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Biological and radiation characteristics Adding ethylene vinyl acetate Havsa Stream Basin Creeks The UV absorption Aquaculture in the region Exchange capacity of water DNA damaging agents Despite initial H+ exchanger Risk quotient River reaches in Binh Dai The Dong Nai rive exercises chemistry Extensive spectroscopic analyses Disease models Developments of industry Water quality status UV-induced mutations Crucial role Limitation value Exhibit hormone resistance License of wastewater dischargement Water evaluation model NTR 10:2008 Absorption of hydrogen Pulmonary tumor thrombotic microangiopathy Factors elaborated DNA damaging chemotherapy agents Aquatic life Ni-MH rechargeable battery Nucleotide excision repair pathway Promote angiogenesis Vermi compost Non-occlusive tumor emboli Organic pollution Magnetic properties of LaNi5 alloy Pit compost Alga as an indicator Ni replacement with Ge Discrete SnO2 nanocrystals Carbon stable isotope Planktonic foraminifera Water quality in fresh water bodies Weight gain Sediment grain sizes Oxygen and carbon isotopes Fresh water bodies Phenolic composition Mg/Ca ratios Fresh water bodies of Mysore Antioxidant properties of hardaliye Aegean Sea Black mulberry Papazkarası blue-black grapes Metal chelating activity Anthocyanin pigment Ferrous ion chelating effect Thermomechanical of monodora myristica infused polysulfone active film package Evaluation of total phenolic Nutrient and antioxidant properties Antioxidative properties of monodora myristica infused polysulfone active film package Hydroxyl radical scavenging activity Non-acidified methanol Flavonoids content King chilli (Capsicum chinense) Inula graveolens L. Water solutions Herbal sandesh Tropical climates Boehmeria regulosa Human urine Monodora myristica infused polysulfone active film package Relation with antioxidant properties Environmental metagenomic Curry leaf oil Biomass production of Trichoderma Viride Butyrolactone I Reducing power Tagetes patula varieties Antioxidant assays Antioxidant level Active polymer package Membrane photobioreactor Antibiotic resistance genes Cinnamon bark oil Phenolic content Influenced by carbon The tolerant capacity to aquatic environment factors Nutrient concentrations DPPH assay Agronomic nitrogen use efficiency Superoxide radical scavenging activity Organic treatments Elongation at break Uncultured microorganism Heavy metals as a threat Gethi (Boehmeria rugulosa) Antioxidant properties of herbal sandesh Human urine as substrate Studies on physico-chemical

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Antimicrobial potential of aqueous extract, Aquatic environment factors of Asian bumblebee catfish, Free radicals and Vitamin C, Intergeneric hybrids of sugarcane, Nitrogen sources, Economic returns, Natural environments, Antioxidative effect, Pathotypes of E coli, Kharif onion, Aspergillus terreus strains, Aquatic environments, Their corresponding herbal sandesh, Aqueous extract of Basidioma, Different extracts of bark, Bivalve mollusks, Green manures, Bio fertilizer, Intergeneric hybrids, IULT and ILLT, Metagenomic library, Antioxidative properties of cinnamon bark oil, Fresh rhizomes, Shiitake mushrooms obtained, Threat to aquatic environments, Organic nitrogen management, Occurrence of pathotypes of Escherichia coli, Characterization of antioxidant property, Physiological weight loss, Asian bumblebee catfish, Nutrients sources, Family unionidae, Nutrient uptake of onion, Eco-physiological dangers postured, BIOREMEDIATION OF AQUATIC, Impact of different sources, Escherichia coli in 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single particle, AlGaAs compositional, Weak electromagnetic wave, 5 Trichoderma sp., Electron - phonon scattering, Classical variables sampling, Prolapse and incontinence, Practical urological ultrasound, Fecal incontinence, Drug in heart failure, 4 Penicillium sp., distributed particles, Perineal trauma, Floor Biomechanics, Penile ultrasound, Functional anatomy, Device selection in heart failure, electromagnetics, Antagonistic organisms, Teaching Aikido, Transabdominal pelvic ultrasound, Levator ani muscle, Pathophysiology of pelvic floor, Percutaneous mechanical support, Skull Mechanics, Pelvic floor ultrasound, Pelvic floor disorders, Cardiac resynchronization therapy, Obstetric anal sphincter injury, Simple Beam, Ultrasound of the gravid, Clinical and biomechanical evaluation, Sensorimotor training, Atrial arrhythmias in heart failure, Intraoperative urologic ultrasound, Intracranial Pressure, Three bioscaffold augmentation devices, Heart transplantation, Organic syntheses, Balance 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Transport, Magnetic disks, Harmony search

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