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IBM Watson Relationship extraction Ectomycorrhizal fungi Pinus tabulaeformis Non-structural carbohydrate Sepal development Auxin biosynthesis Pollination accelerate sepal Female spinach Sepal cells Chromosome condensation New compounds Juniperus procera Endanger plant DART-ToF-MS analysis Allicin biosynthesis Fatty acid components Leaf color conversion Seed N content External nitrogen stress Total plant nitrogen content Bolting refers Endogenous genetic components Excellent model systems Pyramid-shaped head trichomes Micro-trichome Full-length transcriptomes Multifunctional signal molecule Tigilanol tiglate Transcriptome-wide identification Genus Fontainea Funneliformis mosseae Pseudomonas simiae Rhizophagus irregularis Lilium × formolongi Liliaceae family MicroRNAs play pivotal roles Rapid flowering Multiple flowering pathways Internode development Developing safflower seeds Metabolism culminating Viable embryo Rhizosphere interaction Spanish diversity panel Meta QTL candidate genes Nitrogen transfer Interconnected network Phloem-xylem organization LRR receptor-like serine Multigene silencing Vascular puncture inoculation LEA gene identification Linseed flax Fungus–plant interactions MAPK signalling pathway-plant Plant hormone signal transduction Plant freezing resistance Anthocyanin synthesis Flower coloration Rhododendron sanguineum complex Sympatric speciation Dwarf mutant Widely planted worldwide Transgene-free Transcription activator-like 1 Bacterium Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Market classes Root shape Accelerated flowering Post-transcriptional regulatory pathways Accelerate cacao breeding. Double haploid inducer Paternal infiltration Chromosome elimination Species rich branch of Rosidae Chloroplast structure of Myrtales Early-stage resistance High toxicity of aflatoxin Produce bioactive Metabolomic methods Kinesin genes Early fruit development Hormones response Casein kinase I Genome structure and evolution Long terminal repeat retrotransposons Plant retrotransposon dynamics Retrotransposon expression Retrotransposon insertion time Candidate effectors Cell death suppression Contrary to anoxia Ethylene-mediated hypoxia tolerance Hypoxic plants Photosynthetic rates Multiparent advanced generation intercross Low iron Fe bioavailability Wheat polymorphism

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Fe concentration, Incompatible and compatible soybean varieties, Metabolomic analyses, Combination analyses, Oligo-probes, Chromosome identification, Several cytogenetic nomenclatures, Leaf buffering strategy, Taper model, Leaf biomechanics, Rusty root, Ginseng rusty root symptoms, Ecological plant, Nectary development, Antibacterial protein, Yield formation, Oryza sativa L. subsp. japonica Kato, Chemically induced mutation, Lateral shoot inhibition, Tobacco farmers, RUS Gene Family, Arabidopsis RUS, Homozygous rus6 embryos, Ubiquitin ligases, PUB gene family, Mg deficiency, Citrus plants, Mg uptake, Parent and branch properties, Incredible evolutionary advantage, Critical element, Volatile aroma compounds, Fruit favour, MBW complex, Trichome initiation, High-affinity nitrate transporter, Various stresses, Nitrate absorption, Caucasian clover, Trifolium ambiguum M. Bieb., Full-length transcriptome, Flesh color, Chloroplast genomes, High quality chloroplast genomes, Domesticated rice, ABA synthetic genes, Dormancy transition, EMP activation, Flavonoids accumulation, Marker-trait association, Cardamine violifolia, Selenate treatment, Relaxed selection, Prominent calyx teeth, Ligusticum species, Brassica rapa var. rapa, Plateau crops response, Tibet Plateau, Metabolic mechanisms, Organ size variation, Natural genetic variation, Auxin responses, A. gangeticus, Leaf development, Phenolic profiles, Populus trichocarpa genome, Antioxidant constituents, Peg developmen, Cellulose semipermeable membrane, ABA metabolism, Heterodera schachtii, CYSTM domain-containing proteins, CASP-like protein, KASP marker, Agroecological zones, Specific adaptive traits, WRI4-like gene, Cuticular wax biosynthesis, Increasingly severe, Promotes heat tolerance, Hypoallergenic soybean, Protein crop, Soybean proteins, Pepper mild mottle virus, Floral organogenesis, Phytohormone crosstalk, Gene family members, Winter dormancy, Spring emergence, Flowering date, Rice-tartary buckwheat, Easy dehulling, Hull development, Thuja occidentalis, Phytotoxic effects, Cultivated plant, Nitrogen-deficient tolerance, Leaf sheath, Salt removal ability, Fundamental parenchyma cells, Ectomycorrhizal fungus, Ion transportation, SOS pathway, Genotype-by-sequencing, Ulmus lamellosa, Geographical changes, PAMP-triggered immunity, Defense hormones, Nodule development and senescence, Papain-like cysteine protease, Root nodule symbiosis, Diploid D-genome cotton, Shared network, Lycoris genus includes, Arithmetic mean analysis, L. radiata Hreb, Stalk flexibility, Stalk fracture, Higher stiffness, Exhibit stronger lodging resistance, Functional genes, Subtropical gymnosperm genus, Fibers accumulate during, Myrothamnus flabellifolia, ABA biosynthesis, Leaf anatomies, Mesophyll conductance, CO2 mesophyll conductance, Bisphosphate carboxylase, Sequenced plant species, Peptide sequence diversity, Morpho-physiologic response, Salinity resistance, Elephant grass, Pennisetum purpureum Schum., Kyoto encyclopedia, Complex phenolic polymer, Nutrient foraging, Sugarcane mosaic virus, Nutrient patches, Root morphological plasticity, Root physiological plasticity, Infectious pathogens, Phylloxera infestations, AP2/ERF gene family, Female sterility, EMS mutagenesis, Pistil development, Bud sports, Malus ssp., Apple germplasm, Possibly duplicates, Multi-cuvette system, Tansy plants, Tanacetum vulgare L., High intraspecific chemical variation, Influence plant-aphid interactions, Cold-resistance, Plant proteomics, Plant-aphid interaction, Activation of adventitious roots, Adventitious roots, Apple rootstocks, Transgenic plantlets, Boron transport, Establishing symbiosis, V6 stage, Sixth leaf, Jointing stage heterosis, Commercial hybrid, Certain degree, SNP distribution, Grape buds, Metabolic activities, Chloroplast differentiation, Ecological genomics, Edaphic adaptation, Neotropical speciation, Transcription profile, Double digest restriction-site, Leaf and petal, Allometric variation, Multiparent advanced generation intercross lines, Stress priming, Floral reversion, Floral determinacy, Spatiotemporal precision, Framework mediated, Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, Intracellular proteins plays, Dicot species, Pentatricopeptide repeat proteins, E-subgroup PPR proteins, Nitrate signaling, Utilize nitrate, Grapevines uptake, Caffeic acid O-methyltransferases, Phenylalanine metabolic pathway, Walnut explants, Gene expression assays, Genomic survey sequencing, Elymus sibiricus L., Single-locus SSR, Genetic diversity study, CLC gene family, Anion content, Different nitrogen management methods, Lipid degradation, IAA signaling, AcTPR2-TRV kiwifruits, New leaves, High nutritive value livestock forage, Agronomic trait, Long sterile lemma mutant, Application prospect, Spike germination, Osmotic permeability, Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis, Histology-FE SEM, Plant-mite interaction, Antioxidative potency, EDAX analysis, Targeted enrichment, Bamboo phylogeny, Grass family Poaceae, Small auxin-up RNA, Auxin responsive genes, Highest quercetin, Commercial food industry, Hippeastrum rutilum, Giant Juncao, MdCIP1 gene, Acceptor substrates, COP1-interacting protein 1, Flavonoid pathways, Metabolizing enzymes, Organic acid metabolism, Eucalyptus productivity, Genetic maps, Carex L., Illumina RNA-sequencing, Marker polymorphism, Genetic cluster, Haematococcus lacustris, Function characterization, Interspecific diversity, Hypervariable region, Callosobruchus sp, Non-photosynthetic tissues, Comparative chloroplast genomics, Established plastomic diversity, Polypodiaceae family, Plastome evolution, Inverted repeats, Angelica species, Actinidia eriantha, Phylogenetic placement, Ligusticum tenuissimum, Peronospora variabilis, Hosta variety, Tobacco enhanced photosynthesis, Chlorophyll biosynthesis-related genes, Non-additive protein, Superior traits exhibiting, Plastid transcriptome, Plastomic rearrangement, Strand-specific RNAseq, Multiple bioactivities, Flavonoid biosynthetic enzymes, Transcriptional regulatory, Water-soluble polysaccharides, SNBE motif, GCC-box, Biotrophy to necrotrophy, Single marker analysis, Coefficient of Infection, Carotenoids play important roles, Carotenoid biosynthetic pathway, Continuous cropping substrate, Root activity, Tilletia controversa Kühn, Wheat dwarf bunt, Drought-affected crops, Fusarium crown rot, Proteins play, Increasing salicylic acid, Identified metabolites, Null mutations, Wax ester hydrolase, Wax ester synthesis, Different acyl donors, Diploid hybrid, Leptine II, Solanum chacoense, Threonine deaminase, Chinese wheat mosaic virus, Polymyxa graminis, Growth cessation, Heterotic grouping, Growth-promoting phytohormones, C. chinense, Nucleobase-ascorbate transporter, Colletotrichum species, Plant nitrogen, Syringe Agrobacterium infiltration, Transgenic poplar, Secondary wall formation, Functional analysis provide, Non-coding RNA responsive, Shoot architecture, Plants height, Agro-meteorological factors, Buchnera aphidicola, Multi-trophic interaction, Pectin acetylesterase, Physical seed dormancy, Non-dormant genotype, Trichomes play, Differential regulatory networks, Novel regulation factors, Chinese chestnut, Biomass yields, Lignin deposited, Bioenergy crops, Agronomic performances, Introduced traits, Axonopus compressus, Gene discovery, Sulphur compound, Durio zibethinus L., Highly popular fruit, Gland formation, Biofuel products, Darkly pigmented glands, Non-ruminant animals, Systematically analyze, Thalassiosira pseudonana, Proline dehydrogenase, Unraveling regulatory networks, Physiological adaptation, Critical for growth, Solanum lycoperisum, Amino acid homeostasis, Integrated genetic map, MYC2bHLH transcription factor, Modern watermelon, Horticultural qualities, Structure variation, Anthocyanin vacuolarization, Plant defensin, Vacuolar targeting, Potent antifungal molecules, Flax fibre, Auxin-producing rhizosphere bacteria, Microbial formulations, Comparative genetic mapping, Heat requirement, Fruit maturation, Breeding strategy, Resistance gene deployment, Sustainable crop protection, Virulence emergence, Ornithine aminotransferase, Floret development, Sexual tetraploids, Polyploid breeding, Limonium bicolor, Salt secretion, Reduces yields, Colletotrichum scovillei, Anthracnose disease, Stalk strength, Muscadinia rotundifolia, Muscadine source, Vitis-Muscadinia, Gma-miR398c, Severe yield losses worldwide, Post-transcriptional regulators, Creeping bentgrass, Small heat shock protein, Regulating cell growth, Especially heat stress, Multiple conserved motifs, Tamarix hispida, Curd architecture, Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase, Salt and drought stresses, Play crucial roles, Plant genome engineering, Null segregant, Homology-directed repair, Modifying specific DNA sequence, Maternal effect, Genes influenced, Including plants, Root phenomics, Root system morphology, Posttranscriptional gene regulation, Terrestrial agriculture, Lycoris radiata

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