financial fragility, Arkansas human civil rights ordinance, "Learning Vue.js 2 Part I", The rising popularity of live music, Linux all in one for dummies, Good fit for Arkansas households, How relevant is the disclosure of a CEO pay ratio, Disability and veteran status, Complex reactive web applications, Prize-linked savings, Linux certification, The disclosure of a CEO pay ratio, Using the top utllty, Complex reactive web, CEO pay trends, Linux desktops, Taking stock of Linux system configuration files, Applications easily with Vue.js, Regulate CEO pay, Getting satarted with Linux, Taking stock of Linux system, Direct diagnosisin radiology, Unified curriculum, Tâm bình an, The masters athlete, Evidence informed, Body fluid management, Sonoanatomy relevant, Urogenital imaging, Fighting microbial diseases, Faculty development, Context relevant, Biện pháp tu thiền, Writing rules, Echo made easy, Intraoperative echocardiography, Understanding masters athletes’ motivation, Fundamental critical care support, Critical care obstetrics, Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, Ongoing appraisal, Undergraduates ophthalmology, Meet the prokaryotes, Urinary tract dilatation, Inhaled pulmonary vasodilators, Handbook of blood gas, Electrolytes made incredibly easy, Special patient populations, Critical care procedure book, Clinical external ultrasonic treatment devices, Carbon dioxide transport, Neurologic support, Chlamydia pneumoniae pneumonia, Evidence based writing, Enhanced recovery, The neurological examination, Ensuring readiness, Delivering chemotherapy, Masters sport, Neuromuscular medicine, Critical care ultrasound, Advanced cardiovascular life support, Curriculum work, Plasma substitutes, Discharge ventilator depend patients, Balancing fluids, Base interpretation, Teasing apart communities, The abnormal clotting profile, Hemodynamic monitoring in the ICU, Arterial cannulation, Valvular diseases, Neurocritical care board review, Measuring microbial growth, Thoracic epidural injections, Intravenous fluid therapy, Noninvasive mechanical ventilation, Alveolar diffusion, Obstetric patients, Solving critical consults, Ethical challenges, Referencing resources, Temperature imaging using ultrasound, Curriculum implementation, Current clinical neurology, Cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation, The clinical problem, Data gathering, Serum bilirubin, Blunt chest trauma, Synthesizing life, Masters athletes, Understanding the blood film, Brain tissue oxygen monitoring, Abdominal surgery patients, Balancing electrolytes, Buffer systems, Fluid assessment, Acute spinal disorders, Difficult weaning, Horacic epidural injections, Systems of care, Amebic dysentery, Critical cases in electrocardiography, Appreciating microbial ancestry, Invasive hemodynamic, Pharmaco economics, Ventilator setup, Post−Cardiac arrest support, Metabolic disturbances, Blood pressure measuremen, Focused ultrasound applications, Respiratory arrest case, Paper electrophoresis, Acute dyspnea, Curriculum considerations, Injury epidemiology, Traumatic head injury, Clinical subdural electrocorticographic recordings, Endocardial diseases, Examining the vastness, Diagnose acid–base disorders, Younger colleagues, Balancing acids, The pediatric intensive care unit, Specific disorders, Carbon dioxide levels, Central venous catheter placement, Affective high-performance team dynamics, Loco regional anesthesia, Critical care oncology, Hypercapnic respiratory failure, Catastrophic brain injury, Tissue donation, Cat scratch disease, Antimicrobial therapy selection, The chest wall, Critical cases, Keeping the balance, Unexplained hypoxemia, Mean arterial pressure, Paper chromatography, Initial patient assessment, Mechanical ventilation during pregnancy, Harnessing energy, Doppler ultrasound imaging, Postoperative visual loss, Herzog's CCU, Emergency department evaluation, Perioperative neurosurgical care, The aging process, Surgical patients, The systematic approach, Functional incapacity, Balancing basics, Acute confusion, Chest tube, Clinical hemodynamics, Venous thromboembolic disease, Syndromes case, Critical care update 2017, Essentials for clinicians, Acquired weakness, Drinking binge yesterday, Endemic typhus, The normal electrocardiogram, The pulse pressure, Thromboembolic diseases, Pharmacologic agents, The non invasive monitoring, Kidney function tests, Critical care anesthesiology, Fixing carbon, Cerebral perfusion pressure variability, Right-sided heart disorders, Monitoring mechanical, In-hospital observation, Clinical microbiology, Spreading depolarizations, Fluid–electrolyte disorders, Community integration, Ventilator graphics, Legionnaires’ disease, Esophageal balloon tamponade, Pathophysiologic mechanism, Basic transesophageal, Goldberger’s clinical electrocardiography, Obstructive airways diseases, Aerosolized antibiotic, Inferior wall myocardial infarction, Transpulmonary thermodilution, Physiology of extracorporeal life support, Coronary artery bypasses, Ventilator management during ECLS, Respiratory anatomy, Postoperative neurosurgical, Neurology of polytrauma, Abnormal platelet count, Kiver function tests, Echocardiography for intensivists, The upper airway, Optical monitoring, Controlled modes, The postoperative cardiac patient, Behavioral sequelae, Clinical electrocardiography, Severe traumatic brain injury outcomes, Left-ventricular hemodynamics, Systemic complications, Anterior wall myocardial infarction, Basic hemodynamic assessment, Coronary artery bypass grafting, Mechanical breath, Neurooncology emergencies, Rrrors of refraction, Ventilator waveforms

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