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Rarefied gas flows Slip velocity Surface gas temperature Universal bounds Fabricating the microfluidic chip with length and diameter ratio Length and diameter ratio Channel around 3000 The research on biomedical orientation Black pine Pinus nigra Arnold Height–diameter model Taurus cedar Ecoregion based height diameter models Trio of 3 colored points Inscribed triangle with smallest diameter Geometric methods Diameter vulnerability Generalized Petersen graph Reliability property Modeling interconnection networks The air holes diameter on optical properties BK7 Glass photonic crystal fiber Finite element method and discussed Photonic crystal fibres Effective refractive index Diameter increment Linear mixed effects models Species group Tropical rainforests Sagittal abdominal diameter Arab children Maximum primary tumor diameter TNM stage Irrigation and nitrogen levels Bulb yield Number of leaves Equatorial diameter and polar diameter Triple test cross Triple test cross for yield Quantitative components Quantitative components in Brinjal Traits except except fruit diameter Fruit diameter Variable work piece hardness on surface roughness End milling using multiple regression Adaptive Neuro fuzzy inference systema CNC end milling operation Work piece of different hardness Alloy steel hardness Workpiece surface roughness Taguchi methodology Rockwell hardness Stainless steel heat treatment PWR pressure water reactor Rockwell hardness tester scattering metrics Multi response optimization Powder mixed electrical discharge machining Surface micro hardness Einstein metrics Particle contents Stir casting process Hardness in Al (Si Mg) cast composites Fly ash particle reinforcement categories Turning burnishing operation Vickers hardness Aluminum 6061 Improving roughness Compressed air assisted turning burnishing process Experimental investigation of impact hybrid laminated plates Hardness properties of hybrid laminated plates Hybrid laminated plates Mixing Silicon Carbide Ramsey type Matrix exponential Discreteness random matrices Scheduling problem and resolution methods in flexible flow shop Scheduling problem and resolution methods Future research work The FFS scheduling problem Analysis of PCDDs/PCDFs Vietnam Russia Tropical Center High resolution gas chromatography Highly toxic High resolution manometry Lower esophageal sphinte Achalasia patients after treatment Lower esophageal sphincter pressure Resolution elastic neutron scattering Quasi elastic neutron scattering Statistical chopper Correlation spectroscopy Instrumental resolution Hypoellipticity loss of derivatives discriminants Curve shortening transverse simplicity Bilipschitz maps

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Kepler conjecture, analytic capacity, random graph, Twisted Fermat, singularities, Tyurina components, Rational cycles, Rational singularities, Exceptional divisor, Several properties, Blowing up surface, Corner point singularities, Linear elastic analysis, Isotropic cracked bodies, parabolic Ginzburg Landau, Topological Singularities, Important Equations, Anisotropic Drilling, Investigative Tools, Ultrasound Attenuation, Jost solution, Eigenvalues and spectral singularities, Point spectrum, sumsets, Elliptic units, Parisi formula, unimodal maps, Nirenberg Treves conjecture, Periodic simple, Gromov Witten theory, Logarithmic singularity, Positively curved, uncountable linear orders, extensions, odimension one foliations, Poliqarp An open source corpus indexer, syntactic extensions, Lie algebra, Isoclinic extensions, Schur multiplier, Stem cover, Characterizing Lie algebras, Hyperconvex spaces, Metric trees, Hyperconvex hulls and extensions, Hyperconvex hullsand metric trees, Four point property isinherited, Scalar fields in the 3 3 1 model with CKM mechanism, Spectrum of scalar fields, Extensions of electroweak gauge sector, Extensions of electroweak Higgs sector, Electroweak radiative corrections, Pear fruit, Heat shrinkable films, Shelf life extensions, Shrink wrapping, Exchange rings, Excellent extensions, S comparability, N unperforation property, Satisfies s comparability, Extensions to the k amh algorithm for numerical clustering, The k amh algorithm, The fuzzy k Means algorithm, Partitional clustering algorithms, Categorical and numerical data mining, Betti numbers invariants, evel lowering congruences, on Witt spaces, Dimers, amoebae, Cauchy transforms, strong perfect graph, N acetylneuraminic acid analogues, H5N1 influenza a virus, Haemagglutinin and molecular, Dynamics simulation, Nano spaced dimers, belianization, Mass selected photodissociation of V19+, Collision induced dissociation data, Time of flight mass spectrometer, Size dependent properties, Vanadium dimers rather than monomers, Thrombin generation, D Dimers, Risk assessment model, Disulfide bonds, Non covalent, Slow dialysis, Brjuno function, Mechanical ramp attachment, Wheelchairs to climb footpaths and elevated surfaces, Wheelchairs to climb footpaths, Independently climb footpaths, Minimal or no assistance, LittlewoodRichardson, Whitney’s extension, Timelike minimal surface, Björling problem, Helicoidal motions, Lorentz–Minkowski space, tension structures, predominantly roofing, cable trusses, continuous membranes, fabric structures, stable minimal surfaces, Automorphic distributions, Lfunctions, Schubert induction, decoupled boundaries, convex bodies, Global hyperbolicity, Arithmetic theoretical, Fields theoretical underpinnings, Mangetic fields, Numerical simulation of the crack 2D, The finite element incorporated the discontinuity, The extended finite element method, Dimensional asymptotic crack tip displacement fields, bounded cohomology, Caesar cipher, Monoalphabetic ciphers, Polynomial arithmetic theoretical underpinnings, Reducibility, Characteristics and reducibility of nanosized La1 xCexCoO3 perovskites synthesized, Nanosized La1 xCexCoO3 perovskites synthesized by reactive grinding, The thermal stability of cobalt ions, Decreased reduction temperature, Isometric actions, 2D Navier Stokes, Mass Transference, Tutte polynomial, Cycle graph, Flower graph, Coboundary polynomials, K defect polynomials, Q classical orthogonal polynomials, Askey–Wilson polynomials, Q difference equations, Fourier coefficients, Connection problem, real polynomials, Generalized catalan numbers, Algebraic interpretation, Multilinear polynomials, Exterior algebras, Weyl’s law, The Calder´, A Kolmogorov Complexity Approach, Measuring Attack Path Complexity, Kolmogorov Complexity Method, Weak mixing, K step Capability Accumulation Metric, Applying KCM to KCA, Previously Proposed Metrics, Cognitive complexity, Adaptive complexity, Selected dairy innovations, Role of the attribute complexity, Attribute complexity in adoption, PARADIGMATIC MORPHOLOGY, Jonathan Calder, Software complexity metrics, Measuring software complexity, AN ALGORITHM FOR GENERATION, Complexity metrics, UNIFICATION CATEGORIAL GRAMMAR, Long term care facilities, Complexity of pharmacotherapy, Therapeutic duplication, Medication Regimen Complexity Index, Pseudodifferential, Hopf condition, conjecture, visualizing, elephant, vanishing conjecture, Version of nevanlinna five value theorem, Nevanlinna five value theorem, Hayman conjecture for derivatives, P adic meromorphic functions, Non Archimedean meromorphic functions, Cosmic no hair conjecture, Incremental Right corner Parser, Isoparametric hypersurfaces, Cosmic inflation, Stephen Wu Asaf Bachrach, Bianchi type I space time, Complexity assumptions, A Statistical convergence of double sequence, Maxwell theory, ontology verbalisation, Cosmic microwave background radiation, Korovkin type approximation theorem, spheres, Optimal Head Driven Parsing Complexity, Voronovskaya type theorem, Linear Context Free Rewriting Systems, Real two dimensional space, Pierluigi Crescenzi, Evaluating Syntactic Complexity Features for Automated Scoring, Spontaneous Non Native Speech, The Complexity of Phrase Alignment Problems, John DeNero and Dan Klein, Graphing functions, A Seed driven Bottom up, Machine Learning Framework, Extracting Relations of Various Complexity, RELATING COMPLEXITY, PRACTICAL PERFORMANCE IN PARSING, WIDE COVERAGE UNIFICATION GRAMMARS, Projective structures, Mildly Non Projective, Dependency Structures, Marco Kuhlmann, Beyond Projectivity, Multilingual Evaluation of Constraints and Measures, Non Projective Structures, Parsing Mildly Non projective, Hyperbolicity modulo, Analytic subset, Tautness modulo, Subelliptic SpinC, Dynamical delocalization, Stability conditions, Weyl group, On the elastoplastic stability problem, The thin round cylindrical shells, The various kinematic boundary conditions, Biplot graphs, Yield stability measures, Lehmer’s problem, Wheat genotypes evaluated, GxE interaction analysis, Restricted irrigated timely sown conditions, Tropical maize (Zea mays L ), Traits in tropical maize, Stability for grain yield, Stability analysis for yield, Components in pigeonpea, Identify stable genotypes of pigeonpea, Heat stability, pH stability, Electric wheelchairs, Stability limit of the vehicle, Modeling vehicle, associative algebras, Cell membrane stability, Chlorophyll stability index, Super absorbent polymer, Physiological parameters of maize, Application of super absorbent polymer, Epidemiologic research, Exhaled nitric oxide, Offline measurement, Storage conditions, Carleman inequality, Mott’s formula, Stokes equation, Nonhomogeneous boundary conditions, Selmer rank, Designing realistic model, Studies of GANEX system, Nuclear fuel strategies, Grouped Actinides Extraction, Phases and the oxygen content, Lagrangian intersections, Subelliptic Spin C, Cm extension, homotopy category, Hasse principle, Hypergraph regularity, Conformal welding, symmetric groups, masses, attractors, Abdominal masses in gynecology, Cancer screening uptake, Renal tumor, Cancer related stigma attracts, Pelvic examination, Cancer stigma, Bimanual vaginal examination, Simple resonance in nonlinear torsional vibration systems, Three variable generalized masses, The small parameter method, Torsional vibration system, Small soft tissue masses, Achieve tumor free margins, Histopathologic diagnosis, Tertiary referral center, SAT II Math, Undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, Equations—Quadratic and Radical, Atlas of mammography, Formulas and Linear Equations, Anatomy of the breast, Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions, Positioning in mammography, Graphs and Coordinate Geometry, Spiculated masses, Math Level IC, Mammographic analysis, Circumscribed masses, Melodic exercises—intermediate, Neutrinoless double beta decay, Melodic exercises—difficult, Economical 3 3 1 model, Rhythmic and melodic exercises—difficult, Bilepton mass are also given, Chord progressions, Dirac hMν iD neutrino masses, Analyzed the neutrino masses, Higgs mass, Top quark mass, Discretized Kaluza Klein theory, Discrete dimensions revisited, Top quark masses, Renal mass, Irreversible electroporation, Ablated renal tumour, Nutritional security options, Bio fortification of Zinc, Iron in chickpea, Rainfed areas for poor, The Poincar´e, Nourished masses, The 3 3 1 simple model, Cyclic homology, Uniform expansion, The poincare method, The 3 2 2 1 model, Ooscillator with quadratic nonlinearity, cdhcohomology, Neutrino masses, Second harmonic terms, Strongly nonlinear duffing oscillator, The mentioned Duffing oscillator, GA3 at the concentration, Crossed module of algebras, Record maximum growth parameters, Modified Poincare method, Free crossed module, Projective crossed module, Blackburn (Vigna mungo L, Hopf type formulas, Hepper), Pre sowing seed treatment, Crop growth parameters, Plant growth regulators on growth, Flowering of pomegranate, scattering, shape theorem, Barle leaf area index, Trường phái phi Euclid, Leaf area duration, Di sản của Riemann, Growth analytical parameters, Các thế giới có thể, Growth analytical parameters in wheat, Plant growth regulators on tree growth, Yield of pomegranate, Độ dài đại số Lobachevsky, The scattering coefficient, growth of pomegranate, Cung đoạn định hướng, Extinction coefficient and single scattering albedo, Mô hình nửa mặt phẳng Poincaré, Growth indices, Albedo of water soluble, The radiative forcing, Seed cluster bean, Đoạn thẳng Lobachevsky, The radiative forcing of urban aerosols, Growth indices influenced, Đường thẳng Lobachevsky, Inverse scattering problem, Growth regulator, Scattering data, Công thức Poincaré, First order hyperbolic system, Hình học lồi, Semi axis, Growth and yield and seed guar, Seed Guar cultivars, Định lý Ceva, Mirror symmetry, Maximum plant height, Growth velocity, Elastic scattering, Growth deficit, Rural Ethiopia, Microscopic optical potential, Child growth deficits, Pairing correlations, Regulation of growth, Skyrme interaction, Flowering by plant growth regulators

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