"Perl and DBI"

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Myelodysplastic features Prophylactic manipulation ALK inhibitors Multiple primary malignant tumors Fibroblast activation protein alpha Multiple primary lung adenocarcinomas Tumors treatment methods Acinar cell carcinoma Sacral chordoma Sacral tumour Ectopic notochordal cells Slow growing tumour Solitary pancreatic metastasis Dual energy CT Iodine imaging Normalized iodine concentration Recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma Laparoscopic gastrectomy Open gastrectomy Traditional gastrectomy Non-functioning pituitary macroadenoma Suprasellar meningioma 13N-ammonia Calcium-activated chloride channel regulators Cox proportional hazards modeling Karypherin β1 Cell nucleus Analyzing diagnostic Neo-adjuvant chemoradiation O-GlcNAcylation Human bladder cancer O-linked-β-N-acetylglucosamine transferase Autologous stem cell transplantations Adenocarcinoma with neuroendocrine features Paget disease Neuroendocrine tumour Healthcare interactions Frequent initial symptoms RBM3 expression Alarm symptoms Esophageal epithelium Dendritic cell inhibition Tumour conditioned media KRAS amplification Small molecule inhibitors KM-plotter Prognostic biomarkers remain Tumor immune Omega-3 PUFAs Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids Longer-term Radioactive iodine ablation Differentiated thyroid carcinoma Metastatic medulloblastoma CSF cytokines Racial disparities Screening adherence Anti-PD-1 Phase 2 Irradiated metastatic CT-based radiomics N- breast carcinoma Portal vein embolization Venous deprivation Major hepatectomy Health intervention Skin neoplasms Ex vivo drug screening Bone microenvironment cytokines Engrailed-2 Polygenic methylation score Urachal carcinoma Diagnostic risk factors Childhood cancer survivor Immunohistochemical staining Recurrent high-grade gliomas Iodine-125 brachytherapy Brachytherapy alone HOXA10-associated genetic Programmed cell death ligand 1 Local therapy High-dose methotrexate Fear of recurrence Refractory metastatic osteosarcoma Radiation treatment Including sarcoma Welldesigned clinical trials Therapy radiographers Kinase activity Topical steroid Tumor hypoxia De novo stage IV Local surgery Soft tissue metastasis Primary tumor size Preoperative treatment Primary endpoint Percentage radical Pathological tumour response Cancer awareness

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Rat orthotopic glioblastoma, STAT3 signaling, Differentiation status, SNAI2 methylation, WB-EMS whole-body electromyostimulation, Indole-3-carbinol, ADAM23 methylation, Total P16 methylation, Multimodal therapy, Cancer cell de-differentiation, Local ablative techniques, Haematogenous dissemination, Polyethylene glycol-conjugated asparaginase, Treatment significantly, Intestinal-type sinonasal adenocarcinomas, Sinonasal-inverted papillomas, Inflammatory polyps, Cooking oil fume, MiR-based therapy, Basal cell adenocarcinoma, Minor salivary glands, Nasopharyngeal BCAC., Frailty index, Slow-growing neoplasm, Radiological response, Perianal Paget’s disease, Histological markers, Topical Imiquimod therapy, Analyze clinocopathologic, Cancer gynaecological subtype, RNA transcripts, Chimeric antigen receptor T, Refractory B-cell malignancies, Especially relapsed, Optimal therapy strategy, PRKAA1 encodes α-subunit, Platinum-resistant, Embryological neural development, Anti-PD-1/L1 inhibitor, Gene panel, Pathological response, Cervical cancer stem cells, Stemness markers, Second primary colorectal cancer, Survivorship cohort, Psychosocial factor, Biannual ultrasound, Wnt/β-catenin, HCC cells biological, Lymphocyte-monocyte ratio, Cancer initiation, Protein kinase inhibitor, Anti-tumour efficacy, BCR/TCR receptor repertoire, EBV lymphocytes, Clonal VDJ rearrangement, Modified-Glasgow prognostic score, Albumin-neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio, Premenopausal patients, Ovarian function suppression, Trastuzumab-refractory HER2-positive, Apoptotic cell death, Breast cancer related lymphoedema, Extracapsular extension, Axillary lymph nodes dissection, Albumin ratio, EuroQol five-dimensional, Median regression analyses, Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax, Tyrosine kinase inhibitor pazopanib, Sarcoma metastatic, Pneumothorax risk, Emerging radiotherapy technique, Treat oligometastase, Randomized phase III trials, Digestive system neoplasms, Anti-EGFR antibody, Age-related, Heterogeneous tumours, Oligometastatic tumor, Cure model, Organized screening, Cancer-related death worldwide, Oncogenic potential, Activating kinase mutation, Tumour-derived slice cultures, Patients with glioblastoma, Extended endocrine treatment, Colon and rectal cancer, Oncological treatment, DNA methylation age, Organismal functions, Borderline ovarian tumor, Sperm protein 17, Ovarian biomarker, Accurately predict outcomes, Serum biomarkers of endogenous exposures, Rituximab plus combination chemotherapy, Absolute lymphocyte counts, HER2-positive ABC, Host immunity, Intro-abdominal liposarcoma, Retroperitoneal liposarcoma, Retroperitoneal neoplasms, HPV positivity rate, Chemotherapy sensitivity, CYP3A4 inducers, H2-antagonist, Proton pump inhibitor, Severe hepatotoxicity, Erlotinib-induced hepatotoxicity, Primary breast cancers, Breast angiosarcomas, Employ metabolomics, Semi-targeted designs, Discriminating molecules, Head and neck neoplasm, Neoadjuvant radiotherapy, Accelerated radiation therapy, Chemotherapy-only, Locally advanced head, Concomitant chemotherapy, Level VI lymph nodes, Gray-scale ultrasound, Colon adenoma, Curative liver metastasectomy, Potentially carcinogenic, Colon lesions, Therapeutic implications, Chemotherapeutic regimens, Bone microenvironment, Femur window, Dorsal skinfold chamber, Intravital microscopy, Lung squamous carcinoma, Peripheral monocyte count, Autologous breast reconstruction, Tumour dormancy, Drug induced hepatobiliary adverse events, Proposed mechanisms, NDRG2-regulating miRNAs, Human epidermal growth factor receptor HER3, Breast tumour biology, HER3 remains controversial, Merkel cell carcinoma, Eyelid MCC, Rare neuroendocrine malignancy, Anti-programmed death ligand 1, Platelet-activating factor, Methylation alterations, Multivariate survival analysis, Significant issue internationally, Treatments improve, Tissue inhibitor, MMP-9 activity, Current municipal rehabilitation, Resume everyday life, Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma, Hepato-pancreato-biliary, Ki-67 index, Identify interventional gaps, Vascular tumor, Cavitary ADC, Adenocarcinoma treated, Nanoparticle albumin-bound, Agromet indices, Radiation interception, Phonological stages, Bacteriological and antimicrobial profile, Vertical diversification, Digested biogas slurry, Specialized homegardens, Quantitative screening, Vertical diversification of specialized homegardens, Simple selection, Specialised homegardens, Lignocellulolytic enzyme production, Specialized components, Black banded disease, Capsicum annum, Peziotrichum corticolum, Black banded disease of Mango, In vitro evaluation of fungicides, Phyllospheric microorganism, Growth rates of Nellore brown sheep, Growth promotion of pearl millet, Genetic analysis of growth rates, Increase plant growth, Endotracheal tube ETT, Endotracheal tube aspirates, Patients in ICU, Tertiary care hospital in Bhopal, Proteinase K, Ubiquitous foliar disease, Functionality of LPS, Applying foliar fungicides, Different lipopolysaccharide extraction methods, TLB include selecting resistant cultivars, Cell stimulation experiments, Wheat on inorganic soil, Inorganic soil phosphorus fractions, Wheat-sorghum cropping system, Soil samples were drawn in rabi, Studies on compatibility, Iron on growth of amaranth, Traditional fermented products in togo, Compatibility of Bacillus subtilis, Amaranth (Amaranthus spp.), Amylolytic potentials involved, Bacillus subtilis (Ehrenberg) Cohn, Individual application, Chemical fungicides, Fourth cutting, Hook worm, Intestinal parasitism, School children in Khurdha district, Different schools in 1995, Stool samples were collected, Phosphorus and Zinc solubilization, Nitrogen fixing capacity, Chemical fertilisers, Bio-organic and yield, Bio-organics, Organic manures in relation, Minimizing mineral fertilization, Soil fertility status of mungbean, Walnut selections, Alcoholic beverage, Production of millet-based, Neutropenic patient, Dima hasao (formerly, Millet-based (Pennisetum glaucum), North cachar Hills), Sorghum-based (Sorghum bicolor), Nduiyi of Dima Hasao district, Ablo cultivated, Yeast strain isolated, Republic of benin, Identification of yeast strain isolated, Nature of cultivation, Diabetic ulcer foot, Jhotwara Panchayat samiti of Jaipur, Fertility status of irrigated soils, Deficient in iron, Transfusion transmitted infections, Combat climate change, Economics and chickpea, Oriental pickling melon, Cucumis melo var conomon RAPD, RAPD molecular marker based genetic, LA Moxifloxacin, Genotypes in Karnataka, Long acting moxifloxacin in goats, Acting moxifloxacin in goats, Meloxicam on pharmacokinetics, HPLC florescence detector, Penicillium and Paddy field soil, Rice leaf blast pathogen Magnaporthe oryzae, Paddy field soil, Rice blast prediction models, Studies on mycoflora population, Future plant diseases managements strategies, Various irrigated paddy field soil, Sandy clay loamy soil, Susceptibility etc, Chhattisgarh against different insecticides, Relative susceptibility of different BPH, Genetic parameters for physiological, Biochemical traits in tomato, Correlation with grain yield, Grain yield of rabi sorghum genotypes, Phule root box structure, Receding soil moisture condition, Trichosanthes cucumerina L, Heterosis in snake gourd, DSR sown condition in IGP, Growth and earliness, Basmati rice on phenology, Laxman phal, Clinico-bacterial profile, Kasi harit, Post-operative wound infection, Kirby-Bauer technique, Hands of food handlers, Clinico-bacterial profile of pyoderma, Ethanol extract and aqueous extract, Genotypes for earliness, Infections along, Evidence from Jordanian diary industries, ESBLextendended spectrum betalcatmases, Jordanian diary industries, ESBLs producers, Government cancer hospital, Frequency of bacterial pathogens, Quality of Desi cotton, Isolates from blood culture, Potential biocontrol agent, Integrated nutrient management on productivity, In vitro condition to examine effectiveness, Luffa (Luffa cylindrical Roem.), Bacterial blight of rice, Nutrients availability of potato, Integrated weed management in cowpea, Evaluation of germplasmfor PCV, MBL genes, Different management approaches, Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Wasp.), Pathogenicity of root rot incidence, GCV and Heritability, Characterization of VIM, Cowpea in selected districts, Wet seeded rice, Years exhibiting additive gene effect, IMP Metallobetalactamases, Suitable herbicide, Pot trail, Tamilnadu caused, Cotton-wheat cropping system, First fruit harvest, Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated, Various fungicides, Management of black mold of onion, Response of seed cotton yield, Shigella sonnei, Food borne outbreak of gastroenteritis, Food borne outbreak, Tomato genotypes show varying degree, Origanum vulgare, Downy mildew isease, Water extracts, In planta studies, Winter irrigated cotton, Downy mildew disease of bittergourd, Poison food technique, Pathogen (Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc.) of tomato, RAPD polymorphism in wheat, Foot rot disease of tomato, Odontella aurita, Plants essential oils, Skin scrapings collected from a cow, Physicochemical properties and Blackgram, Studies on keeping quality, Growth substances, Keratin pearl, Biodiesel and SEM, Biofilm associated infections, Investigation of dermatophytosis, Plant growth substances, Individual cell Keratin, Preserved guava pulp during storage, Marine diatom Odontella aurita, P-levels on yield, Dermatophyte infection, Wet mount examination, Improving the yield, Drug resistance Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Fennel production technology, Frequently ring shaped, Local government area of Kwara state, Lipid screening, Trichomonas vaginalis in clinically suspected, Micronutrient deficiencies of iron, Cattle breeding, Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire), Prevalence of salmonella strains, Cattle breeding in the district, Quyết định 19/2020/QĐ-TTg, Số 19/2020/QĐ-TTg, Quyết định 31/2020/QĐ-UBND, Quyết định 212/2020/QĐ-UBND, Quyết định số 212/2020, Số 31/2020/QĐ-UBND, Số 212/2020/QĐ-UBND, Quyết định 274/2020/QĐ-QLD, Quyết định 275/2020/QĐ-QLD, Quyết định 716/2020/QĐ-KTNN, Quyết định 279/2020/QĐ-UBDT, Quyết định 759/2020/QĐ-TTg, Quyết định 753/2020/QĐ-TTg, Quyết định 273/2020/QĐ-QLD, Quyết định 758/2020/QĐ-TTg, Quyết định 673/2020/QĐ-LĐTBXH, Quyết định 749/2020/QĐ-TTg, Số 274/2020/QĐ-QLD, Quyết định 754/2020/QĐ-TTg, Quyết định 748/2020/QĐ-TTg, Quyết định 677/2020/QĐ-UBND, Quyết định số 759/2020, Quyết định số 716/2020, Quyết định số 273/2020, Quyết định số 753/2020, Quyết định số 673/2020, Số 275/2020/QĐ-QLD, Quyết định số 758/2020, Quyết định số 754/2020, Quyết định số 748/2020, Số 279/2020/QĐ-UBDT, Quyết định số 677/2020, Số 759/2020/QĐ-TTg, Số 749/2020/QĐ-TTg

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