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Threshing methods on seed quality Performance and hematology Dietary ochratoxin Combined administration of dietary ochratoxin Hematological profile of broiler chicken Cassia auriculata Phytochemical studies Antiinflammatory activity Cassia auriculata pods and leaves Sitotroga cerealella Pythium debaryanum Germination and hybrids Varieties and test weight Shelf life of marigold Tillage and microbes Flower thrips Viability of maize seeds Sensory stability of preserved mango Different harvesting seasons Colour and browning Biotic and abiotic factors Impact of angoumois grain moth Nutrient content by rice Preserved mango Pulp for processed products Acceptable marketable quality Pulp during storage Cowpea in relation to biotic Browning of physio-chemically stored mango Studies on carotenoid content Major insect pests of cowpea Clonal fidelity Regenerated plants by RAPD Thidiazuron induced direct shoot organogenesis Zinc sulphate heptahydrate Phosphate solubilizing bacteria isolated Mine tailings of zawar mines Zawar mines Sodium hypochloride Reducing microbial contamination Vitro propagation of lasora EMS-induced mutagenesis Gastrointgestinal parasites of tigers Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides Isolation of high-yielding mutants Gastrointgestinal parasites Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides infesting ruminants Faecal studies is called scatology or coprology Amplification of mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene High vector potential Gastro-intestinal parasitic diversity in the tiger Morphological identification Potential drug targets identification Rice leaffolder Cnapholocrocis medinalis Varied environments and plant densities Cnapholocrocis medinalis using SSR markers Rice genotypes showing resistance Rhizosphere isolates Genetic parameters of reproduction traits Mungbean varieties against whitefly Reproduction traits in Rambouillet sheep Stem blight tolerant cultivar Disease severity was recorded Inter lambing period Blight of tomato Monetary efficiency Socio-economic feature Respondent households Genetic variation of thirty Partially implemented MGNREGA villages Rabi popcorn Genotypes of Moringa View of the paramount importance Climate scenario Participant households Eight characters studied Transgenic fruit crops Global fruit production Post harvest Pathogens Barley aphid Dairy owners Reactions of genotypes of barley Existing management practices Path analysis for quantitative traits in garlic Genotypes of barley with aphid Buffaloes owners Probiotics as biocontrol agent in post Evaluation of some insecticides Quantitative traits in garlic Post harvest disease management Barley with aphid Biopesticides for management of barley aphid Management practices of housing Manage the post-harvest disease Aphid population Path analysis in 156 genotypes Feeding management practices followed Barley genotypes studied for reactions Soil copper status

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Aphid species, Conjunctive use of phosphorus, Ameliorates adverse effects, Varieties and growth attributes, Fruit quality etc, Trichoderma harzianum isolate, Copper fertilization, SEM imaging, Genetic advance in garden pea, Bio-organics on phosphorus content, Transplanting date, Antioxidant parameters of chickpea, Rice growth and yield, Coorg mandarin-pepper-coffee plantations, Growth regulators for yield, Morphometry of ultimate rostral segment, Dose of nitrogen, Uptake in summer groundnut, Salicylic acid on yield, Various characters in garden pea genotypes, Varying soil available copper status, Soil borne disease, Aphid species on various fruit crops, Quality enhancement in litchi, Kernel of groundnut as influenced by interaction, Biochemical of chickpea, Initial soil properties, Ultimate rostral segment, Growth regulators in litchi, Skip row planting, Glyoxalase II protein, Ripe banana flour, Behaviour aonla and suggestion, Influence of gamma dose on growth, Tomato variety selection, Agriculture information management behaviour, Various packaging materials, Genetic divergence of horticultural traits, Time of N application, Flower production, Better production of maize, Cooked banana flour, Behaviour aonla, Sowing dates and plant spacing, Waxing on quality traits of kinnow, Gamma dose on growth, Certain bio-pesticides against tomato fruit borer, Horticultural traits among olive, Glyoxalase II protein of Oryza sativa, Water use efficiency of tuberose, Fertilizer based on soil testing, Quality of sweet corn, Cooked banana flour aiming towards effective utilization, Estimation of genetic variability, Times of nitrogen application, Waxing on quality traits, Suggestions to overcome constraints, Genotypes grown in temperate climate, Bulb parameters in tuberose varieties, Information management behaviour of aonla growers, Lower gangetic plain, Model refinement using energy function, Farmer practices during the year, Positive mode of applicability, Properties of ripe banana flour, Quality of happy seeder sown wheat, Preparation of insecticidal solution, TSS of cob and fodder, Unripe banana flour, Cooked banana, Dry matter and popcorn, Ricinoleic acid, Vermicompost etc, Stored grain pest, Kharif hybrid pearlmillet, Steam blanching, Hot air oven drying, Ethanol vapours, Efficacy and dissipation, Identification of suitable Trichogramma sp, Quadratic association, Entomo pathogenic fungus, Post-harvest cost, Biology of the mealybug, Yield attributes of mustard, Phosphorus level on dry matter yield, Potential Lactobacillus cultures, Suitable Trichogramma sp, Profenophos on dolichos bean, Shelf life of sapota fruits, Oil stability index, Hot water dip, Yield contributing traits in grape, Growing media on growth, Socio-economic profile of potato growers, Molybdenum in groundnut, Economics of moth bean, Phenacoccus solenopsis tinsley infesting Bt cotton, Levels of K on maize, Different grain protectants, Different methods of drying in carnation, Farmers' standard practice in chilli crop, Different larval instars of tobacco caterpillar, Chemical analysis of soil samples, Production of β-Galactosidase, Working-out dosages for management, Growth stages of popcorn, Latex yield, Fruit shape index, Weight and yield, Moth bean sprouts, Screening of castor genotypes, Production of quality dry flowers, Estimate pesticide residues in beans, Management of maize weevil, Flower production of la hybrid lily, Efficacy of beuveria bassiana, Influenced by different varieties, Embedding medium, Optimum dose of molybdenum in groundnut, Longevity periods, Nitrogen on dry matter yield, Specific gravity was observed, Ricinoleic acid content, Yield of Kharif pearl millet, Fruit borer under laboratory condition, Ultraviolet irradiation, Different growth stage, Longevity and Sex ratio, Days taken for bulb sprouting, Garcinia lancifolia, Flower quality and yield, Inulin and immunity, Jatropha curcus L, Cashew grafts, RAPD based genetic diversity analysis, Mango storage, Yield attributes of Bt cotton, Concentrations of iron oxide, Rhizobium and native trichoderma isolates, Housekeeping staff, F2 & F3 populations, Supplementation of various levels, Antimicrobial peptide genes, Scirtothrips dorsalis (Hood) infesting rose, Flowering of pomegranate, Genotypes of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal, Chintamani-1, Yield components in pea, Packages during storage, Various levels of inulin, Zinc oxide nanoparticles on growth, Foliar nutrition under rainfed, Lentil rhizospheric soil, Bacilysin bacD, Housekeeping staff on biomedical waste management, Post-harvest application of plant extracts, Seasonal incidence and management of Thrips, Potato against late blight, Yield of gerbera, Crop improvement programme, Poor hybrids, Biofuel plant, Lymphoid organs weight, Quality changes of Taktir fruits, Selection gain, Biofertilizer consortia, Bacilysin bacAB, In-house training, Native trichoderma isolates, Seasonal Incidence of S dorsalis, Establishment of cashew grafts, Twenty five genotypes of Ashwagandha, Post-harvest physiology of mango, Fruit quality under ambient condition, Naturally ventilated polyhouse condition, Physiological analysis of plant, Fengycin CAE, Haematobiochemical parameters, Fodder legume, Demonstration and wheat, Toned milk, Identification of Bacillus cereus, Biological seed coating, Farm yard manure grown, Seroprevalence of peste des petits ruminants, Yield and dry matter accumulation, Recommended production of wheat crop, Effect of micronutrints on growth, Seed coating on pigeonpea seedling vigour, Bacillus cereus from fish, Contributing traits of sponge gourd, Proximate composition and digestibility, Polyphenolic extract, Texturally different soils, Plant extracts as inducer, High yielding hybrid cultivars, Goats housed in various farms, Voges-proskauer test, Fruit weight of Nagpur mandarin, Pigeonpea seedling vigour, Fodder legume Calopogonium mucunoides, Beneficiaries in adoption of recommended production, Fodder maize influenced, Vitamin D stability in yoghurt, Goats housed, Nutritive value of fodder legume Calopogonium mucunoides, Problems of KVK beneficiaries, Phosphorus uptake by fodder maize, Ethanolic goji berry, Various farms, Splash-up, Splash-up at seawalls with bullnose, Wave overtopping, Consmer credit development, Commercial bank in Vietnam, Developing consumer credit, Đại cương về đau đầu, Bài thuốc bình tức nội phong, Đau đầu căn nguyên màng não, Bài thuốc chữa nội táo, Bài thuốc thanh nhiệt hóa đàm, Đau đầu do tăng huyết, Bài thuốc hoạt huyết, Highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses, Viral and immunological informatics, Pandemic potential, Dynamic homology, Implied alignment, Multiple string alignment, Tree alignment, Stable isotope tracing, Sequence-based typing, Group specific sequencing primers, Multiple software packages, Probabilistic modelling, Coverage pattern, Lasso penalty, High-dimensional, Organisms frequently engage, Sexual organisms, Third generation sequencing, Genome binning, Taxonomic classifcation, Shotgun metagenomics, Discriminative k-mer, Taxonomic profile, Approximate matching, Unknown microorganisms, Disease module, Binning assembled sequences, Connectivity pattern, Differentially abundant OTUs, Phylogeny-aware analysis, Anatomy ontology, RNA sequence, Gene regulatory network inference, Predictive signature, De novo repeat identification, Histone modifcations, Auditory display, Patient-derived xenograft model, Time-series expression data, Candidate gene prediction, The high-frequency k-mers, Molecular animation, Cell development, Prior information fusion, Multivariate cox models, Predictive cancer biomarker, The high-frequency reads, SARSCoV-2, Inferring gene regulatory networks, Besides analyzing, Disease associations, Graph embedding, Tap roots, Meta-path, Shape variation, Disease-associated miRNAs, Energy minimization, Prostate neoplasm, 3D point clouds, Cytoscape app, CyREST command APIs, CyREST APIs, Complementary dose, Equivalent dose, Synthetic repurposing, Reference model, Homology based method, Non-homology based methods, Local hole, Base quality, Genome context-based annotation, Metabolic processes, Logical rules, Supplementary concept records, Organizing biological, Systemic representations, Antigen receptor, Genomic profling, R shiny, Gillespie algorithm, Somatic alterations, Small open reading frame, Preprocessing method, Convolutional networks, Structural variant, Coalescent theory, Matrix completion, Analytical challenges, Allele-specifc DNA methylation, Genome sequence analysis, Multi-view data, Shape space, Asthma subtypes, Single-cell RNA-seq data, Gene tree, Reduced rank regression, Alle-lespecifc gene expression, Bacterial genomics, Single amino acid variants, Basic biology, Antigenic distance, Human microbiome, Multilocus sequence data, Gene presence-absence, Immune activation, Computational immunology, Single-cell clustering, RNA-binding, Metagenomic tools, Protein evolution, Reticulate evolution, Metabolic capability, Readthrough transcription, Protein-coding sequences, Protein protein binding, Humoral immune system, Species tree, Iterative algorithmic, Transcription termination, Human skin swab specimens, Mean reversion, Bayesian causal network, Sampling frequency, ROI generation, Locality sensitive hashing, Fisher information, Representation learning, Fluorescence images, Network embedding, Droplet-based protocols, Voltage sensitive dyes, Variational graph auto-encoder, Multiple disciplines, Computational genetics, Synthetic long reads, Polyploid genomes, Estimating coherence, Geographical visualization, GWAS techniques, Genomic ancestry, Topological data analysis, Unsupervised inference, Multiple measurement analysis, Cross-sentence relations, Spike at zero, Organism’s behavior, Gene set, Large-scale biological datasets, Immunological processes, ImageJ plugin, Pathway visualization, Entity normalization, Genomic and transcriptomic analysis, Potential outliers, Biomedical literature mining, Severely undermine, Gene-pathway relationships, Contextual word representations, Pathway annotations, Hierarchical latent variable models, Misclassification errors, Disease loci, Secondary structure topology, Dot-bracket notation, Arc diagram, Non-canonical motifs, Drug-target interaction, Marginalized denoising model, Drug discovery prediction, Drug repositioning prediction, Drug-target networks, Ensemble modeling, Positional orthology, Bayesian model selection, Interaction prediction, Reciprocal best hit

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