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Tagging Urdu Text A Tagger Comparison Multi Source Translation Josh Schroeder Applying Explanation based Learning to Control Speeding up Natural Language Generation A Computational Theory of ProseStyle Frequency Matters Pitch Accents Information Status A General Abstract Model Incremental Dialogue Processing Fast Full Parsing Text Summarization Model the Averaged Perceptron POS Tagger Maximum Coverage Problem Micro Domain Linear Chain Conditional Random Fields its Variant Gabriel Skantze Yoshimasa Tsuruoka Deriving Generalized Knowledge from Corpora WordNet Abstraction Benjamin Van Durme Growing Finely Discriminating Taxonomies from Seeds Varying Quality and Size Feature based Method Document Alignment Comparable News Corpora A Windowless Approach Lexical Association Justin Washtell Grammatical Framework Web Service An Open Source Natural Language Generator Dimitrios Galanis Technology acceptance model 2 Mixed research methods Lecturers’ adoption Building multicopter video drones Buying a turnkey system Choose a turnkey system Brands you can trust Online tomato sorting Machine vision System sorting performance Muti machine power system Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy inference Triangular membership function Large disturbances Projecting and Prototypes Repurposing Linguistic Data on the Web A Tool for Multi Word Expression Extraction Modern Greek Three BioNLP Tools Powered a Biological Lexicon Yutaka Sasaki Grammar Development in GF Aarne Ranta Krasimir Angelov A Memory Based Approach Treatment of Serial Verb Construction Speech emotion A Comparison of Merging Strategies A Generalized Vector Space Model Aligning Medical Domain Ontologies Combinatory Categorial Gramma recognition with TGI Translation of German Compounds Clinical Query Extraction Julia Sidorova Pinar Wennerberg Mobile phones a potential threat MediCiti Institute Early identification Developmental surveillance Middle aged Base station radiations Living being Pour plate Surface spread Speech Communication in the Wild Martin Cooke Entailment above the word level Power Law Distributions distributional semantics Paraphrases Extracted Marco Baroni Ngoc Quynh Do Toward Statistical Machine Translation Does more data Alexandre Klementiev yield better translations Guillem Gasc Character Based Pivot Translation Under Resourced Languages and Domains Recall Oriented Learning Named Entities

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Arabic Wikipedia, a Topic Model based approach, update summarization, Jean Yves Delort, Bootstrapping Events, Relations from Text, Ting Liu ILS, A Lexicon for Exploring Color, Emotion Associations in Language, Extending the Entity based, Coherence Model, Multiple Ranks, Skip N grams, The Problem with Kappa, Ranking Functions, Predicting Script Events, WebCAGe A Web Harvested Corpus Annotated, User Participation Prediction, Inferring Selectional Preferences, GermaNet Senses, Part Of Speech N grams, Online Forums, Hyeju Jang and Jack Mostow, Lexical surprisal, Learning to Behave by Reading, general predictor, Regina Barzilay, reading time, Coordination Structure Analysis, Atsushi Hanamoto, Feature Rich Part of speech Tagging, Morphologically Complex Languages, Application to Bulgarian, Subcat LMF, Fleshing out a standardized format, subcategorization frame interoperability, The effect of domain, text type on text prediction quality, Antal van den Bosch, Jumonji C domain 2A, Histone demethylases, Brain water content, Regional cerebral oxygen saturation, Towards a model of formal, Perceptual Context, informal address in English, Raymond Mooney, Manaal Faruqui, Character based Kernels, Novelistic Plot Structure, Identifying Broken Plurals, Irregular Gender, Rationality in Arabic Text, Improved reeling machines, Multiend and automatic basin, Non traditional area, Economics analysis of multiend, Validation of sub sentential paraphrases acquired, parallel monolingual corpora, Syntax Based Word Ordering Incorporating, Houda Bouamor, Large Scale Language Model, Determining the placement of German verbs, English–to–German SMT, Anita Gojun Alexander, Composing extended top down, Explaining German Case, Computational Experiments, Cycle inventory, Safety inventory, Product availability, Sourcing decisions, A supply chain, Harnessing NLP Techniques in the Processes, Multilingual Content Management, Anelia Belogay, Optima News Translation System, Marco Turchi, Martin Atkinson, The aim of such application, attribute a title for a given text, A Computer Assisted Speech Transcription System, Alejandro Revuelta, browsing through Portuguese semantic relations, Hugo Goncalo Oliveira, An Optimization Tool for MaltParser, Automatically Generated Customizable, Miguel Ballesteros, Online Dictionaries, A Support Platform, Isotopic tracer analysis, Isotopically labeled atoms, Labeled glucose, Unresolved interfering signals, Three dimensional magnetic resonance imaging, RI analysis software, Quantify meniscus extrusion, Projected cartilage area ratio, Automatic image processing, Multiplexed fluorescence imaging, Query log analysis, GALATEAS LangLog, Marco Trevisan and Luca Dini, Entity Type Variation, Two Biomedical Subdomains, Gazetteers, An Integrated Platform, Computer Aided Terminology, Resolving Discourse Deictic, Distributions of Grammatical Features, Anaphora in Dialogues, Suzanne Stevenson, Chinese Numbers, Range Concatenation Grammars, Determining Bilingual Word Classes, Dynamic bit vector frequent itemset, Frequent weighted utility itemset, Multibit segment, Quantitative databases, An efficient homogenization method, The trigonometric interpolation, The fast fourier transform, The finite element model, The microstructure domain, Efficient method for solving broken characters problem, Recognition of Vietnamese degraded text, Vietnamese degraded text, Possible sub graphs, A green and efficient protocol, Grinding method, Four component reaction, Dihydropyrano [2, 3 c] pyrazole derivatives, Synthesized compounds, Highly efficient method, Oximation of aldehydes, Structurally diverse aromatic aldehydes, Corresponding aldoxime derivatives, Bis thiourea complexe, S phenyl L cysteine, Tryptophan synthase, Chemoenzymatic method, Cascaded Markov Models, Rewrite Rules, Complementing Word Net with Rogets, Full Text Parsing, Backreferences, Corpus based Thesauri, POS Disambiguation, Cascades of Rules, Unknown Word Guessing, Information Extraction Perspective, Exploring the Use, Linguistic Features in Domain, Genre Classification, A Comparison of Head Transducers, Transfer for a Limited Domain Translation Application, Automatic Authorship Attribution, Stamatatos, Fakotakis and G, Kokkinakis, Tabular Algorithms, TAG Parsing, Miguel A, Alonso, Representing Text Chunks, An experiment on the upper bound, Term Weight Learning, interjudge agreement, the case of tagging, Japanese Dependency Structure Analysis, Result Stages and the Lexicon, The Proper Treatment, Event Structure, Finding content bearing terms, A Cascaded Finite State Parser, term similarities, Syntactic Analysis of Swedish, Justin Picard, Dimitrios Kokkinakis, Repair Strategies, Focusing on focus, Lexicalized Tree Grammars, formalization, Patrice Lopez, Yah Zuo, DNA repair genes, Medulloblastoma patients, Treatment related toxicity, The Treegram Index, corpus based knowledge acquisition, A Note on Categorial Grammar, Comparison and Classification, Deriving Lexical 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evaluating commercial, MT systems Martin, Protein glycosylation prediction, Positive unlabelled learning, Author profiling, Content based features, Non dictionary words, Including stylometric features, Essential genes, Information theoretic features, Jonathan Graehl, Resolution for Machine Translation, Fertility Models, Telegraphic Messages, Statistical Natural Language Understanding, Young Suk Lee, Khejri based cropping models, Scope of improvement, Hot arid environment, Cluster bean and vegetables, Genotype by environment interaction, Reaction norm, Single step GWAS, Biological informed models, Kernel based prediction, Sire conception rate, An Algorithm For Generating, Referential Descriptions, Flexible Interfaces, Morphological Disambiguation, Voting Constraints, A Flexible POS Tagger, Intonational Boundaries, Comparing a Linguistic, an Automatically Acquired, a Stochastic Tagger, Christer Samuelsson, Modeling Spoken Dialog, Multimodal Integration, A Portable Algorithm, Mapping Bitext Correspondence, The Complexity of Recognition, Linguistically Adequate, Dependency Grammars, Protein–protein interaction, Global network alignment, Monte–Carlo algorithm, Domain arrangement, Multiple alignment, Protein segments, Alignment method, T DNA insertion, Mutant screen, High throughput phenotyping, Target enrichment, Significant signals, Phylogenetic noise, Hash index, Unrelated pair signals, FM index, Coupled mutation finder, Waxy gene, Bioinformatics pipeline, Amylose content, Genotype accuracy, DNA marker development, Nucleotide Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, Quadratic algorithm, Sanger method, Nearest Neighbour, Mate pair next generation sequencing, Assembly pipeline, Automatic Extraction, Maximal Incrementality, spectual Information, Linear Categorial Deduction, Monolingual Corpus, Biomolecular interactions, Biomolecular interactions scalable, Interaction indicating term, Pothole extraction, Asphalt pavement, Paved road surface, Decoding Algorithm, Ye Yi Wang and Alex Waibel, A Model of Lexical, Attraction and Repulsion, Doug Beeferman, Hierarchical Non Emitting, Eric Sven Ristad, A Uniform Approach, Efficient Construction, Underspecification and Parallelism, Underspecified Semantics, Joachim Niehren, Massive Ambiguity, Fundamentals of quantitative design, Memory hierarchy design, Instruction level parallelism, Genetic epistasis, Generally ignored, Thread Level parallelism, Warehouse scale computers, Exploit request level, Data level parallelism, Parallel programming paradigms, Programmability issues, Parallel programming models, Implicit parallelism, Using Similarity for Smoothing, Jakub Zavrel and Walter Daelemans, String Transformation Learning, Representing Constraints with Automata, Frank Morawietz, Tom Cornell, Retrieving Collocations, Co occurrences, Word Order Constraints, An Efficient and Flexible C++ Toolkit, On Demand Computation, Learning Parse, Translation Decisions, Examples With Rich Context, Incorporating Context Information, the Extraction of Terms, A Structured Language Model, Ciprian Chelba, Generative Power of CCGs, Generalized Type Raised Categories, Nobo Komagata, Representing Paraphrases, Contrastive accent, data to speech system, Towards resolution, bridging descriptions, Renata Vieira and Simone Teufel, đông y với sức khỏe, cải bó xôi với sức khỏe, sữa chua với sức khỏe, cà chua với sức khỏe, chữa bệnh bằng quả thị, Nguyên nhân nghe kém, Sử dụng kháng sinh khi mang thai, Kháng sinh gây ngộ độc tai, Tỷ lệ nghe kém ở trẻ sơ sinh theo cân nặng, Viêm màng não ở trẻ em, Phương pháp sàng lọc điện thính giác thân não, thực phẩm gây hại, thịt đỏ gây hại, muối có hại cho sức khỏe, phương pháp phân đoạn ảnh dựa trên RWR, Random walker restart, Sáng kiến kinh nghiệm hoạt động ngoài giờ, Hoạt động ngoài giờ ở trường Tiểu học, Phương pháp hoạt động ngoài giờ Tiểu học, Công tác hoạt động ngoài giờ, Hoạt động ở trường tiểu học, Tìm hiểu hoạt động ở trường tiểu học, hỗ trợ luyện thi TOEIC, sắp xếp lịch trực bác sĩ, chương trình sắp xếp lịch trực bác sĩ, ứng dụng bằng C#, chương trình quản lý nhân viên, Xây dựng chương trình quản lý kho, Quản lý danh sách nhân viên, Chương trình định hướng nhân viên, Chương trình đào tạo kĩ năng mềm, phân tích cặp mẫu

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