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Quy trình vận hành hồ chưa Điều tra nguyên nhân vụ cháy Estimation of the frequency dependent shear wave attenuation Acceleration spectra of the Ahar Varzeghan earthquake 2012 Student-supervisor-university expectation alignment The frequency dependent shear wave attenuation The undergraduate engineering thesis High relative risk An uCASE-CL model implementation Student expectations regarding responsibilities Measuring students' interest towards engineering in technical school Assessing the industrial PhD: Stakeholder insights Strengthen the academic learning Junior Science College The alignment of university Assessing the industrial PhD The enhancement of pre-service mathematics teachers’ mathematical Combining program visualization with programming workspace Basic learning of form Shown high interests Computer-Aided Software Engineering Practice-oriented curricula Combining program visualization Ability through ACE teaching cyclic The technical students Precise theoretical-practical tools Assist students for completing programming laboratory task Professional tacit knowledge Activity-Class discussion-Exercise Active pedagogical dynamic Completing programming laboratory task Pre-service mathematics teachers’ mathematical PythonTutor and PyCharm HOẠT ĐỘNG UBND XÃ. TRONG LĨNH VỰC DÂN TỘC. TÔN GIÁO JOTSE'S internationalisation: Goal achieved Reading comprehension with graphic organizers for students with dyslexia The volumes/issues Reading comprehension with graphic organizers Education students think about their ability to write essays Technology and science education Easy-to-read stories Education students think Analyzing JOTSE's evolution Write academic essays Increase students receptive abilities Descriptive cross-sectional Acerola fruit Natural oxidants occurring in plants Beech veneer Optimize additional carrier In vitro propagation of Poinsettia Drying carrier Possess antioxidant Euphorbia pulcherrima Willd. Total polyphenolics N-methylol melamine Organic trace minerals Paraffin compound Pig mortality rate Incidence of diarrhea of pig Ngân hàng thương mại Việt Nam Chính sách quản lý Nhân một trường hợp co quắp mi Keo dán N Butyl cyanoacrylate Điều trị thủng giác mạc Nhắm mắt không chủ động Dọa thủng giác mạc 99 tình huống sư phạm Ứng sử sư phạm 300 tình huống giao tiếp sư phạm Tình huống giao tiếp sư phạm Giải pháp ứng xử Kỹ năng giao tiếp giáo viên Khoa học dạy học Thiết kế quá trình dạy học Lưu trữ học đại cương Phân loại tài liệu lưu trữ 8Th international conference on university teaching and innovation Using Google+ for carrying laboratory practices Experiences using an open source software library Flexible training models Cooperation between universities Teach computer vision subjects ICT systems engineering degree at EPSEM-UP Conference on university teaching and innovation Carrying laboratory practices Computer vision subjects ICT systems engineering degree University Teaching and Innovaton The exchange of laboratory actvites Computer vision teaching Self-organizatonal support The students’ procedural fluency The Universitat Rovira i Virgili Grant from EnginyCat AGAUR Written-mathematical explanation Constructed response tasks in physics Analysis of students’ generated questions in laboratory learning environments The students’ performance to problem solving

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Laboratory learning environments, Mass in a ranque-hilsh vortex tube, Achieve suitable self-perception concerning students’ previous knowledge, Energy in a ranque-hilsh vortex tube, Holistic assessment tools, Entropy in a ranque-hilsh vortex tube, Exergy rate balance in a ranque-hilsh vortex tube, Ranque-hilsh vortex tube, Ebook Đi tìm chữ Mông, Nghiên cứu cùng cộng đồng Mông thôn Giàng Tra, Cộng đồng Mông, Chính sách phát triển người Mông, Thôn Giàng Tra, Đặc điểm lâm sàng sụp mi, Phẫu thuật cắt bỏ tuyến ức, Ngành mắt Việt Nam, Cán bộ nhãn khoa, Kiểm tra phủ tạng động vật, Hình thái trứng, Xử lý thân thịt phủ tạng động vật, Cấu tạo của trứng, Phủ tạng động vật không đảm bảo tiêu chuẩn, Tính chất của trứng, Tiêu chuẩn VSTY, Động vật mắc bệnh truyền nhiễm, Batch processing systems, Contiguous memory allocation, Deadlocks in resource allocation, Monolithic structure, Distributed control algorithms, Data access synchronization, Multiprogramming systems, Memory mapped files, Handling deadlocks, Layered design, Distributed mutual exclusion, Control synchronization, Distributed deadlock handling, Fundamental file organizations, Functions in C, Debugging techniques, Input from the keyboard, TRAP mechanism, Pointers in C, Implementing functions in C, Array syntax, Structures in C, Von Neumann machine, The pursuit game, Admissible control, Delay in information, Dynamic equations on time scales, White leg shrimp head, Stacking-fault energy, ε - martensitic transformation, Sliding strip, Compensation for oil pollution damage, High manganese steel, Civil liability, Martensitic phase transformation, Maritime law, Ships’ oil, Archaeoastronomy at Kanda geoglyph, Historical archaeology among the Villages, Calculating oil pollution compensation, The Villages of southern Jordan, Likely burial chambers, Illegal trafficking of artefacts, Modern economic potential, Inside the mound, Possible sources of iron in hassanlu, T raditional art works in Nigeria, The occupation history, 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