"Northern areas of Viet Nam"

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Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria Low mortality rate Metastatic spine disease Uptake by wheat Knolkhol (Brassica oleracea L. var. gongylodes) QT prolongation Alpha proteobacterial communities Precision farming system Molecular Aspects Systemic inflammation Nordic questionnaire Rhizobium inoculation on uptake Farmers about the soil health card Introductory aspects Zinc solubilizing Adverse event reporting system DOAC-induced gastrointestinal Cyst wall Surgical revision Strategies for bloodless priming Paddy farmers’ income Liming and organic amendments Methemo Globinemia Radiation oncologists Microbial inoculants as biofertilizer Music students Long-term fertility experiment Efficiency of inorganic Degenerative Dementia Low back Term fertilizer experiment Microbial consortium on yield Anatomic Knowledge regarding soil testing Sweet corn yield Shifting cultivation cycle Farmers in nutrient management Soybean grown on Vertisol Occupational health problem Microbial consortium on growth Alkaline phosphatase activity FDA Adverse Event Reporting Syste Intravenous immunoglobulin Second-generation antipsychotic drugs WHO mortality database Residual soil nutrients Farmers field of Assam Maize-sesamum cropping system Nutrients in grain Growth pattern The soil Medical oncologists Adverse effects on soil richness Fermentation biotechnology Zinc and iron solubilising microorganisms Indicator of soil health Analyzed retrospectively Autoimmune colitis FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System Adjusted model Available nutrients Long term effect organic Growth and yield of finger millet Urease and phosphatases Remains poorly defined Hemifacial Spasm Soil nutrient Quality assessment of microbial inoculants Hepatobiliary surgery Pathological Different microbial inoculants N-mineralization Antimicrobial stewardship Increase agricultural productivity Long-term fertilization Microbial inoculation Soil using microbial cultures Leaf area duration Improving the farm production Utilization of soil health card Soil health of knolkhol Soybean yield Stover of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Long term balance fertilizer application Age-standardized mortality rates Immune-related adverse events Decrease the gaps Sweet corn to microbial inoculation Influence of varieties Nervous system hemorrhage Lowland rice soil Microbial parameters in the soil Denitrification process IAA production Grass silage Yield performance of greengram Soil microbial count Japanese Adverse Drug Event Report Adverse event Treated surgically

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Nutrients and fertilizers, Conversion period, Planning of the surgical strategy, Perioperative imatinib therapy, Maize cropping sequence, Forest types, Rice-rice cropping system, Tardive Dyskinesias, Neurological adverse events, Nutrient availability in soil, Reporting Odds Ratios, Yield of black gram, Long term effect of paclobutrazol application, Zinc solubilising bacteria and fungi, European carrot, Reporting odds ratio, Herbicide mixtures, Suicide-related event, Long term fertilizer application, Alfisol under long term fertilization, Resection guidance, Different formulation for mass production, FYM were tested, Common terminology criteria, Nutrition risk index, Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, Urease activity, Dry deciduous forest, Zn and Fe etc, Tumor shrinkage, FDA Adverse Event Reporting System, Soybean productivity in a vertisol, Soil quality index, Medication Strategies, Zinc solubilising bacteria, Long-term use of inorganic fertilizers, Paclobutrazol application on fruiting, Sensory neuropathy, Manure application in a vertisol, Characterization of microbial inoculants, Long term fertilization on soil properties, Available nutrients status, Phosphatic fertilizer, Phosphorous and potassium, Abnormal dreams, Micronutrients on soil nutrient status, Soil carbon fractions, Combination on soil properties, Zinc and pearl millet, Patient reporting, Quality of mango, Serum albumin, Expert consensus, Inorganic mulch, Glyricidia leaf manuring, PSB inoculation, Rice cropping system, Long-term experiment, Periprosthetic fracture, Plant nutrient contents, Yield of mango, Pharmacological agents, Rice-wheat cropping, Potential adverse, Rice grain yield, Dharmapuri forest circle, Herbicides and nutrients, Drug-naïve population, Pearl millet on vertisol, RSC water, Inm practices under soybean, Their uptake by african marigold, Key soil quality indicators, phát hiện sớm bệnh tim, Soil health and azotobacter, Excluding spinal manipulation, Patient-reported irAE, High density orchard system, Soil nutrient dynamics, Silty clay loam soil, Soil dehydrogenase enzyme, Performance of cowpea in acid soil, Organic nutrient sources, Uptake and transplanted pigeonpea, Zinc on yield, Soil nutrient status of apple, Soil chemical characteristics, Different management practices, INM modules and different cultural practices, Acid soil, Transplanted pigeonpea, Different residual sodium carbonate waters, Wheat under rice, Agriculture Technical school, Different cultural practices, Rabi rice, Anserine bursitis, Transplanted pigeonpea in northern transition zone, Sulphur oxidizing bacteria, Wheat system, Basic Composition, Soil nutrient availability, Bio NPK consortium, Seasonal variation on soil nutrient quality, Properties of silty clay loam soil, Plant nutrient uptake, Overview of impact of seasonal variation, Growth of Brassica napus, Rescheduling of fertilizer, Content and uptake, Periarticular lesions, Sulphur oxidizing bacterial inoculants, Rice under loamy sand textured soil, Rabi rice for central Telangana, Data analyses, Choledochal cyst, Fe and Mn, Central Telangana, Loamy sand textured soil, Hoạt động của chợ nổi, Rice husk biochar, Laparoscopic excision, Biogas slurry manure, PGPR on micronutrients availability, Chính sách phát triển chợ, Severe inflammation, Distal choledochal, Thương lái ở chợ, Micronutrients by wheat, To the Farm, Laparoscopic choledochocystectomy, Infra-acetabular screw, Finding Doubles at the Farm, Office-Based rhinology, Integrated farming approaches, Bone corridor, Double screen grain cleaner, More Doubles Fun, E ndoscopic anatomy, Doubling the income of small, Grains by farm women, One Last Double, Asian population, Based rhinology procedures, Small farm mechanization, Improved tools, Paranasal sinuses, Small and marginal holdings, Doubling farmers income, Cleaning and grading of grains, Room setup, Package demonstration, Case selection, Doubling of farmers’ income, Marginal holdings, Cannulation and decannulation, Horticultural crops in context, Doubling farm income, Office-based procedures, Dyspnea, Curcumin enhanced cutaneous wound healing, Post COVID-19 Era, Crop insurance, Whilst multi-parametric, Technological interventions, Spermatozoan maturation, Patients Referred, Gadolinium contrast, Modulating cytokines, On-farm water harvesting, Bred rambouillet ewes, Farmers about schemes, Doubling farmers income in horticultural crops, Cardiac Stress Testing, High yielding megha turmeric-1, Epididymal regions, Prostate specific antigen, Tumour size, Selection of chemicals, Laparoscope assisted embryo transfer, Profile of farmers, Nasopharyngeal neoplasms, Farmer’s School, Epididymal regions of sheep, Scientific production technology, Significant disease, Masticator space involvement, Promising intervention towards crop diversification, Systemic acquired resistance, Farm rambouillet ewes, Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh), Multiple traits, Histological differences, Euryale ferox, Rice grassy stunt virus, Traditional system, Maize research in Chhattisgarh, Soft rot, Aquatic ecosystem, Histological grade, Integrated crop management approach, Extending promising pest management practices, Relation to spermatozoan maturation, Capparis decidua, Comparative evaluation of garlic, Infected rice plants’ growth, Maize research, Postharvest loss, Profitable rice production, Promising tool towards women empowerment, Promising aquatic food crop, Clustering pattern and polygenic traits, Gadoxetic acid, Eco-friendly crop management in paddy, Sugarcane white grub, Trait-specific RILs, Rice grassy stunt disease, Absorption maxima, Farmer practices, Lemongrass oil, Status and progress, Evaluation of Tomato, Rearing Vanaraja chicken, Ecofriendly management, Eco-friendly crop management, Polygenic traits, Prophylactic cranial irradiation, Standardization of pH, Eco-friendly approaches, Background poultry, Characterization-a lab to land approach, White grub Holotrichia serrata, Stereotactic irradiation, Hybrids during rainy season, Impact on knowledge gain, Seed index, Polygenic traits in pigeonpea, Nanostructured pyrophosphate, pH of the solution, SAR chemicals, Stem extract of capparis decidua, Postharvest decay in carrot, Eco friendly approach for management, Coastal plain, Bacterial bio-agents, Farmer field school, Non-chemical eco-friendly weed management, Superior pigeonpea cultivars, Artocarpus elasticus, Managing onion downy mildew, Soil-less agriculture system, Recyclable catalyst, Based on antibacterial efficacy, Mustard cake, Ecofriendly approach, Stem bark, Solution for tomato, Microbial bioremediation, Frederick Wiseman, Sclerotium rolfsii SACC, Microbial bioremediation of pesticide residues, Bioremediation approach mostly, tiếng việt 1 Bài 53 - 54, Thông tư liên tịch số 21/1999/TTLT-BTM-BCA-BGTVT-TCHQ, Ngôi miếu cổ trong lòng cây si, thực phẩm cần bổ sung, cá neon sinh sản, cá neon là gì, Thanh lý thế chấp, thành phố Amsterdam, Linh hồn của các định luật, Quyết định số 27/2004/QĐ-BTS, Định kiến khoa học, Con người và vũ trụ cộng sinh, Kiểm soát đạo văn, Trách nhiệm của nhà khoa học, đầu tư 2009-2010, Giai điệu bí ẩn của vũ trụ, Chất lượng nguồn tri thức, Ứng dụng hiện tượng điện hưởng, Tình Thư Từ Những Nẻo Đường Việt Nam, Kinh dịch - Y dịch, Bài giảng Kinh dịch - Y dịch, Quan điểm của nho gia về Kinh dịch, Đại cương về Kinh dịch, Thuyết lục tử của Văn Vương, hệ tống 12 kinh biệt, Thiên Kinh Biệt, Xử trí đau đầu, Xử trí đau nửa đầu, Phương thuốc điều trị đau đầu, Tài liệu của ACIAR, Bài giảng Virus dại, Quyết định số 78/QĐ-TTg, Công văn số 4643/BTNMT-BĐKH, Tính chất của Virus dại, Quyết định số 78, Sinh bệnh học của Virus dại, Xóa đói giảm ngèo, Số 78/QĐ-TTg, Triệu chứng của Virus dại, Tăng cường ổn định, Kế hoạch số 2407/2007/KH-UBND, Kế hoạch chăm sóc người cao tuổi, Khai thác hải sản bất hợp pháp, Quyết định số 2139/QĐ-TTg, Phòng và điều trị Virus dại, Hệ điều hành nâng cao Chapter 4, Utilize stories, Hệ điều hành nâng cao Chapter 21, Tổng quan về chủ đề, Citizen education, Hệ điều hành nâng cao Chapter 18, Means of teaching and learning, PHYSICAL HAZARDS, Phối hợp phân phối, Graduation assessment, Clinical Correlations, Subject citizen education, Teacher education colleges, LABORATORY HAZARDS, Teaching ethical contents, Acute Respiratory, Renew targets of assessment, Unresolved issues, Mentor teaching, Teaching in Madagascar, Content of assessment, Teach art, Pressure Technique, Strengthening Ethics, Mentor teaching on learning microbiology, Law Constructs, Pedagogical competencies, Policy Politics, Medical Schools, Learning microbiology, Responsible Believing, physician colleagues, Appraisal of major English courses, Topic a pre-test questionnaire was given, Lecture Art, Microbiology for mentor teaching, Major English courses, Mastering the Facts of Life, Emotional Actor, craft and calligraphy, Bachelor's of arts, Major English, Concerned authorities accordingly, bình hoa hồng chocolate, Quyết định 214/2006/QĐ-TTg, Thông tư 05/2007/TT-BTC, Quyết định số 186/2005/QĐ-TTg, Quyết định 212/2006/QĐ-TTg, Quyết định 200/2006/QĐ-TTg, Tài liệu về Di sản văn hóa, Quyết định số 200/2006/QĐ-TTg, Kiệt tác truyền khẩu, Danh sách các di sản phi vật thể, Di sản phi vật thể tại Việt Nam, Quyết định 3726/2019/QĐ-BYT, Số 3726/2019/QĐ-BYT, Quyết định số 3726/2019, Quyết định 1871/2019/QĐ-UBND, PAM-A, Số 1871/2019/QĐ-UBND, Quyết định số 1871/2019, Công văn 442/TTg-KTN, Số: 28/2014/TT-BGDĐT, phê duyệt khung chính sách, Thông tư Số: 28/2014/TT-BGDĐT, Hướng dẫn chẩn đoán bệnh da liễu, Quy định về việc bồi dưỡng giáo dục, thuật toán trên chuỗi, Cấp chứng chỉ bồi dưỡng nghiệp vụ, Bệnh da do ký sinh trùng, Bệnh da do vi rút, Bệnh da tự miễn, Đánh giá CBA truyền thống, luật trong nhiếp ảnh, Doanh nghiệp ngành xây dựng niêm yết, Tổng quan về hoạt động lập pháp, Môi trường trực tiếp, Lý thuyết lập pháp, Lập trình hướng đối tượng cơ bản, Nhồi máu não tái diễn, Tổng quan đối tượng, Nhân cách hóa đối tượng, Nhồi máu não lâm sàng, Xây dựng phương thức, Sử dụng lớp đối tượng, Sự tích đức Liễu Hạnh công chúa, Công chú Liễu Hạnh, Mười Ngày Phủ Hội, Phụng Dương Công chúa, Xu hướng xã hội chủ nghĩa, Ý nghĩa của hội phủ giầy, Nghi án Huyền Trân - Khắc Chung, Xã hội chủ nghĩa của các nước Mỹ Latin

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Northern areas of Viet Nam - 4 sao (17 lượt)