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Family tree Etiopathogenetic aspects Oral lesions and dentistry Glucose control Diver cirrhosis Posterior cerebral artery Cardiac symptoms Urinary retention Social cognitive vulnerability Specific lipid classes Neutrophil extracellular traps On the convergence of a coupling successive approximation method The genitourinary tract Dental caries classifications Understanding alternative investments Postconcussion syndrome Laryngeal papillomatosis Infectious and inflammatory Multiple diseases Positive airway pressure therapy Hypovolemic shock The chest Van der pol systems with various restoring elements Preoperative work-up Dentin hypersensitivity Susceptibility to type 1 diabetes Frontal lobe syndromes Current diabetes management Van der pol's oscillator Physical signs Granulomatous inflammation Complement roles in disease A note on the melnii The social psychology High order stochastic differential equations using averaging method Investment banking history Asymptotic in krylov-bogoliubov-mitropolsky sense solution Lumbar region Cardiac investigations The respiratory tree Revenue recognition issues Urologic tumors Cerebral venous thrombosis Extracranial arterial disease Intermittent gaslift flows in vertical pipes Subglottic stenosis Preventive dentistry Evaluation of patient Memory loss Van der pol systems The incretin system Neonatal diabetes mellitus Anaphylactic shock The parametric and forced excitations Interpersonal assessment The general mentioned motion law Radiographic errors Infectious origin The influence of nonlinear terms in mechanical systems Intracerebral hemorrhage Postoperative pulmonary complications High order stochastic differential equations Krylov-bogoliubov-mitropolsky Lobar hemorrhages General Duffing equation Renal parenchymal neoplasms Physical and theoretical models Postoperative stridor The incretin mimetics Various restoring elements Urologic laboratory examination Right hemisphere syndromes The Krylov-Bogoliubov-Mitropolskii technique Two degrees of freedom Cervical artery dissections Stochastic differential equations Complex valued solution Supplementary parameter - the arbitrary time constant Neuropathic bladder disorders Insulin treatment Constructing approximate solut ions Liquid-gas flows Stationary self-excited oscillations Difficult airway management The given system Supplemental techniques The fundamental work of Prof Acute spinal cord disorders Predict approximately the response of the systems Spinal stroke syndromes Klein-Gordon-IJretherton equations Bladder substitution Medium thermophysical characteristics Deterministic system of oscillator type Extraoral techniques The higher order stochastic averaging method Borderzone infarcts Urinary diversion Comparison of two hydrological model simulations Prediction of delamination strength at interface

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Dynamic absorber for ropeway gondola using coriolis force, Potential evapotranspiration estimation, On the solutions of the mathieu’s equation, Nam and Xinanjiang for Nong Son catchment, Thin film and substrate by cohesive zone model, Large amplitude due the resonance, Hydrological model response, The mathieu’s equation, The Central Vietnam, The theoretical predictions, The runoff components, The Vu Gia-Thu Bon basin, The finite form, Calibrate the cohesive law, The absorber moves spontaneously, AVHRR and LDAS information, Infinitely increased combining, Hướng dẫn số:119 -HDLT/TĐTN-SGD&ĐT, HDLT/TĐTN-SGD&ĐT, Lễ chào cờ đầu tuần, Lễ chào cờ, An inequality for A quadratic functional, Unilateral contact and damage analysis in masonry arches, Intermediate asymptotic solution, A quadratic functional, Damage analysis in masonry arches, The coupled creep-damage crack problem in similarity variables, Continuous damage model, The equality holds, The coupled creep-damage crack problem, Sliding indicates crack initiation, On the interior ballistics, The corresponding function, An analytic homogenization model, Solidification around a circular cylinder with natural convection, Phase change with voids and bubbles, Solving nonlinear eigenvalue problems resulting, An underwater personal gun, Contaminant spreading by natural convection in a box, Traction and bending, Solidification around a circular cylinder, Voids and bubbles, Concrete personal underwater gun, Natural convection in a box, Orthotropic composite plates, A vectorial equation, The temporal dependence, The simultaneous action, The type of double corrugated cardboard, Various dimensionless parameters, Microscopic motion responsible, Analytical homogenization model allows, The state variables, Nửa kia của Hitler, Uni-dimensional examples, Gã độc tài đồng trinh, Chi tiết đời tư của nhân vật, Tái hiện khía cạnh lịch sử của Hitler, Bài tập dùng too và enough, Tình huống câu too và enough, Luyện tập viết câu, Ebook Pro S - Tiếng Anh, Pro S - Tiếng Anh, Câu bị động và chủ động, The problem of first integral of nonholonomicsystems, Hygroscopically induced residual stresses in composite laminates, Calculation of turbulent diffusion jets under effects, First integral of nonholonomicsystems, Hygroscopically induced residual stresse, Existence of first integrals, A form of equation of motion for chaplyghin, Gravity and moving surrounding air, Shock adiabat analysis, Full higher-order displacement theory, Linear and quadratic integrals, Motion for chaplyghin, Variable inclined angles, A mixed problem of active aerosol pollution, The mixture of liquid, An implicit algorithm, Balancing conditions of planar mechanisms with multi-degree of freedom, The hygroscopic residual stresses, Storm wave modeling, The matrix form, Surrounding air velocity, Active aerosol pollution, Gas of two components, Computation of overflow in flood plains, Multi-degree of freedom, Gunstream’s anatomy and physiology, Swan comparison of measurement data, The Chaplyghin's systems, The mathematical modeling, Manual of nephrology, Air and water vapour, Planar five-bar linkage, The flood situation, The patient with hyponatremia, Modeling results for the storm muifa 11/2004, Immunological changes, The Chaplyghin's equations, The theory of Schwart distributions, Neurologic music therapy, Adolescent identities, Chemicals of life, Glomerular disease, The widely accessible computer algebra systems, Antibody mediated, Atlas of procedures in neonatology, Group therapy with children, Sedation in the newborn, The patient with hypokalemia, Historical descriptions, A kidney transplant, Music technology, Multilayer modeling, The SWAN model, Additional consolidation reporting issues, A spiritually informed approach, Temperature monitoring, Ubilical vein catheterization, The patient with kidney stones, Clinical improvisation, Study guides, A cross-cultural approach, Not-for-profit entities, The accounting system, Skin biomechanics, A group therapist, The transformational design model, Umbilical artery, Ethnic identity exploration, Cellular-Scale mechanical model, Correctional treatment center, Continuous blood gas monitoring, Financial difficulty, Rhythmic auditory stimulation, Resisting sexual identity labels, Concise human anatomy, Skin barrier, Adolescent group psychotherapy, Exchange transfusions, Governmental entities, Anatomical terms, Pelvic organs, Stability of the equilibrium regime, Female pelvic organs, Lower limb bones, System of two degrees of freedom, Interaction between parametric, Cranial cavity, Abdominal viscera, Amplitude-phase variables, Forced oscillations in fundamental resonance, On the dephase angle, A ccounting changes, Hans Kauderer's method, On the problem of heat, Criteria of ideality of mechanical constraints, Forced oscilla-tions, Forced oscillation of the rectangular thin plate, Sublayer effect near the wall, Governing equations for acid water in canals, A variational system, Principle of compatibility, The presence of svedov bingham flow, The elastic foundation with two coefficients, Acid water in canals, Mass transfer in thermal non isolated reservoir, The equilibrium regime, System dynamical solution, The horizontal cylindrical tube, The elastic foundation, The model a chemical equilibrium, Thermal non isolated reservoir, The quasi-linear theoxy, Show the theoretical basis, The work of Smoldurev & Xaponov, The possible thermal exchange, Acid water movement, The rectangular thin plate, Reservoir with surrounding medium, Ebook Supply chain engineering, Supply chain engineering, Resources and organizations, Furnish the best applied approaches, Work-in-progress, Clustering for market segmentation, Tổng thuật 100 năm nghiên cứu, Nghiên cứu địa lý học lịch sử Việt Nam, Tường thuật của giáo sĩ Châu Âu, Nghành khoa học tương liên, Cung nhà Thanh, Linh mục Benoit, Nguyễn Duy Chính, A family of modified Newton iteration method, Density functional theory study of hydrogen electroadsorption, Solving nonlinear algebraic equations, SIESTA and VASP, Convergence order condition of iteration, Generalized Knaster-Kuratowski-Mazurkiewicz type theorems, The GAP function, Dynamic analysis of firing mechanism of underwater pistol, Two different theoretical simulated data, Correction function derived, Applications to minimax inequalities, Parametric mixed strong vector quasivariational inequality problem, Firing mechanism of underwater pistol, Density functional calculation, L-KKM mappings, The resonance curve of a system subjected to linear, Buckling of nonlinear creep plates, The nonlinear scalarization function, The underwater pistol, Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm, General topological spaces, Nonlinear creep plates, Hausdorff topological vector spaces, Interaction between nonlinear parametric and forced oscillations, The resistance of water acting, An equivalent linearization for the drag force, Case without damping, Phương pháp rèn chính tả, Interaction between linear and cubic parametric excitations, Rabotnov's theory of hardening creep, Nonlinear parametric and forced oscillations, The drag force in the morison's equation, The indirect method proposed, Rèn chính tả cho học sinh, Criterion of creep stabilit, The turbidity transport in Dinh An coastal zone, Diffstochastic equivalent linearization, Theory of nonlinear oscillations, Calculation of the pressure on the valves of sluice, Linear and cubic parametric excitations, On the interaction between forced, Hermite polynomial error sample function, Stability of the critical stationary oscillations, Học sinh lớp 3, Formed on the basis of interaction, The fokker plank equation approach, The pressure on the valves of sluice, Dinh An coastal zone, Parametric oscillations in a system, Critical representative points, The equivalent linearization, Critical stationary oscillations, Rèn chính tả, The valves of sluice, Random walk techniques developed, Zero mean Gaussian, The same system, The so-called critical stationary oscillations, Navier Stokes equaions, CMERCS are presented, Determining the coefficients, The vertical two-dimensional valve, Hướng dẫn bình sai GPS bằng phần mềm compass, Hướng dẫn bình sai GPS, Bình sai GPS, Phần mềm compass, Tài liệu hướng dẫn bình sai GPS, Mô hình học sinh, Kế hoạch số 01/ KHTQ-LĐ, Kế hoạch tham quan, Nhịp cầu bè bạn, Sinh nhật đội viên, Kiến thức giảng dạy, Đội viên học sinh, Electrochemical properties of LiNi0.8Co0.1Mn0.1O2 synthesized, Cytotoxic steroids, Synthesis and characterization of polythiophenes from hydrazone derivatives sidegroups, Nanosilica/chitosan hybrid on leaf blast, Membrane scaling during seawater desalination, The mushroom Ganoderma australe collected in Laos, Kaempferol and kaempferol glycosides from Phyllanthus acidus leaves, Sol-gel and co-precipitation methods, Polythiophenes from hydrazone derivatives sidegroups, Blight diseases of rice in Vietnam, Direct contact membrane distillation, Phyllanthus acidus leaves, The mushroom Ganoderma australe collected, Particularly for rice, Hydrazone derivatives sidegroups, Benzothiazolium-derived colorimetric, Small-scale seawater desalination, Megastigmans and other compounds from Antidesma hainanensis Merr., Kaempferol and kaempferol glycosides, Human breast carcinoma, The leaf blast disease index, Development of spectrophotometric method for determination, SEM and TGA methods, Great solar energy availability, Fluorescent chemosensor for detection of Hg2+ ions, Megastigmans and other compounds, The ethyl acetate fraction, Biflavones and megastigmane glycosides, Detection of mercury ions, Mesalazine in pharmaceutical preparation, The leaves of Antidesma bunius, Spectrometric elucidation of intermediates, NMR and ESI-MS analysis, Similar derivatives of benzothiazolium, Nghiên cứu tổng hợp các hybrid mới, Spectrophotometric method for determination, Two megastigmane glycosides, Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones catalyzed, Artemisinin với zidovudin (AZ), Pentasa and Sunmesacol, Characterization of commercial natural rubber purified with transesterification, Podocarpusflavone A (1) and amentoflavone, Complex of ruthenium (II), Xúc tác KI, Commercial natural rubber purified, Common excipients present, Isosorbide-based ligand, Flavonoid glycosides from Viscum album, Phản ứng của dihydroartemisinin, The assignments of 1H-NMR signals, Combined chromatographic methods, Twigs of Viscum album, Diterpenoids from the wood of Podocarpus neriifolitus, The wood of Podocarpus neriifolitus, The first report of compounds, Cây Schefflera Petelotti, Cây Schefflera Hypoleuca, Vận dụng phương pháp lượng giác, Đơn xin gửi trẻ, Yêu cầu giữ trẻ, Ôn tập đề thi lớp 8, Đơn xin giữ trẻ, Gửi trẻ mầm non, Giữ trẻ mầm non, Thực tiễn ở Việt Nam, Kinh nghiệm quốc tế về quản lý, Lãnh đạo cấp phòng, Quốc tế về quản lý, Seasonal forecasting system at KMA, Seasonal forecasting system, Sub-seasonal to Seasonal, WWRP and WCRP, Predictability in terms of seasonal and sub seasonal timescale, Interaction second virial coefficients, Microwave-assisted direct synthesis, Triterpene-glycoside from the leaves of Lawsonia inermis, Dimer co-co from new ab, 5-alkyl-2-amino-1 3 4-thiadiazoles, The leaves of Lawsonia inermis, Initio potential energy surface, The MW-mediated solvent-free method, The spectroscopic data, Chest Xrays for medical students, The basis set superposition error, The reaction mixture, Triterpene-glycoside suavissimoside R1, Intermolecular interaction potentials, Thiosemicarbazide and concentrated sulfuric acid, Phim X quang ngực, Giải phẫu bình thường, Merosesquiterpenes from marine sponge Smenospongia cerebriformis, Sesquiterpene phenols from marine sponge, Average molecular weight, Study on optical properties of novel Ru(II) complex, The photocatalytic activity of g-C3N4/Ta2O5 composite, Marine sponge Smenospongia cerebriformis, Smenospongia cerebriformis, Mlecular weight distribution of the Vietnamese acacia pulps, Novel Ru(II) complex, Carbohydrate as a chiral template, The Vietnamese marine sponge Smenospongia cerebriformis, Abietane diterpenoids and neolignans from the roots of Pinus kesiya, The Vietnamese acacia pulps, The fundamental triplet state of dioxygen, Various chromatography methods, Optical resolution of N-tert-butanesulfinamides, Sesquiterpene quinone type, Abietane diterpenoids and neolignans, Luminescence intensity dependent, Average degree of polymerization, 2D-NMR spectra, Excellent enantiomeric excess via the hydrolysis reaction, Ultraviolet-visible diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, The roots of Pinus kesiya, The non-bonded electron pair, Compounds from culture broth of marine bacterium Micromonospora sp. (G047), The phytochemical investigation, The kumada - corriu cross - coupling reaction in micro reactor, Electrochemical DNA sensor for herpes virus detection, Modified Binh Thuan bentonite, Study on characteristics of acacia wood, Marine bacterium Micromonospora sp., Preparation of composite wire Fexni100 x Cu, Advantages over conventional batch reactor, Electrochemical DNA sensor, Ftir and thermogrametric analysis, Efficient and recyclable catalyst, Composite wire Fexni100 x Cu with Magnetoimpedance (Mi) effect, Compounds from culture broth, Triterpenes from the roots of codonopsis pilosula, Herpes virus detection

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