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Dual-luciferase assays Anthracycline treatment Hematopoietic factor Individual cancers Metropolitan areas BRCA1/2 mutation carriers Haematopoietic tissues African men Melanoma therapy External beam RT Mutated BRAF gene Humanized KS-interleukin-2 Immunologic activity Aggressive tumor Hemithoracic radiation Pathological pregnancy Choriocarcinoma via regulation Anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-2 Potentially interesting diagnostic factor Gestational trophoblastic tumor Choriocarcinoma cell lines Osteolytic bone disease Therapeutics entering Chronic administration Residual cancer cells Gefitinib maintenance treatment Cytostatic concentrations Metastatic cancer cells Gene electrotransfer Promoting oncogenicity HAT inhibitor Tumor treatment Radiation treatment of sarcomas Acetylated H4K16 HER targeted therapy Trimethylated H4K20 Luminal subtype Microarray gene expression analysis Chemotherapeutic failure EGFR ligands Adjacent nonmalignant PI3K gene mutations Gene over-expression Eloquent tumor Anaplastic astrocytomas Primary invasive breast cancer tumors Matricellular glycoprotein Non-serosa-invasive Pediatric leukemia Congenital acute lymphoblastic leukemia Cytokine secretion profiles NF-κB signaling pathway Rib fracture Chest wall injury Class III beta-tubulin Matrix metalloproteinase 14 Specificity protein 1 Prognostic indexes Biological subtype PRL-3 phosphatase Human ERBB2 gene Cancer biotherapy 2-Methoxyestradiol Aberrant splicing Microtubule-targeting agents Microtubule-targeting anthelmintic Limulus amebocyte lysate Human CRC liver metastases Cell stress Transposon mutagenesis Fail miserably Human PDAC cell lines Involve diverse Systematically discover Barcode multiplexing F-fluorodeoxyglucose Radioguided surgery Gamma detection probes Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor Histological differentiation Malignant rhabdoid tumors Trinucleotide repeat containing 6B Rhabdoid tumor predisposition syndrome Cisplatin-based regimen containing S-1 Weekly docetaxel Primary malignant tumors Atomic spectrometry Potential environmental hazard Aluminum concentrations Enormous public health Stable diseases Progressive diseases pithelial-mesenchymal transition Sociodemographic indicators Arsenic-contaminated Cell-based assay system Bladder calculus Rapid screening bioassay TRPC6 gene Bladder outlet obstruction

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Epigenetic drug model, PEGylated liposomes, Treatment beyond progression, Fluoropyrimidine-containing chemotherapy, Thrombopoietin receptor agonists, Chemotherapyinduced thrombocytopenia, Vitamin D transcriptional, Histone H3 phosphorylation, Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-1, Neoplastic cell transformation, Time-dependent endpoint, Vaccine treatment, Progesterone treatment, Salivary biomarker, VEGF receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitor, Overall tumor, Unacceptable toxicity, Lymph node excision, Androgen suppression therapy, Orphan receptor, Multiple biological, Lamina attachment domains, Iron containing, Insulator regions, Wnt-signalling cascade, PSA-Recurrence, Aggressive primary tumor, Cell cycle dynamics, Non-histone heterochromatic protein, Carbon ion irradiation, Early and late apoptosis, P53-independent-apoptosis, Hsp90 inhibitor, Phase I study, Escalating ganetespib, BRCA1 protein, Type IV collagen, Basement membrane, Integrin receptors, Autocrine loop, Cdk4 inhibition, Chemoprevention strategy, Phosphorylating retinoblastoma, Cdk4 pathway, High grade dysplastic nodules, Advanced lung cancer inflammation index, Well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma, Weekly schedule, Aminoacylase-1, Radiotherapy breast cancer, Quality of life questionnaire-core, 3-weekly schedule, Sequestosome-1, Subject significance questionnaire, Minimal clinically important differences, Dock-and-Lock, Tumors harbor, Insulin-like growth factor-I receptor, Membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase, Emerging observations indicate, Flaxseed lignan complex, Peripheral blood leukocytes, Radiation pneumonopathy, Leukocytes play, Plasma protein, Chemotherapyassociated neutropenia, Radiation dispersion device, Notch-3 expression, Fighting cancer, Incidental radiation, Metabolite diffusion, Inhaled radioisotopes, Bile duct, Malignancy characterized, Nasal cancer, Pancreatic adenocarcinomas, Hardwood dust, EWS-FLI1 fusion protein, Nasal lavage, Nasal snuff, Tumor periphery, Genetic integrity, Micropapillary histological, Angiogenesis plays, Infiltrating cells, Carrying BRCA2 mutations, Cancer originate, Ep-ICD subcellular localization index, Metastatic papillary thyroid microcarcinoma, Antidiabetic agent, Certain malignancies, GASC1 positive tumors, HER2 positive cases, Postoperative recurrent esophageal cancer, Initiate metastases, Lethal metastatic disease, Metastatic prostate cancer cells, Several genomic alterations, Label-free manner, Leukocytes exhibited, Murine xenograft models, DNA mutational analyses, Small round cell tumor, Pubic bone, Livestock antibiotic, HER2 positive metastatic, Screen-detected, Observer variation, Metastatic tumour, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor, Peritoneal recurrence, ROS induction, Platinum-doublet chemotherapy, Philadelphia chromosome, Allosteric inhibition, Abl kinase inhibitors, Ph+ leukemia cells, Aurora kinase, Aurora kinase inhibitors, Pyloric gland adenoma, Malignancy transformation, Serum starvation, Short-term food starvation, Cisplatin therapy, Mesothelioma xenografts, Multiple tumor, Phospholipase A2 receptor, Ductal lavage, Processing speed, Postural stability, Helping alliance, Female cancer survivors, Metastasizing potential, TGFα release, Established therapies prognosis, Sorafenib-associated idiosyncratic hepatotoxicity, Tumour xenograft models, Orthotopic transplantation, HPV-positive cervical carcinomas, Nephrectomy management, Ectopic transplantation, Enhanced permeability and retention, Iron-saturated lactoferrin, Blood vessel hyperpermeability, Immune enhancement, Gamma-synuclein, Preoperative re-irradiation, Geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate, Mevalonate-derived prenyl, Plasminogen activator inhibitor 1, Farnesyl pyrophosphate, Androgen receptors, Indium-Tin oxide, Actin-associated protein, Testosterone levels, Cell to cell adhesion, Therapy decisions, Smooth muscle caldesmon, AR pathway, Non-muscle cell caldesmon, Molecular pathways, Random set method, Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1, Multidisciplinary investigations, Functioning glucagonoma, Cyclin A, CCNA2 encoding cyclin, Antioxidant genes, Real-time PCR array, Industrialized countries, MPM incidence, Suppresses survivin, Previously undiagnosed, Adjusted mortality, Immuno-reactive score, Ovarian surface epithelial cells, Ovarian cell lines, Delayed medical care, Breast cancer symptoms, Recall pneumonitis, Symptom experience, Multiple dimensions, Curative therapy, RCT with stepped-care approach, Individual stress management, Impact of event scale, ALK fusion, Inflammation-related cancer, Nonresolving inflammation, Peripheral inflammatory cells, Thymic malignant tumors, Organotypic appearance, Ovarian epithelial carcinoma, Recurrence free interval, Recurrence risk, Inflammatory cytokine markers, Monocytelymphocyte ratio, Several solid malignancies, Including prostate cancer, Hyper-glycolytic phenotype, Quantitative elastographic features, Elastographic features, Unfavourable survival, Immunosuppressive brain tumour, Non-interventional trial, Family member, C1r subcomponent like, Surgical plan, Preoperative breast magnetic resonance imaging, Internal mammary lymph node recurrence, Supraclavicular lymph node recurrence, Distant disease-free survival, Kallikrein-related peptidase, Cân bằng tỷ lệ về giới, Master program in Public managemet, Final assignment for Master program, Vietnamese government role, Economic management during crises, Điều tra lại cơ quan tố tụng, Wavefront coding, Phase mask, Proposed phase mask, Nhóm chất Freon, Axit difluorobromoacetic, Phương pháp điện phân Kolbe, Bankfull discharge, Maesa membranacea, Space of inflation in Vietnam, Mycetia hirta, Anticorrosive pigment, Power of monetary policy, Survey of plastic bag, River morphological, Space of inflation, Sea level rise on mangrove ecosystem, Waste disposal by households, Monetary policy in fighting, Stems of Maesa membranacea, Vietnamese households, Mycetia hirta Hutch, Gene family in peanut, Structure of inflation in Vietnam, Valuing economic values of mangroves, River training parameters, Long-term high inflation, New record for the flora, Electrospray ionisation mass spectra, Facts about the use of plastic bags, Financial development in more detail, Economic losses of mangroves due to climate change, Based on taylor rule, Econometrical methods, Sucrose transporter ‘SWEET’ gene family, Variation in morphology of the Red river, Financial system as compared, Special econometrical analysis framework instead, Harmful effect of plastic bags, Pathogenic fungi Candida albicans, Master of Arts in Economics of development, Essential oils from some plants, Economics of development, Vietnam the netherlands project, Exports case for Vietnam, Congenital arthrogryposis, Bilateral shoulder flexion, Real time PCR based expression, Bilateral arthrogryposis of carpel joint, Real time PCR based expression of metallothionein, Evaluation of Zn bioavailability, Chickens fed zinc oxide, Zinc methionine, Okra growers, Yellow vein mosaic virus incidence, Alpha-linolenic acid, Pollination treatments, Screening of tomato cultivars, D2 statistics and segregants, Transcriptomic analysis of Brassinosteroid biosynthesis, Canine fetal mummification, Soil ameliorant, Nutrient contribution, Association characteristics, Studies on the performance, Role of honeybee, Economic analysis of Bt cotton, Silkworm pupal residue, Correlation coefficient analysis for yield, Brassinosteroid biosynthesis, Physicochemical and sensory characteristics, Soil test based approach, Rhizosphere regions, Tomato cultivars for Whitefly, Labrador bitch, Association with socio-economic characteristics, Euryale Ferox Salisb, Mycosporine-like amino acids, Media compositions exhibited varying responses, Honeybee in enhancing yield, Weed management practices on productivity, Rabi sweet corn, Components traits in soybean, Signaling pathway genes, Wild mushroom specimens of Schizophyllum commune, Genetic diversity of Trichoderma sp, Morphological characterization of okra, Silkworm pupal residue oil, Cultivars under Terai-agro climatic situation, Two live fetuses in Labrador bitch, Technique has been applied, B tabaci in field condition, Growing in field condition, Characteristics of okra growers, Mustard in Humid region, Lateritic soils of Konkan, Malformed tissues, Oil using HPLC, UV-Vis, Yellow vein mosaic viruses, Okra cultivation practices, Mango variety amrapalli, Bioaccumulation of plant nutrients, Mummification takes place, Detection of alpha linolenic acid, Pigmented yeast, Neurological affections, SOC sequestration, Fennel technologies, Animals from groups on their, Ralstonia solancearum into biovars based, Root vegetables, Mulberry leaves, Heritability genetic advance, Different temperatures sodium alginat, Urban and Suburban area, Khejri based cropping models, Studies on biochemical changes, Screening of native rhizobia, Ability to oxidize, Nutrient balances, Antimicrobial study, Hypoglycemic activity, Survival and Karnataka, Social relationship, Shelf life of rhizobium carrier, Inter specific cotton, Half diallel analysis in cowpea, Time of cutting, Neurological affections in animals, False smut disease in rice, Utilize disaccharides, Native rhizobia, Synergists in suppression of malathion resistance, Beta carotene content, Scope of improvement, Nutrient balances in vertisols, Study of antimicrobial property, Quantitative characters in bread wheat, Biofertilizer stored, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum de bary, Pharmacological properties of mulberry, Analysis of variance for diallel analysis, Submergence tolerance rice germplasm lines, Papaya fruit inoculated, Hexahydric alcohols, Incidence of two years on fracture, Social relationship and performance, Economics of dual purpose barley, Pathogenesis of ustilaginoidea virens, Isolation of pigmented yeasts, Hot arid environment, Temperatures at different intervals, Sensory quality of thirattupal during storage, Components traits in cowpea, Colletotrichum demetium, Effect of shifting animals, Flood prone lowlands, Cluster bean and vegetables, Highest P solubilization zone, Extraction of pigment, Promising pre-release inter specific cotton hybrids, Plant growth promoting abilities, Mapping of QTLS, Identification of QTLS, Sustainable Maize, Comparative efficacy of bio-agents, Production in acidic soil, Acidic soil of Senapati district, Micropropagated Banana, Endophytic and rhizospheric actinomycetes, Combining ability analysis in Brinjal, Biocontrol of fusarium wilt of Gladiolus, Non-additive gene action, Quality parameters of spineless safflower, Screening of endophytic, Yield attributes of quinoa, SCA also interacted significantly, Micropropagated banana plantlets, Rhizospheric actinomycetes, Varied crop geometry, Management with microbial bioagents

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