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Post-treatment surgical management Tumor infiltrating neutrophil Chemotherapy efficiency LncRNA WT1-AS inhibits gastric cancer Severe functional impairments Patients with brain tumours Brain primary tumours Promote disease-specific Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 Rho-family GTPase Multivariable logistic model Nomogram performance Regulating cancer biology Directly regulated EGFR Primary central nerves system lymphoma P-cadherin expression CCL2 chemokine Transglutaminase II Small soft tissue masses Achieve tumor-free margins Inferior outcome Non-uniform treatment FISH analysis JAK-STAT pathway fusions Potent oncogenic protein Lymphoid lineage BCOR mutation Potential regulatory miRNA Life-threatening gynecological malignancy Dysregulation of microRNAs Angiogenesis ability Colonic neoplasms patient-reported outcome High intensity interval exercise Endurance performance Lung carcinoid tumors Intraocular cancer Pediatric metastatic Retinoblastoma High systemic toxicity rates Heterogeneous adhesive Age-adjusted incidence rate Perioperative mortality Join-point analysis Prior radiotherapy Previous chemotherapy Great significance Isocitrate dehydrogenase mutation Non-invasive diagnosis Great clinical significance Silico analysis Astrocyte controls Antiangiogenic-based chemotherapy BRAF V600E mutations Gene mutations contributing Tumor biopsies Phage display 12-amino acids library Candidate anti-PN peptide Procarbazine lomustine Poorly tolerated Neuro-oncology centre Significant toxicities PI 3-kinase PIK3CA gene Aggressive antiemetic prophylaxis Nuclear import Karyopherin beta 1 Possible synergistic Immune-related gene MT1JP alleviated proliferation LncRNA metallothionein 1 J Phase 1 clinical trial Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma specimens Dose finding study Optimal biological dose Recommended phase 2 dose Visual residual tumour cells Intervention therapies HCC bone metastasis Para-aortic lymph node Factors responsible PET/CT technology Genitourinary malignancy Matched tumor tissue Distant colonization Ablation techniques Renal hilus Withdrawal mechanisms Labour force participation Secondary gliosarcoma Black foot disease Tissue expansion devices Differentiating true glioblastoma multiforme Left colic artery Predict true tumor progression Inferior mesenteric artery Long-term oncologic outcomes Side population cells PI3K signaling pathway Dosimetry analysis Potent inhibitor Postmastectomy radiotherapy

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Thermoluminescent dosimeters, Neutral polysaccharide, Combined medication, Triple-negative cancer, Tumor-infiltrating B lymphocytes, Tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes, Immunohistochemical staining method, Heterogenous mutation, Monitor drug responses, Metastatic soft tissue sarcomas, Nivolumab plus ipilimumab, Cells into body fluids, Reference-free transcriptomic, Prostate cancer signature, Non-canonical RNAs, Polymetastatic cancer, 4′-O-Methylbroussochalcone B, Tubulin polymerization inhibitor, Despite improvements, Short term survivors, Cytoscape software, High fatality rate, Checked model fitness, Moderate atypical nuclei, Duration of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, Several clinical trials, Actuarial survival, Local dairy product, Sequence diversity, Economics of guava, Cameroon with higher potential, Myb gene, Levels of nitrogenous fertilizer, Inorganic pesticides, Higher potential, Responsive myb gene, Polymerization of leuco-anthocyanins, Technical production system of lebol, Scientific feeding practices, Magic lines, Plate rod construct, Health and sanitation, Urban waste compost, Lentil intercropping system, Clinical studies on treatment, MAGIC lines of soybean, Weed dry matter accumulation, Waste with activators, Beta-lactamase encoding gene, Milking management practices followed, Weed population in chickpea, Animal hospital with the College, Microbial consortium and enzymes action, Plum fruits, Bone fractures, Femur and humerus, Antibiotic producing actinomycetes from saltpans, Plate rod, Isolation of antibiotic producing actinomycetes, Salt pan sediment soils, Haematological studies, Broad leaf, System of rearing, Arabian jasmine, Grazing resources, Tuscan jasmine, Year around flowering strategy, Cressa cretica, Semi arid plants of Ballari, Few less known semi arid plants, Root colonizing bacteria, Benefits plants, Increased plant growth, Planting media, Dry flower arrangement, Dry floral craft, Growth of oyster mushroom, Preservation and seeds etc, Botanicals in combination, Seeds etc, Preserving plant materials, Physico-chemical quality of ber, Storage on shelf-life of ber, Door handles as potential reservoirs, Physiological work load, Pesticide application activity, Designed protective clothing, Molecular identification of Tabanidae, Ribosomal DNA cistron genes, Entry point activities, Textile dye reactive black GDN, Their seasonal abundance, Free cells isolated, Grama sabha, Naturally infected camels, Oilfield wastewater, Free cells isolated from soil, Molecular analysis based, Protective evaluation by Tinospora cordifolia, Sustainable approach, Trypanosoma evansi isolates, Entry point a initiatives as an example, Based on barcoding, Phylogenetic analysi, Molecular description of preserved flies, Village's public, No of tillers, Solanum Tubrosum, Silicon application, Dissipation kinetics, Quinoa grains processing, VA Mycorrhizal fungus, Impact of Indian honey bee, Season and milk production, Percentage of effective tillers, Pollination of mustard, Distribution of carbosulfan, Yield of mustard under jatropha, Association with college students, Incidence yellow stem borer, Traditional sorghum landraces, Quality attributes of sweet orange, Corn flakes and corn sugar, Total grain yield, Fungicides early blight of potato, Nutritional properties of noodles, THI a proven marker, External mycelium, Toxic metabolites in Banana, Soil nutrient status in relation, Scirpophaga incertulas in rice, Especially during crop bloom, Dehulled quinoa grains, Yield attribute of maize, Biological yield in K-27 variety, Food additives on functional, Yield component of wheat cultivar, Peripheral neuroendocrine mechanisms responsible, Toxic metabolites, Milk production in different seasons, Varieties based on nutritional aspects, Incidence of yellow stem borer, Mycorrhizal association in quinoa, Procured from Hyderabad, Psychological homeostasis, Irrigation on yield, Role of food additives, Respect to public health, Rice-growing regions, Plant dry weight, Increase phosphate uptake, Grain mold, Auto immune reaction, Lemon (Citrus limon), Mustard and technology, Phytate solubilizing microorganisms, Pulmonary infiltrates, Various activities, Different food items, Tomato cv Vijeta, Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), Mustard cro, Wild fruits berries, Grain mold of sorghum, Various activities in men, Micronutrient on plant growth, Soil available phosphorus, Pest complex of lemon CV assam lemon, Front line demonstrations on pigeon pea, Blood gas alterations in dogs, Futuristic potent bio-inoculant, Trigger an allergic reaction, Performance of SHGs, Fungicides on grain mold, Hemiptera while five species, New production technologies, Abnormal pulmonary infiltrative patterns, Patient was not relatable, Finally yields, Tea garden soils, Microscope to record the natural enemy, Collar rot of Brinjal, Eco-friendly management of sclerotium rolfsii, Maternal iodine, Divergence in forage oat, Bioefficacy and compatible, Ruminant animals, Green forage, Cutaneous aspergillosis, Karbi anglong, Farm based agripreneurs, Extension gap and Technology index, Upland rice genotypes, Yield in forage oat, Status of septoria leaf spot, Insect pest management in soybean, Response of rumex denticulate, Newborn lambs, Faulty feeding, Performance of sheep, Gut health of commercial layers, Variability and heritability, Immunocompetent patient, Sugarcane growing soils, Rice cultivation under tenant, Seed yield of sesame, Rice genotypes for content, Economic necessity, Protected environment conditions in Hyderabab, Combined application of herbicide, Ruminant animals due to faulty feeding, Evaluation of fungicides in vitro, Performance of saidi newborn lambs, Garlic powder on gut health, Varying irrigation level, Associated traits in forage oat, Chitrakoot climate condition, Primary cutaneous aspergillosis, Difference in resource, Gerbera varieties for yield, Populations of a species, Farm based enterprises, Bio-efficacy of combined application, Uptake of micronutrients, Septoria leaf spot has procured, Probiotic for enhancing, Weed management options in wheat, Maternal iodine supplementation, Forage oat, Disease developed, Rice farms, Quality in Hyderabab, Crossing programme, Feeding of various minerals, Insecticide for weed, Start farm based enterprises, Rainfed upland situation in bastar, Frequent organisms, Weed management options, Certain unfavorable microbes, Micronutrients in rainfed upland situation, Freeze-thaw cycles, Economics of cereal crops, Meat pH, Frontline demonstration on yield, Socio economic factors affecting, Extract release volume, Assam factors influencing, Soil health card use in Assam, Problems hampering, Layer farming, Marketing of broiler and layer farming, Sheep traction, Rhizospheric mycoflora, Marketing of broiler, Protomyces macrosporus, Lateral deviation, Economics of broiler, Stem gall, Invitro investigation of potassium silicate, Plant growth promotion of sugarcane, Lateral deviation of head, Improving vase life of gerbera, Seed priming treatments, Mycelial growth of Fusarium isolate, Stem gall disease, Dystocia in sheep due, Gerbera was carried, Oxidase production, Screening of coriander genotypes, Extended forelimbs, Goal to find out the resistant cultivars, Path coefficient analysis in okra, Agriculture crop residue, Growth of zaid sesame, Studies on correlation in okra, Management of agriculture crop residue, Yield of zaid sesame, Spacing growth regulators, Mitigating drought, Knowledge gap affecting, Resistant progenies, Lymphocyte status toxoplasmosis, Assessment of genetic variability components, Excess moisture in onion genotypes, Dairy production, Mungbean using rhizobium induced, Photothermal unit, Malignancy patients receiving chemotherapy, Growth index, Purposively selected, Genetic variability components, Leaf quality parameter, Type 2 diabetic subjects, Rhizobium induced alteration, Mass medium exposure, Lymphocyte status, Logging condition, Low P status soil, Transplanting of annual drumstick, Different interspecific progenies of Mungbean, Barnyard millet consumption, Valley condition of Garhwal Hills, Correlation of neutrophil, Different photothermal regimes, High P status soil, Preferential oviposition, Rice making, Soil media, Garhwal Hills, Toxoplasmosis in malignancy patients receiving chemotherapy, Gobhi sarson, Canopy development, Pattanam sheep, Insects infestation, Splash loss, Carcass characteristics of pattanam sheep, Problems and dairy Co-operative societies, Sprayer for soybean, Yield of Gobhi Sarson, Bs C ratio, Humane slaughter, Dairy Co-operative societies, Tractor drawn inter-cultivator, Carcass characteristics were assessed, Total water use, Sorghum varieties under rainfed condition, Performance evaluation in fields, Megha turmeric 1, Biofilm versus antibacterial substances, LAD and pearl millet, Evolving battlefield, Impact of seed priming, Fat constant, Turmeric production technologies, Plant and ratoon crop, Purity of ghee during storage, Seed priming on rice, Identification of Alternaria spp, Popularization of turmeric production technologies, Remarkable property, Sowing environments on crop growth, Ghee during storage, Black rot in carrot, Disseminate the production technology, Downy mildew disease in bottle gourd, Randomized block, Crop growth of pearl millet, Selected fat constant analysis, Performance of pearl millet, Rice under anaerobic germination, Review on multi nutritional, Boost immune system, Integrated disease management of collar rot, Lentil caused, Probability level, Rotary spin groomer, Stage of harvest, Correlation of bitter gourd, Drought pattern, Circular wheel, Different probability levels, Path co-efficient, Pegs etc, TSS of petals, Path co-efficient in some cultivars, Non-thermal technologies, Estimation of drought pattern, Tractor operated spin groomer, GA3 on germination, HF x Gir halfbred, Vindhyan zone, Kadaknath poultry farming, Hydropower generation, Post harvest quality of rose, Importance of constraints, Correlated causes, Prediction of rainfall, Grapevine petiole, Soybean yellow mosaic disease, Bauhinia rufescens, Surti goats, Vigour in green gram, Selfhelp group, Extending shelf life of food products, Yield attributes accepted, Haemato-biochemical profile of goats, Variation rainfall, Seeding date, Soil in grape growing areas, Yield contributing traits in okra, Growth parameters in surti goats, Flower yield of dahlia, Goats in Vindhyan region, First lactation reproduction, Business personnel, Model demonstration farms, Major soybean growing, Respect to normal, Pathogenic enterobacteria involved

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