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L929 mouse fibroblasts Rhizospheric strains isolated Composition of essential oils Plains agroclimatics zone condition Aphid distribution Heritability in blackgram Imidacloprid and pendimethalin Growth in pomegranate Apple cv red delicious Source of nutrition Acid alfisol Genetic variability for grain iron Wetlands of Darbhanga district Treatments considering of control Allied activities Microbial pathogen isolated Macrobrachium species Fruiting behaviour of ber Brucellosis in large ruminants Nodulation and seed yielding attributes Nutrient uptake by soybean Commercial farm Hydromorphic soils in Indo-gangetic plain Performance of different gladiolus Processing under in vitro condition Micro perspectives Human osteoblasts Wilt affected rhizosphere of lentil Across seasons Genotypes evaluated Underutilized vegetables of assam Pheretima posthuma exposed Fruit yield/plant Growing conditions on rooting Non-reducing sugars of apple Inorganic amendments on micronutrients availability Seed yielding attributes Basis of sustainable livelihood Post larval production Epidemiology in large ruminants Microbial toxin Changes in fruiting behaviour P solubilizer Corm production Maize based flour Characteristic gross Pathogen Fusarium oxysporum Comparative assessment of bacterial population Collagen I Beneficial effects of biostimulants Prayagraj agro climatic region Blackgram genotypes evaluated Genetic advance in pigeon pea Combined application of organic Microbial quality of fresh buttermilk Ganga riverPrawn P mobilizer Freshwater prawn Leaf crinkle Chitosan composite nanofibrous scaffold Changes in glycemic index Genetic diversity in tomato Heritability advance Characterization of cowpea Ganga river shell fishes Nutrients on the vegetative growth Biostimulants in various flower crops Osteoblast cells Mold count in buttermilk Freshwater prawn in Palair reservoir Economics of FCV tobacco Cannibalism – Channa striatus Production potentiality of freshwater prawn Activate plant metabolism Leaf crinkle disease Toria varieties Millet incorporated pizza base Soil physic-chemical properties Bacterial wilt of potato Pizza base Pi9 gene Performance of toria Bacterial wilt disease of potato Foxtail millet incorporated pizza base Onion cultivars F4 Families Organic barley Foreground selection Buck semen Varieties under namsai conditions Illumina platform Bacterial wilt disease Alternaria brassicicola inciting alternaria leaf spot Curvularia leaf spot Functional properties showed Contributing traits in brinjal Economics of irrigated wheat Background selection Namsai conditions Vermicompost produced from crop residue

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Organic sources of nutrient, Onion cultivars on storage life, Leaf spot of cabbage, Barnyard millet flour, Management of various types, Bacterial diversity on tomato, Gene through backcross breeding, Vermicompost produced from cow dung, Productivity of irrigated wheat, Growth parameters of organic wheat, Analysis of variances, Bhendi for growth, Functional membrane integrity, Maximum per cent of sprouting, Media on mycelial growth, In vitro appraisal, Surti buck semen preserved, Characterisation of vermicompost produced, Waste using vermiculture, Component traits in black gram, Metagenomic analysis of bacterial diversity, Four months, Bhendi for yield, Irrigated wheat by sulphur levels, pH on mycelial, In vitro appraisal of botanicals, Various types of waste, F4 generation of Bhendi, Manage solid waste, Investigation into animal, Related metaphors in English, Related metaphors in Vietnamese, Both speaking English, Graduate thesis in Foreign language, Second year English majors’ perception towards teachers, Teachers’ sensitivity in delivering feedback, Housing support policy, Capital structure on sustainability, Social performance of MFIS, Co-Sputtering, Autonomous vehicle, Uncontrolled rockets, Autonomous cleaner robot, Sputtering Pressure, Launcher tube, Zigzag movement algorithm, Oscillation of rockets axis, TiN-based coatings, Presents design, Semi-links, Adding aluminium, Uncontrolled rocket, Đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11, Internal mammary artery injury, Sternal body fracture, Subcutaneous emphysema, Severe hemothorax, Phytosome silybin, Acute diarrhea, Results of child-caring, Femoral tumors, Medical student, Molar pregnancy, Caregiver's knowledge, Experimental animal, Nang xâm lấn xoang hàm, Gestational neoplasia, Caregiver's right KAP, Especially depression, Human prostate cancer cells, Phẫu thuật nang xương hàm, Complete mole, Care-givers, Partial mole, Bài giảng CTA mạch chi dưới, CTA mạch chi dưới, Bệnh mạch ngoại vi cấp, Platelet distribution width, Tương phản mạch, Bệnh phình mạch, Complex regulatory interactions, Nguyên lý căn giờ bolus, Marker – assisted backcrossing, Upper shoes, Oscilation of high – rise buildings, QTL/gene to improve yield of KD18, Foggy images, Upper shoes material, Embedding capacity, Graph-based methods, Nonlinear autoregressive, Diabetic’s shoes, Coercive forces, Defogging subnet, BC3 F1 population carrying, Distortion drift, Complementary table, Inductive method, Individual plants, Detection subnet, Characteristics of some materials making, Oscilation of high – Rise buildings subjected, ZnO-SiO2 nanocomposite, Evaporation rate, Submission method, Reversible data hiding in H.264/AVC, Most important food crop, Infinite-time ruin probability, Rise buildings subjected, Summarization as a graph-based problem, Er3+ ions, Processing high quality shoes, Detection in foggy weather conditions, Cu/Ta nanofilms, SiO2 /Si antireflective film, Monocrystalline gold, Data concealment in DNA sequences, Top floor of the building, Reinsurance contract, Hirth dislocations, Rainy weather conditions, Optical thin film quality, Thermal quenching, Thompson tetrahedron, Stateof-the-art object detectors, SiO material pairs, Optical properties of ZnO nanoparticles, Monocrystalline gold film, Multi-layer antireflective film quality, Production model Chile determining, Improving irrigation system, Biodiesel B20, Increasing government support, Drape coefficient, Rural bio-resource bomplex, Biplot graphs, Increasing government support for farmers, Exhaust components, High doses of enrofloxacin, Drape profile, Nigrospora sphaerica E.W. mason pathogenic, Yield traits in wheat, Flowering character’s, Maize production in Vietnam, Yield stability measures, Herbicides on morphological parameters, Buffalo owner, Jute (Corchorus olitorius), Rubber latex processing effluent, Component traits in rabi sorghum, Xanthomosan oryzae pv oryzae L, Fish fat, Starch extraction factory, Stemend rot, Performance of Makhana genotypes, Cotton woven fabrics, Minimum living standards, Top working, Integrated farming with mushroom, DAS-28 score, Withania somnifera in broilers treated, Morphological parameters of gladiolus, Influence of nutrients, Beetal buck semen preservation, Appraisal of thermo-adaptability, Pesticide compatibility, Pesticide-contaminated, Pollution abatement, Jute growers, Cost and gross income, Buffalo infertility, Potassium and yield, Wetland ecosystem, Minimum wage in Vietnam, Milk producer companies, Advance injection timing, Rural bio-resource complex, Drape behaviour of cotton woven fabrics, Tomato early blight, Bud wood, GxE interaction analysis, Patients with rheumatoid arthritis, Anil Kumar Yadav2, Thermo-adaptability, Stainable in-situ jute retting technology, Integrated nutrient management on flowering, Flubendiamide + buprofezin, Iron levels on growth, Super-ovulatory protocols, Egg yolk plasma tris-base extenders, Morphological parameters in gladiolus, Chondroprotective effect of withania somnifera, Minimum wage on employers, GA3 on flowering, Comparative microbiome analysis, Genetic variability analysis in Ashwagandha, NP ratios, Rainfed pearl millet, Micronutrients on vegetative, PSB inoculation on growth, Aspergillus niger inciting collar rot disease, Buffalo in their farm followed, Recommended jute production technology, Yield attributes of crop, Yield attributes in tomato, Biodiesel B20 derived from fish fat, Roots of rice plant, Freshwater wetlands, Nodule formation, Seams of cotton woven fabrics, Graftable scion wood, Milk producer companies in India, Latent infection in mango, Tomato early blight management, Heterosis of parents, Thermo-adaptability among tharparkar, Serum midkine level, Weed management in rice-garlic, Hemant K, Nitrogen on growth rabi hybrid maize, Restricted irrigated timely sown conditions, Pristine agricultural soils, Supplemented with egg yolk, Jamunapari goats, Strawberry cv. chandler, Maize extraction factory, Basic minimum wage, Quality of different rose varieties, Synonymous codon usage bias factors, Low volume water, Methane rich biogas, Groundnut genotypes resistance, Pre-emergent herbicides on morphological parameters, Yield of rainfed pearl millet, Recommended jute production technology among growers, Tomato plant growth promotion, Nitrogen fixing biofertilizers, Fuel injection timing to exhaust components, Post-partum fertility in murrah buffaloes, Liquid formulations of PSB inoculation, Comparison of phenol-chloroform, Genetic advance for tomato, Geometric diameter, Particularly agrihorti systems, Buffalo owners according to their characteristics, Haemoparasites of cattle in four, Graftable shoots, Nosema bombycis, Screening out different genotypes, Lasiodiplodia theobromae in mango, Growth on chickpea, Constraints in livestock production, Characters indicating sufficient genetic variability, Naphthalene degraders by amplification, Analyzed for sperm attributes, Available N of Bt cotton, Different rose varieties, Quality in strawberry, Pathogenicity of groundnut genotypes resistance, Disease severity etc, Growth of rainfed pearl millet, Pregnant mare serum gonadotropin, Maize growers economy, Rabi hybrid maize, Bud wood production in apple, Native microbial culture, Role of microbial biofertilizers, Distribution of buffalo owners according, Grape wine Vitis vinifera, Weed survey, Development of root-knot nematode, Horse gram varieties suitable, Microscopical observations, Acclimatization period, Mycelial proteins of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, Salt stress on germination, Makhana with regard to their yield, onflicts and linkages, Dairy farmer interest groups, Potato caused by Phytophthora infestans, Enhanced vegetative, Improve fibre quality, Phytosociological association, Onion caused by Alternaria porri, Yield of rabi hybrid maize, Varied soil moisture regimes, Redgram variety co 8, Microbial biofertilizers, Yield parameters of Nerium, Microsporidians isolated from insect pests, Machine sowing, Fertigation on soil available K, Cob rind biochar, Late blight of potato caused, Milk producer company, Bambusicolous fungi, Tiger corridor between mudumalai tiger reserve, Chloroplast has special importance, Weeds in rice crop, Ascertaining weather indices, Wetland situation, Retting waste management, Soil properties pH, Straw and wheat, Per cent yield increase, Psmv disease infection, Gardenland integrated farming system, Flowering parameters of Nerium, Field status of purple blotch, Field evaluation of novel fungicides, Anthropogenic influence, Incorporating microbial biofertilizers, Endophytic fungi in bamboo, Quantified the floristic composition, Genotypes under tarai conditions, Soluble fertilizers by fertigation, Water productivity in integrated farming system, Oval in shape also, Fertigation on nerium, Multiple water, Pretreated soy flour, Terrace garden, Observed in fld, Exploit the yield potential, Per cent pest reduction, Cotton-wheat cropping systems, Mukurthi national park, Growth and of finger millet, Vast potential, Yield of horsegram, Way to strengthen mental health, Influenced by crop residue incorporation, Yield potential of chickpea, Protein enrichment, Management strategy against brinjal shoot, Eco-friendly weed management, Groundnut stemrot, Variety notification proposal, Scarce rainfall, Marketable surplus crops, Strengthen mental health, Levels of maize cob rind biochar, Ground nut stem rot fungus, Coefficient of static friction, Morena District, Genetic variability correlation, High density planting system cotton, Soy flour incorporated mango bars, Vertical walls, Marketed surplus of major crops, Planting system cotton in vertisol, In vitro study of streptomyces, Groundnut varieties, Yield traits in Different arachis spp, Foliar feeding of potash, Factor influencing marketable, Comparative analysis of ripening, Fruit setting of pomegranate, Eco-friendly weed management strategies, Potash spray, Response of biofertilizers, Carrot based RTS beverages, Frictional properties of groundnut varieties, Tree growth characters, Fruit quality as affected, Compound growth rates by exponential function, Boron on plant growth, Genotypes of groundnut, Vermicompost on growth of Kombirei, Relation to the physical, Artificial ripening agents, Peach cultivar Shan-e-punjab, Potash spray on biochemical composition, Antioxidant activity of carrot, Arthropod diversity in horticultural, Flowering of Kombirei, Proper texture, Variance and cluster, Spacing significantly influenced growth, Biochemical composition of peach, Emerging pests, Experiment was performed, Dairy farm liquid waste, Yield of Kombirei, Silvicultural crops of yercaud hills, Uniform peel colour, Long term climate data, Horticultural traits in dolichos beans, Genetic stock, Nutrient studies, Evaluation of foxtail millet, Potash spray on the biochemical characteristics, Metabolic procedure, Yercaud hills, Nellore lambs, Brain coolant, Bastar district, Dolichos beans, Germplasm for lysine content, Sucking pests and bollworms

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