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Bước băng xương đòn xử lý xuất nhập Giao tiếp Leb 7 đoạn Phương pháp băng xương đòn Quy trình băng xương đòn Tập quán hàng hải quốc tế Thông tư số 79/2014/TT-BGTVT Luật đường thủy Thi lấy bằng thuyền trưởng Phương tiện thủy nội địa vỏ gỗ Điều khiển phương tiện đường thủy Đóng phương tiện thủy nội địa vỏ gỗ Quy phạm phân cấp Chỉ thị số 186/1999/CT-BGTVT Phân loại đường rò Niêm mạc ống hậu môn Perspective Photography Dairy farm bioreactor sizing Gửi và nhận SMS trên Android tạo dáng trong chụp ảnh Sustainable economic welfare QuikSCAT wind data Polymer composite Space Energy English for Environmental technology Water scrubbing Drying Systems Energy conservation policy Disturbance estimation via an observation combined Palm oil farms Energy sources mở khóa màn hình East Vietnam Sea Tidal Energy CuI/PVA composite Coal Combustion Low complexity expert dependent noise filtration algorithm Estimation of its energy capacity case Kinematic Geometry Learning to Adapt to Unknown Users Mrac and LQR for motion system Sự tạo phôi vị Crop farms Quality of environment South Korea energy policy Wind energy resource evaluation Relevant details against the degree of noise reduction Dc conductivity Pollution Control Understanding Energy The atmosphere and ecosystem NC machines Elabered estate Referring Expression Generation Organization of petroleum exporting countries Improving Renewable The control signal Wind power generation evaluation The degree of noise reduction Tea farms Dielectric relaxation Pittsburgh Experience Hydro Power Miscellaneous energy consumptions Exergoeconomic Analysis sculptured surface machining Power resource of East Vietnam sea Magnetic Resonance images Rubber farms Noise pollution P-type PVA/CuI polymer composite Cobalt Powders Dalian Experience Celestial navigation cutting-edge technique Malaysian farms Deriving equilibrium equations Los Angeles Experience simplest solution Ship position Solid continuous systems Minimalism Gear cutting machines and operations Interior color by design Theory of Machine Spherical coordinate system efficient machining processes Polar and spherical coordinates systems A design tool for architects Catia prismatic machining private interiors Spherical trigonometry inspirational quotations Efficient Optimization Consistent Translation using Discriminative Learning Governing equations of continuous system Interior desingners and homeowners lăng trụ gia công infrastructure architecture an MDL-Inspired Objective Function

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A Translation Memory-inspired Approach, Color samples, The fundamentals of interior design, Inspiring phenomenal English songs, the prophet, design skills, Yanjun Ma, Scriptin’ with JavaScript and Ajax, The human interface, Words, Color combinations and interios, Kahlil Gibran, Students’ listening skill, Basic color theory, Blender xna, A Designer’s Guide, Science Wars, Glossary and bibllography, Inspire, Postmodern Ecology, scientific prophecy, Free of boredom, High Rise Building, Precise void fraction measurement, Architectural consideration in color design, precision modelling, Communicating design, Comparison of optimization techniques for MRR, Manifolds, Page rank, Engineering doctoral thesis, Machining parameters of turning operations, Four skill in languages, Laser levelling, False Dichotomy, culture industry, human spirit, Prosthetic hand, Surface roughness in wire EDM process for gear cutting, Sustainable Form Design, Two phase flows independent, structured approach, Color schemes and design examples, dichotomy, Convergence, Tokenizer for Vietnamese text, Steady-flow process, Pair correlation, Multi performance criteria, Automatic regression testing, Social Systems, Well-structured speaking tasks, poetic essays, opposed to nature, Wire EDM process for gear cutting, create models, Nature form Biomimicry strategy, The flow regime using gamma ray attenuation, quadratic forms, Land development, High precision prosthetic hand, Traditional indexing algorithms, Speaking naturally, State postulate, Natural Conservatism, Lustre/SCADE applications, Wire cut electrical discharge machining, inspirational, Wire feed rate, The artificial neural network model, Al-Bahar tower, DC Analysis, deformable objects with 'Blender', Hasse principle, Frequency of tool vibration, Random Forest algorithm, Cache-based search engine, Command area, Hopf condition, mechanical design manual, Technocentric Embodiment, Lead Screws, Two organic form projects, Implementation for a high precision prosthetic hand, Ecological Fascism, Stock Stages, The minimum power consumption, Whitney’s extension theorem, Difficult-to-machine materials, Midwifery Practice, igenvalue spacings, Design by Nature, Linear Actuators, Tool wear rate optimization, mechanical drawings, medical associations, Super ranking concept, rectangular 2tori, Maggie Macnab, Precision Screw Products, standard brazing, Taguchi method for die steels, Machining parameter optimization in turning process for sustainable manufacturing, Non-traditional machining process, Machining parameter optimization in turning proces, meaningful design, Custom Actuatorsm, soldering standards, Midwifery Care, The power consumption during turning process, Custom Plastic Nuts, Using Universal Forms, Evidence Course, NTM processes, Tool steel, Dry/MQL/Wet, Principles in Design, Natural Alliance, Rose varieties, Effect of coolant types on grinding force, Voices That Matter, Variability study in rose varieties, Examination of machining parameters, Hand painting, Coolant types on grinding force, Developing new varieties suited, Kangayam cattle, EDM of tool steel, Deccani style, Surface grinding 90crsi steel, Selected rose varieties, Kangayam cattle farmers in vermicomposting, Nirmal arts, The surface roughness significantly reduced, Assessment of knowledge level, Innovative textile design ideas, Genome-wide SNP markers, Suitable cooling regimes, Kangayam cattle farme, Quintessential Naqqashi Nirmal painting art, Characterization of genome-wide SNP markers, Ecotypic differentiation, Plasma treatment, Sanding process, Wood sanding, assignments, Pinus sylvestris, Bond strength, Effect of substrate weight variation, Influence Zambian higher education lecturer’s attitude towards integrating ICTs, Methacrylate-based resin composite, Wood planing, Cross bread cattle, Rotary-cut veneers, Spawn method in production of white oyster mushroom, Teaching and research, European black pine, Silorane-based resin composite, Natl Council of Teacher, White oyster mushroom, Composition in dairy cattle, Spacing and training on growth, Attitude towards integrating ICTs, Lombardy poplar, Traci Gardner, Feeding dried distiller’s grains plus solubles, Completely Randomized Design, Adhesive system on repair potential, Yield of polyhouse grown cucumber, Xanthomonas axonopodis, resource-stretched classrooms, Parity following completely randomized design, High Biological Efficiency, Polyhouse grown cucumber, Completely randomised design, Following factorial completely randomized design, The growth of sesame ADB1 varietyof sesame ADB1 variety, Quantitative parameters analysis of variance, Modeling of surface roughnes, The yield of sesame ADB1 varietyof sesame ADB1 variety, Multi-objective optimization of surface roughness, Replacement of black soldier fly larvae meal, Sesame ADB1 varietyof sesame ADB1 variety, Early maturing Indian cauliflowers, Productivity in dry turning of AISI 52100 steel, Growth performance of discus fish, Exploitation of heterobeltiosis, Randomize Complete Block design, Trajectory tracking, Polygenic variations, Coating cermet tools, Black soldier fly larvae, Heterobeltiosis in tomato, Motion regeneration technique, Randomized complete block design, Experimental field vegetable science, G X E interaction, Dual arm robot, Completely randomized block design, Various bottle gourd, Fishmeal by black soldier fly larvae, Variability studies in foxtail millet, Diallel fashion excluding reciprocals, Backstepping-Sliding Mode Control, Stability analysis in soybean, Various bottle gourd siceraria, Degrees of freedom, Investigation was carried, High order sliding mode control, Study on different feed, Modelling of furuta´s pendulum, Anti-sway based compensation, Control of furuta´s pendulum by sliding modes technique, The performance of broilers chicken, Chickens per each replication, Sliding modes technique, Pso algorithm for overhead crane, Central dry zone, Mix crumble and pellet, the Concept of sliding modes, Yield and quality of sesame, Gross returns, Growth and yield parameters, Physical diet forms, Furuta's inverted pendulum, Pomegranate cv Bhagwa, Food colour summer rice fallows, Broccoli and plant growth regulators, Neem coated urea + nitrification inhibitor, Treatments etc, Garland orange, Rice straw compost, Micronutrients on okra, African marigold (Tagetes erecta L), Different plant spacing on Tulsi, Factorial randomized block design, New herbicide, Correlation and path analysis, Treatments consisted, Photodegradable films, Early leaf spot, Path analysis in blackgram, New herbicides on yield attributes, Quality of okra, Polyethylene-cassava starch, Yield attributing character, Blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper), Late leaf spot, Onion (Allium cepa L.), Yields of soybean, Photosensitive agents, Groundnut genotypes, Growth characters of radish, Post emergence herbicides, Groundnut during kharif, Inorganic source of nutrients, Growth parameters in Onion cv N-53, NaZn13-type cubic structure, Azospirillum on yield, Magnetocaloric materials, Quality of Turmeric, Handbook of Residue Analytical Methods for Agrochemicals VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 2, Flow networks, The effect of residual la, Space Exploration, Space Industry, Major Business, Soft set, Chen’s invariant, Shape operator, Treasury Secretary, Totally nonhomologous to zero, Safety analysis of increase in heat removal from reactor coolant system, Soft point, Squared mean curvature, Multi-residue analysis of polar pesticides, Space History, Slant submanifolds, Pro-torus, Soft topological space, Quaternionic space form, Inadvertent operation of passive residual heat removal, Generalized complex space form, Human Achievements, Cleanup procedure combined QuEChERS method, Soft diagonal, Slant submanifold, Investigation on the use of chloramphenicol in snakehead fish, Passive residual heat removal, K-Ricci curvature, Cohomological structure of a space, Productivity of cherry, The analytical method of polar, Soft uniform structure, S -manifolds, Amoxicillin in snakehead fish, Shape operator AH, Topological group, The reactor coolant system, Firm-bank relationships, Cherry production, Compounds in sediment, Soft uniform space, Surti goat, Channa maculata farming, Milk yield in singlet, Italian manufacturing SMEs, Analysis of those antibiotic residue in muscle samples, Soft uniform continious function, Udder morphology relationship, The use of chloramphenicol, Lending relationships, Bearing Surti goat, Institutional quality matter, Protein data bank, Controlled porosity osmotic pump tablets, Timolol maleate, 3D-fingerprint, Factorial design, Chemical space, Molecular shape, Directly compressed cores, Mosapride citrate, Medium optimization, Xyloglucan Pluronic micelles, Cunninghamella sp 2A1, Tagetes minuta, Intranasal administration, Response surface, Plant densities, Analysis of aquacrop model, Gastrointestinal motility, Seedling planting, Production of biomass, Aquacrop model, Improved therapeutic efficacy, Himachal Pradesh (India), Aquacrop model for potato crop, Reflux esophagitis disease, Mid-Hill condition, Management of tagetes minuta, Potato crop during rabi season, SET50 index, Plant densities in Mid-Hill condition, Multiple regression based, Forecasting SET50 index, Face detection and recognition is challenging due, Learning from data, The Wide variety of faces, Comparing two groups, A test of independence, Multiple correlation, Comparing groups, Comparisons involving proportions, Binomial logistic regression, PHSTVs prediction equations, Cell entrapment, Fertilizer prescription, Adaptive routing, Hybrid brinjal, Kluyveromyces marxianus, Nominal techniques, Quality of Experience, Ethanol fermentation, Plant spacing of aeration on the growth, Maize on Vertisol, Sweet sorghum juice, Frequency of aeration on the growth, Hybrid brinjal based, Video over software defined networking, Test crop maize, Yield of water dropwort, Watercress nutritious solution, Secondary Succession, Interpenetrating polymer networks, Weed control method, GA3 on vegetative growth, Water dropwort planted, Diameter Distribution, Shade conditions, Sprouting in gladiolus, Spatial Statistics, Reduce the yield losses, Recommend dose of fertilizers, Gibbrellic acid, Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica L.), Environment and orchard conditions, Anthropogenic Disturbances, Nutrient management practices on yield, Weed management in vegetable crops, Vegetative growth and gladiolus, Yield attributes of Ashwagandha, Natural Vegetation Regeneration, Quality and nutrient uptake of N, Investigation GA3, Performance of different varieties, Asiatic lily, Conventional variety, Respect to yield, Flower yield and shade net

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