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DNA cleavage studies, Three atoms components, Amino acid profile, Microwave-promoted three-component Hantzsch synthesis, Conventional technique reaction, Calotropis gigantea leaf extracts, 1-3-4-Thiadiazol-2-amines, Hantzsch dihydropyridine synthesis, Broad spectrum antiepileptic drug, Trimetallic W-Mg-Al oxide, Diverse reactivity of nitroalkenes, 1-3-Oxazoles, X-ray crystal structure, Two heterocyclic Schiff bases, Mangroves-coral reefs, 4-methoxybenzylidene thiazole, UV light radiation, Catalyst-free synthesis, Flurbiprofen methyl ester isomerization, Anti-nutritional content, Acridine-1-8-diones, Useful synthetic drugs, Vitro anti-BK polyomavirus activity, Generalized toxic-clonic seizures, 2-acetyl pyridine, Synthesized via sol-gel method, Organic chemical synthesis, Sulfonamide 1H-pyarazolo[3-4-b]pyridin, 2-(Aminomethyl) benzimidazole dihydrochloride, Six-member heterocyclic compounds, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine flurbiprofen, Waters of Donggala Regency, 2-aryl-5-(hydroxyalkylamino), Single crystal x-ray diffraction Ionic liquid, One-pot condensation reaction, Hirshfeld surface analysis, 1-3-diaryl-2-propene-1-one, 2-disubstituted benzimidazoles, Traditionally consumed six wild vegetables, Methyl phenyl disulfide, imidazo [1, DNA binding interactions, Corrosion inhibition investigations, Nitro-substituted cyclobutanes, Hybrid density functional theory, Fe3O4@SiO2@AMBI Cu nanocatalyst, Novel membrane sensor, W-Mg-Al oxide composites, 2-thioxothiazolidin-4-one, ICP-OES method, sulfonamide derivatives 8a-8j poly functionalized, Synthesis and anti-tuberculosis, C-terminal ω-haloalkyl, Antibacterial and antifungal, Claisen–Schmidt condensation, Catalyst-free conditions, Synthesis and anticancer, Nonessential amino acids, N-substituted benzene-1, Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy, 2-c] pyrimidine, Physicochemical and corrosion inhibition investigations, Well-organized magnetic nanocatalyst, Pharmaceuticals and urine, Inductively Coupled Plasma-Opticaly Emission Spectrometry, Oxidative desulphurisation of dibenzothiophene, In vitro anti-tuberculosis, Possible reaction mechanisms, ω-thiocyanoethyl residues, A DFT study, 2-hydroxyl acetonaphthones, pyrimido [1, Substituted imidazolidinone sulfonamides, Streptomycin standard drug, Cyclodepsipeptide [Leu]6-aureobasidin K, Aryl iodide/benzyl halide, 2-diamine, Surface morphological studies, Bidentate Schiff base ligand, Imidazol-2-ylidene, Seafood processing wastewater, Tripotassium phosphate catalyst, Marine waters fertility, Novel phosphorylated peptidomimetics, Microplate Alamar Blue Assay, 6-a] pyrimidine derivatives, Fluoroaniline Schiff bases, Mild reaction conditions, Activated sludge anaerobic combining aerobic, Substituted pyrimidine derivatives, Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv, Cytotoxic and antimicrobial properties, In vitro antibacterial activity, Six synthesized sulfonamides, (R)-2-hydroxy-3-methylbutanoic acid 5, Classical methods of benzimidazoles synthesis, Antiviral drugs against BKV infections, Laboratory-scale bioreactor, FT-IR spectral studies, Spectrum FT-IR, Pyridine-2-carbaldehyde, Anaerobic combining aerobic system, Pyridine-3-carbaldehyde, Parameters output wastewater, Two heterocyclic oximes, RSA algorithm, Surface morphological investigations, Investigating forces, Elementary science, Pseudorandom generators, Symmetric key cryptography stream ciphers, Process skills in science, Seeding density on growth, Extraction of hydrolysed collagen from fish skin, Selection of green super rice, Identification of Haemophilus parasuis circulating, Processing conditions of fermented acerola juice, Topping times on growth of three sweet basil, Teaching matter, Particle theory, Nitrogen fertilizer doses on growth of Java lemongrass, Production of protein powder from salted duck eggs white, Purification of hydrolysed collagen from fish skin, Collaborative commerce, Nitrogen fertilizer level on growth, Adaptation to climate condition in Phu Yen province, Water pH on susceptibility of whiteleg shrimp, Determination of Riemerella anatipestifer, Harvesting of Chlorella vulgaris grown in closed-photobioreactor, Antibiogram of Haemophilus parasuis circulating in pig farms, Topping times on yield of three sweet basil, Fermented acerola juice, Asymmetric key cryptography, Factors influencing the change in purpose of land, Yield of Java lemongrass, Protein powder from salted duck eggs white, Yield of MT10 rice in Ninh Thuan, The PHP, Closed-photobioreactor with chitosan for use in food, Acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Application of hydrolysed collagen from fish skin, Escherichia coli suspected, Evaluation of stability in Mekong delta, Varieties cultivated in the net house, Effects of lime on the uptake of Cadmium, Southern provinces of Vietnam, Types of live food on growth performance, Structural characteristics at Xuan Son national park, Enzyme pectinex ultra SP-L, Salted duck eggs white, Alcoholic fermentation of custard apple juice, Cymbopogon winterianus Jawitt in Gia Lai province, Genotype by environment interaction for growth, Litopenaeus vannamei against V. parahaemolyticus, Genetic characteristics in four farmed tilapia, Closed-photobioreactor with chitosan, Non-collagen agents, Nitrogen fertilizer dosage, Estimating the economic value of absorbing, Chlorophyll extraction from Egyptian Luffa leaf, Households at Lac Duong district, Three sweet basil, Apbility of heat-tolerant rice lines in Mekong delta, A syndrome including shaking head and trembling, Coco peat on the uptake of Cadmium in peanut grown, Quantity of live food on growth performance, Experimental development of rice cultivation techniques, Quality at Xuan Son national park, Cymbopogon winterianus Jawitt, Genotype by survival rate in black tiger shrimp in generation 4, Degree of deacetylation, Saf-instant yeast, Drying the protein, Saccharomyces cerevisiae using response surface methodology, MT10 rice variety, Significant difference in comparison, Achieve maximum DH, Heat-tolerant rice lines in Mekong delta, Alluvial soil without compensation in An Phu – An Giang, Heavy metals andantioxidant activity, Storing carbon in dipterocarp forests in Ia Pa district, Survival rate of cobia larvae Rachycentron canadum, Genetic characteristics inpopulations evaluated by microsatellite markers, Land use purpose, Semi-continuous basic, Greenish diarrhea on duck farms in Long An, Heat-tolerant rice lines, Decentralized key control, Plant biodiversity in forest types, Malpiphia glabra L, Black tiger shrimp in generation 4, Determine process conditions to produce protein powder, Composite tanks system, Egyptian Luffa leaf, Cd to peanut, Good heat-tolerance, Genetic characteristics inpopulations evaluated, Type of land use, Storing carbon in dipterocarp forests, The experimental values, Duck farms in Long An, Growth trait corresponding to moderate, Extract presented by the IC50 value, Dry dipterocarp forest, Forest tree growth, The genetic difference among populations, The IC50 value, Component-based software engineering, Software configuration management, Metric for design model, Web application design, Starch-based films, L-Serine-L-Serine, Multi-component reaction, Glycerol plasticized system, Anti-inflammatory agen, One-pot solvent free synthesis, L-Phenylalanine-L-Serine, Phenolic acids derivatives, Obtained hydrogel composites, Endocyclic aminoazole nitrogen atoms, Catalyzed one-pot synthesis, Median finding, Obtaining diclofenac choline, Fragrant starch-based films, Thermal solvent free conditions, Moderate UVB absorbers, Biosynthesized using leaves, Enol tosylate derivatives, Oxidation of toluidine blue, Modified hydrothermal method, Primary amino group, Active methylene compounds malononitrile, Hydrogel composite of poly, Synthesis of mycophenolic acid, Distributed Algorithms, Non-toxic solvent, Synthesis of arylidene heterobicyclicpyrimidinones, Effect of limonene, Heterogeneous solid catalyst, Simple one-step procedure, Pharmacologically important plant Heliconia rostrata, Skip lists, EE-di-tosylate, Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide, Three-component reaction, Algerian hydrophilic natural, Analysis of carotenoids, Matrix product, Synthesis of fused heterocycles, Thiophene-pyrazole conjugates, Ti-MWW catalyst, Three-component synthesis, Acidic and basic media, Synchronous distributed algorithms, Triton-B catalyzed, Obtained mycophenolic acid, Biopolymer-based films, Green and recyclable catalyst, PANI/montmorillonite nano-composites, Anhydrous potassium carbonate, Ultrasound assisted synthesis, Strategy for chemically attachment, Synthesis of diclofenac choline, Loss of catalytic activity, One-pot three-component synthesis, Randomized insertion, Serine di-tosylate, Identical experimental conditions, Matrix product checker, Malononitrile Phenyl hydrazine, Thiophene-appended pyrazoles, Aromatic oxazole ring, Metronidazole citrate disodium, Hydrogels of PVA, Mild reaction condition, Zeolite material Ti-MWW, Oral anti-hyperglycemic agent, Readily available tetrachloro, Multi-component synthesis, Long Chain Arylpiperazines, Asynchronous distributed algorithms, A DFT computational, Solution casting method, Novel one-pot, Improved therapeutic properties, Choline bicarbonate and diclofenac acid, 1-amino-3-ferrocenyl-3-oxoprop-1-enes, Sun protection factor, Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes surfaces, CTAB reverse micellar medium, Synthesis chromenes derivatives, Mg/Fe hydrotalcite catalyst, Aryl hydrazine hydrochlorides, Pyrazole 4-carbonitrile, Electron-withdrawing substituent, Solvent-free synthesis, Catalyzed by nontoxic, Ester of metronidazole, Cache-oblivious Algorithms, Broad-spectrum antitumor activity, DFT theoretical level, T-Butyl hydroperoxide, Organ transplant rejection, Presence of ammonium persulfate, Directed cyclocondensation reaction, Solvent-free method, Carboxy Multi Walled Carbon Nanotubes, Bluish-green manganite, Environmentally benign catalyst, Thiophene-pyrazole hybrids, Three-component coupling, Environment friendly sodium lauryl sulfate, Three-component condensation, Berezin pseudo phase model, Work up procedure, Metronidazole active moiety, Parent thionitrone and nitroethene, Solution blending technique, Allyl-glycidyl ether, Patterson’s synthetic strategy, Corresponding alkyl halides, N-phenyl-1-2-cyclopentanediamine, One-pot reaction, Intra-day and inter-day, Phenyl hydrazine and aromatic aldehyde, Synthesized new pyrazoles, One-pot multi-component condensation, 1-3-thiazole, Vibrational analysis of localised TSs, DC electrical conductivity, MCF7 cell lines, Ester prodrug marketed, Carbon disulfide employing catalytic, Regioselective cyclopentane annulation, Developing eco-friendly tools, Easy tree augmentation, Highly substituted piperidines, Five-membered heterocycles, 5 lithium diisopropylamide, Obtain ester prodrugs, Regioselective synthesis of bicycli, Magnetically recoverable CuFe2O4 nanoparticles, Lithiated and dilithiated thiazole, Order-statistics trees, Diverse biological activity, T-type calcium channel blocker, Các loại ngài chích hút quả, Cây cam ở Hòa Bình, Loại ngài chích hút quả trên cây cam, N-bromosuccinimde catalyzed, Thành phần loài ngài chích hút quả, One pot condensation, Ngài hút quả, One pot multicomponent condensation reaction, By-product N-succinimide, Environmentally benign chemical processe, Accounting information tool, Firm ownership structures, Nairobi Securities Exchange, Personnel expenses change, Design synthesis and biological, Job performance has proliferated, Portuguese third sector organizations, Environmental financial accounting practices, Food-processing firms, Taxpayer knowledge and taxation socialization, Pooled annual data, Peruvian stock mining companies, Icensed market participants, Malaysia securitization market, Black tiger shrimp price, The exploration stage, Series of semicarbazones, Rational choice theory, Taxpayer compliance mediated, Learning-by-exporting, Stock markets sector, Ghanaian listed firms, Firm characteristics and macroeconomic factors, Malmquist index and multiple regression, Capital structure choice, The establishment stage, Oxadiazoles/thiadiazoles bearing pyrazole scaffold, Nerlovian partial adjustment model, Theoretical perspective of institutionalism, Panel regression model, Influence of financial contagion, Agriculture profitability enterprise, Taxpayer compliance and awareness, Non-foreign ownership, Metallic mining company, Ordinary Least square method, Antimicrobial and antioxidant candidates, EFAP and financial performance, Financial accounting statement, Fixed-Effects method, The maintenance stage, Nonmetallic mining company, Directorate General of Taxes

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