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Ethanol vapour Seedling vigour through bio-priming Alternative to antibiotic growth promoters Factors that impede wound healing Widespread physiological Survival of tamarind Wound assessment Establishing a molecular protocol Shrimp head Controlled release of chitosan Ischemic wound Organic acids on serum Tricalcium phosphate solubilizatio Japanese quail Alkali-induced secretion Salicyclic acid Organic acid treatments Crab wastes on a large scale Microspheres-embedded wound dressing Detection of EGFR mutations Comfort-B Negative pressure wound therapy Biochemical status Steroids and vitamins Sunflower microgreens Validity and reliability Hoof abscess Green sol-gel route Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) The molecular protocol constructed Pure olive oil Tool validation Fabrication of Polyurethane nanofibers Chitosan as a dry dressing Photo-Fenton catalytic performance Enzymatic activity of aloe vera Pediatric ICU Effect of electrospinning parameters Polyurethane nanofibers Sunlight photocatalytic performance Treatment of open hoof wounds Paneer nuggets Wound dressing replacement in Vietnam Tissue adhesive Electrospinning parameters Its potentialapplica Open hoof wounds Steam cooking Occupational hazards fire safety Display applications Comfort behavior scale in children Morphology of polyurethane Electrospun PU nanofiber mats Wound closure High incidences for contamination Aerobic packaging Polycaprolactone fibers Protective textiles Dressing change Pomegranate peel extract powder Steam cooking method Emitter discharge Medical fabrics Emitter performance Natural antioxidant Colour atlas of cytology Water applications Similarity values Product yield Nutrient availability in bt Histology and microscopic Effect of roasting on texture Ready to eat snack food Nutrient content and acceptability of soybeans Sensory evaluation of ready Pork patties Different phosphorous sources The soybean roasted decreased Sweet potato juice Yield of vegetables and fruits Urinary organ Fertigation on gladiolus crop water requirement The roasting time and temperature increased Tannic acid Development of vegetables Female sexual organs Meat characteristics Gladiolus crop water requirement Organoleptic evaluation Peroxide value Peroxide value organoleptic evaluation The oxidation of fish oil Increasing the yield Potato juice variety bhu-sona Potato flour Effects of ascorbic acid treatment Antioxidant level of Indian street food Wheat cultivars Triticum durum L. Extraction process and storage Simultaneous shoot Meat characteristics of broiler chickens

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Packaging method on lipid oxidation, Hunter colour analysis, Cost configuration, Fish oil significantly, Mesopodopsis zeylanica, Fast regeneration, Frozen storage, Asymmetric dimethylarginine, Durum wheat cultivars, The popular synthetic antioxidant BHT, Embedding media, Eucalyptus grandis, Millet based high fiber food mix, Use of whey protein for encapsulation, Somatic cells, Non-protein SH groups, Ishak score, Associated biochemical, Innovative technologies, Sensory score, Controled release of probitoic, Root cap, Ready to eat, Saccharum spp., Body weights ascorbic acid and oral gavage, N-nitroso N-ethylurea, Locally available ingredients showed, Semal (Bombex ceiba L.), Protein microencapsulate in ex vivo, Clinical biochemistry, Root quality, Rice pulav, Methyl methanesulfonate, Organoleptic and fish cutlet, Palash (Butea monosperma Lam.), Seed treatments, Porcine gastrointestinal contents, Pre-rooting culture stages, Gross pathology, Alpha-lactoglobulin, Bycatch anchovies during frozen storage, Overall acceptability of Palash, Thiobarbituric acid value, Gir bull, Indian mackerel, Beta-lactalbumin, Fish cutlet, Silica-titania xerogel, Indian mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta), Whey proteins concentrates, Heteropoly compounds, Lead poisoning, Different concentrations of taurine, Root colonizing Trichoderma, Lactobacillus acidophillus, Oregano extracts incorporated chitosan films, Hydrolysis on allergenicity, Sweet whey, Sub-chronic treatment, Gir Bull semen, HordeumVulgare L, Solid phase spectrophotometry, Shelf life of Indian mackerel, Asalio (Lepidium sativum L.), Acid whey, Root nodule formation, Al toxicity, Emulsification method, Hypoallergenic cow milk formula, Pharmaceutical analysis, Applications of whey protein, Hormone interaction, Acetyl salicylic acid, Iron fortification, Ca-alginate whey protein isolate glycerol bead, In vitro proteolysis, Role of root colonizing trichoderma species, Induced systemic resistance, Biological liquids analysis, Ctenopharyngodon idella, Culture survival, Developmental signaling, Lactobacillus acidophilus microencapsulated in ca-alginate, Salicylic acid seed priming, Soluble phenol, Foxtail and finger millet, Induced systemic resistance by rhizosphere, Chilled storage, Chilled semen, Legume-rhizobium symbiosis, TBA values, Yield of garden pea, Non-protein thiols, Economics of garden pea, Protein capsules, Histological and wild pabda, Phyllosphere microorganism against root rot, Rhinacanthus nasutus L., Common carp sperm extender, Egg yolk, Phi Ðao Hựu Kiến Phi Ðao, Textural evaluation of foxtail, Sensorial attributes, Foliar application of acetyl salicylic acid, Hyperaccumulation in safflower, Ex vivo porcine gastrointestinal contents, Histological change during chilled storage, Chicken momos, Rhinacanthus nasutus leaf, Hanks balanced solution, Protein concentrates on microbial, Chilling injury, Time of storage, Microencapsulated whey protein-chelated iron, Tropical sugarbeet, Farmed raised, Enrobed chevon balls, Indole3 butyric acid, Food ingredient potential, Non-breeding season, Genome wide gene expression, Indian butter catfish, GSE (Grape Seed Extract), Chilled ram semen collected, Storage stability of chicken momo, Murashige and skoog medium, TP (Tea polyphenol), Electrolyte leakage, Communuted product, Chilled or refrigeration, Restructured products, Axillary bud, Punica grantum, Bovine colostrum, Bael (Aegle marmelos L.), Natural antioxidants on quality characteristics, Convenient products, Different morphological traits, Zebu bovine colostrum, Culture response, Shoot proliferation of banana, Self stable products, Morphological traits of pomegranate, Freeze drying on antioxidants, Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.), Kinetin and NAA, Various drying methods, Drying technique, Shoot proliferation of papaya, pH on shoot proliferation of banana, Apical shoot, Immunoglobulins level, Cultivars under subtropical conditions, Aegiceras corniculatum L, Effect of different levels, Okara powder, Constant BAP, Various drying methods on drying time, Hemianthus callitrichoides, Cotyledonary node, Performance of pomegranate, Aerogel Composite, Crushing force, Quality of pomegranate, Active cytokinin, Yield of Gobhisarson, Organic manure and Triacontanol, Pomegranate fruit and aril, Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) arils, Roasted maize flour, Growth of Gobhisarson, Thermal Insulating Material, Different levels of P, Turkish lentil cultivars, Different levels of PGRs, Experimental field, Lightweight Material, P application, Value added roasted maize flour, Rajapuri bale, Growth characters and economics, Hot water blanching treatment, Plant growth by using PGPR, Hyderabad conditions, Important coarse grain cereal, Multiple shoot clumps, Economics of strawberry, Dried potato slices, Broad-Coverage Probabilistic, Different concentrations of BA, Quality of dried potato slices, Grammar of English-Language Computer Manuals, Great potential, In vitro multiplication, Weed parameters of Gaillardia, Influence of different levels, Constant NAA, Secret Sources, Perishable crop, Synthetically developed cry1Ab gene, Concentrations of cytokinins, Bullock drawn vegetable transplanter, Sorghum flour, Shoot proliferation of bamboo, Transgenic tobacco chloroplasts, Bare root seedlings, Rapid in vitro clonal propagation of Herbal Spice, Composite bread, Yield of summer sesame, Physicochemical properties of soil etc, Homoplasmic transgenic shoots, Biochar etc, Mentha piperita L. using shoot tip, genetic development, Furrow opener and press wheels, Evaluation of low gluten composite bread, Proliferating heteroplasmic shoots, Buchnericin LB produced, Different level of N, Soil of okra, Mentha piperita L. nodal explants, Spectinomycin-containing, Buchnericin LB, Biochar on soil physico-chemical properties, Mentha piperita L, Cabbage etc, Lactobacillus bunchneri LB, MS medium containing different concentrations, Different levels of vermicompost, Yield attribute of black gram, Silicic acid, Soil physical properties of two cultivars, Cationexchange chromatography, Candidatus Phytoplasma solani, Two cultivars of cabbage, Dental varnish, Media combinations, Yield of chickpea, Low fat Ice-cream, Vertical system, Soil health of chickpea, Bacterial induced enamel demineralization, Probiotic ice cream, Ornamental gardens, Treatment combination of chickpea, FYM and neem cake, Chitosan nanoparticles based dental varnishes, Pot culture media, Low fat probiotic ice cream, Yield attributes by carrot, Dental varnishes, Different levels of tapioca, Strawberry in vertical system, Soil properties by carrot, Different levels of fertilizer, Different level of inorganic Fertilizer, Levels of fertilizer, Zinc and molybdenum, Yield of okra, Timely sown conditions, Economics of Blackgram, Chilli genotypes during early, Molybdenum on yield attribute, Fruit quality parameters of chilli genotypes, Indian oil sardine, Substitution of chemical fertilizers, Wine grapes, Dry ice, Juice pH, Biofertilizers in fenugreek, Flake ice, Response of chemical fertilizers, Tilapia fillet, Song sinh dính nhau, Seed tannins, Sodium acetate, Phẫu thuật tách trẻ song sinh dính nhau, Indian oil sardine (Sardinella longiceps), Vacuum packed, Wine quality, Thách thức gây mê hồi sức, Flake ice and dry ice, Activities of β-glucosidase, Composite coatings, Rice seed, Kymore Satpura agro climatic zone, Narayanpur block Mirzapur, Sweetcorn (Zea mays L., Dehydrogenase as soil quality indicators, Available macro nutrient status, Different composite coatings, Quality evaluation of vacuum packed tilapia, Growth and fruit yield, Rice seed “Lalat”, saccharata), Relationship with soil physicochemical properties, Statistical software, Physico-biochemical properties of guava, Sustainable onion production, Soil variables, Rice seed (Oryza sativa), Chemical fertilizers on microbial population, Soil physicochemical properties, Multi-flour based noodles, Postharvest changes, Chemical fertilizers on growth, Role of biofertilize, Bio-fertilizer on growth, Macroinvertebrate fauna, Physico-chemical properties moisture, In vitro release, Chemical fertilizer for sustainable onion, Jackfruit jam, Yield of summer cowpea, Lahar block, Encapsulated resveratrol powder, Biogas waste, Protein fortified, Cirhanyobowa river, Nutrients and Humic Acid, Pharmacokinetic studies, Bhind district, Diffusion in soil, Effective efficiency, Functional yoghurt, Soya protein isolate, Biological index, Arable farming, Sustained-release pellets, Foam mat, Madhya Pradesh (India), Maize fertilization, Lady finger, Quality characteristics of functional yoghurt, Nutrient management interventions, Pollution indicators, Enhance the oral bioavailability, Greenhouse experiment, Renewable tool for sustainable agriculture, Protein fortified fertilizer, Well-known fermented product popular, Soil of lahar block, Storage related changes, Bacillus subtilis SPB1 lipopeptides, The vegetative growth parameters, Plant nutrients, Honey/lemon juice mixtures, Microgranule fertilizer, Doughnut and physical, Check the quality characteristics, Soil throughout year, Strawberry added ghee, Toothpaste formulation, Chemical fertilizers require, Proximate parameter, Staple food, Low-fat spread, Biosurfactant-based product exhibited, Citrus juice concentrate, Application of chemical fertilizers, Crop yields for longer period, Bamenda-Cameroon, Preparation of doughnut, CIE-Lab color system, Doughnut using millets, Microbial qualities, Liquid model systems, Grapefruit and tangerine, Combined design, Natural coatings, Maltitol on the physicochemical properties, Seasonal fluctuation, Soybean and olive oil, Dietetic frozen bifido yoghurt, Shelf life of papaya, Diversity indices, Bifido yoghurt, Locust bean gum, Rice caryopsis, Papaya (Carica papaya), Micro nutrient status, Dimensional structure, Seasonal fluctuation of physicochemical properties, Physico chemical analysesm, Melting rate, Thirteen treatments, Peak viscosity, Sensory properties, Multi-dimensional, Soil properties of Narayanpur Block, Preparation of dietetic frozen yoghurt, Successive feature selection, Available micro nutrient status, Selecting attributes appropriately, Kỷ niệm đám cưới, Kỷ niệm tình yêu Halloween, Quyết định số: 1458/QĐ-BTP, Kỷ Niệm Trắng, Ngày truyền thống ngành Tư pháp, Lễ kỷ niệm Ngành Tư pháp

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