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Nematode disease complex Different seed priming methods Malvastrum coromandelianum Television viewing behaviour Inter cropping systems Seed cotton equivalent yield Detoxification of congo red Designer foods Biennial crop Thigh meat Solving practical problems Biodegradation of pome Help in taking quick decision Edible coatings in fruits Fibrolytic enzymes activities Kiwi fruit Components in joha rice In vivo antidiabetic activity Herbal cow ghee samples National food security mission interventions High susceptibility Leh region of Himalayan cold desert Cattle urine foliar sprays Post hatch performance Characteristics properties of pome Bio resources Paper pot transplanter Vegetable pigeon pea Villages was selected Socio economic status index Carcass yields Vein clearing virus Root knot nematode-fungal disease complex Himalayan cold desert Inorganic condition Buffalo farmers Evaluation of rootstocks Semipermeable coatings Genetic variability for yield parameters Quality of king chilli Vegetable type pigeon pea Root weight Seddling vigour Growth of maize Yield of legumes Systems on major nutrient status NPK nutrients of finger millet Dimension of human body Farmers by developing Vein clearing virus diseas Omega-3 pufa rich oil sources Fish oil Television viewing behavior Information needs of buffalo farmers Productivity of temperate fruit crops High fibre cookies Pomegranate isolated Baby corn in line × tester analysis Copper oxychloride Levels of NPK nutrients Foothills of Nagaland Horizontal spread of chickpea Legume crops Enzyme activity influenced Slanting glass plate technique Incidence of Malvastrum coromandelianum Shell life Local maize Household itself Information needs on management Chalakudy basin Jackfruit rind Energy expenditure rate Gene action for various traits Performances of vegetable type pigeon pea Cercospora leaf spot in beetroot Frozen semen Infecting to the crops Evaluation of cotton genotypes Yield parameters in local maize Information needs on market LULC changes Jackfruit rind powder incorporated Paper pot onion transplanter Sali rice Bio resources on management Integrated nutrient management in sweet corn Maximum pods per plant Bulb damage Potassium etc Artificial insemination in manipur Great nutritional value Unsupervised classification and ERDAS Commercial varieties of banana Dogs fed homemade diet Soil from different blocks Biofertilizer combination Heterosis studies in maize Runoff processes of Chalakudy basin Practices of artificial insemination

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Self-propelled onion digger, Different propagation methods, Importance of vitamin D, Chloris barbata, Biofertilizer combination on growth, Mapping sali rice areas, Chilli cultivation in the countr, Assessment of chemical properties, Development of self-propelled onion digger, pH and EC, Available publications, Seed banks, Onion harvester, Indira canteen, Onion neck length, Enhancing germination capacity, Various substrates for enhancing yield, Returns from Brinjal, RSM methodology, Unorganised sector, Selected purposively, Mini-tractor operated harvester, Urban poor, Laboratory investigation of detopping, Vanraja poultry birds fed, Economics of cumin, Haematological indices, Citrus spp, Yield of cumin, Pruning regimes, Various post-harvest treatments, Growth of cumin, Safer alternatives for human health, Flowering of guava, Commercial citrus cultivation revolution, Transplanted condition, Special emphasis on early transplanted condition, Genotypes at bastar condition, Co-Synch plus CIDR protocol, Klebsiella pnuemoniae, Cotton leaf curl virus disease, Uptake by summer cowpea, Koda (Eleusine coracana), Klebsiella pnuemoniae from cattle, Nutrients content, Anoestrus cows, Symptom severity grades, Anoestrus buffaloes, Disease reaction scale, Seaweeds diversity, Zinc levels on growth, Heading back, Seaweed species diversity, Fish pond, Sikka coast, Trichoderma viridae, Iron of chickpea, Pinching on mineral status, Group of seaweeds observed, Different water bodies, Several enzymatic systems auxin, Impact of heading back, PAR interception, Inducing resistance against cowpea rust, Bio-control agents against castor, Taxonomic classification of seaweed species, Quantitative estimation of phytoplankton, Monsoon-post monsoon fluctuations, Proper light penetration, Triphala-growth promoter, Margin and price spread, Addictive behavior, Cattle marketing, Livelihoods of tribes people, Commercial broiler, Economics of marketing of chickpea, Intensification system in finger millet, Economic analysis of cattle marketing, Feasibilities of intensification system, Migration on the livelihoods, Buffalo followed, Triphala on production performance, Tribes people, Fodder dual purpose oat, Multiple cropping, Studies on rootstock, Fertilizers on yield, Scion parameters for grafting, Scion parameters, Grafting in cherry tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, Coconut shell biochar, Fertilizer grades, Soybean nutrient uptake, DNMT in TB, Cashew apple juice powder, Anacardium occidentale, Paediatric TB & Epigenetics in TB, Levels of coconut shell biochar, Instant kodo dosa mix, Burn care unit, RTS beverage, Storage behavior, Children infected, Klebsiella spp dual isolate, Foliar spray of bioregulators, Blended cashew apple juice powder, crude fat, Nitrogen free extract, Prominent Cajanus cajan germplasm, Towards sustainable agriculture, Enhancement of soil fertility, Different hybrids of watermelon, Status of organic farming, Microbial contamination in broilers, Drug sensitivity in modern abattoirs, Cassava improves soil quality, Modern abattoirs, Fungicides against Colletotrichum lindemuthianum, Anthracnose of French bean, Sprout seed, Sprout seed abrasion method, Leaf crinkle disease in urdbean, Pyruvate formate lyase gene, Immunogenic protein, Packing machine, Horticultural ornamental plants, Dehydration quality, Chemicals on the ripening physiology, Nano P fertilizer, Gravity drip irrigation, Progressive farmers, Harvesting stage, Masala paneer, Physiological and biochemical attributes, Optimal cropping, Correlation studies in F3, Pulp: peel ratio, Influence of different hydration, A porri, Ripening physiology of fruits, Crude oil polluted artisanal refining site, Insect-pests complex of sesame, Oil and linseed, Standardisation of harvesting stages, Phloem feeder, Information seeking behaviours, Paederia foetida, Water production function, Coastal areas of Odisha, Various pollutants, Pathogenicity etc, Kcps and Polydispersity index, Geographical locations, Ripening physiology, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon degradation, Dehydration in okra, Yield in fenugreek, Soil properties in linseed, F3 segregating generations of soybean, Phytophagous insect, Maximizing crop production, Evening relative humidity, Furrow irrigation influenced, Different effectors in Xoo isolates, Cited by alternaria porri, Shelf life of treated fruits, Improving emergence uniformity, Polydispersity index, Various ornamental plants, Optimization of water resource, Survival of lac insects, Grand nain influenced by nitrogen, Biodegradation of PAHs, Peak production season, Nano phosphorus fertilizer for wheat, Association analysis in black gram, Đề thi học sinh giỏi Cà Mau, Đề thi học sinh giỏi Phú Thọ, Đề thi học sinh giỏi Vĩnh Phúc, The efficiency of geodetic work, The construction of skyscraper in Vietnam, Build geodetic engineering solutions, The reasonable compacting factor, Compacted earth dam construction under high humidity condition, The north central region of Vietnam, Development of economic, Research on water accumulation operating mode, Water accumulation operating mode, Flood season for Hoa Binh, Flood season for Son La, Terraced hydroelectric reservoirs, Công ty TNHH Nesol, Công ty TNHH Đồ chơi Khang Văn, Key management example, Java security, Comparison with previous releases, Sustainability management accounting, Transistor công suất bjt, Mạch một pha với dòng, Áp dạng sin, Công tắc xoay chiều, Chế độ dòng gián đoạn, Chế độ hãm điện của động cơ, Bộ biến đổi điện áp hai nhịp, Thiết bị điều khiển điện tử công suất, Ứng dụng của bộ nghịch lưu, Nguyên lý điều khiển dọc, Công tác quan trắc biến dạng, Công trình Việt Nam, Biomaterial scaffold, Facet joint injections, Natural bone tissue, Whiplash associated disorder, Sensory hypersensitivity, Persistent neck pain, Meniscus scaffolds, Central hyperexcitability, Movement kinematics, Autograft prosthesis composite, Meniscal tissue, Tumor excision, Movement smoothness, Skeletally mature individuals, Congenital limb deformities, Knee loading, Moderate mechanical, Fetal cells transfer, Gestational period, Regenerate fracture, Central tension plate, Severe nonspecific knee injury, Matrix metalloproteinase13, Multiple implications, Disruptive events, Intraarticular olecranon fractures, Lengthening then rodding, Radiographic osteoarthritis incidence, Non-syndromic syndactyly, Satisfactory functional recovery, TENs nailing after lengthening, Pain and function scores, Nonspecific injury, Maximal oxygen consumption, Callus pattern, Randomized controlled trail, Tín dụng trung và dài hạn, Histological pattern, Subtype incidences, Malignant peritoneal mesothelioma, E health literacy, Breast lymphatics level, Mucin domaincontaining molecule 3, Increase treatment toxicity, Endoscopic screening, High-risk subjects, Cancer site, Special pathological type, Therapeutics against, Terminally ill cancer patients, Hand-foot syndrome, Oligoprogressive disease, Hepatocellular proliferation, P53 ubiquitination, Hepatocellular cells, Anti-tumor role, Survival benefit, Chemotherapy improves, Malignant renal tumor, Identify potential susceptibility gene, High risk of recurrence, Anti-cancer therapies, Intensity-modulated accelerated radiotherapy, Locoregional recurrence-free survival, Curative gastrectomy, Microsatellite instability-high, HER2-positive recurrent, Primary metastatic gastric cancer, Trastuzumab-based chemotherapy, Birth size, ICI treatment, Treatment imposes, Risk scores model, Malignant struma ovarii, Extreme rarity, Prognostic risk signature, Dominant histologic type, R-CHOP, Health service utilization, Non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma, Inform strategic efforts, Occurring chronic diseases, Laparoscopic pancreatic resection, Low-grade diseases, Co-mutation, Immunity checkpoint inhibitor, Biopsy frequency, Minimally invasive esophagectomy, Robot-assisted esophagectomy, Treatment facility, Cancer risk behaviours, Longitudinal latent class analysis, Unprotected sexual intercourse, Radiologic biomarkers, Nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma, Relapsed disease, Partial response, Head and neck melanoma, Body melanoma, Histology-specific, Smoking-related histologies, Migrants’ health, Overall lung cancer incidence, Multitargeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor, AXIN2 polymorphism, Predicting pazopanib, Prognostic significances, Tumour tissues, Human gallbladder cancer, Patient-identified early signs, Distinct diagnostic, PI3K-Akt signalling pathway, Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2, Medullary thyroid cancer, RET variants, Stage II colorectal cancer, Develop disease relapse, Rectal carcinoma, Psoas muscle volume, Geriatric nutritional risk index, SY6GAL1 gene, Unfavorable prognosis, Astrocytoma risk, Seizure diary, Initially aggravate symptoms, Plasmin-α2 plasmin inhibitor complex, Symptoms including seizures, Soluble fibrin, Immunotherapy resistance, Survival-related mutations, Thrombin-antithrombin III complex, Supine immobilization devices, Apoptotic pathways, Skin dose, Essential factors, Immunotherapeutic efficacies, Gastric tumor bleeding, Imaging biomarkers, Neoplasm invasion, Nomogram model, Tumor thickness, Prolong survival, Radio-genomics, Adjuvant surgery, Concurrent radiotherapy, Cell type, Substantial increase, Cancer critical, Traumatic surgical intensive, Prophylactic management, Genomic sequencing classifier, EGFR family, Human tumorigenesis, Beneficial biomarkers, Tyrosine kinase I subfamily, Pulmonary metastasectomy, Institutional experience, Metastatic sarcomas, Carnitine palmitoyl transferase 1A, Higher-order genetic interaction, Marginal effect, Plus enzalutamide, Multiple glycolysisrelated genes, MiRNA-mRNA pairs, Colorectal peritoneal metastases, Surgical staging, Selecting patients, AFP-negative HCC patients, Nude rat xenograft tumor model, IgG4 antibody therapy, ROS-stimulating therapy, TACSTD2 hypermethylation, Main function, Glia maturation factor-γ, Trastuzumab administration, Bibliographic database, HER2-positive breast tumors, Construct competing endogenous RNA, Axillary non-SLN metastases, Serum tumor markers, Endoscopic technology, Dual probe difference specimen imaging, Inhibit EMT process, BMP pathway, Immunological effect, Various cancer types, Xenografted tumor development, Glottic cancer, Vocal cord, Increase survival rate

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