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Unsterile medium Paenibacillus polymyxa Enhancing growth and yield of paddy Basis of tree morphology Quality of sweet potato Corn yield Quality traits in cotton Xylella fastidiosa Find out the constraints faced Probiotic pomegranate drink C.J. Rupp CCL Different fruits Long-term glycemic Produce controlled release fertilizer in combination with microorganisms Plant juices Various sugar production stages Awareness of Aflatoxin contamination GA3 in submerged fermentation Large-scale sugar mills Camel and buffalo milk Diffuse cell growth Bacterium pseudomonas aeruginosa PS2 Raisin from pre-treated grapes Cold-adapted pullulanase Yield components as influenced Defence signalling Dairy farmers about Brucellosis Personal antecedents Yield contributing Homalodisca vitripennis Organic ecological engineering field The Winter - Spring crop Potassium on yield Farmers in Khagaria district Yield parameters in Bihar Slow release fertilizer Non-dairy probiotic drink Feed by dairy farmers Capacity utilization rate Batch fermentation Physiological determinants Manning‟s roughness coefficient Arginine deaminase production Jasmonic acid production Functional expression Total annual rainfall tend Consciousness of dairy farmers Strumarium plant m–2 Constraints faced by the farmers Sugar concentration Doproduction byyangia sp. nd199 Knowledge assessment Socio-economic personal antecedents Polymer production Illness symptoms Water losses Fertilizer ratio Sowing techniques Enzymatic properties Dairy farmers of Jaipur district Brucellosis among dairy farmers Pre-treated grapes Maximum cell dry wei ght Cattle Zoonotic diseases dairy farmers Rice cultivator Sterile conditions Weir and Parshall flume Rainfed situations Cleaning of shed Seed rate on growth Starch hydrolysis products Each village as respondents Different fructose feeding strategies Bio control methods Lowland farming situation Impact on training programme Scientific dairy farming Broad leaved weeds Adoption of rice cultivators trained Growth and yield of direct seeded rice Yield of soybean as influenced Different carbon sources Colostrum feeding Surveying on cattle zoonotic diseases Water lost during Accumulate high PHB Plant protection strategies by farmers Training programme on adoption Irrigated medium land situation Knowledge retaining ability Management practices followed by dairy farmers Carboxamide derivatives Rice cultivators trained Animal populations Summer under lowland farming situation Watercourse situated Rainfed medium land situation Yeast extracts Various weed management practices Adoption of plant protection strategies

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Improved dairy management practices, Post-training analysis, KVKs in central plain zone, Goat owners, Women dairy farmers, Bacillus thuringiensis var, Mucilage juice, Schwanniomyces occidentalis, Knowledge retaining ability of dairy farmers, Chittorgarh and rajasthan, Livestock development officers, Kurstaki HD-1, Corrosion science, Lipid production, Bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki HD-1, Sao paulo for lipid production, Lyophilized aqueous, Buffer feeding (NaHCO3 ), Goat owners in Chittorgarh district, Production of biopesticide, Rhodosporidium toruloides, Dry period, Click chemistry, Liquid fermentation, Roasted white yam, Bombyx mori silk fibroin, Bypass fat, Managing reproductive disorders, Deoni cattle, Microalgae from mangrove area, Phenolic antioxidants, Fenugreek seed, ER-alpha, Benzoxazole molecules, Effect of feeding, Animal owners and Gujarat, Inhibition effciency, Bedding materials, Ethno-veterinary practices, Scientific health care practices, Combinatorial library, Cryptococcus curvatus, Biopesticide based, Aroma-active compounds, Post partum estrus, Lipophilic side chain, Vital pharmacophore, Lactation milk yield, QPLD docking, oncepts and values, Specialized goat training programme, Suoyang enhance viability, Valuable pharmacophore, Evaluation of microalgae, Sabar dairy milk shed of Gujarat, Mineral mixture supplement, Thiol-ene click reaction, Synthetic thiophene, CdO nanoparticles, Lactating sahiwal crossbred cows, Cocoa mucilage juice, Dairy animals in rural Punjab, Fat percent of dairy crossbred cows, Milk yield of dairy buffaloes, Pyridinium Shiff bases, Feeding chandrasoor (Lipidium sativum L.), Talk to a friend, Teat and udder, Natural Bombyx mori silk fibroin, Multicomponent synthesis, Rural dairy animal owners, Herbal feed supplementation shatavari, 5-hydroxy methyl furfural, Knowledge level of farmers, OH-damaged mesenchymal stem cells, Pathway for livelihood security, Probiotics on milk yield, Dairy cow, Urea derivatives, Hirschfeld analysis, Chemical parameters of ghee, Common diseases in dairy animals, Performance of dairy animals, Sirohi goat, Review on mastitis in dairy animals, Applied dairy microbiology, Alkyl iodide, toddlers, Prepartum dry period, Ovarian steriods, Molecular docking technique, Jaffarabadi buffalo, Existing housing management practices followed, SNF percent, Effect of non-genetic factors, Teat and its relation, Mechanistic chemistry, Atom economy, Pure cubic nanoparticles, Pyrazoline-containing moieties, Reproduction traits, Economics in crossbred HF cows, Caspase-3 activity, Suggestions faced, Bedding materials on performance, Microbiology of the dairy animal, Available scientific technologies, Various ethno-veterinary practices, Non-genetic factors, Murrah graded buffaloes, Yield economy, Periparturient cattle, Area specific mineral mixture, Female reproductive performance, A Mink, Goat rearing farmers, Teat measurements, Supplementation on milk yield, 4-fuoropyridine hydrazone, Housing on general behaviour, Building Vocabulary Skill, Castrated male, Fluid milk products, Bacterial isolation, Parity and milk yield, Economic importance, Stop, The crossbred cattle, Semiintensive system, Sirohi goat managed under farm, Black bengal does, Days to first heat, Adverse harsh environment, a Fink, Dry milks and wheys, Udder measurements, Strategies Level 8, Nellore brown sheep, Health of dairy animals, Serum glucose, Productivity of dairy animals, Periparturient period, Drop, Field cluster, Service period, Peripartum black bengal goats, Kadaknath chicken, Source of livelihood, Microbiology of butter, a Skating Rink, Reproductive performance of animal, High-Interest Building, Lazily, Mineral mixture, Start sampling solid feeds, Milk yield as affected by parity, Gestation period, Reproductive performance micro minerals, Postpartum cows, Ebook Vocabulary building workbook 4, Specific mineral mixture, flop, Reproductive performance of Kadaknath chicken, Calf weaning, Related products, Farrowing interval, Crazily, Older animals, Importance of micro minerals, Productive and reproductive performance, Peanut Butter, slop, Black Bengal goats, Reproductive performance of murrah buffaloes, Hydrolysis process of food, Guava fruits cv lalit during storage, School trip jourmal, Just a Bit Nasally, Large white yorkshire pigs kept, Jellyfishes, Feed samples using high pressure asher, Leopards on the loose, Change spermatogenesis, A Very Silly, enzymes in food, Becoming a poet, Determine several amino acids, Female animals, Enzyme nomenclature, Alphabet Book, Enzymes for bread, Learning analytics platform, Biological aging, Higher education in Japan, Enzymes in brewing, Age-related cancer characteristics, Education data analysis, Reproductive Aging, Enzymes in wine, Including biology, BIOLOGICAL ISSUES, Support education, Lifestyle Choices, Enzymes in the manufacture, Learning through research, Pathogen Virulence, Enzymic modification, Acid base titrations, Catabolic Hormones, Precipitation equilibria, Telomeric Proteins, Dynamic Duo, Odontogenic infection, Potentiometric electrodes, Nuclear family, nti-inflammatory cytokines, Acute appendicitis - children, D-galactose, Lecture Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Blood pathology, Potentiometric electrodes and potentiometry, Poor compliance, Endogenous and exogenous factors in skin aging, Clinical presentation- diagnosis, Non-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, The typical clinical presentation for IBS, induced aging, EPIDEMIOLOGY OF CANCER, Skin disorders, Refined rice bran wax, Massive hemoptysis, Sebum production, Hemiplegic cerebral palsy, Phytase enzyme, Unusual clinical presentation, Oxford handbook of neurology, Typical symptoms of IBS, Dried mulberry, Physical injuries, Characterization of refined rice, Supplementation of fiber degrading enzymes, Pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm, Aetiologic background, Swamp buffalo (Bubalus carabanesis) semen, Symbols and abbreviations, Polynuclear neutrophil, Risk factors affecting, Động học trích ly, ROME III criteria, Nitrogen retention of pigs, Bactrocera zonata, Alternative edible coating, Hyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome, Broiler chickens fed, mouse experiments, Neurological history, Blastocyct formation, The treatment of IBS, Trái si rô, ARDS patient prognosis, Mulberry leaf meal, Describe clinical presentation, Swamp buffalo, Black rice bran, Managing office supplies, Recurrent skin abscesses, Diets containing de-oiled rice bran, Bovine mastitic milk, Bacterial symbionts, Growth performance of broiler chickens, Neurological emergencies, Placental hormones, Hoạt chất kháng oxi hóa, Rice bran wax, Mulberry trees, Organizing supplies, Biochemical characterization of escherichia coli, High oleic, Peach fruit fly, Common clinical presentations, Fresh semen characteristics, Fiber degrading enzymes, Quá trình chiết xuất anthocyanin, Defatted rice bran, Low energy ration containing rice bran oil, Brassica juncea genotypes, Lipid biosynthetic genes, Biochemical characterization of bacteria associated, Sixteen chicks each, Mạng lưới tế bào thực vật, Pectobacterium carotovorum sub sp carotovorum, Aspergillus fumigatus MTCC 9657, Onion soft rot, Alkaline lipase, Seaweed extract, Biochemical methods, Gum arabic coatings, Potassium silicate, Fruit beverages, Collection of pathogen, Physicochemical attributes, Ortho silicic acid, Edible bioplastic, Rice segregating generations, Seaweed extract on physical, Guava (Psidium guajava L) cv. Shweta, Studies on Isolation, Processing etc, Natural pH indicators, Gum arabic coatings on physico-chemical, Characterization and in-vitro screening, Rhizobium associated, Storage behaviour, Segregating generations of rice, Jamun juice, In-vitro screening of plant, Maize by wheat bran, Natural food colors, Castrol oil, Nghị định 142/2003/NĐ-CP, Bio-chemical characterization, Nghị định số 142/2003/NĐ-CP, Bran oil content, Pomegranate juice, Promoting rhizobacteria, Wheat bran on carcass, Conventional petro-plastic polymer, Bio-chemical characterization of bael, Soup mix and tomato, Rhizospheric soil of chrysanthemum, Sensory characteristics of pigs, Natural food colors incorporated soup mix, Dendranthema grandiflora Tzvelev, Cultivars bellary and Poona, Late Pleistocene-Holocene sequence stratigraphy, Microbial and sensory evaluation, The subaqueous Red River delta, Sugar levels and storage periods, The adjacent shelf, Middle Eocene, Acid degree value, Spinach puree, Flavoures on cultures, The sequence boundary, Lithofacies association, Sugar levels, Diagenetic sequence, Somatic cell counts, The global sea-level change, Incorporation of spinach puree, Storage periods of Shrikhand, Depositional sequences, Continental palaeoclimate, Rudist taxonomy, Studies on production, Conducted to investigate, Sequence boundaries, İstanbul Unit, Orbital cycles, Hippuritid rudist, Flavors on sensory quality, İstanbul Palaeozoic, Southern Thrace, Minimally processed carrots, Northwest Germany, Strontium isotope stratigraphy, Çamlıca hills, Lower Rhine Basin, Tethyan Paleogene, Northern Croatia, Palaeozoic rocks crop, Minimal processing potatoes, Ready to cook tender jackfruit, Lower oligocene, Deskinned field bean, SBZ zones, Cube size, Shelf life of tender jackfruit, Wetzeliella gochtii, Foraminifera-coral-coralline, Minimally processed field beans, Polythene gauge, Jackfruit in brine, Field beans (Dolichos lablab), Organic richness, Minimally processed potato, Processed jackfruit, Extending the shelf-life, Brining of tender jackfruit, Researching the simple solution, Chicken samosa, Postharvest physiology, Composting for the minimization, Spermine affects, Benzyl Adenine solutions, Fecal coliform in sludge dredged, Postharvest storage potential, Peanut kernels, Climate change and productivity, Salicylic acid derivatives

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