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Weed development stage Wild mustard Sinapis arvensis L Membrane antibody array Protein mixtures Gold chloride staining Soil based pot experiments Human menisci Nutritional imbalances Anterior body Middle body Clinical score Removal tube Ordinary Rainfed areas Transgenic lines Paraburkholderia phytofirmans Potato against late blight Metal resistance Triclosan resistance Phosphodiesterase 3B Functional validation Distribution of natural radionuclides Post transcriptional gene silencing Anthrosol type soil Virus resistance gene Regosol type soil Soil water plant system Agricultural fields Preharvest sprouting Physical and chemical property of soil Insulin like growth factor system Soil properties in a Vertisol Inorganic nutrient management practises IGF system Therapy resistance Airway resistance Lung dynamic compliance Ketamine induced anesthesia Gene action and grain yield Yellow grained single cross hybrids Gene action for grain yield Component traits in rabi sorghum Developmental stages Morphological criteria Heterosis of parents Saffron (Crocus sativus L ) Phenological growth stages Effect of weather on growth Phenological stages right Maintainer (B ) lines Restorer (R ) lines Pennisetum glaucum Cercospora beticola Diversity index Fentin–asetat D rotundata Fungisit dayanıklılığı Yam (Dioscorea rotundata) cultivars Parents in a breeding program Mancozeb developed Grain micronutrients Mineral compositions of magmatic dikes The Khe Phen granite quarry located The granite pegmatite Geological features Sorghum and straw Dry roughage Mineral composition of green Villages were randomly selected Walking balance Impact and non impact loading sports Bone health during growth Leaf and root Defense factors Dampingoff pathogen Power take off Petrodiesel fuel Biodiesel blends Biodiesel mixtures Adhesive properties Cellulose ether Tack test Pinkperch (Nemipterus japonicas) Functional and rheological properties Pinkperch (Nemipterus japonicus) meat Rheological properties of proteins Sprouted decorticated roselle seed flour Farinograph and extensograph Sprouted decorticated roselle seeds flour Modification of starch Pasting properties Roselle seed flour Roselle seed flours Whole seed flour Origanum acutidens Origanum rotundifolium Thymus sipyleus subsp sipyleus var rosulans High soil bulk density Response of growth

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Yield and quality parameters, Quality parameters of foxtail, Millet genotypes, Performance of parents, F1 hybrids for quality parameters, Quality parameters in tomato, Showed superior performance, Quality parameters of Isabgol, Isabgol (Plantago ovata Forsk, Spinach cultivated by hydroponics, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) Culture Tanks, Water quality parameters in rohu, Predicting draft requirement, Biofloc on water quality parameters, Tillage implements, Laboratory conditions in triplicates, Pull type load cell in southern, BOD when compared to control, Quality parameters of Bt cotton, Nitrogen dose and its scheduling, Bermuda grass, Korean grass, St augustine grass, Centipede grass, Soil bulk density, Soil EC, Soil porosity, Tractor drawn rotavator, College farm to evaluate, Soil bulk density after tillage treatment, Tillage treatment by harrow, Rice straw mulch, Rice husk mulch, Coirpith compost mulch, Available soil N, P2O5 and K2O, Penetration resistance of soil, The least squares estimators, Least squares estimators, Discrete least squares meshless method, Nonlocal elastic graphene nanoplates, The assumption of orthotropic properties, The armchair monolayer graphene nanoplates, The Discrete Least Squares Meshless (DLSM) method, Acid lime (Citrus aurentifolia Swingle) orchard, Foxtail millet setaria italic, Molecular constants of the 21π state of nali molecule, Foxtail millet on soil biological properties, The 21π state of nali molecule, Linear least squares, The linear least squares tting method, Biological synthesis, Silver nanomaterial, Recognized importance, A fast least squares inversion, Normalized residual gravity anomalies, Q Parameter, Z Parameter, Turmeric cropping system, A parameter, Rice Wheat sequence, Manures under rice wheat sequence, Tractor performance, Soil biological properties influenced, Tire configuration, Long term application, Bias and radial tires, Mineral fertilizers, Clay and sandy loam, Wheat stubble, Satellite channel, Channel equalizers, Nano lime, Kernel least mean squares algorithm, Impact of nano liming materials, Nanotechnological approaches, Northeastern Himalayan region, Kharif rice, Citrus tristeza virus variants, Years of experimentation, Mandarin orchards, Double antibody sandwich, Tasar silkworm excreta, Prony’s method, Matrix pencil, Reverse transcription, Multifocal evoked visual potentials, Diversity of aphid pests, Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus, Aphid pests (Homoptera: Aphididae), Their natural bio control agents, Phloem cells, Vegetable crop ecosystems, Closterovirus RTPCR, Major pests of agriculturally important crops, One step RT PCR method, RT PCR method for quick, Reliable detection, Tissue blot, Nitrocellulose membrane, Employing monoclonal, Pheromones, Genetic Considerations, Absconding, Biology of Nesting, Two speed genome, Phytophthora cinnamomi, Oomycete pathogen, Saturated hydraulic, Cultivated field, Chair frame, Virgin field, Less satisfactory, Rectangular end tenon, Round end mortise, Rectangular mortise, Economical seed, Wood harvesting strategy, Apomictic fruit set, Turkish walnut genotypes, Savanna agro ecology of West Africa, Wood assortments, Gametophytic apomixis, Diverse land use systems, Improving smallholder farmers’ tomato production, Wheat preservation using electric field, Lateritic highland soils, Farmers’ tomato production, Wheat preservation, Avoid fungal growth, Land levelling, Large scale preparation, High voltage electric field, Grid survey, Input output ratio, Walnut peptides, Topographic condition, Cultivation of tomato crop, Juglans regia L, Production of tomato, Obtained peptides, Plant height of rabi sorghum, Walnut anthracnose, Early blight of tomato caused, Association genetics, Alternaria solani through fungicides, Bearing habit, glycosyltransferase, Juglans sigillata Dode, tomato fruit, Self pollination, Fruit borer infestation, Rapid increase, Walnut explants, Gene expression assays, Pectin fractions, Mango cultivars, Number of primary branches, Protected cultivation in subtropics, Quality production, Green gram [Phaseolus radiata (L )], Percentage of mean, Gladiolus (Gladiolus grandiflora L ), FAD gene family, Genotypic coefficient variation, Phenotypic coefficient variation, Apple peels, Walnut kernels contain, Heritability percentage, Orange peels, Different cashew landraces in Bhubaneswar, Tomato peels, Lowland farming situation, Endophyte bacteria, Garden pea (Pisumsativum var hortense L ), Summer under lowland farming situation, Lysinibacillus sp isolate 1TH16a, Gangetic plain conditions, Genetic evaluation for yield, Evaluation of maize genotypes, Grain and straw yield, Foliar application of plant nutrients, Boron frequency, Magnesium fertilization, Effect of potassium, Rice crop grown, Rice straw dry matter, Nutrients in straw, Replicate by seed, Germination medium, Peat medium, Yarn products, Fibre quality, Yarn spinning technology, Fungal flora of Tokat province, Ilex aquifolium L, Continuous cropping, Soil amendment, Hsp family genes, Soil parameters, Kerala and Kanuvai, Polluted area of Palakkad, Diversity of earthworms, Rhodotorula glutinis, N alkanes, Oil polluted soil, API 20C AUX system, Soil vegetation relationships, Desert wadis, Upper Egypt, Scarce perennial vegetation, Trickle irrigated bean, Predicting yield, Variation of latent heat flux, Latent heat flux, Canopy temperature over potato crop governed, Taken hourly basis on temperature, Stress degree days, Modified bio climatic condition, Pepper Capsicum annum L, Line source sprinkler, Strategic water levels, Red pepper, Membrane thermostability, Normalizes difference vegetation index, Capsicum annum L, Different cotton species, Salicylic acid derivatives, Agro meteorological studies, Extend shelf life of sweet pepper, N uptake, Humid thermal ratio, 1 MCP fumigation, Nitrogen fixing, Severity of wheat, Calcium chloride dip, Phosphate solubilizing fungus, H2O2 dip, Phosphorus deficient soils, Postharvest quality, Co inoculation of rhizobium, Phosphobacteria and AM Fungi, Greengram var Paiyur1, Inoculation of biofertilizers, Fungi in Dalli Rajhara, Dalli Rajhara iron mine overburden dump, Chhattisgarh (Central India), Chilli rhizosphere microorganisms, Glomus macrocarpum, Climatic zone, Spore diversity, Different Agroclimatic zones, Mitigating moisture stress, Mitigating moisture stress in soybean, Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L ), Organic manure on growth, Nutrient uptake by wheat, Antagonistic interaction, Soil parameters in bell pepper, Different levels of phosphorus, Zinc and arbuscular mycorrhizae, AM fungal diversity, Curcuma longa in Vietnam, Formic acid pulping, Acetic acid pulping, Peroxy acid, Rootstocks and budded vines, Alkaline extraction, Genetic linkage maps of Vitis, Oak Quercus petrea Liebl, Mercan Vitis vinifera L, Imersol Aqua, Yellow color tone, RAPD primers, Wood weathering, Phalsa beverages, Map drawing, Bead wheat T, Total acidity, Genomic map, Conserved synteny, Storability of phalsa beverages, Polymer grafting, Ensembl Compara databases, Total acidity of RTS, Postharvest treatments, Acrylonitrile on pre treated rice straw, Starlight waxing, High density genetic map, CMS Seed cotton yield, Standard check, Loss in weight, Fruit firmness, CMS based hybrids of upland cotton, Stock scion ratio, Reducing and total sugars, Comparative study of heterosis, Backbone microbiota of the process, Seed cotton yield as influenced, Rice straw into Ethanol, Split application of nutrients, Backbone microbiota, Alternative spray program, Fertigation in Bt cotton, Shoot topping, Uncinula necator, Fibre strength, Win gene, Transgressive segregation for fibre quality, Pathogen resistant grape varieties, Homologous transformation sterility 1, Gossypium barbadense L cotton, Pear Pyrus communis L, Organic waste container substrate, Berry quality, cultivar, Desi cotton (Gossypium arboreum L ), Pepper cultivars, Ankara pear, Restriction site associated DNA, Desi cotton, Clonal selection, Maize straw, Micron polyvinylcholoride, Hybrids of Desi cotton, Grain yield related traits, Stability analysis for seed cotton yield, Sensory analyses, Maize stalk, Modified atmosphere packaging, First flower node, Maize stalks compost, Biological pre treated rice, Postharvest qualities of tomatoes, Candidate genesm, Optimization of saccharification, Heterotic group, Quantitative trait loc, Combining ability and Cotton, Cotton interspecific heterotic group hybrids, TSS Total soluble solids, Seed cotton yield and its components, Shelf life of guava, Vegetative growth of maize (Zea mays L ), Berry color, Harvest hexanal treatment, Vegetative growth of maize, Nitrogen and seed cotton yield, Trissolcus simoni, Concern during marketing, Drip irrigation in Bt cotton, Trissolcus rufiventris, Malus x domestica Borkh, SNP based map, Open burning, Egg parasitoids, Fruit quality related traits, Selection parameters for improving, Vigour control, Modified combustion efficiency, High density genetic mapping, Agricultural by product treatment, Rosaceae species, American cotton, Green cobs & fodder yield, High density genetic linkage map, Profitability of sweet corn, Parametric optimization, Muscat flavor, Influence of spacing, Additive effects, Berry firmness, Lignin extraction, Berry shape, Grapevine breeding, Aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn ), Gujarat Aonla 1, Cereal pest Scutelleridae, Restoration of fertility, Gross returns, Molecular orbital calulations, Net returns and seed cotton yield, Sulphur application on plant growth, Termite gut, Methylcyclohexene isomers, Economic attributes of bt cotton, Yield attributes of potato, Elymus sibiricus, Alkaline pretreated rice straw, Geometry optimized structures, Gossypium hirsutum (L ), Seed yield related traits, Cellulosimicrobium sp MP1, Sulphur application, Comparative genome analysis, Enzymatic sacharification, Component traits in upland cotton, Jamun juice, Enzymatic hydrolysis rate, Stalk color

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