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ECM biosynthesis Drug therapies Antineoplastic agent Behavior mechanisms Clinical-pathological differences Increased endostatin protein Long interspersed nuclear element-1 Retinoblastoma proteins Remodeling deacetylase complex Non-invasive treatment modality Chemotherapy-induced amenorrhea OpenArray genotyping Octamer binding factor MSKCC nomogram Randomized prospective trial Human melanoma cells Aglaia foveolata Silvestrol triggers autophagy Placenta growth factor GAGE cancer Metastatic brain tumor Testis antigens Large cell neuroendocrine tumor Moderately metastatic clones Physiological measures Secondary cancers Risk reducing surgery Peritoneal washing cytology Fallopian tube cancer Immune risk profile Neoplastic stem cells Exophytic mass Uncommon occurrences Rising cancer incidence Cancer pharmaceuticals Narrative synthesis Claims analysis Delta9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Cancer models Pathogenic mutation Decrease genetic heterogeneity TGF-β signaling Underlying molecular mechanism Systemic metastasis Orthotopic xenograft model Incense burning Cooking fumes Wood fuel using NPC risk Wait times Patient experiences Meningeal carcinomatosis Protease prostasin Neuro-imaging diagnostic techniques Urothelial cells Adverse prognostic factors Bladder inflammation CpG methylation Sporadic breast tumors BRCA-1 expression HER-2-positive breast tumors Intravenous leiomyomas Iliac vessel reconstruction Planar bone scintigraphy Fatal malignancies worldwide KIT mutation Imatinib-resistant GIST Second line therapy Progression free survival Betulinic acid analogue Cell death response Proteasomal pathway MIR494-expressing cells Pentacyclic triterpenes Anti-malarial Orthotopic murine model Oncogene addiction Human heterochromatin protein 1 Clonal divergence Kinase panel Epigenetic gene regulation Overexpressed cell lines CBX5 gene Extracellular α-chain Genotype phenotype association Predictive genetic testing ATV pharmacokinetics Metabolizer phenotypes Protein inhibitor of activated STAT3 Irinotecan treatment Global gene expression Skin and mucosal effects Resistance to therapy Overcoming resistance Monoclonal antibody conjugated Xenograft nude mouse model Gastric carcinogenesis Mucosa-related toxicities Deadliest primary tumor Tumors originating Diagnostic techniques and procedures

Tài liệu, văn bản bạn tìm kiếm

Oncogenic K-ras, Invasive diagnostic modalities, Endows cancer cells, Toxicity management, High grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, Polyglutamylated tubulin, Repeat biopsy, Pericentriolar material, EML4-ALK rearrangement, Co-existence, Multiplex genotyping, Dual specificity phosphatase 2, Diffuse optical tomography, Cancer associated, Ultrasonography-guided, Chromatin immuno-precipitation, Pharmacokinetic features, Tumor-initiating cell, EMT/CSC properties, Pathologic markers, Parenchymal damage, Anti-VEGF antibody bevacizumab, Meta-analysis evaluates, Pseudomonas fluorescens lectin, PFL-mediated downregulation, MKN28 gastric cancer cells, Anti-cancer mechanism, Non-autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, Acquired haemolytic anaemia, Human gastric cancer, Unclassified variants, Founder mutation, Experimental metastasis, Cell signalling, Anticancer target, Homeodomain-containing transcription factors, Dys-regulated, Oncogenic function, Computerized tomography angiography, Intravenous leiomyomatosis, Aggressive brain tumor, Normal endometrium, Hypersensitivity reactions, Skeletal muscle wasting, Prominent cells, Human endometrial cancer, Preferable enzymes, Microglial cell morphology, Overall purpose, Organotypic tumor tissue slices, Anthracycline epirubicin, Tissue culture method, Biomarker-guided treatment, Robust alterations, Ex vivo sensitivity, Faecal occult blood test Faecal immunochemical test, Isolated tumor cells, Survival after relapse, Endoscopic mucosal resection, Human periostin protein, Extracellular matrix proteins, Cancer-specific mortality, Blue dye, Salinomycin analogs, MET amplification, Promotor hypermethylation, Epithelial traits, Prognostic factor remains controversial, Aberrant activation, Salvage surgery, Oesophagogastric adenocarcinoma, Prognostic gauge, Operable disease, Tumor invasiveness, 18F-fluorodeoxygluocose, Organ cation transporter 1, Invade surrounding, Bronchial genomic classifier, Lung lesion, Bronchial brushing specimen, BCL6 corepressor-like 1, Predictive profile, Adolescent cancers, Diagnostic equipment, Prescribed chemotherapeutic regimen, Anti-inflammatory therapies, Human tumours, Including gender, 5-aminosalicylic acid, Neutralizing Ras proteins, Several cancer cell lines, Orthotopic xenograft, Original monoclonal antibody, Intolerable toxicity, Pancreatic panniculitis, Immediate treatment, Pancreatic diseases, Nanasaheb purple, Anestrus cattle, Early maturing lentil cultivars, Gaotpox virus, Ray floret stage, Vegetation index, Nanasaheb purple grapes grown, Nitrogen dynamics in soil as influenced, Fertility and cyclicity, Based on remote sensing data, Performance of early maturing lentil cultivars, Cashew growing farmers, Hormone protocols in anestrus cattle, Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria on growth, Insect cell line, Profitability of summer sunflower, Leading cashew producers, Fertilizers under sugarcane grown, Diagnosis of insect pests, Evaluating nutrient management, Profile of the cashew growers, Calcareous entisol of bihar, Economics and uptake, Varieties on economics, Rhizoctonia solani maize, Biosafety of nanoemulsion of hexanal, Alternaria solani early blight of potato, Nanoemulsion of hexanal, Bt cotton under drought stress, Sheath blight disease of maize, Early blight of potato, Chrysoperla zastrowi sillemi Stephens, Non systemic fungicides invitro, PGPR isolates against alternaria solani, Physiological responses of Bt cotton, Auto-regressive integrated moving average model, Hexanal on chrysoperla zastrowi sillemi Stephens, Invivo condition against banded leaf, Stem and root rot disease, Antagonistic activity in PGPR, Ragi production, Net return and B: C ratio, Pant prabhat and ZnSO4, Forecasting of ragi production, Potassium fertilization for maize, Integrated strategy for management of stem, Zinc sulphate on vegetative growth, Forecasting purposes, Optimization of potassium fertilization, Root knot index, Root rot disease of sesame, Hybrid mustard, Protein which makes, Economies of maize crop, Disease complex of betelvine, Macrophomina phaseolina goid, Pre weaned, Floods in Bihar, Assessment of biochemical profile, Screening of parental lines, IVI and D-D curve, Growth and yield traits, Correlation and path, F1 crosses of brinjal, Impact of sowing period, Phytodiversity characterization, Stress degree days, Brinjal to bacterial wilt, Variety on pod borer, Yield of pigeon pea, Mid-late maturing sugarcane clones, Modified bio-climatic condition, Mukundara hills tiger reserve, Waterlogging condition, Vegetation characterization study, Evaluation of French bean, Pod yield and quality, Leaf minor, Distribution of entomopathogenic fungi, Stem galls, Crop roots soil, Eriophyid mites, Diversity of insect, Plant biometrics, Combined application of antagonist, Spray dried fermented milk products, Native trichoderma, Agro management, Roselle seed flours, Bacillus subtilis Fusarium oxysporum, Rhizoctonia solani and antagonism, Azoxystrobin on plant biometrics, Fermented milk products, Whole seed flour, Wheat flour Chapati grown, Invitro efficacy, Fusarium wilt incidence of tomato, Dried fermented dairy products, Farinograph and extensograph, Native rice specific isolates, Six agro management practices, Method causes minimal structural, Trichoderma against rice, Genotypes accepted, Physical quality indicator, Wild diploids, Screening of different genotypes, Cultivated tetraploids, Chickpea against gram pod borer, Rice soil, Varied planting dates, Cytogenetic tool, Cultivars in semi-arid environment, Wild diploids into cultivated tetraploids, Biological property, Strongly hairyness plant body, Turkey meat sausages, Radish paste, Row spacing for improving growth attributes, Growth attributes of baby corn, Raw radish paste, Agri-horti system, Oil cake, Herbicide and weed management, Quercetin and shelf life, Meloidogyne incognita in pomegranate, Shelf life extension of paneer, Oil cakes against root knot nematode, Quercetin on quality, Chitosan nanocomposite film cross linked, Polypropylene fabric ground, In vitro screening of chilli, Genotypes against the colletotrichum capsici, Anthracnose of Chilli, Knop’s medium, Recent advances in plant regeneration, Callus cultures of bael, Aluminium smelter plant, E-readiness, TANUVAS NanoHeal topical gel, Ground nut cake, Comparative ameliorative efficacy, Wound healing activity, Tamarind pulp against boron, Higher agriculture education, Productivity of groundnut, Sesame oil cake, Agricultural universities, Beetal and Assam Hill goat, Fluorotic calves reared, Epithelisation time, Clinical cases of cattle, Different sources of vegetable protein, Periphery villages, Comparative study of e-learning readiness, Plasmopara viticola, Extruded product, Symptomatology of grapes downy mildew pathogen, Soybean and Mango seed kernel, Grapes downy mildew pathogen, Mango seed kernel, Per cent incidence ranged, Nutrient rich extruded product, Grapes growing areas, Anxiety and coping strategies, Attappadi black, Alwar district, Conduct OFT Wheat, Urban Working, Mosaic disease, In vitro efficacy of bio-control, Tribal community, Soil and macronutrient status, Irrigated conditions of Rajasthan, Nonworking mothers, Growth of onion as influenced, Path analysis in F6 generation, Mycosphaerella musicola, Macronutrient status, Yield gap analysis of wheat, Coping strategies among urban working, Farm trails at farmers fields, Field efficacy of botanicals, Influenced by soil, F6 generation of ridge gourd, Sigatoka leaf spot of banana, Covid-19 related anxiety, Foliar application of nutrient, Inorganic salts against mosaic disease, Foliar application of boron, Wheat and barley straw, Seed production and major constraints, Bioassay studies for testing toxicity, Barley straw for production, Testing toxicity, Soybean seed production, Production of mushrooms, Vitamins on epidemiological components, Novel insecticides against Spodoptera litura, Barley straw for production of mushrooms, Productivity of seed production, Required information, Silkworm hybrid, Grain conversion efficiency, Solids not fat, Selective herbicides, Corrected lactometer reading, Biochemical changes in blackgram, Experimental variance, Erysiphe polygoni induced morpho-physiological, Validation of formulae, Application of selective herbicides, Highly susceptible genotype LBG-623, Estimation of solids-notfat, Solvent evaporation, Nanoencapsulated pre-emergence sulfentrazone herbicide, Matlab và điều khiển tự động, Soil microbiome, Nodulation of irrigated blackgram, Physiological characters of soybean genotypes, Irrigated blackgram, Determining the optimal farm size, Enhancing efficiency of handling, Judicial measures in Vietnamese criminal law, Handling of non-performing loan, Vietnamese criminal law, Households Mekong Delta, Ph.D thesis of international Economics, Impact of monetary policy, Ph.D thesis of international, The law on deposit insurance, Macroprudential policy, Social organizations in protecting, Imposing penalties, Deposit insurance in Vietnam, Transformation of economic growth model, Bank stability in Vietnam, Interests of consumers under Vietnam’s law, Military courts, Implementation of the law on organization, Economic growth model of Thailand, Vietnam’s law, Global economic crisis, Excessive internet use, Dental age estimation, Discriminated adolescents, Facilitating factors, Nolla method, Total IgE, Interventions widely, Online space, Willems method, Specific IgE, Especially boys, Demirjian method, Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Mangiferin calcium salt, Unintentional suffocation, Toddler’s diarrhea, Sudden unexpected infant death, Number of siblings, Preterm newborn, Brief resolved unexplained event, Educational video, Longitudinal cohort, Exceptional children, Adenovirus pneumonia, Carbohydrate-rich food, Pharmacokinetic modelling, UVC placement, Severe hypokalaemia, IYCF practices, Bone maturation, Congenital hearing impairment, Intravenous lipids, Children under five years old, Observational prospective cohort, Platelet ratios, Communicating weight, Non-alcoholic fatty, Dietary modification, Neurotoxic pollutant, Intraosseous access, Oropharyngeal colostrum, ARV drugs exposure, Emerging threat, Retrospective observational, Malnutrition remains, Abnormally high levels, Childhood thinness, Create prognosis curves, Children under 1 -year-old, Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, Melnick-Needles syndrome, Inhibitors of gastric acid secretion, Country-clusters, Inadequate intake, Terrain parks, Enhanced apoptosis, Multi-child-families, Neonatal health services, Univariate analysis, Non-Hispanic black

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