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Reducing iron bioavailability Communication technology exposure Dairy farmers in morar block Morar block Dairy farmers as respondents Anar butterfly Fruit sucking moth Banaskantha during Mrig Bahar Insect pest of pomegranate Incidence of insect pest Macrophomina phaseolina isolates Efficacy of bioagents Goid causing root rot in castor Isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina goid Pruning severity in high density guava Quantity and agricultural crops Wilt of pigeonpea Heterosexual transmission Grain hardiness Phosphate solubilizing bacteria in rice Ensiled sugar beet pulp in cattle HIV infection pattern Bioagents against wilt High density guava for higher returns Grain appearance Biocontrol efficiency Qualitative improvement in agricultural crops Ensiled sugar beet pulp Clients attending integrated testing Bioagents against wilt of pigeonpea Streptomyces badius Insect pollinators on quantitative Plant growth promoting potential Raw poultry meat sold Pruning severity Quality parameters of wheat Dairy farms near university Characterization of Bacillus cereus Seroprevalence of HIV clients Supply nutrients to plants even Nonfruiting shoots Pythiumaphaniderm atum Biocontrol disease Damping-off in tomato Damping-off in chilli Herbicide and soybean equivalent yield Soybean pigeonpea intercropping system Rooting pattern of maize Productivity of maize Length of root Volume of root Leaf beetles Important medicinal plants Foliar nutrient management Blast and sheath blight management Genetic purity confidence level Each plant Pictorial checklist of leaf beetle species Sheath blight management Navsari campus Foliar nutrients application Real time plant population Blast disease of rice Spondias mangifera Willd Bio-fortification Different subfamilies of Chrysomelidae Growth of pigeon pea Chest pain in children Real-time population in pigeon pea Improving nutritional security Quantify genetic purity Poultry manure and Rhiz Bio-fortification for improving nutritional security Bioagents and fungicides Population groups Combined approach of nutrient management Mem Jolokia Dry root rot of cluster bean Evaluation of pulav prepared Advantages of Bio-fortification Moni Jolokia Management of dry root rot Fortnightly observation Agronomic executability of barley Formulation of pulav prepared Soyabean germplasm Combating biotic stress in Bhut Jolokia Pulav prepared Genetic divergence in soyabean Pests associated with rice crop Vegetable grafting for enhancing yield Formulated ready to cook pulav mix Sheep milk Prevalence of Campylobacter spp Greengram germplasm DUS descriptors Agriculture insurance Phule triveni Soil aggregate Histopathological parameter Primers used to identify Campylobacter spp

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Heterosis for cane, Potassium level on morphological characteristics, Greengram germplasm, Anogeissus latifolia, Peak milk yield, Camel milk with spices incorporation, Stratification ratio, Economics and tomato, Nephrotoxicityin wistar rats, Farmers towards crop insurance, Morphological characteristics of chrysanthemum, Juice yield, Bambusa arundinacea, Milk yield in Phule triveni, Drip irrigated tomato, Azithromycin induced hepatotoxicity, Morphological characterization of greengram germplasm, Gram‘s staining of Campylobacter organisms, Nitrogen on morphological characteristics, Spices incorporation, Protective effect of quercetin, Polythene mulches on yield, Traits in sweet sorghum, Persistency of milk yield, Coefficient of correlation between attitudes, Quality evaluation of paneer prepared, Least squares means of persistency, VAM fungi, Parents in hybrid combinations, Physio-chemical properties of soil, Optimistic voice for the voiceless, Disillusioned rural community, Century in rural empowerment, Community radio-a holistic illustration, Various models, ADMET prediction, Toxicity studies, Pharmacokinetic and Toxicity studies, Vermicompost in combination, Rice plants against, Enhancing resistance of rice, Silicon amendments, CCHF virus, Marigold petal meal, Repellent activities, Promising high yielding, Male buffalo calves, Nutrients managements, Aseel poultry breed, Flower yield of jasmine, Resistance to pod fly, Onion growers, Livestock owners towards information, CCHF zoonosis, Ontology for crop management, Quality parameters of green gram, Jenukuruba tribal women, Diameter and Node distance, Zinc phosphate, Residual film method, Technological index, Duel and pot culture, Early maturing cross combinations, Fixed investment, Genetic analysis of Kharif onion genotypes, Economical yield aspects, Least-squares mean, Egg composition, Melanagromyza obtusa infestation, Suggestions in production, Social capital women, Nutrient management practices on yield potential, Vocabulary of agricultural activity, SYBR green dye, Surface film application method, Egyptian soils, Communication technologies utilization, Node distance, Post rainy sorghum, Gross cost, Performance study in plains, Yolk index, TANUVAS Aseel poultry breed, Line demonstration on yield, Productive yield aspects, Zinc solubilizing microorganisms, Built accordingly, Fusarium Wilt of Eggplant, Pigeonpea genotypes evaluated, Growth of green gram, Potentially bioactive compounds by GC-MS, Seeking animal husbandry information, Mimosa pudica, Negative significant standard heterosis, Regular plant protection programmes, Marketing of onion, Physical properties of sugarcane crop, Farmer’s field, Develop new varieties or breeding materials, Egg quality parameters, Net return and BCR, Growth parameters of jasmine, Direct sown paddy, Classes constitutes a knowledge base, Livestock owners towards ICTs, Extract white powder, Medicinal rice, Family Poaceae, Cryptolestes pusillus, Serological survey of leptospirosis, Male buffalo calves farming, Marigold petal meal rich in xanthophyll, Raw material powder extracted, Njavara rice, Leptospirosis among poultry farm, Fluoride groundwater, Slaughterhouse workers, High temperature from fluoride groundwater, Improved TRIzol method, Co-relation with the risk factors, Characterization of raw material powder, Grains of medicinal rice, RNA from grains of medicinal rice, Cambridge English compact key, Objective ket student’s book, Cambridge ket for schools direct, Cambridge English compact key for schools, Cambridge ket, Cambridge English compact key for schools teacher’s book, Schools direct, Great places to visit, Healthy body, Getting together, In my free time, Look after yourself, Target ket for schools, Cambridge English key for schools result, Cambridge objective ket, Target ket for schools workbook, Cambridge English key, Cambridge objective ket workbook with answers, Looking good, Cambridge English key student’s book, Workbook English, Newick format, Open platform, Codon deviation coefficient, High confidence, Bioinformatics tool, Contig order, Phylogenetic tree recognition, Perinatal lung development, Caspase substrates, Human protein interaction network, Extremely intricate, Cleavage site prediction, Lung surfactants, DNA alphabet, Phylogeny preservation, Background nucleotide composition, Proper analysis, Alpha-helical transmembrane channel, Aggregated assemblies, Evolutionary analyses, Generating scaffolds, DNA sequence design algorithm, Bioinformatic tool, GC content, Biologically relevant data sets, Scaffold-generating programs, Stem-and-loop structure, Purine content, Bayesian variable selection, Dihydrouridine synthases, Genome-wide survey, Decoy database, Domain assignment, Maternal-fetal interaction, Population genetic simulation software, Protein subcellular localization, Class discovery, Major intrinsic protein, Significant signals, Metabolome-wide association studies, Peak finding, DNA motifs, Experimental reproducibility, Disomic inheritance, Tree search, Copy number polymorphism, Splice site, Alignment kernel, Bucket evaluations, Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, Comparative modeling, Ontology lookup service, Substantial yield increases, Sequence searches, Agglomerative clustering, Frequent subtree, Ensemble algorithms, While feature selection, Chiasma interference, Parent-of-origin, Genomic signatures, Phylogenetic noise, Netbeans platform, Indicator prey proteins, Tetrasomic inheritance, Metabolic traits, Identify genes, Single-base extension, Tạm ngừng phiên tòa, Fused lasso, Global Bayesian model, Average-linkage, OLS ontologies, Remote homology, Protein variant, TAL effector, Illumina Infinium methylation, Deadliest infectious diseases, Scale beyond datasets, Correlation methods, Direct optimization, Precise DNA-protein interactions play, Confidence score, Contact maps, Microarray normalization, Biomedical relevance, Unrelated pair signals, Exact calculation, X-ray crystallography alone, Ubiquitin modulates, Minimalist logistic regression, Oral cleft, Structural domain, Teravoxel-sized images, Double reduction, Group fused lasso, Child-parent genotype data, Distributional based methods, DNA computing, Tiling array, Microbiological ecology, 3D profile, Essential reorganisations, Reference sequence alignment, Quyền lợi đương sự, Multiple phases, Multiple sequence alignment problem, Service customization, Distance maps, CD4+ T-cell epitope prediction, Gene cluster, Genes depends, Allogamous plants, Condition-specific networks, Physiological functioning, Human seasonal strains, Multiple ontologies, Affinity-purification mass-spectrometry, Vitamin-interacting residue, Open microscopy environment, DNA oligonucleotide design, K-nearest neighbour classifiers, Realistic models, Transcription activator-like, MM algorithm, Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, SMOX gene exon, Anti-profiles, Network interaction, DNA origami, Coupled mutation finder, Distribution mechanisms, Highest posterior density, Alternating decision tree, Including data, Gene knock-downs, Crystal interfaces, Modern microscopy, Epitope-based vaccination, Functional interpretation, High-throughput arrays, Catalytic residues, Enzymes acting on RNA, Phylogenetic hypotheses, Active subnetwork, Spaced seeds, Identifying endogenous, Tiling microarray, Monte Carlo integration, Penalized uniqueness score, MCMC iteration, RNA base pairing, Multiresolution representation, Biological networks exhibit, Nonparametric method, Pan-specific, Democratized fashion, Bio-logical diversity, Hypothesis generation, Genomic waves, Monogenean haptoral, Core residues, Proteins capable, Phylogeny postulates, Golden Gate assembly method, Whole genome analysis, Edge label, Reference protein, RNA stacking, Methylation studies, Non-commercial, Variational approximation, One-sided test, Genome-wide tiling array, Peptide binding prediction, Systemic understanding, High throughput experimentation, Bayesian posterior, PennCNV softwar, Gene expression experiments, Protein disorder prediction, Digitised monogenean, Forming fibrils, Bio-molecular network, PubMed literature, Oligonucleotide design, Microbiota comparison, Protein-RNA complex, Disordered regions, Breast cancer resistance protein, Drug trial experiments, Peptide vaccination, Testable hypotheses, Combining p-value, Psychiatric disease, Network design principles, Pathway databases, Binary decision diagrams, Restriction endonucleases, Full-text documents, Potential of deoxyribonucleic acid, Deep networks, GC-rich helix, High-throughput biological imaging, Specificity-determining residues, DNA methylation profiles differ, Incorporating phylogenetic, Drug resistance heterogeneity, Database comparison, Compression-based distance, Computational analysis of alternative splicing, Linear constraint solving, Non-hairpin, Including genome analysis, Inter-platform comparison, Biological structure-function, DNA data embedding, Covarying mutations, RNA sequencing technology, Human complex traits, Intrinsically unstructured proteins, Gene Ontology enrichment, Minimal nutrient sets, mRNA corresponding, Identifying differences, DNA steganography, RNA consensus structure, Critical biological, Metabolic and regulatory networks, Variance-stabilizing transformation, Promising methodological, Microarray quality control, Human argonaute, DNA watermarking, Manual matching, Base-pairing rules, Cellular metabolism, Biological epistasis, Steiner tree methods, Bioinformatics field, Different criteria, Multilocus sequence typing, Non-biological differences, Merging domain annotations, XML-based standards, Binary typing, Normalization algorithms exist, Digital scanning microscopy, Microbial typing, Affymetrix GeneChip microarrays, Clinical outcome data, Heterogeneous background, Demonstrates promising, Data reuse, Antibody structure prediction, Correlation-based feature selection

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